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The Educator who educates through Stories of Achievement. Writing is an expression of living life, love and happiness through a blissful journey of one's destiny. Traveling through-out this wonderful maze of positive forces, it will be necessary to utilize the tools of instinct, integrity, and accountability through his or her purpose in life.


Shirley creates an enlightening and unique style to engage children to read aloud.  The animated and real life stories brings abouta feeling of accomplishments.The books are in several schools to help improve student achievement in reading comprehension skills. Being a  studio-set teacher for the movie industry,  inspired me to write for children and teenagers.. The characters I create are similar to the children and people I meet daily.Maybe I will meet you one day ,and you too will become one of my characters.

Birth Place: Los Angeles, CA USA

Accomplishments: B.A. degree in Social Science :Masters of Science Degree in Educational Counseling, Masters Degree in Urban Planning. Apple Award (Daily News) newspaper. Studio set for the movie Industry. (2) children's book (1) Teenage Adolescent book (1) Television Series " Bed Of Dreams" Produced by Main Mann Films. (3) original screenplays and an Audience Choice Award for a pilot television series.


The Playground Is Dirty by Shirley Woods
A page-turning novel based on true events, that identifies today's teenagers in a love triangle between best friends that begins to unravel by deceit, sexual promiscuity and a brush with death by the choices they make....

Price: $3.99 (eBook)
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The Playground Is Dirty by Shirley Woods
Remember the choices and decisions that are made by Teenagers will definitely affect the rest of their life. Please be aware and conscious of your actions and behavior....


Planet of Success by Shirley Woods
An inpirational book about a character named Eraser Elroy whose head is shaped like an eraser who learns that he should not form an opinion about people based on their appearance....


The Magical Mystery by Shirley Woods
An inspirational book about a young boy named Timmy who gains confidence after chewing bubble gum that he believes has magical powers....

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Short Stories

Effort vs Accurate
 by Shirley Woods
As an adequate human being you can always demonstrate Accuracy instead of poor effort....

Accuracy vs Effort
 by Shirley Woods
Today's society must focus on two important words when educating . Effort and Accuracy ...

If You Believe
 by Shirley Woods
If you believe you can achieve....

What Parents Just Don't Know
 by Shirley Woods
Parents believe that all of their little darling Angels have Halos, but realistically their angels have clipped wings and pointed ears....

The Toughest Time in Life
 by Shirley Woods
The adolesence stage is the most difficult and important transition of self-esteem....

Swallowed By A Shark
 by Shirley Woods
When you think you've got everything figured out,Think again because you can easily be taken off of your course to Destiny....

Rise Above All When The Odds Are Set Against You
 by Shirley Woods
If you Believe You Can Conceive;Therefore it is Achieved!...


Stop, Look and Pay Attention
 by Shirley Woods
This Poem is about the New Era of the Facebook Generation....

A Bleeding Faith
 by Shirley Woods
"An Expression of Pain and Indulgence from a senseless heinous crime...

A Positive You
 by Shirley Woods

 by Shirley Woods
Always carry your attitude inside and outside, hiding Mr. or Ms. Temper....

This Mysterious Thing
 by Shirley Woods
Sometimes the "Self" ask certain Questions like, Am I Special? Am I a Failure? This Thing is in all of us. Guess What it is?...

Loved Being Adored
 by Shirley Woods
Being a beautiful bird in your mind you can fly and travel any place in the world....

Kidnapped and Didn't Know It
 by Shirley Woods


The Greatestness That is Inside Of You
 by Shirley Woods
Fufill your highest potential for it may be your very last impression you give to others....

A Teachers View on Educating a Child
 by Shirley Woods
Educating a child in 2012 involves many enviromental factors that affects the way a child learns....


 by Shirley Woods

 by Shirley Woods
The B.O.D. which is Bed Of Dreams, is being shopped to networks as you read this article. You are able to see the the pilot on summer productions.net click on films when you look up the website site. ...

 by Shirley Woods
The drama "BED OF DREAMS" won BEST TV PILOT SERIES.This drama is bases on dreams.Once an individual has an opportunity to sleep in this special bed of dreams,one will be guided with their intuitive fe...


The Magical Mystery
An inspirational book about a boy named Timmy who gains confidence after chewing bubble gum that, he believes has magical powers. When Timmy chews the bubble gum, it changes his life completely.

Planet Of Success
An inspirational book about a character named Eraser Elroy who learns that he should not form an opinion about, people based on their appearance. He discovers that the person he as been running and hiding from is the person he needs the most.

The Playground is Dirty
A page turner about a love triangle between best friends begins to unravel because of betrayal, sexual promiscuity and a brush with death.

Additional information

Summertime Productions is sponsoring a book signing for my (2) books. Borders (Canoga Branch) storyttime October 19, 2006. I have an upcoming book signing At Williams bookstore in San Pedro on Dec. 9, 2006. Bring your kids. I will have a story time event 2:00pm-4:00pm.

Contact Information

Summertime Productions
9903 Santa Monica Blvd. ste 979 
Beverly Hills   CA   90212   USA

Fax: 323-295-0393
 Shirley Woods
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