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Author Philip D. Luing writes poetry and prose for the men with whom he's shared his life. One recently released e-book memorializes one of those relationships; the other proposes marriage.


Philip D. Luing is the author of two books about the men with whom he's shared his life:

Bliss: A Marriage Proposal for Charles Stephen Hughes

These are words Philip has written to Charles Stephen Hughes, his loving domestic companion, over the nearly fourteen years that they've been together as a couple. He offers them to Charles as evidence that they, along with all same-sex couples who wish to commit their lives to each other, are meant and deserve to be together in a state of lawfully wedded bliss.  By the way, Charles accepted the proposal.  A wedding is planned as soon as Illinois law permits.

From Particles and Disputations:  Writings for Jeff, a book of hours

Sometimes poetry, sometimes prose, sometimes playful, sometimes serious, but always intimate, cadid, revelatory and written for an audience of one, Philip's writings for his partner Jeff span from 1982, when they first met, through 1998, when he scattered Jeff's ashes.  Throughout their relationship Philip would mark both celebratory and difficult occasions that they faced with a piece of creative writing.  After Jeff's death from AIDS in 1994, Philip compiled these writings into a book which tells the story of the life they shared. 

Philip began writing short stories during the grammar school years of his childhood, which was spent in rural, northern Minnesota. He was the editor of both his high school yearbook and student newspaper. He attended Cornell College in Mt. Vernon, Iowa, where he earned a B.A. with a double major in Philosophy and Theater. While in college he served as the news editor and editor-in-chief of the student newspaper. In college he discovered a talent for drawing and, at the invitation of the Art faculty, presented a senior thesis show. He has remained active as a visual artist ever since, concentrating on expressionistic abstract and figurative drawing.  These styles of visual art have often shown up in his creative writing as well. 

After college he moved to Chicago, Illinois and joined the NewTown Writers, a writing group. He was an active member of the group for over twenty years and served as an editor or contributor for ten volumes of their bi-annual journal, Off The Rocks. His cantata for synchronized speaking voices, “Elements of Love”, was produced by NewTown Writers in 1992 and was named one of the best theater events of the year by a critic for the Chicago Tribune newspaper. In June, 2000 he earned a Master’s degree in Interdisciplinary Arts from Columbia College of Chicago. For his thesis project he presented an exhibition of his drawings, a video, a performance, and a set of handbound books containing the collection of his writings for Jeff. 
Philip continues to write prose and poetry for singer/songwriter Charles Stephen Hughes, and collaborates with him on writing lyrics, collecting art and maintaining their home in Chicago.

Birth Place: near Duluth, MN USA


From Particles & Disputations: Writings for Jeff, a book of hours by Philip D. Hughes-Luing
"A beautiful little beating heart of a book; intimate, real, and so very, very moving." - Tom Webb, Atlanta. "Both a heartrending memorial and a tender love story" - David D. Warner, Washington, D.C....

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Bliss: A Marriage Proposal for Charles Stephen Hughes by Philip D. Hughes-Luing
A candid and romantic collection of poetry, prose and paintings which culminates in a marriage proposal -- private in nature, but made public here for all to read because the personal is still political....

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Price: $2.99 (eBook)
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Short Stories

Attack of the Oil-Based Enamel Black Paint
 by Philip D. Hughes-Luing
An unexaggerated tale of my domestic partner's domestic creativity gone awry. ...

Deliver Us, O Lord
 by Philip D. Hughes-Luing
This is a semi-autobiographical story of separation between a loving, fundamentalist Christian father and his nineteen year old gay son told mostly from the father's point of view. ...

Trama Sintesi: Shishi e Demfelas
 by Philip D. Hughes-Luing
a gothic romance ...


My Music Man
 by Philip D. Hughes-Luing
This is the original version. My partner, singer/songwriter Charles Stephen Hughes, later set it to music with slightly revised lyrics. ...

Time Becomes Easy
 by Philip D. Hughes-Luing
An anniversary celebration marking years, but feeling timeless...

Designing Us
 by Philip D. Hughes-Luing
An appreciation for the creative process of two artists in a domestic relationship....

The Satisfaction of Years
 by Philip D. Hughes-Luing
Romance for those whose bloom of youth is a bit faded. ...

 by Philip D. Hughes-Luing
This is a prose poem to my partner acknowledging the holistic connection we share. ...

 by Philip D. Hughes-Luing
This poem was written for my partner, singer/songwriter Charles Stephen Hughes. ...

at a loss
 by Philip D. Hughes-Luing
This is a prose poem I wrote during the early years of AIDS. ...


Hughes-Luing Wedding Vows
 by Philip D. Hughes-Luing
After fifteen years of building our relationship, we finally were able to put our commitment to each other into marriage vows....


IR Review of Bliss: A Marriage Proposal for Charles Stephen Hughes
 by Philip D. Hughes-Luing
Verdict: BLISS is a beautiful declaration of love from a fine poet, and deserves to be cherished by anyone who appreciates the emotion....

A Letter In Support of Marriage Equality
 by Philip D. Hughes-Luing
A letter sent to the Illinois House Democratic Leadership as well as to Governor Quinn and the Illinois Senate Democratic Leadership...

Review: From Particles and Disputations: Writings for Jeff
 by Philip D. Hughes-Luing
by Shannon Yarbrough for the "Self-Publishing Review"...

AIDS: Partner Pushes To Remember Those Lost
 by Philip D. Hughes-Luing
The "Windy City Times", Chicago's LGBT community newspaper, interviews me about my e-book "From Particles and Disputations -- Writings for Jeff"...


Philip D. Luing, author
my literary website

Philip Luing, visual artist
my visual art website

Charles Stephen Hughes
my singer/songwriter partner, with whom I collaborate on making our home

AIDS: Partner Pushes To Remember Those Lost
a feature story in Chicago's lgbt community paper, Windy City Times

Additional information

This year my annual Christmas poem for my partner was inspired in response to the recent Sandy Hook tragedy. / For Charles Stephen Hughes / 12-25-2012 / Ripples / In this season for proclaiming light / we celebrate hope, goodwill and cheer / remembering / love serves to sustain us, not give us escape / The circle formed by our arms holding each other / represents a ripple moving outward, emanating / from the first droplet of our illumination, that instinct / to bond, which animates our spirits toward love / My love, each year we celebrate more ripples / waves and rays and bundles of light, armfuls / opened and released to extend beyond ourselves / across distances and generations and languages / beyond our ability to fathom heritage, influence or purpose / released because we have seen those do so who taught us to love / released with hope and without expectation, but wisely / so as to sustain ourselves as we engage to diminish darkness. / Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, my love / With all my love / Philip / copyright 2012, Philip D. Luing / all rights reserved; please e-mail hughes-luingATmsn.com for permission to reprint

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Chicago   IL     USA
 Philip D. Hughes-Luing
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