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I belong to Jesus Christ and enjoy writing poetry that is challenging and uplifting!



E V E R Y   C H I L D   N E E D S
by  Zach B McClure


Every child needs
a mother —
a woman’s special touch;
Every child needs
a father too,
needs him just as much.
And it’s been that way
forever —
forever it shall be;
it’s always taken
one of each.
That’s as old, as history.

Every child needs
a mommy —
a woman’s special touch;
Every child needs
a  daddy too,
craves his love  so much.
And we can mess with
God’s design —
hurting  little ones inside;
But God knows best
our  deepest need —
Let’s return to
God’s own side!

Every child needs
a mother; a father’s love also.
We’ve got to once again believe in
a child’s need for—both.

Copyright 2015 ZBM All Rights Reserved






























































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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