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A.J. Mahari is a Canadian woman who is the author of 30+ ebooks. She is also a Counselor/Life Coach/BPD and Mental Health Coach.


My background was a troubled and challenging one. I grew up in a dysfunctional abusive home and It was one that I had to overcome. It taught me a lot about what I now write about to help others who have similar challenges. I believe that we all have the ability to overcome our pasts and that is what I write about in all of the various topic areas that I write articles and Ebooks about and that I talk about in my audio programs.

Educationally, I have taken Radio and Television Arts and Social Service Worker courses at the College level. I have also taken several University courses in Religious Studies, Philosophy, English, Psychology, Social Work, and Sociology.

I find that specializing in more than one field of study or thought provides me with a refreshing on-going ability to assimilate information from a myriad of sources in ways that can light my creative fire and give new meaning to what it is that I have to share.

I am a very free and philosophical thinker who does a lot of that thinking, along with a lot of my living, outside the convential box of the masses if you will. I like the widest possible view from there best.

I have Ebooks and Audio Programs as well as my Counseling, Life/Mental Health Coaching available at: Phoenix Rising Publications



Punishment and Revenge in Borderline Personality Disorder by A.J. Mahari
Punishment and revenge are hallmarks of the dysfunctional and emotionally immature relational style of people diaganosed with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). Recovery from BPD is possible and in order to recover those diagnosed with it must master this unregulated and unmastered talionic impulse to seek an "eye for an eye" type justice....


Understanding Borderline Personality Disorder - The Lost Self by A.J. Mahari
Understanding Borderline Personality Disorder - The Lost Self - The Impact of The Core Wound of Abandonment Ebook One examines and explores what is at the heart of the experience of those who are diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder....

Phoenix Rising Publications 

Full Circle - Lessons For Non Borderlines - Understanding BPD Relationships by A.J. Mahari
Full Circle - Lessons For Non Borderlines - Understanding BPD Relationships is an ebook that will give you a lot to think about if you are the family member, loved one, ex or relationship partner of someone who has BPD. I share the lessons that I learned as someone who had recovered from BPD and then six years later had a relationship with someone who has BPD and NPD....

Phoenix Rising Publications 

The Other Side of Borderline Personality - Family Members and Loved Ones by A.J. Mahari
The Other Side of Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) - Mindfulness and Radical Acceptance for Family Members and Loved Ones of those with BPD - Non Borderlines...

Phoenix Rising Publications 

The Legacy of Abandonment In Borderline Personality Disorder by A.J. Mahari
This ebook, available now, includes 7 chapters of must read revelation about the intricate and complicated nature of the core wound of abandonment, that is the root-cause of the emotional and relational devastation of Borderline Personality Disorder. ...

Phoenix Rising Publications 

The Shadows and Echoes of Self - The False Self In Borderline Personality by A.J. Mahari
The Shadows and Echoes of Self is a 127 pages providing an indepth and revealing examination of the false self personality organization of Borderline Personality Disorder that arises out of the core wound of abandonment....

Phoenix Rising Publications 

The Dilemma on the Other Side of Borderline Personality Disorder by A.J. Mahari
The Dilemma on the other side of Borderline Personality Disorder, for the Non Borderline is a painful one. It is a dilemma driven by many questions. The source of those questions can be difficult for non borderlines to face. A.J. Mahari addresses what is at the heart of the non borderline dilemma, can borderlines love? Do borderlines feel love? Mahari not only answers these questions from the pers...

Phoenix Rising Publications 


Nobody Said Good-bye - Closure as an adult child of a borderline parent
 by A.J. Mahari
How does an adult child of a mother with Borderline Personality Disorder, or a borderline father get closure? How can you stop looking back to the past, experiencing that suffering? How can you move f...

Three Choices
 by A.J. Mahari
From A.J. Mahari's Soul's Thought of the Day Collection of Inspiration and Motivation: Choice determines our experience. Often people think they have to choose this or that as if there are only two ch...

Shelter of Storms
 by A.J. Mahari
From A.J. Mahari's Soul's Thought of the Day Collection of Inspiration and Motivation: We often seek the shelter of storms without even being consciously aware of our choices....

Just Being There Is The Power of Now
 by A.J. Mahari
From A.J. Mahari's Soul's Thought of the Day Collection of Inspiration and Motivation: Just being there is the power of now that offers us the opportunity to seek that often elusive experience of ju...

Loneliness - It is Pervasive, Powerful, and Purposeful
 by A.J. Mahari
Loneliness is, on one level a universal experience. There is a collective experience, to some degree, by each and every living individual of what it means, from time to time, to be lonely....

The Application of Philosophy To Adaptation, Change, and Goal Achievement
 by A.J. Mahari
The very autonomy that philosophy can give us the freedom to discover and experience is feared by many. We want to be free of our unresolved issues and our pain or discomfort but we are often afraid t...

Diary - My Borderline Years
 by A.J. Mahari
The experience of what it felt like to be someone who had Borderline Personality Disorder and whose parents did too....

Enlightenment Begins With The Serendipity of Paradox
 by A.J. Mahari
It is the serendipity of paradox that creates the sacred spiritual wonder that supports individual awakening to enlightenment that enables healing and recovery....

Preparing for Recovery from Borderline Personality Disorder
 by A.J. Mahari
For those diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder the idea of recovery is often a mystery. Many with BPD don't believe that they can recover....

Facing the Facts On The Other Side of Borderline Personality Disorder
 by A.J. Mahari
Facing the Facts of Borderline Personality Disorder - On The Other Side of BPD - For Loved Ones and Family Members of those With BPD Audio Program by A.J. Mahari examines 10 Central Key Facts about Bo...

Finding Hope From The Polarized Reality Of BPD
 by A.J. Mahari
In this program A.J. Mahari talks about how those with Borderline Personality Disorder can find hope from her own experience as someone who had BPD and has recovered. Mahari knows what it is like to f...

Is Your Borderline Loved One Serious About Therapy?
 by A.J. Mahari
What Every Family Member and Loved One with Someone With BPD in Their Lives Needs to Know ...

Inside My Asperger Experience
 by A.J. Mahari
"In this audio program A.J. Mahari shares her experience of finding out about Asperger's Syndrome and her journey of facing it and going deeper within to find its meaning and purpose in her life. Mah...

The Legacy of Toxic Relationships
 by A.J. Mahari
It is in and through the dynamic of toxic unhealthy relating and relationships that The Personality Disordered and The Non Personality Disordered Interconnect and Suffer...

Breaking Free of The Borderline Personality Maze - Recovery For Nons
 by A.J. Mahari
This audio program is 1 hour and 25 minutes of Mahari's must hear insight and experience. In the audio program, "Breaking Free of The Borderline Maze - Recovery For Non Borderlines" A.J. Mah...

Toward Understanding Borderline Personality Disorder
 by A.J. Mahari
Borderline Personality Disorder leaves those diagnosed with it and family members or loved ones alike often puzzled as to what to do and how to cope. It is important for both the borderline and the no...

Narcissism, Narcissistic Personality Disorder, and Borderline Personality
 by A.J. Mahari
Narcissistic Personality Disorder is part of a wider continuum of narcissism not the sum total of it all. NPD is not the sole domain of narcissism....

Radical Acceptance - The Pathway to Freedom
 by A.J. Mahari
Whether you have a mental illness, personality disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder, love and care about someone who does, or whether you are stressed out, often anxious, or if you have been sexu...


Phoenix Rising Publications
A.J. Mahari's Ebooks, Audio Programs, Counseling, Life Coaching Services, and Self Help Courses

Borderline Personality Disorder From the Inside Out
A.J. Mahari, author, Life Coach - BPD/Mental Health Coach, is a woman who recovered from Borderline Personality Disorder who has articles, videos, ebooks, and audios for those who have BPD and for Family Members and Loved ones.

Phoenix Rising Life Coaching Services
Author, Life Coach, BPD/Mental health Coach, A.J. Mahari is a compassionate and insightful coach.

Asperger's Syndrome and Adults
A.J. Mahari's website about Asperger's Syndrome with a focus on those who are Aspie adults and those diagnosed with AS in adulthood.

Additional information

I have written 10+ Ebooks on the subject of Borderline Personality Disorder for those who have BPD and for Loved Ones and Family Members (30+ Ebooks altogether). I also have 35+ Audio Programs available, some about BPD, some on other subjects as well. I have now have 4 Audio Podcasts available at ajmahari.ca

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PhoenixRising Publications
 A.J. Mahari
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