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__________ "Self-mythology is not self-explanatory: Your life is allegory in this world, your hopes and fears revelatory through masks you wear." ~ Nordette Adams __________


Just in time for Valentine's Day, "Schizophrenic Love Fugue" with video.

Life is a winding road of lessons and opportunities.
Wear good shoes. — Nordette Adams

You're on Twitter? So am I.

Nordette at WSATA.


"Nordette Adams celebrated Valentine's Day 2014 by reciting "A Lovely Love" by Gwendolyn Brooks for the Poetry Foundation's Record a Love Poem event."

Film student Eric Toler's video interpretation of the poem "Colored Things" by Nordette Adams

Speakers and students have recited poems by Nordette Adams at public events for Martin Luther King Jr. Day and at anti-racism rallies. Her poem "Behind the Color Blind" has been analyzed and studied in classrooms around the world.

Nordette Adams is easily

 reachable at



"Dear Pecola and Claudia, Shirley Temple is Dead": a black woman reflects on the passing of Shirley Temple

I've been a member here for a while now, adding and deleting work, adding and deleting.  The quote in my bio is from Nordette Adams.  C'est moi.


    Raised and raising great children
    Published hard news and features
    Shingleton Scholarship Award Winner
    Sandhills Literary Magazine Short Story Award
    Webmaster Certification from NJIT
    Honors BA Graduate in English
    Produced short documentaries for government



The Goddess and The Skylark, Dancing Through the Word Labyrinth by Nordette Adams
What is the world of goddesses and skylarks? Nordette Adams releases her new CD with critically-acclaimed poet Aberjhani, The Goddess and The Skylark, Dancing Through the Word Labyrinth: Presented by Rahkyt...



Woman Found with Heart Missing
 by Nordette Adams
A not-so-happy love lost poem for Valentine's Day...

Note to Self, Number One
 by Nordette Adams
An acrostic poem that is also a meditation on something we all need...

What Shall I Make of My Broken Heart? (Video)
 by Nordette Adams
This is a classic break-up poem, but it's about recovery not remaining miserable....

Aberjhani's Angel for New Orleans
 by Nordette Adams
This is video, or poetry in motion project, features of Aberjhani's poem that is included on a CD produced with Nordette Adams and Mark Rockeymore...

Poets Should Not Post Love Poems On The Internet
 by Nordette Adams
and yet another love poem from Nordette N. Adams...

Remembering A Life: A Poem Honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
 by Nordette Adams
A tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (January 15, 1929-April 4, 1968) "They said to one another, 'Behold, here cometh the dreamer. Let us slay him, And we shall see what will become...

Like a Revelations Day (poem-prayer at Easter)
 by Nordette Adams
A poem prayer inspired by a multiple-murder case in Terrytown outside New Orleans, La., which included a toddler, a 6-year-old, and an 11-year-old. Sadly at Easter....


13 Years of Lessons Since 911
 by Nordette Adams
This is the third time the author has written about 9/11. On the 13th anniversary, she considers how her life and ours have changed since that fateful day....

Emotional Land Mines (Remembering 9/11)
 by Nordette Adams
Moving on is a good thing. Forgetting is not. Remembering 9/11...

A Poem and Essay on Race and Racism: Behind the Color Blind
 by Nordette Adams
Love your neighbor as you love yourself...(well most of us have heard the golden rule) How can you say you love God, whom you have not seen, and yet not love your brothers and sisters whom yo...

Mother of Scott Sisters Praises God for Her Daughters' Freedom
 by Nordette Adams
Evelyn Rasco, mother of the Scott Sisters, talks about her daughter's release for prison under Gov. Haley Barbour....

Michael Jackson's Mother's Book: Where to Buy Never Can Say Goodbye
 by Nordette Adams
The mother of Michael Jackson, Katherine Jackson, has released book of personal memories and photos about her son's life....

The Cylons Cometh: Human-Machine Hybrids and our Impending Immortality
 by Nordette Adams
Humans cracked the code on creating new life forms in the lab, and the Singularity movement says we must prepare for the next leap in evolution. Sounds like a Science Fiction novel, but it's not....

It's the Old Spice Guy: Look at Him, Now Look at Your Man
 by Nordette Adams
Isaiah Mustafa of the Old Spice commercial is on Twitter but on TV he's making women laugh and drool....


Poetry Life & Times publishes video with Aberjhani's poem
 by Nordette Adams
Two videos have been produced with poetry by Aberjhani, music by Mark "Rahkyt" Rockeymoore, and production by Nordette Adams. A European literary magazine and its sister Paper.li have published both....

Review of Tyler Perry's For Colored Girls is Live at Blogher
 by Nordette Adams
New Orleans writer Nordette Adams reviews Tyler Perry's movie For Colored Girls based on Ntozake Shange's iconic choreopoem. ...

Boondocks creator Aaron McGruder hacks Tyler Perry, movie mogul
 by Nordette Adams
On the Sunday, June 20 episode of Boondocks, satirist McGruder took on Oprah's friend and film titan Tyler Perry. Do black people worry too much about what white people think?...

Susan B. Anthony Liked Socialists and Other Educational Info
 by Nordette Adams
The world according to books and Nordette Adams, a writer....

Gulf Coast Oil Spill Worsens
 by Nordette Adams
New Orleans writer tried to avoid talking about the oil spill in the Gulf, but found she had to share her feelings on this ecological disaster....

The Solly Forell and Jay Martin Obama Assassination Tweets
 by Nordette Adams
The Secret Service is investigating the Twitter attention seekers who threatened the president's life....

A Decade of Women of Color in Blogging: What Does WOC Mean?
 by Nordette Adams
It's starting to feel like the term woman of color is being reduced to mean black woman, this and more as the writer looks at women of color in blogging...


Whose Shoes are These Anyway
Covering news, poetry, literature, and subjectivity in the post-modern era

BlogHer.com Contributing Editor
You may read blogs written for a women's network at this site.

New Orleans writer returns and blogs life.

Writing Junkie
The author's legacy website.

Additional information

In 2013 with other poets, Nordette Adams read one of her poems at the Louisiana's State Library by invitation of then-Poet Laureate of Louisiana, Julie Kane.

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New Orleans   LA   70122   USA
 Nordette Adams
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