Mel Hathorn

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World Traveler and Explorer of ideas! Adventure Seeker! "I cannot rest from travel; I will drink life to the lees..."


Melvin Hathorn, BA, MA, is a nationally recognized facilitator who has presented workshops around the country. He is a former educator, behavioral therapist, and college instructor and has over 20 years experience in the training field.

Melvin Charles Hathorn was born in Wilmington, Delaware. He is currently an instructor at Albertus Magnus College and is a historic Interpreter at the Mark Twain House in Hartford, Connecticut. He has traveled through many countries including Greece, Europe, and Uzbekistan.

It was here that he survived a bout of E-Coli in Samarkand, Central Asia. Included in his travels was the former Soviet Union, where he was almost arrested in Leningrad (now St. Petersburg,) for a minor traffic offense. He also just missed being pulled off the train at the Soviet-Finnish border by Soviet passport control. He has also piloted planes, and has earned a certificate in small vessel sailing.

His career included teaching on a variety of levels from elementary school through college. As a former training officer for the State of Connecticut, he has developed several training courses for juvenile correction staff. His publications are many, including three novels, several short stories and articles that are on his website,

Throughout his life, Hathorn has shown a passion for justice. He has spoken out on many occasions for improving the lives of the disadvantaged. His latest novel, The Prisoner’s Dilemma, continues that pattern. It is an attempt to bridge the gap between an old corrupt system and the new one that is yet to come.

His areas of expertise and special programs include:
Critical Thinking For Better Decision-Making,
Advanced Critical Thinking For Dealing With Change,
Achieving Greater Productivity By Understanding Learning Styles,
Leadership And Learning Styles,
Organizational Ethics,

Born and raised in Wilmington, Delaware, Mel has in his varied career taught literature and history, piloted planes, and traveled extensively across the United States, Europe, Greece, the former Soviet Union, and Central Asia.

In addition to several book reviews, he has published the following:

Hathorn, Melvin. "Critical Thinking" Juvenile Justice Training Notes. Winter, 1995.

Hathorn, Melvin. "Critical Thinking in The Criminal Justice Community." The Journal of Correctional Training. Spring, 1992.

Hathorn, Melvin. "Critical Thinking at Long Lane School." Common Ground. November, 1992.

A former educator, behavioral therapist, and teacher, he has worked in the staff development field for over 20 years.


Accomplishments: Certified in Instructional Theory Into Practice (ITIP) by the National Institute of Corrections Training Academy, August, 1993.

Certified in the 4MAT Teaching System by the About Learning Corporation, July, 1997.

Recipient of the NEAL WILLEMSE ACHIEVEMENT AWARD for outstanding contributions to the field of Juvenile Justice Training, October, 1996.

CERTIFICATE OF APPRECIATION from the National Institute of Corrections Training Academy for three years service as a Regional Field Coordinator, October, 1994.


The Prisoner's Dilemma by Mel Hathorn
Ordinary Americans take on a powerful corporation and change everything....  Barnes &   

Celts and Kings by Mel Hathorn
Celts and Kings: The story behind the mystifying disappearance of the Celtic Earls in 1607. The story of a lost love and Celtic Spirituality. The story of a forbidden love going back 400 years. The story steeped in Irish history, Celtic lore, and Irish tradition....  Barnes &   

The Castlereagh Connection by Mel Hathorn
A fast-paced adventure about globalization, murder, the Vatican, a mysterious operation known as Jericho ancient manuscripts, and an ancient feud that continues into our times....  Barnes & 

Short Stories

Spanking Plato: Prologue - Chapter 3
 by Mel Hathorn
Introduction Below are the final revisions of the Spanking Plato series. I have included the first two chapters, Do not Piss Off the Pythian and Wesley's Problem. Alfred North ...

Thanksgiving Day Dinner at Oliver Wight Tavern in Old Sturbridge Village
 by Mel Hathorn
This past Thanksgiving I looked forward to Thanksgiving Dinner at the Oliver Wight Tavern. Unfortunately, Thanksgiving Dinner was a disaster. ...

Sticking it to the Man
 by Mel Hathorn
A few weeks ago, Arbitron, the broadcast rating service, sent me a letter asking if my household would be willing to participate in their rating program. Since I donít watch much TV except for quality...

Hartford PGA Tour: Going to the Dogs?
 by Mel Hathorn
The Hartford PGA Tour was almost a non-event. Maybe after this experience it should have been....

Women in White: Parts 1-6
 by Mel Hathorn
This story replaces the several parts of the previous Women in White with one story. A followup to Men In Black, this describes my further adventures with Connecticut Transit. See Men in Black below a...

The Corporation Who Mistook Itself for a Person
 by Mel Hathorn
Are corporations people? With the recent Supreme Court decision, Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, declaring that corporations have the same rights to free speech as we do, I decided to ...

Men In Black
 by Mel Hathorn
This satire is reflects the information found below in the article titled, "An Open Letter to Connecticut Transit....

A Study and Discussion Guide to The Prisoner's Dilemma
 by Mel Hathorn
The following discussion guide to my new novel, The Prisoner's Dilemma, is available free if you request it by emailing me. Below is the table of contents and a list of some of the discussion questio...

Yes Virginia, There is a Free Lunch
 by Mel Hathorn
Eight-year-old Virginia O'Hanlon wrote a letter to the editor of New York's Sun, asking about Santa Claus and the quick response entitled, “Yes Virginia, There is a Santa Claus” was prin...

The Prisoner 's Dilemma Prologue
 by Mel Hathorn
This is the final version of the Prolouge to my new novel titled, The Prisoner's Dilemma. ...

The Prisoner's Dilemma Chapter 1
 by Mel Hathorn
This is the final version of Chapter 1 of the Prisoner's Dilemma...

The Prisoner's Dilemma Chapter 2
 by Mel Hathorn
This is the final version of Chapter 2 of the Prisoner's Dilemma...

The Prisoner's Dilemma Chapter 3
 by Mel Hathorn
This is the final version of Chapter 3 of my new novel, The Prisoner' Dilemma...

The Gymnast
 by Mel Hathorn
Have you ever noticed that an aerobics instructor yells and screams at the class like a missionary on a quest to convert the unwilling? The following story shows that such an approach may have an oppo...

No Broccoli Tonight!!!
 by Mel Hathorn
There are times, said Thomas Paine, that try men's souls. We live in such times. This means we must all make sacrifices. My sacrifice for today is that there will be no broccoli tonight....

The Prisoner's Dilemma (Authors note)
 by Mel Hathorn
My new novel, The prisoner's Dilemma is finished. I have written the Author's note below which describes some of the story....

Sewer Tax Redux
 by Mel Hathorn
Who says you can't fight city hall? ...

Celts and Kings Prologue
 by Mel Hathorn
This is the final copy of the Prologue. ...

Celts and Kings Chapter One
 by Mel Hathorn
This is the final copy of Chapter one of Celts & Kings. ...

Celts and Kings Chapter Two
 by Mel Hathorn
This is the final copy of Chapter two of Celts & Kings. ...

Celts and Kings Chapter Three
 by Mel Hathorn
This is the final copy of Chapter Three of Celts and Kings. ...

The Gilded Cage
 by Mel Hathorn
this is based on a recent experience in Southern Florida...

Governor Rowland's Footguard
 by Mel Hathorn
This is based on an incident that happened last Christmas....

Excerpt from The Castlereagh Connection
 by Mel Hathorn
Governor Rocklandís Office State Capital Hartford, CT 8:30 a.m. ďThe governor will see you now.Ē The crisp tone of the Governorís personal secretary contrasted with her soft skirt...

The Cable Connection
 by Mel Hathorn
This is an excerpt from a play I am writing about Mark Twain. Author's note on the historical accuracy of this play. Although this play is based on an actual historical incident, som...


Georgie Porgie
 by Mel Hathorn
Following the example of a giant, Mark Twain (see Battle Hymn of the Republic, Updated below) I have composed the following little song to a familar tune....

Lament for Lost Liberties
 by Mel Hathorn
Some thoughts to think about regarding our constitutional rights. (Sung to the tune of Santa Claus is Coming to Town) ...

The Battle Hymn of the Republic Updated" contributed
 by Mel Hathorn
The Battle Hymn of the Republic, Updated was written in 1901 by Mark Twain, as a parody of American imperialism, in the wake of the Philippine-American War. It is written in the same tune and cadence ...


How To Eliminate Corporate Personhood; Part I (Updated)
 by Mel Hathorn
POSSIBLE SUPREME COURT BRIEF ENDING CORPORATE PERSONHOOD AS WELL AS CITIZENS UNITED. Below is a revised Writ of Certiorari demonstrating that the Santa Clara v. Southern Pacific Railroad deci...

Stages in the development of Social Change
 by Mel Hathorn
The Occupy Wall Street (OWS) movement appears to be a major social change. According to E. J. Dionne, columnist for the Washington Post, social change occurs in three stages. The first is momentum bui...

But Who's Going To Clean The Toilets?
 by Mel Hathorn
The question recently came up as to whether or not a capitalistic system requires an impoverished class to work. Science suggests that it does....

George Will's Unanswered Questions
 by Mel Hathorn
George Will wrote the following questions in an op-ed article a few weeks ago, that he hopes the Senate Judiciary Committee will ask Supreme Court Nominee, Elena Kagan....

Letter to World Leaders
 by Mel Hathorn
I have sent the following letter to Ambassador Zhang Yesui Chinese Embassy Washington, DC Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi Prime Minister Vladimir Putin President Nicholas Sarkozy

The People's Fund
 by Mel Hathorn
I would like to toss out an idea for public discussion and debate. If you are so inclined, please respond or forward this to your friends....

An Open Letter to Connecticut Transit
 by Mel Hathorn
My adventures with the Connecticut Transit that is the main publiic transportation system in Connecticut. It leaves the rider in suspense, wondering if they will ever get home again....

Constitutional Amendment to end Corporate Personhood
 by Mel Hathorn
The following is a Proposed Amendment to the Unites States Constitution. With the recent Supreme Court decision, Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, legalizing corporate free speech, it is...

The Christmas Train
 by Mel Hathorn
A true story about strange miracles. This is from my new book which is in the process of being edited. The title is: The Journey; a story for those who blew it or are about to....

Is Reaganomics Dead?
 by Mel Hathorn
There has been much talk of recently of the death of Reaganomics. Is this true?...

A Reasonable Teaching Philosophy?
 by Mel Hathorn
I have often been asked by my students how and why I teach in the manner that I do. Here is a handout that I developed that is distributed to my classes during the opening session. ...

No Taxation Without Representation
 by Mel Hathorn
Our forefathers fought the American Revolution because they were taxed by Great Britain and had no say in the matter. Is the same thing happening to us today?...

The No Child Left Behind Act: Why It Doesn't Work
 by Mel Hathorn
There have been many criticisms of the No Child Left Behind Act. Although most are valid, I am focusing on only the educational implications of the Act. ...

How To Eliminate Corporate Personhood; Part II
 by Mel Hathorn
The Writ of Error is a second writ to the Supreme Court that may be used for a defense should a state or municipality choose to not recognize corporate personhood. Much of the material is quoted from ...

Why I am a Luddite
 by Mel Hathorn
Around 1811, a group of workers angry about the technology of weaving looms formed bands of disguised workmen who broke into factories and destroyed the textile machines. Today a “Luddite”...

The Ultimate Conspiracy
 by Mel Hathorn
If I were a conspiracy theorist— which I am not—I would say to my fellow conspiracy theorists to forget alien abductions, Area 51, and military alliances with UFOs. I would suggest that th...

Codependent Scientists
 by Mel Hathorn
Codependent Scientists discusses how our dependence on science and how scientists' dependency on each other may be a codependent relationship....

The Top Ten Reasons To Be A Liberal
 by Mel Hathorn
This article written a few years ago in the middle 1990s lists ten reasons why one should consider being a liberal. If the term liberal offends, substitute the word "Progressive" instead....

13 Fun Ways to Screw Up the System Legally
 by Mel Hathorn
Election week was distressing for many of us. I am beginning to realize that in the final analysis it doesn’t matter who won. Bush will simply accelerate our breakdown faster that Kerry would ha...

Study Finds Link Between Bush Supporters and Mental Illness
 by Mel Hathorn
Although the following article may infuriate some and others may see it as a joke, it is no joke. Recent research suggests that there is a link between the severity of a person’s psychosis and t...

Newt Gingrich Speaks
 by Mel Hathorn
I recently came across an article I wrote in response to some statements Newt Gingrich made in the July 10th, 1995 edition of Newsweek. He made the following statements which are in uppercase. My resp...

Are You A Hero?
 by Mel Hathorn
A couple of nights ago I was teaching my college course in introductory psychology. We were discussing Jungian Archetypes and got into an involved discussion about Joseph Campbell and the Hero's jour...

The Titanic: Ship of State?
 by Mel Hathorn
Why was the film Titanic one of the most popular films in recent years? I suggest that the film is a metaphor......

Systems of Survival
 by Mel Hathorn
A book review of "Systems of Survival" by Jane Jacobs....

Intellectual Capital
 by Mel Hathorn
Feel underpaid? You are worth more to your boss than you think! Recent evidence shows that your work could be worth up to $100,000 to your boss! Read this before your next performance review....


A New Business!
 by Mel Hathorn
Cursive Curses offers a new service for aggrieved individuals; we will write out a curse for you to deliver to the bank, insurance company, utility, etc of your choice. ...

Spanking Plato
 by Mel Hathorn
A new novel, satirical, funny, and irreverant. ...

Nobel Prize Nomination
 by Mel Hathorn
I have received a wonderful honor and feel a little humble at the same time. I was asked by a third party if I would make a nomination for the Nobel Prize in Literature for a writer I do not know. I a...

The First Crack in the Wall
 by Mel Hathorn
Congresswoman Donna Edwards introduces Constitutional Amendment to undo corporate free speech....

Are the predictions I made in The Prisoner’s Dilemma happening?
 by Mel Hathorn
In my recently released book, The Prisoner’s Dilemma, I described how corporate personhood came about, and what a group of American citizens did about it. It now looks as if my cry for eliminati...

Get The Prisoner's Dilemma free!
 by Mel Hathorn
Hi everybody! Now you can get The Prisoner's Dilemma free by solving the puzzle below. The first ten persons with the correct answers to the puzzle will get a free copy of the Pri...

An Open Letter To Ted Turner, Rupert Murdock and Other Media Moguls
 by Mel Hathorn
This is argument stating that it makes no difference what the outcome of the FCC decision regarding relaxation of the rules of media ownership is....

Dust Cover Copy for The Prisoner's Dilemma
 by Mel Hathorn
My new novel, The Prisioner's Dilemma is nearing completion. Below is a proposed dust cover copy for the book jacket....

New Review Re: Celts and Kings
 by Mel Hathorn
Below is a new review by a blogger, Sgt. Mom...

An Interview With Mel Hathorn about Celts and Kings
 by Mel Hathorn
I was recently interviewed by Tyler Tichellaar for Readers Views....

An Open Letter to Donald Trump
 by Mel Hathorn
This is a suggestion on how Donald Trump may improve The Apprentice...

Cover Copy for Celts and Kings
 by Mel Hathorn
This is a possible dust cover copy for my new novel, Celts and Kings. Feedback is welcome. ...

Reaction to Celts and Kings so far
 by Mel Hathorn
Thank you for sending me your thoughts on the Prologue and first three chapters of Celts and Kings to my email address. I believe I am on the right track. I have posted some of them below. ...

New novel!
 by Mel Hathorn
I am planning a new novel. The Working title is: Celts and Kings....

Excerpts from The Croesus Question
 by Mel Hathorn
I am working on an ongoing project, The Croesus Question....

Excerpts from The Cable Connection
 by Mel Hathorn
This is a summary from a play that I am working on....

Excerpts from The Castlereagh Connection
 by Mel Hathorn
This scene from the Castlereagh Connction is based on a report of a meeting in the Connecticut Governor's office. The attendees were the Commissioners from Dept of Corrections, Dept of Children and Fa...

Excerpts from The Journey: A Story For Those Who Blew It Or Are About To
 by Mel Hathorn

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Born and raised in Wilmington, Delaware, Mel has in his varied career taught literature and history, piloted planes, and traveled extensively across the United States, Europe, Greece, the former Soviet Union, and Central Asia.

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Cromwell   CT   06416   USA
 Mel Hathorn
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