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Do you believe in fairies? Read "The Lost Secret of Fairies" and "The Lost Secret of the Green Man" by children's author, Tiffany Turner. Escape to another world of fairies, cat sorcerers, and elves.


My current  book, “The Lost Secret of Dragonfire: The Crystal Keeper Chronicles Book 3", was released April 15. 2013. The Crystal Keeper series is for Middle Readers 9-12 years old and deals with the theme of self-confidence and protecting our environment. It is a way to reach and give inspiration to children 9-12, when believing in anything and having faith in yourself seems impossible.

I found that writing about my passion and using childhood memories really helped me create this book. I'm hoping all children that read my novel enter a world that is safe, full of adventure, and challenges their imagination.
Here is a little about The Lost Secret of Dragonfire:



Fairies are real. Don't have doubts. Their world can be dangerous as well. Wanda is too familiar with this. As a Crystal Keeper, she helps the fairies of her realm. But the evil sorcerer Balkazaar has other plans. He's kidnapped her friend and fellow Crystal Keeper Edina. Wanda is faced with the mystery of her disappearance while trying to figure out Balkazaar's next move. Haunted by dreams of dragons, Wanda must find a way to save her friend. But problems don't end with just one path. Will she find the right one to save the Fairy World? Or will Balkazaar have other plans? Join her in the third book of the Crystal Keeper Chronicles.                  



 A little about the author Tiffany Turner:
I have always loved crystals and I’ve enjoyed wire-wrapping crystal pendants since 1989. When not writing, I teach 3rd graders in San Jose how to read and write while using my own writing experiences to inspire my students. I enjoy traveling to exciting places while researching ideas for stories and novels. I also participate in Renaissance Fairs in Northern California playing the Gaelic Harp.


Accomplishments: I have been a elementary school teacher for over 16 years teaching grades from 2nd to 5th grade.


The Lost Secret of Dragonfire: The Crystal Keeper Chronicles Book 3 by Tiffany Turner
Wanda is trying to find her best friend Edina before the Fairy World collapses from energy imbalances. She must face her fears again in this third book in the Crystal Keeper Chronicles....

Price: $3.99 (eBook)
Kindle (eBook),  Nook (eBook),  Amazon.comBooksmart Bookstore 

The Lost Secret of the Green Man by Tiffany Turner
This middle reader fantasy will take you back into the World of Fairies, where children are the keepers of fairy secrets. Join Wanda Stewart as she tries to solve the mystery for the fairies: why are the honey bees dying. Will she find the answer before the Dark Sorcerer Balkazaar finds her?...

Amazon.comBarnes & Noble.com 

The Lost Secret of Fairies: The Crystal Keeper Chronicles Book 1 by Tiffany Turner
What would you do if you discovered Fairies? Wanda is thrown into their world realizing only she can save them. Can Wanda, before the Shadow Realm discovers her?...


The Lost Secret of Fairies by Tiffany Turner
Do you believe in fairies? Go on an adventure with Wanda who finds the answer is more than seeing fairies. It is how you believe in yourself....



Tiffany Turner's Author Website
The continuing story of my journey as a children's writer. Information on how you can get started in writing, links, and information for old and young writers.

Trafford Publishing
The link to purchase my current book "The Lost Secret of Fairies" and "The Lost Secret of the Green Man".

Celtic Circle
The Circle is a group of performers dedicated to spreading the joy of Celtic music, storytelling, and history throughout Renaissance and Celtic Faires in Northern California.

Indie Children's Authors Connection
There are some wonderful books and ebooks ready to be discovered. Here is a gathering place where you can find reviews, interviews and links to some great works of literature that might not be found in your typical brick and mortar store. I invite you to check out all the essays as well to find out a little about what it is like to be an Indie author as well.

Additional information

Tiffany Turner will be doing a booksigning at Booksmart Bookshop in Morgan Hill, Ca. It is set for June 1 from 3pm to 5pm. Come out and join Mrs. Turner for an afternoon of Gaelic Harp music, a reading from her book, followed by the signing of her new book, The Lost Secret of Dragonfire. Booksmart is located in downtown Morgan Hill at 80 East 2nd St. Corner of 2nd St. & Depot St. Phone: (408) 778-6467

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