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Dr. Sharon L. Burton, LSSBB, HCS, SWP Human Capital Strategist and IT Professional Author of two leadership development books, Diversity Just What Is It And Why Does It Keep Changing? and Quality Customer Service Rekindling the Art of Service to Customers


Sharon L. Burton, DBA, MBA-HRM, MBA-Mgmnt, LSSBB, HCS, SWP, has served as a Chief Learning Officer, in municipal government, and leads publishing initiatives for American Meridian University.  She is an adjunct professor, and certified in Kirkpatrick Four Levels Evaluation, also.  Dr. Burton serves as a library program provider for New Castle County, an executive coach for workshops for AAGEN. Her publications are in the areas of Cyber Security, Andragogy (adult learning), Quality Systems Management, Diversity and Inclusion, Quality Customer Service, Mentorship/Coaching, and Learning and Development.  She has over 40 peer reviewed publications that include book journal articles, and book chapters.


Dr. Burton wrote and published two leadership development books, Diversity, Just What Is It And Why Does It Keep Changing?, and Quality Customer Service Rekindling the Art of Service to Customers.



Accomplishments: •Earned the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification
•Earned the Strategic Workforce Planning Certification
•Earned the Human Capital Strategy Certification
•Earned the Kirkpatrick Four Levels of Evaluation Certification
•Recipient of the 2007 Peter Spencer Foundation’s In the Spirit of Self Determination Award.
•Langevin Learning Services; completing technical training certification.
•Facilitator and Toastmaster-CTM level.
•Presented a commendation for leading, quality testing, and implementing projects generating $300MM+ in revenue.
•Awarded Manchester Who’s Who for Executives & Professionals (2003); recognized for achievements.
•Awarded Beneficial National Bank USA’s Freda M. Caspersen Humanitarian award; (1996); awarded to one person out of 20k+ exemplifying outstanding community service.
•Awarded the Achiever in Business and Industry award; (1995); awarded for outstanding achievements


Diversity: Just What Is It And Why Does It Keep Changing?, by Sharon L Burton
Diversity: Just What Is It And Why Does It Keep Changing? delivers key diversity insights through five characters that are as diverse as the knowledge they help to impart. This book widens readers’ understandings of diversity by breaking down misconstrued ideas surrounding differences. After reading this book, readers will be in a better place to appreciate and accept people for what they bring to...

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Quality Customer Service Rekindling the Art of Service to Customers by Sharon L Burton
Quality Customer Service Rekindling the Art of Service to Customers, written in a novel-like format is a groundbreaking, empowering,and easy to read book, designed to provide educational, exciting, and reflective narratives of customer service. ...

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Customer Horror Stories Inspires Sharon L. Burton to Write Book on Providin
 by Sharon L Burton
Seven entertaining characters research the do's and don'ts of customer service in "Quality Customer Service: Rekindling the Art of Service to Customers" (978-0-6151-4897-7, Perfect Binding Paperback...

Sharon L. Burton to Present at YMCA of Delaware Youth Summit
 by Sharon L Burton
The YMCA of Delaware Black Achievers will host its first-ever Black Achievers Regional Teen Summit at its Walnut Street location and other downtown venues from April 18 - 20. Nearly 200 teens are expe...

Putting the 'Quality' back by Ashley Hindsman
 by Sharon L Burton
ALBANY – "The customer is always right" is typically a phrase only used when at a restaurant and trying to knock off an additional 10 percent off your tab for the mysterious "hair" found in your entre...

 by Sharon L Burton
Thesis by Yoshino N. Woodard...

Announcing a New Entertaining & Educational Book Set In the Customer Servic
 by Sharon L Burton
Wilmington, DE (BlackNews.com) - Sharon L. Burton, MBA, a guest lecturer, and trainer/facilitator with experience in curriculum and instructional design, honors the customer service and training arena...

Quality Customer Service Rekindling the Art of Service to Customers
 by Sharon L Burton
Sharon L. Burton - Quality Customer Service: Rekindling the Art of Service to Customers. A fresh, entertaining, and educational approach to enhancing the reader’s knowledge about customer service as t...

Moultrie Observer - Former Moultrian Writes Book on Customer Service
 by Sharon L Burton
By Kevin Hall kevin.hall@gaflnews.com July 29, 2007 MOULTRIE — It may be hard to make a business book entertaining, but Moultrie native Sharon Burton set that as her goal. ...


Sharon L. Burton to Speak at the NABA Convention in Atlanta, GA
 by Sharon L Burton
Sharon L. Burton will facilitate a CPE session at the 2008 NABA convention. ...

Sharon L. Burton to Present at YMCA of Delaware Youth Summit
 by Sharon L Burton
The YMCA of Delaware Black Achievers will host its first-ever Black Achievers Regional Teen Summit at its Walnut Street location and other downtown venues from April 18 - 20. ...

Bullying: A Lack of Understanding and/or Appreciating Diversity
 by Sharon L Burton
Bullying, whether cyber or in person, is a lack of understanding and/or appreciating diversity. ...

Sharon L. Burton to facilitate session in Washington, DC
 by Sharon L Burton
Rekindling the Art of Service to Customer in a Collection Environment...


Millennials: Three (3) Series 7/18/2015
Dr. Sharon L. Burton and Dr. Shanel W. Lu will present the third of a three part series on Millennials on August, 8, 2015. http://nccde.org/DocumentCenter/View/3581...


S L Burton's website
This web-site provides information about my Sharon L. Burton's books, Quality Customer Service Rekindling the Art of Service to Customers, and Diversity Just What Is It And Why Does It Keep Changing?

Customer Service Blog
Whatever happened to customr service at the airports?

Philadelphia Front Page News
Philadelphia Front Page News Community Sponsored News On-Line from around-about Philadelphia, PA. Support the Philadelphia Front Page News. Send your tax deductable donation/contribution today! Tecnical Issue: People with internet explorer cannot view the left information bar. The most likely cause is a Java script error. Please download Mozilla Firefox. Click on the Firefox picture to download the browser. Tuesday, August 28, 2007 Phila. Daily News Columnist, Ali, talks about the Van Stone Production Foundation, Inc., childrens services organization, at www.frontpagenews.us Fatimah Ali | WE ARE WHAT WE EAT OUR TWO youngest daughters are in different stages of puberty. Their hormones are flying, so you can imagine what back-to-school shopping has been like. The other day, we were buying school clothes, and I was at my wit's end with my 11-year-old's determination not to find anything that met my approval. There, on the dressing room floor, was the ton of clothes I had lovingly chosen for her, and she hated every outfit. Her father had warned that her choices had to pass strict parental inspection, which means they can't be revealing, tight or too short. Of course, everything she wanted was one size too small - or not part of the school uniform. The picky dresser is equally tedious about her food, and prefers to eat everything that's bad for her instead of my healthy, mostly vegetarian meals. On this day, she had skipped breakfast while I showered, which I didn't know until we were in the store. This, of course, aggravated her refusal to cooperate with me. In this early moment of her puberty, "baby girl" is desperate to be grown, but we don't allow her fashion sense be driven by designers who care little about preserving a child's youth. We try to be mindful of our daughters' concerns that they are developing much slower than the friends who are already in full bloom. Our girls understand why at 11 and 13 so many of their female classmates have blossomed into womanhood, but they haven't. Most of their friends come from meat-eating homes, and our children enviously tell me about meals with them. In our house, hubby is a strict vegetarian, which means I often cook three different meals to make everyone happy. (The upside is that his healthy regimen gives him a body that looks more like 31 than 61.) I'm amazed how fast some children are developing these days. We see little girls at 9 who look like they're 17. Since flesh-eating has never been a dominant part of our nutritional routine, our children are thinner and generally healthier than most of their peers. Back in my youth, even eating meat three times a day, our bodies changed around 12 and 13, not 9 and 10, which is called "precocious puberty" and is becoming more frequent. "We are seeing a lot more cases of 'precocious puberty,' " says Frederick Douglass Burton, a Philadelphia internist who practices holistic medicine. Dr. Burton says precocious puberty is the direct result of today's meat and dairy, which is saturated with hormones. Dr. Burton, who is heard regularly on WURD (900-AM) radio, also says the fast food that young people crave not only contributes to early puberty, but also makes them more violent. Van Stone, a West Philadelphia community activist, agrees. He says a lot of the violence in urban neighborhoods comes from nutritionally deficient children who are also hungry. "Children are going to be hyper, and act out when they are hungry or full of sugar," says Stone, who sees children who attend school loaded up with candy and soda, instead of juice, fruit or cereal. This summer, Stone says his nonprofit Vanstone Production Foundation partnered with PAL and Malik Aziz, director of the Ex Offender's Association of Pennsylvania, to run Camp VPAL, which teaches West Philadelphia children about healthy eating. Ultimately, Stone would like to help fight crime by teaching children how to make healthy food choices, and partner with local restaurants to provide healthy snack packs to poor children for breakfast and after-school programs. It's a well-known medical fact that more than half of all Americans are fat and that poor nutrition has a direct impact on a child's ability to concentrate. Sugar, toxins, chemicals and dehydration contribute directly to poor school performance. In my 29 years of mothering, I've spoken to many teachers who also make a direct correlation between violent behavior and poor eating habits. My own grandson turns into a nightmare if he eats sugar or chocolate, but is a gentle breeze when he eats fresh broccoli. Many parents are unaware that their children have allergies to some of the chemicals that are in processed food, particularly fast food. Most people aren't going to give up meat entirely, but it's important to understand the difference in how animals are raised. Free-range chickens, fed on the ground in the daylight, are far healthier than the ones that live cooped up in wire cages, and injected with hormones and steroids. Next time you look at your 12-year-old daughter, think about those nice fat chicken breasts, which are full of drugs to make them grow them faster and bigger. Many fast-food restaurants now offer veggie burgers, salads, fruit and yogurt in addition to burgers and fries. The fact is, the fast-food industry is here to stay, so the best thing we can do is teach our children how to make healthy choices when they get to the drive-through window. We should also teach them the joys of cooking healthy foods, which nourish their brains as well as their growing bodies. * Fatimah Ali is a regular contributor. E-mail her at fameworksmedia@yahoo.com. Posted by Front Page News at 1:11 PM 0 comments Links to this post Saturday, August 25, 2007 Jannie Blackwell the War Rose; Elders Council Above: In response to the escalating violence in Philadelphia...we are pleased to announce the formation of the "Citywide Elders Council." Fair resolutions and peaceful outcomes is the Council's duty when the 24-7 hotline number (267) 228-7574 is called. The artwork displaying "Roger Robbie", the mascot character promoting "Stop the Killing" in Philly is an example of what Councilwoman Jannie Blackwell has been using to war against the U. of Penn District dealings with X Park. Roger Robbie is a symbol of both Blackwell's and the Elders Council's care for kids. Jannie Blackwell the War Rose; Elders Council by Van Stone vspfoundation@yahoo.com (215) 747-8746 A Rose is Red not white. When you print out a non-color copy of a rose it is Black not white. A Red rose or Black rose, according to any person I know well, belongs to a person as a right. If a Rose is a right then a rose must also be heritage. Freedom is a priceless heritage. Therefore, I see white, red and black roses pushing up in Malcolm X Park, West Philadelphia, located at 51st to 52nd and Pine Street. And most recently in the news is a heroic tale about Councilwoman Jannie Blackwell’s war against the University City of Pennsylvania District. The U. of Penn District doesn’t see roses in the X Park. U. of Penn sees dollars out of reach. If you the reader haven’t heard about such a war here’s a very important reminder. Councilwoman Jannie Blackwell has personally gotten involved with the improvement process of the Malcolm X Park, West Philly, because it is known for containing roses. The roses in my own and Blackwell’s meaning herein is children. Children ages 17 years-old and younger, ethnically white or black or children following certain ethics good or bad are meeting at Malcolm X Park in an attempt to free themselves from Philadelphia struggles in the Councilwoman Blackwell’s District. Yup! But during Blackwell’s struggle to end all vice in the Malcolm X Park, using her very limited funding and positive interested community-volunteer workers, the University City of Penn District suddenly attacked the X park attempting to fire one of it’s Penn staff for supporting Blackwell’s noble efforts. Penn’s excuse for struggling with Blackwell’s X Park was non-profit efforts got mixed with political business in an X Park event. But everyone knowing about politics and non-profit events in the park understands that the Park Authority has jurisdiction over all park activity in Philadelphia. The Dept. of Rec. manages the permits to do activities benefiting children in a city park. And most parks have an honorary President of groups that overseer maintaining clean and safe park. Yet still, the Park Authority, Dept. of Rec., nor the President of the Park Group has little police empowerment to stop vice in their parks such as smoking marijuana blunts and drug sells leaving the children roses practically defenseless. Meanwhile, Councilwoman Jannie Blackwell the war rose, not only has the empowerment from the people of Philly in her district to end vice in parks she has complete intentions to use city legislation to develop better education, schools, and public safety for children. Blackwell, a strong believer in higher education companies, like say college universities, ethically considered using colleges in her district to help develop better education, schooling, public safety and rec. centers annexed in the X Park. But the U. of Penn District crushed contented roses in the X Park during Blackwell’s rally. Blackwell quickly responded by appointing a Mr. John Fenton as Director of Community Activity. Blackwell is once again focusing the X Park, the Sayre Morris Rec. Center, 58th and Spruce St., and the Huey Elementary located directly across the street from the X Park. The way I see it, this war against vice is a war too against the U. of Penn District. Vice leads to killing. Killing? It Must Stop! "Cultural Genocide," as stated by a State Senator form Western Pennsylvania, is the reason murder is a daily occurrence in Philly, not handguns and rifles. The "Citywide Elders Council," a group of ex-gang leaders and present community activists that have maintained a high level of doing something about kids out in the streets in Philly are re-emergence violence mediation and conflict resolution. They are available "24-7" to prevent or mediate arguments and disputes that might lead to violence. A 24-hour hotline (267) 228-7574 will be monitored to respond to calls for intervention/mediation. Posted by Front Page News at 9:36 PM 0 comments Links to this post Thursday, August 16, 2007 A NEW ENTERTAINING & EDUCATIONAL BOOK SET IN THE CUSTOMER SERVICE ARENA By Sharon L. Burton, MBA Quality Customer Service Rekindling the Art of Service to Customers Sharon L. Burton, MBA, a guest lecturer, and trainer/facilitator with experience in curriculum and instructional design, honors the customer service and training arena with a fresh new educational and entertaining approach to enhancing ones knowledge on customer service.

Announcing a New Entertaining and Educational Book Set in the Customer Service Arena
Quality Customer Service Rekindling the Art of Service to Customers is a dynamic and easy to read book. It provides exciting, reflective, and easy to read narratives of customer service, through the lens of seven (7) characters that individually represent a different business industry. The characters in the book are Dollar, Stu, Meaty, Shopper, Peachie, Medic, and BATS. They portray quality customer service for personal usage, businesses, educational institutions, youth development programs, and organizations offering self improvements skills

Additional information

Conatact Dr. Sharon L. Burton concerning presentations at sharon.burton@slburton.com, or www.sharonlburton.com

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Sharon L. Burton Consulting, L.L.C.
P O Box 7274 
Wilmington   DE   19803   USA

Fax: 3026611081
 Sharon L Burton
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