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I prefer to write about something else, but I double back to myself once in awhile. Thank you for reading at Authorsden!





Pillar of Salt


I believed a man could change, 

So I put the past behind me

And began all over again.

But then one day I looked back,

And was turned into a pillar of salt.

The New Man was a very good act:

His performance was greatly appreciated.

Success was within his grasp,

But he turned around and looked back

And was turned into a pillar of salt.

The Old Man is a pathetic sight,

Beset by vengeance all around,

From which he cannot take flight

Because one day he looked back

And was turned into a pillar of salt.

They say salt heals the wounds

And keeps meat for a rainy day.

If only I could cry those salty tears,

I would never look back again.




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"Painting was an abcess which drained off all the evil in me. Without a gift for painting I would have gone to the bad. What I could have achieved in a social context only by throwing a bomb, which would have led me to the guillotine, I have tried to express in art, in painting, by using colors straight from the tube. Thus I have been able to use my destructive instincts in order to recreate a sensitive, living and free world." Maurice de Vlaminck

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