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Warning Contains Strong Language: My home to scare the fuck out of you since 2002 here been Online since 1997. New works in progress and an executive producer project yet unnamed featuring the story The Ward. Legend Keeper is via direct link if you want this! Re-teamed with CreateSpace.com and a new found respect for them -- Welcome the Elder Statemen's Dominion.




DO YOU WANT THIS -- :waves them in:  those who are the rivals in this industry I am going just bring it as I took on Lulu.com to get everyting back.   Legend Keeper is the novella I had caused the most controversy and gave me a very brazen way of taking on rivals and challenging authority from my youth.  How bad do you fucking want this!  Come on a show of fucking horns!  \m/

The Writings Collected: Volume Two -- my second collection of works ranging from short literary fiction with Gothic undercurrents to full on science fiction.   The longer works which were previously chapbooks are availalbe in this volume along with short fiction I wrote from late 2004 into 2006. Halloween On Camera and Lake Fossil III with the first cyberpunk yarn that lays waste to San Franciso which those who celebrate the sin flag, it was a coded "FUCK YOU" -- that story I actually got yelled at by my mother for even thinking of this one because she told me at the time it was too soon, features a controversial author photo where it has a picture of Nancy Pelosi being called s rude word -- the room mates at the time actually thought this was offensise. I actually found it hilarious because it had my sense of humor.

DARKENED HORIZONS:  ISSUE 3 -- featuring DAMNATION OBSERVES!   I close the anthology out and it has a one page ad for Tabloid Purposes IV.  The new story is a story akin to the more bizarro authors in there, but doesn't forget about the traditional horror crowd.   It breathes a pure insane old school Pacione horror story, the faith vs. madness theme you'd see in FALSE HEALER and 144,000.  

Tabloid Purposes IV -- you've seen this coming all summer of 2007,  it was whispered rumors of it when I finished Tabloid Purposes 3 and it was unleashed at Gothicfest 2007.   Featuring stories by  Casey Gordon,  S.G. Cardin, Terry Lloyd Vinson, Ken Goldman, Brian W. Keen,  and others.  This is as close as some get to seeing an AuthorsDen horror anthology but there will be an AuthorsDen anthology planned (the guidelines will be just as strict as Tabloid Purposes.)  The 2008 reboot contains my photography and a very dark introduction from Joseph R. Armstead that set the tone for the anthology. The lead story from my protege actually really took this Tabloid Purposes to become one of the darkest within the series.

I am influenced by H.P. Lovecraft, Richard Matheson, Stephen King, Edgar Allan Poe, friend and author J.M. Barlog, friend and author Terry Lloyd Vinson (between him and Joni, I became a print published author for the very first time) and Algernon Blackood just as a horror writer.  I've been toying around with the idea of writing Science Fiction in recent years and you can read some of my Science Fiction entires on either FictionPress.com.   I am equally influenced by H.G. Wells, Ray Bradbury,  Jules Verne, and Isaac Asimov.   But predonimately I write Gothic Horror and a little bit of a bad boy, as Fred Wiehe coined me -- a renegade.
      I was born in 1976 and raised around the late Richard Matheson's work being aired on the small screen.  Twilight Zone: The Movie I use to watch with my mother on cable when we first got cable in the house. My first exposures to horror were H.P. Lovecraft and Richard Matheson.  I didn't start reading Matheson's work until after I was published after an interviewer compared my catalog on the now defunct diary-x presence to Matheson and friend, author John Paul Allen. 
     My family thought Richard Matheson was just safe enough for me but when I read Stir of Echoes, that changed the way I wrote horror forever.   I still write Lovecraftian horror but now I mix a lot of Matheson elements into it.   I am drawn to what is called the Blue Collar Gothic.
      I write horror with a tenacity that is seen in some of the more extreme forms of heavy metal -- picture of someone who plays death metal couldn't find the personnel to form a band,. They have so many elaborate concepts and ideas in them so they crossover into writing Gothic Horror, but they take that death metal intensity with them.  
      I also will write science fiction from tie time time.  It all started with Lake Fossil and it snowballed from there -- House of Spiders and Bite of the Spider got my foot in the door.  I've been published since 1997 online but in print since 2004 -- my first story got picked up by EbooksOnDisk.com in an anthology called Reality Check: An Anthology Of Horror on my birthday. (Terry Vinson gave me the lead on this one.)  My styles as a science fiction are a little more akin to Jules Verne but when I do the cyberpunk style it is similar to if Jules Verne was writing Blade Runner.
     I've been writing horror, horror movie reviews, and creative non-fiction since 1990, but I've been doing science fictoin for less than a few years.  As recently as 2007 I became a heavy metal reviewer, the core reviews are in the home grown as my personal friend, Scott Davidson coins it. I love the term so how I describe my brand of horror. I'm rookie in the Science Fiction genre. I've been writing science fiction since 2004, half-joking with Nicholas S. Stember about which was easier to write. Out of that Lake Fossil is born -- that story actually sequels going for it. I allow fan fiction from Lake Fossil, but one condition, it's only alllowed in my magazine and my magazine only. 
    I've also been publishing my own magazine too via an imprint I started on Lulu.com since doing Tabloid Purposes. I've been published internationally on Insomnia Magazine *July/August 2006* and that story is going to be reprinted twice in two more magazines stateside (now published nationally in New Mexico, and yet to be published locally.) 
      Lately I've learned a new trick in combining Horror and Science Fiction in one story, then I've been doing creative nonfiction stories that are scarier than my fictional counterparts in horror. I showcased some of the most talented writers in the small press so far -- and featured a lot of new writers in the years that I've been online.
      I was published the first issue of WitherSin Magazine with a true ghost story -- this one had been reissued in Issue 10 along with the photograph I wanted Misty to include with itand in the pages of Dirty Black Winter.  Issue 10 -- it is complimented with a closing entry by Daniel Willow (this bad boy stirred up a hornets nest of controversy.) I did live with two room mates who are both history buffs so living around a lot of antiques I am bound to get some inspiration from it.  I sold work to Tales of the Talisman,  HorrorMasters.com (if you're looking for LAKE FOSSIL 2, it's reprinted in my second issue of The Ethereal Gazette.. Dave called this one tempting)  Withersin Magazine and the famed Naked Snake Press.  
     I was slated in Haunted Times Magazine too, the May 2007 issue with Observations Of An Abandoned Seminary.  I write horror predomiantely and true life dark stuff too.  I don't fuck around with erotic scenes in horror,  I like my horror to kick the reader in the head as they're reading it with the dark ideological subject matter or subject matter dealing with mental illlness.
       I credit a lot of my writing style in the horror genre to heavy metal music, and Anthony Nichols of Meliah Rage actually wished me the best of luck with the Horror when they sent me the video for Undefeated and Barely Human (thanx man, good luck with Meliah Rage.)  Some of my stories share titles with Tournquet's songs (Ghost at the Wheel, Gruesome Cargo, and The 'Hand Trembler, and a character named for one of their songs in GAME OVER,)  I've been on AuthorsDen since 2002, and happy to call the Den my home -- and it became a welcomed extension to WRITINGS FROM THE GRAVE in many ways.
        I had my main website is teenager so to spea that lauched on May 16, 1997 on tripod. I actually have that site still over there, but it actually got too big for what tripod. Don't get me wrong, tripod been good to me over the years.   Horror with the same kind of intensity you'd see with the death metal movement -- what I want to do with my work is inspire the next wave of thrash or death metal bands.         
      What author do I compare House of Spiders 3 to -- oh shit,  Barbara Marjanovic cites Edgar Allan Poe and Stephen King,  I cite H.P. Lovecraft and Richard Matheson -- picture the four of them coming together and collaborating, you got House of Spiders 3. CTHULHU MYTHOS meets DRACULA!   I am part of that club known as the "signed in blood" club because I did sign a few copies of the first collection using my blood.  
       Barbara Marjanovic and Terry Vinson can be both seen with their stories in the third sequel and the Tabloid Purposes anthologies. I honored to have Joseph Armstead for taking the time to do the introduction of the book because we've been following each other's respective careers ince  In a nutshell is the literary equal to a semi-truck slamming into an SUV at 200 mph. I was trying to do an interview with both of them because emerged around the same time.  When read the story Good Riddence by Barb, I knew that I wanted to collaborate with her -- gave her the first sale of a novella.  She tested out my docuhorror approach along with my respective fictional ghost stories (this is one of my staples as well as writing Lovecraftial Horror..  And a novella that's even more notorious than The Fandom Writer had been unleashed during the Christmas Season to buy the readers some time before the namesake sequel was published -- I got to reunite with another Tabloid Purposes One author, a Tabloid Purposes II who appeared in 3, then the closing author from IV.  I got to work with cult author HORNS who became an advocate when it came to a Gothic Creative Nonfiction story titeld The Ward -- which is going to take the lead spot for a project that is being outlined in more detail as that is one of the sister anthologies to the upcoming book Confessional -- a Stygian version of my Christian testimony which I wrote in a way which echoed my Atheist years, the first Christian era, the first GothicPreacher era which was the beginnings of Writings From The Grave, the loss of faith and into my publised career and publisher careers -- this book is Dirty Black Winter's sister book as it ties all my catalog together. In other words it is a solo book that is a Tabloid Purposes IV story as a full length book as it's a work of nonfiction..)  
      I might be the most bleeped author on here because I use vulgarity in my work especially when I write horror -- vulgarity and horror go hand in hand,  and yes I will say FUCK every now and then.   I like to keep it motherfucking BRUTAL, and find it fun to piss the reader off every now and then. When they get angry at a story -- I point them over to my facebook and tell them to look at the photograph for a long time see what the picture is telling them.  
      That picture I can't throw up on here because this is a family site -- horror is about how many people you can scare and how many you can give the finger in the process of writing the damn story. So fuck you Element of Style, fuck you to hell. The Element of Style doesn't teach people how to write a good horror story -- so I give Shrunk and White's the midddle finger.  Some of what I write some people respond like I just gave them the bird. You want to learn how to write horror, read DANSE MACABRE by Stephen King and read Lovecraft's work. That's something you pick up on your own -- and have a lot of heavy metal blasting for the death scenes, especially Doom Metal.   
      I am coined the HEAVY METAL AUTHOR by Mykil of Withering Soul.  I am also a freelance heavy metal vocalst, and what makes what I do unique in the horror genre is that I am a Christian and a notorious Conservative (I try to keep my politics out of horror but there is one story I have a pro-life delivery in a Gothic Horror yarn.)  
     I am recognized among the Cthulhu Mythos circles and recently the 2012 circles because of my notorious novella, The Storms Of Armageddon. The controversial scene in that one is that I detroy San Fransisco in a Tsunami.  That doesn't fly too well among certain circles, well fuck them if they get offended. Yeah I am not shy when it comes to writing controversial stuff,  I am faith based but I like to give Bret Easton Ellis and Chuck Pahaniuk a run for their money.  I know who they are but I am not influenced by them.  I am capable of doing transgressive horror when needed.   
    I give certain trends the finger when I write horror, my facebook picture is from a night I hosted in 2008. That same night is where I got my coin -- I am influenced by the masters in the early 20th Century.   I am going to hit hard and hit fast when needed -- I take pride in being a bit of a caveman but if I was a pussy, it wouldn't work for me when it comes to writing the extremely dark shit.  I don't write with sexual content so I go double duty with other sensitive matter in my brand of Extreme Gothic Horror.
      Some of you might remember the time frame of 2002-2003, I embeded an Mp3 of Empyrean Sky's Vulture eys. In other words -- I made AuthorsDen.com a little bit louder, in other words pretty much had free reign of the place and sometines been the anthology advisor for the Den -- as I tried attempt to produce a few anthologies consisting of my friends from the den. I will sometimes do this from time to time, because I want AuthorsDen.com to rock the place.  I've been here from quite some time -- I am usually haunting the horror genre on here (that's where all the fun is.  Matt may I goth up the horror section.)

Birth Place: Elk Grove Village, IL The Stars And Stripes

I've really enjoyed seeing my work get published in various magazines both fiction and non-fiction alike (first published in print overseas then stateside a few times. Tales of the Talisman 2.1 and 2.4 carries my works -- Observations of An Abandoned Seminary and a fictional horror story based off my old apartment in Justice titled The Typewriter. It was inspired by the current owner of the North American Phonograph Company.)
I managed to piss off some "professionals" along the way, and now I am working on a new short story that is true then going back and reworking short stories that almost got lost to the system crash I had. My biggest achievement is getting published with a novella I co-wrote with Barbara Shenouda -- I would love to cowrite something with her again because she's got some skills and can pack a punch of her own. I am starting to become an interviewer in my magazine. Issue Six has a killer interview with a New England based horror hostess. I had the honor to publish a few very famous short stories from the 1950's and 1960's. I am not only a horror writer, I just became a horror historian and been a heavy metal historian since 2002. I've been running a small press now since 2004 and damn it's a hell of a ride. Fun too. Specficworld.com: Was a Featured Science Fiction author. I've been deemed the most offensive horror author by a lot of watchdog groups, but I will take a cue from heavy metal band Blue Felix "Middle Finger Up." That story that was so offensive, it was the only story that was taken down from the den. I will have a movie credit to my name, and one of my magazine contributors is doing the film. My book cover designer (front cover) John Welborn of Empyrean Sky is going to do the score for the film. I had a hand in picking the soundtrack. So I am introducing one of the most talented heavy metal band out of Des Moines, Iowa. Getting accepted with PublishAmerica with GAME OVER! Running a publishing company since my 28th birthday -- having four books in a museum, you have to admit that's pretty damn cool.



The Writings Collected: Vol. Two by Nickolaus A. Pacione
Author Nickolaus Pacione reissues his second collection that wasn't that well promoted on lulu.com. Now back online and revised edition....

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Dirty Black Winter by Nickolaus A. Pacione
The book that Nickolaus Pacione arranged of his work from his storied career since he was 20 years of age. Some of the works are fiction, some are nonfiction. 33 stories in all. All of them Gothic as hell....


The Ethereal Gazette: Issue Five by Nickolaus A. Pacione
Featuring some of the most talented small press authors in the realms of horror, science fiction, and Non-fiction. Houses a creative nonfiction breakaway by the publisher taken from a frightening moment a few months after turning 30....

Amazon.comBarnes & Noble.comeStore  Nick's Pinterest

An Eye In Shadows by Nickolaus A. Pacione
The controversial book that had two false starts is available for purchase. Details here. The version on Amazon.com is expanded and includes an illustration from when the author was twenty-one....

Amazon.comBarnes & Noble.comAn Author's Journal  Pinterest Listing Of My Own Titles

Collectives In A Forsaken Landscape by Nickolaus A. Pacione
It is done, let it be written let it be done. The horror storm arrived and welcome to the darker landscape that is the mind of a collective. The book's been redesigned...

Amazon.comSorry Lulu.com ::middle finger::  Pinterest Board

Nickolaus Albert Pacione Delivers: A Library Of Unknown Horrors by Nickolaus A. Pacione
The anthology that carries the name of the author in the title. From the maven of the horror genre featuring a story never before published in the United States. He does this project in combination with An Eye In Shadows showing where he is coming from as a writer and a publisher -- some stories he chose attributed to when he was nineteen years old and some from when he first started as a writer ...

Amazon.comBarnes & Noble.comLet's cut the middle man out for this one 

Tabloid Purposes by Nickolaus A. Pacione
Edited by Nickolaus A. Pacione. Featuring a strong cast of horror writers and writers of Science Fiction. Featuring writers who appeared on The House of Pain, past and present as well as other sites that have been publishing horror writers. Welcome to the tabloid imagination. This is now known as TABLOID PURPOSES ONE, the renegade anthology that the HWA doesn't want you to have. Prepare to ha...

  Download Free Preview!

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Emanations by Nickolaus A. Pacione
Featuring the Gothic Horror story Media Darling in an alternate edit from the original Pacione wrote in 2008.

Amazon.comBarnes & Noble.commy amazon.com author page 

Quakes and Storms: A Natural Disaster Anthology by Nickolaus A. Pacione
Anthology edited by Nickolaus A. Pacione and Macey Baggett Wuesthoff. Concept anthology inspired by the recent events that happened of how unforgiving mother nature is. Not for sensitive readers, graphic deplications of storms and aftermath. In the memory of Gerald Grimmett. Featuring new and never before published stories from the editors. One of horror's rising stars joined forces with the M...

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Lulu Press  The Dark Store

Reality Check (Short story: Bite of the Spider) by Nickolaus A. Pacione
Edited by Thomas Long, Jr. The anthology of the contest behind the same name. This is the contest where the horror stories followed the theme of Reality TV shows, here it is. This book will notably mark the print debute of three more of the horror genre's bad boys: Terry Lloyd Vinson, Nicholas Mounts, and Nickolaus A. Pacione, editor of Tabloid Purposes. Stories in here go for the throat wh...

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Short Stories

Ghosts In The Tornado: The Notes
 by Nickolaus A. Pacione
A Gothic horror story by Nickolaus A. Pacione featured in the July / August 2006 Issue of Insomnia Magazine. Authors speaks about the story here, and gives a little basis for the plot. The author's...

The Cabbie Homicide: Oct 13, 1993
 by Nickolaus A. Pacione
Back on June 1, 2002, I introduced this story to Thought Cafe and I came to AuthorsDen at the same time -- a story likened to The Tell-Tale Heart; a true crime work with the Gothic ...

I Want To See You In Black
 by Nickolaus A. Pacione
This is a passage from the full length book I self-released titled AN EYE IN SHADOWS. This scene is a nightmare I had about a dead classmate. I origina...

A Personal Stalker
 by Nickolaus A. Pacione
This is a true story. this is what happens when someone from Finland gets my personal information and does something malicious with it. ...

Il nostro mondo violentata
 by Nickolaus A. Pacione
racconto breve di epoca 2007 trovato negli ultimi anni, che avr la versione americana sul mio posto collegato in inglese dove il titolo esplicito. Ho eseguito questa storia attrave...

The Statue
 by Nickolaus A. Pacione
Written as a tribute to a man who knew how to capture the imagination, I learned a lot of what I knew about writing weird fiction from this guy. I would like to dedicate this story ...

Carnival of Carpathia
 by Nickolaus A. Pacione
an entry from a journal I started while I was going to Canada. This was written December 26, 2000. It came from the dream that I had when I was camping on one of the ...


The Seasons Of Black September
 by Nickolaus A. Pacione
this might be too dark for those sensitive to the events of that day. But I knew this had to be done. It's the Center peice of Collectives....

Burning Sodom
 by Nickolaus A. Pacione
salvation sought in a morbid symphony gathered in the screams inside of the mind where one hears them scream in their grave separation from a undescribed pain inside, tearing away in t...

Desolated Oblivian
 by Nickolaus A. Pacione
welcome to the eternity after a nuclear winter...

Gates Of Charon
 by Nickolaus A. Pacione
waiting until their death they pray for life.......

Raped by Grace
 by Nickolaus A. Pacione
finding the reasons are in time as they go without seasons, waiting for the tolling bell,,, ticking down for my last hour,, as it comes when it tolls and chimes,, it comes in the h...

the mortal
 by Nickolaus A. Pacione
inspired from a play, "Heaven's Gates...Hell's Flames" This is another epic. The dialog is there for a reason. ...

 by Nickolaus A. Pacione
© 1996...


Examining The Blogosphere
 by Nickolaus A. Pacione
Pacione reprints his 2008 article originally as he posted it on his now defunct deviantart.com location. 2008 by Pacione. Video replies to article are welcomed o...

Gothic Tinged Memoir Anthology Call
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Gothic Horror author Nickolaus A. Pacione is compiling an anthology that's a sequel to his first nonfiction anthology entirely. This is going to be a call that's not for the faint of hear...

The Aftermath: 2 Days of Darkness
 by Nickolaus A. Pacione
Pacione recaps the signing at Gothicfest 2007. The reprise of the festival that basically helped him take off as a writer and a publisher. ...

 by Nickolaus A. Pacione
The official submission call for the AuthorsDen published project DYERS EVE. (Matt and Simon, you came to me in 2004 for an anthology -- I promised that I would get one going for you. You waited now...

Gothicism on Trial
 by Nickolaus A. Pacione
New controversial article from Nickolaus A. Pacione -- due to the graphic swearing and ideologically sensitive subject matter it will be hosted on DA.com....

Review: The Tooth Fairy
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Author Nickolaus A. Pacione shares his opinion on Stephen J. Cannell's latest horror film, The Tooth Fairy. The review and movie are both not for the faint of heart. ...

review: The Garden
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Horror author, Nickolaus Pacione reviews Anchor Bay Entertainment's The Garden. ...


Story will be slated to appear in Insomnia Magazine
 by Nickolaus A. Pacione
Horror / Sci-Fi author Nickolaus A. Pacione gets an exclusive story to Insomnia Magazine....

Magazine Submission Guidelines
 by Nickolaus A. Pacione
Nickolaus A. Pacione runs his mouth about what he wants with the magazine. There are 13 Issues in print right now and needed a place where it wouldn't be vandalized each hour on the hour.<...

Gothic Extreme Horror
 by Nickolaus A. Pacione
Controversial Author/Publisher Nickolaus Pacione lauches the official domain for his long running website. ...

Flying Cigars gets accepted..
 by Nickolaus A. Pacione
the new UFO story gets picked up by Specficworld.com...

Colaboration gets accepted -- then a sequel is available
 by Nickolaus A. Pacione
Sequel to both House of Spiders and Bite of the Spider get published on major player in underground horror. Written by two of AuthorsDen's most frightening authors....

Lake Fossil II is live as a downloadable story
 by Nickolaus A. Pacione
the release of the sequel of Lake Fossil is finally here....

In the Hospital.. got accepted on The Writers Post Journal
 by Nickolaus A. Pacione
news of a narrative that got published....


An Author's Journal

My domain expired so this is going to take it's place a bit. My codexed journal has my nightmares as they are in the current era. This one is noted for the current era standouts -- Dead Child's Prayer, 21 Days, and String of Nerves.

A Publisher's Confessional

Where you see my candid thoughts and posting of submission guidelines it is also simulcasted with my wordpress.com blog. The wordpress I am uncensored and offensive. I created that blog to entertain my friends from Glendale Heights. The tumblr blog is about me talking about my work in the publishing industry and posting links to my freebies when I have them. Some of my blog entires are very insightful and biting about my contemporaries and sometimes take one further into certain books and anthologies as well as the magazine's issues where my stories are in there. My blog on tumblr.com is quite indepth here with some entries as some of them are 3000 plus with a few of them and my guidelines for the magazine are made live there too if you want to submit to this -- go for it.

The Burning Bush from Neutral Red on Myspace.

Lake Fossil Press

Come hang out with us on facebook.com -- if you're alumni working with lulu.com, and are a Conservative be careful because I can't get on lulu.com to back you guys up. But CreateSpace.com revealed they had our back all these years. So you can get namesake there and working on getting everything else moved in. Pig Feces gave me my original files for Tabloid Purposes as I had originally uploaded this an .RTF file. But now you see some aspects that are evident with Tabloid Purposes IV that's coming soon guys. Tabloid is returning too and applying new fonts to the book.

Tales of the Talisman
Check out the magazine I am featured twice in it then one of my contributors is featured in the following issue after it. Check out Lawrence Dagstine in this one too. It is a damn good magazine overall so go ahead and check it out.

Additional information

In Memory of Andrew Ian Dodge (1967-2014)

Working on new short fiction and trying to re-launch the magazine. If you are interested in the submission guidelines, please join my social network Shadow of Darkness I am featured with a non-fiction story on Withersin Magazine (the story is reprinted in Issue 10 of my magazine.) Constantly editing anthologies of horror fiction and sometimes non-fiction. I had published my Christian testimony, trying to do submission calls for three anthologies, writing my second novel, and writing a novella as my pseudonym, Lloyd Phillip Campbell. I will continue to run The Ethereal Gazette, just I want something for the metal scene to have to help get bands promoted ans such.
I had reprinted the story that got me published in a wider distribution called APT #2W -- I have the GLs together for the second local author issue of the magazine and the deadline is extended to when filled (so if you're a local author shoot me a message and I will give you more details.) Go to the link for Lake Fossil Press and scroll down to Ethereal Gazette: Issue 10. The AuthorsDen anthology GLs are posted -- can you keep up? I am trying to go darker than the first five Tabloid Purposes combined then planning the sixth and seventh books (The Gemini Brothers -- some people might not get the brothers joke unless they're referring to Metallica's Load and Re-Load.) I am trying to get my catalog back into circulation because Legend Keeper -- I lost my lulu.com accounts on a lie so my war is with the powers that be; I had pulled out the infamous painting that was immortalized in Legend Keeper. Lulu.com has a wanted poster of me knowing that does smashwords.com. It will contain my novella When Angels Wept Blood as well as some fan favorites from Writings From The Grave over going back as 1997-1998. This collection is going to take stories from all my eras -- rewrote one story called A Dark Place and putting in Misguidance along with the story that became The Pattern of Diagnosis.
My 12th Issue of the magazine is available for purchase and if you want to read a brand new story in there, you got it with The Midnight Diner. If you see someone by the name of horrorgal promoting e-piracy of Faraday's entry in the magazine get her removed from AuthorsDen.com. I also have a 3rd collection in the works featuring stories of my online and print careers combined. Some of the 2004 era stories were expanded, and including some exclusives for the book. One of them almost got published, but the caved in to asshole pressure. Aside from having Writings From The Grave updated from time to time, you can find some freebies here which I re-connected with the crew of Diary-X under codexed -- http://np1976.codexed.com. I have four books in the library of The Edgar Allan Poe Museum, two anthologies (A Library Of Unknown Horrors and More From A Library Of Unknown Horrors,) and two solo titles (Collectives and An Eye In Shadows are there too.) Working on new shit right now too so keep an eye on A Publisher's Confessional as I shoot the shit about these stories and projects here and there. I also pick apart my competition and go off record as I go by my short name as I shed the professional name here and show people I was known to my friends in Glendale Heights. Controversy is something that I can always spark here pending on who I have as guests who come in and video blog every now and then. FictionPress.com, Wattpad.com will have exclusive material -- I will have some coming soon to here as well as I have introduced The Iliad. There is something on Codexed.com which was transcribed from my paper journal as you can go read that on Codexed.com if you want to follow me at feel free and join me as I am also on Google+.

Contact Information

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 Nickolaus A. Pacione
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