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Author of the Temporal Detective Agency series, dog walker and gardener by necessity. I work a bit as well.


Take a look at my weekly blog. You'll find it at:- 



LEAP OF FAITH was my first book in the Temporal Detective Agency series. Published late last year as an eBook and paperbook world-wide by Crooked Cat, it has had great sales and was a shortlisted finalist for the People's Book Prize 2014.


Trouble With Swords, the second book in the Temporal Detective Agency series, was published in August 2014 and is available on Amazon and from most good bookshops.




"A Book is for Life, not just Christmas!"


 I live in the South of England and  by choice I write books for Young Adults... of all ages! My current series is about the Temporal Detective Agency, two girls and a woman from 5th century Camelot that relocate to the 21st century partly because the cases are more interesting, but mostly because the toilet facilities are so much better.

I was a Scout Leader for 15 years, during which time I wrote and helped produce 5 successful Gang Shows. Doing that gave me a tremendous understanding of the humour and likes of children of all ages and some of my characters are actually based on Scouts I knew, both girls and boys.

My books are humorous, full of adventure with a slight tendency towards fantasy. For instance in the Agency series Merlin is a well-disguised woman, madly in love with Arthur. While her sister, Marlene, runs things on her behalf with two of her apprentices

My greatest influence (asides from the kids themselves) has been Terry Pratchett, who back in 2002 actually helped me write a scene for one of my Shows and even acted in it. Then, of course, there was the great Bernard Cornwell who encouraged me to continue writing and get Leap of Faith published when I was on the point of packing it in!


Leap of Faith was the first of the Temporal Detective Agency books and the second (Trouble with Swords) was also published by Crooked Cat Publishing as a paperback and eBook.  The series characters seem to be having a great time and neither I, nor they see any reason why the number of books in the series should be limited, so as long as they're having fun and people like reading about the TDA I'll carry on writing up their adventures.

My website is http://www.rhardie.com. It's a lot of fun but watch out for the magic bits and make sure you see Tertia's page! It also has a link to my blog, my email and just about everything else!

Birth Place: Bath,  England

Accomplishments: One of my greatest achievements was eventually getting Leap of Faith published and seeing people actually reading my books and enjoying it.
I still have my certificate for swimming a width.


Trouble With Swords by Richard N Hardie
Now available in both eBook and paperback everywhere... well almost! The second book in The Temporal Detective Agency, featuring the main characters of Tertia (who narrates the books), Unita (her cousin), David and Bryn (possibly their boyfriends), Marlene (Merlin's sister, and of course Merlin and Arthur. Back from defeating the Black Knight and solving the mystery of the theft of th...

Price: $3.23 (eBook)
Kindle (eBook),  Amazon.comAmazon.co.uk  Amazon.com

Leap of Faith by Richard N Hardie
The Temporal Detective Agency's first case since relocating to the 21st century from Camelot involves the theft of the world's biggest diamond, the disappearance of Lord Nelson's statue from the center of London, and a battle against a gang of ship wreckers and smugglers based in the year 1734. With the help of Sir Galahad, the Agency faces death and defeat in their first real case when they meet ...

Price: $2.71 (eBook)
Kindle (eBook),  Amazon.com  Amazon.co.uk


Schools and Libraries!
 by Richard N Hardie
Peter's Bookselling Services Ltd...

Available on Cruise Ships!
 by Richard N Hardie
Leap of Faith and Trouble With Swords going on cruise ships!...


Richard Hardie
My site has information about me, my books, the Temporal Detective Agency and a separate page written by Tertia, one of my main characters. It also has a link to my blog and an email for those who want to contact me.

Crooked Cat Publishing
Highly informative website describing how Crooked Cat operates, its authors and their books

Amazon.com (Richard Hardie's page)
For purchases outside the UK.

Amazon.co.uk (Richard Hardie's page)
For purchases from within the UK

Additional information

THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO BOUGHT LEAP OF FAITH AND SENT IT LEAPING UP THE AMAZON RANKINGS AS BOTH eBOOK AND PAPERBACK! TROUBLE WITH SWORDS looks like OVERTAKING IT ! With your help....it will! Although I'm British and live in the UK, my world-wide agent is Caleb Mason who lives in Portland, Maine. Crooked Cat Publishing have taken my books and publish them electronically and most importantly as paperbacks.

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 Richard N Hardie
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