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I love to write about crime - the more blood, the better. Hubby says that if he was ever murdered, I'd be the prime suspect. And he's right!


I love to write, and started when I was just nine years old. By age eleven, (just weeks after I started high school) I was appointed editor of the school newspaper. My early twenties found me writing regular articles for the local council magazine, and many years later, I became editor and publisher for a staff newsletter for a large radiology company. That appointment led to many others, and since that time I've written technical articles for a large international corporation, wrote and edited the member newsletter for a not-for-profit group, and written countless online newsletters (also known as ezines).

My newsletter experience spans more than twenty years.

In addition to newsletters, I am published in novels, short stories, non-fiction books, poetry, and magazines articles.  I also do business writing (also known as copywriting) and write for clients all around the world.

I have several years experience as a freelance editor, working for several publishers in the US.In addition to all of this, I own several websites on a variety of topics. 

As you can see, my writing experience is wide and varied. My life is... interesting.



Birth Place: Bright,  Australia

Accomplishments: A truly major achievement for me has been staying alive. Only a few months old, cigarette ash was accidently dropped in my basinette, which then caught fire. I was rescued (obviously!) but the whole house was engulfed in flames and destroyed. Less than a year later, I almost drowned (twice on the same day) in the beautiful Ovens River in Porepunkah, and still have a fear of large volumes of water. On a separate occasion, I fell out of a moving car.


A Winter Sabbatical by Cheryl Wright
Marissa Temple, unable to come to terms with the death of her fiancé, needs time alone. Close friend Daniel offers the use of his quaint country cottage while he is overseas on a long term assignment. But Daniel forgot to mention his best mate, Travis Johnston. Marissa finds herself strangely attracted to Travis, but is torn between two loves; the one in the here and now, and the...

Price: $3.70 (eBook)
Kindle (eBook),  Amazon.comBooksWeLove 

Running Scared by Cheryl Wright
Emma Larkin is running for her life – nowhere is safe. Stalked by her husband's killers, and desperate to protect her young daughter, Emma must find what the killers are looking for before she becomes their next victim. When undercover cop, Gary Bedford, planned a relaxing break, he hadn’t counted on bumping into Emma. Now he can't resist the temptation to discover all her secr...

Price: $3.60 (eBook)
Kindle (eBook),  Amazon.comBooksWeLove 

Don't Tell, Don't Die by Cheryl Wright

Price: $3.70 (eBook)
Kindle (eBook),  Amazon.com 

I Wanna Win! – Tips for Becoming an Award Winning Writer by Cheryl Wright
No Longer Available for Purchase...


Saving Emma - Romantic Suspense Novel by Cheryl Wright
This book is no longer available. It has been re-released as Running Scared by BooksWeLove.net...

Cheryl Wright 

Think Outside the Square: Writing Publishable (Short) Stories by Cheryl Wright
If you want to write short stories - and make money from them - this number one best selling ebook is for you....


Outside the Square Fiction Workshop by Cheryl Wright
If you want to write fiction, but don't want to be restricted by set timetables, then this 'workshop in a book' will not only save you money, it will allow you the freedom of setting your own timetable and/or deadlines....


Kelly Get Your Gun (working title) by Cheryl Wright
The novel evolved after overwhelming acceptance of the series of short stories. A mixture of comedy, crime and romance, the larger-than-life lovestruck characters will get your heart racing, your minding ticking and your funny bones cracking....



The House That Talks
 by Cheryl Wright
This poem was written at 3am one night when I couldn't sleep. I wrote it a very long time, but since it's such fun, decided to share it. ...

Ode to the Medical Team
 by Cheryl Wright
Hospitals, nurses, doctors too, They wake you, they jab you, they give you their bill. You want to get better - you want to go home; They want to cure you, and leave you alone. Ti...

Glad to be back
 by Cheryl Wright
Back at work, And glad to be. I could feel insanity Creep up on me. What’s this? you say; You were mad before! Of course, you’re right, But now it’s more. Shu...

 by Cheryl Wright
Sitting, Aching Throbbing with pain; I hope I never Break both feet again. Crutches – Horrible Ought to be banned; There’s only one thing for which they are fit; Throw...

Who Stole the Cookie Jar?
 by Cheryl Wright
Damn, damn, the jar has gone, Where, oh where could it be? It was standing right there on the shelf For one and all to see. If you have seen our little jar Standing all forlor...

Curtis Roy - The Light of our lives
 by Cheryl Wright
He has arrived, his father said, We’ve named him Curtis Roy He’s very big, but all is fine, With our beautiful baby boy. The call was ended, emotions high, The tears began to ...

Karbeethong Lodge
 by Cheryl Wright
We took a drive to Karbeethong Lodge To have a week of rest I don’t know what we did expect But nothing quite like this. The moonlight streaks out on the lake The birds sing i...


Mysterious Liaisons: Creating Characters from Life
 by Cheryl Wright
Have you ever tried to create characters from people you've seen, but don't know personally? This article will show you how......

The Ultimate Professional
 by Cheryl Wright
If you want to be a writer, you've got to act like a professional. This article will point you in the right direction....

Stress Relief Using Aromatherapy
 by Cheryl Wright
Self-help guide to relaxation and stress relief using Aromatheraphy and massage....


 by Cheryl Wright
Now available for Purchase - A Winter Sabbatical!...

Book Trailer for Saving Emma
 by Cheryl Wright
Check out the book trailer for my romantic suspense novel, Saving Emma...

 by Cheryl Wright
Do you dream of becoming a freelance writer? Keep reading for free tips....

Romance Writers of New Zealand Conference
 by Cheryl Wright
My first overseas conference as a speaker....

Long Story Short Writing School
 by Cheryl Wright
Cheryl Wright joins list of prestigious instructors at Long Story Short Writing School...

Free Autographed Books!
 by Cheryl Wright
Great contest where readers have the opportunity to win autographed books......

#3 Best Seller!
 by Cheryl Wright
Saving Emma is the publisher's #3 best seller!...


Cheryl Wright - Australian Author
This is my author site which showcases all my books, and provides additional insights about me and my writing.

This is a website for writers. Here you will find my ebooks for writers, articles, freebies, and no fee contests for writers. There are also a number of free courses for writers. Literally thousands of people have found them extremely useful and I'm sure you will too.

AussieAuthors.com is a site where readers and writers can meet. Stop by and take a look; you'll find an eclectic group of writers from Australia and New Zealand. Sign up for our ezine and grab your free gift.

Additional information

I am an active member of the Melbourne Romance Writers Guild, and a member of the Melbourne branch of Sisters in Crime. I have several non-fiction books published, a novella, and two novels. My main genre is romantic suspense, but I also write contemporary romance. I am a full-time writer and registered business, and I'm always busy!

Contact Information

Dingley Village     3172   Australia
 Cheryl Wright
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Member Since: Aug, 2002

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