Herman Yenwo

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I love to write about reality. Once I focus on penmanship, my writing takes a life of its own and the rest is history of dramatic moments that grab the reader's attention and keeps it. Those who know me say that I write exactly the way I speak - Straight from the heart.


  What indeed distinguishes every author is their unique style.

Since I write in multiple genre, you will find a variation in style when I write poetry than prose. Some of my published titles in recent years include: My Pet - Wisky, Basic Civics for all Americans, Me, Myself and I - The Autobiography of Herman Yenwo. Survival Instincts, Rhapsody Nuance, Speaking Etiquette, Political Spin and Misrepresentation - How Washington Works, Lovely Poems from me to you, Smart is the New Rich, Confessions of a Car Salesman, How to get the Ultimate Job, Credit Fixing Made Simple, 13 Cars in 13 Years, Folk Tales & Satire, Survival Instincts, Smart is the New Rich, Basic Civics for all Americans, and How The Internet Came About.

Once I focus on penmanship, my writing takes a life of it's own; and the rest is left to my editing team who (I swear) do not sway much from the direction that I am headed.

in fact, the editing process is focussed on grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure, rather than on point of view.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

Accomplishments: My writing style is dramatic; like Shakespeare did, Poetry and Prose, which have earned me various awards and recommendations from St. Charles book club and Daytona Beach Toast Masters Club, which as you know, are comprised of very distinguished ladies and gentlemen.


13 Cars in 13 Years by Herman Yenwo
This book is an action packed thriller that will hold your attention as you read to various dramatic events written in chronological order....


Divorce Among Us by Herman Yenwo
This one is a drama series for the theaters....


SMART is the New RICH ...Strategies by Herman Yenwo
It is no longer enough to just be passive. You've got to constantly update your skills...Computer Skills, Business Skills & Mordenization....

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Me, Myself & I by Herman Yenwo
May it please my readers: I am Herman X, son of Yibongka, the daughter of Mbuy. I was born in Nkar, Nso, North West Province of the Republic of Cameroon. ...

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My Pet - Wisky - Wisky's Novel by Herman Yenwo
This is the story about my dog named Wisky. He was a German Shepherd....


Folk Tales & Satire by Herman Yenwo
This one is the greatest humor book you have read in recent times. It's also filled with some very wise words....


BASIC CIVICS for All Americans by Herman Yenwo
....the land of plenty, the new world, our history, our government and life style....

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Confessions of A Car Salesman by Herman Yenwo
This one is a must read for you book readers thinking about getting another car? ...and at a highly discounted price, it's time to humor yourself this weekend and get a good laugh along with a good teaching moment and savings. Hey, why not ?...


Credit Fixing Made Easy by Herman Yenwo
The more lines of credit you have the better. Fortunately there are some great credit cards and techniques you can use to boost your score even if you have sub-par credit....

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How The Internet Came About by Herman Yenwo
We all use the internet but I bet you that more than 50% of us have no clue how this Famous Internet came about....

Price: $3.99 (eBook)
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Political Spin & Misrepresentation by Herman Yenwo
In politics, when you see a talking head then it's time to listen between the lines. This book is about shameless, lies, misrepresentation and outright spin by politicians worldwide....


Speaking Etiquette by Herman Yenwo

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Survival Instincts by Herman Yenwo
The Bald Eagle which is the United States National Symbol, is a beautiful bird. They live mostly on tree tops (close to water) where they build a nest for the safety of their young....

Price: $8.99 (eBook)
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Short Stories

Multitasking while Writing
 by Herman Yenwo
The things we do while writing! Am I alone on this?...

Gosh! Why is it always me, and not you?
 by Herman Yenwo
Idiosyncrasies of life....

Pick up the phone each time
 by Herman Yenwo
Sometimes the phone rings and we just don't want to pick it up....

 by Herman Yenwo
Are you an animal lover or just love to read some good stuff about pets, wild animals and smart animals? A great book for kids - Picturesque and indeed a great gift idea for everyone. ...

My Pet - Wisky - The Book
 by Herman Yenwo
Wisky was a German Shepherd. He was my pet when I was about six years old....


Without Authors
 by Herman Yenwo
Can you imagine a world without authors?...

LOVELY POEMS from Me to You
 by Herman Yenwo
This one is for you! Poetry that dwells on facts of life. Touches on every situation: Joyful, Laughable, Crazy, Fun to read and above all, Very Rhythmic!...

To Someone Special
 by Herman Yenwo
A friendship like no other...


Men & Women
 by Herman Yenwo
Men tend to forget everything but women remember everything. Maybe this is why men need an instant replay in sports....

Today is Shakespeare's birthday
 by Herman Yenwo
Yes, indeed Shakespeare was born 400 years ago today. 1616 to be precise!...

Y Does Sexual Urge of Men & Women Differ So Much
 by Herman Yenwo
I never quite figured out why the sexual urge of men and women differ so much. And I never have figured out the whole Venus and Mars thing. Alright girls. ...

 by Herman Yenwo
The advent of ebooks is here to stay. It is quite popular across the ages. It is also a convenient and affordable way to get your favorite books....


Personalities Only, no numbers!
 by Herman Yenwo
Finally a news worthy idea....

Holiday Discounts
 by Herman Yenwo
I am offering unbelievable discounts to anyone who buys any of my dozen or so books between Christmas Day and New Year's Day. No kidding! You will get at 50 percent off!...

SMART is the New RICH ...Strategies
 by Herman Yenwo
The new trend is to change careers in midlife or go back to school to engage some additional skills to boast your career goals. This book helps to guide readers to avoid common costly mistakes....

BASIC CIVICS for Every American
 by Herman Yenwo
We Americans need to know some Basic Things about our Country. A times we think we know it all, then we are puzzled by a simple question such as: Who was our first President, or How many States are th...

Life Time Interview
 by Herman Yenwo
2/15/2014 4:06:17 PM Below is a complete excerpt of Megan's blog interview of your favorite author; courtesy of Authors helping other authors....

 by Herman Yenwo
The following reviews by some of my readers are greatly appreciated...

Your book represents you more than you think
 by Herman Yenwo
The written word is the evidence of your work, even in your absence....


xbooks by Herman
Picturesque, Educational and entertaining books in multiple genre

Poems dedicated to those who hurt or who have lost a loved one, or just need to reflect on life. After elaborate research, I've recently published the following popular Educational Books: Survival Instincts, How The Internet Came About, Divorce Among Us, Changing Careers Midlife, Body Language, Confessions of a Car Salesman, Success in These United States and Lovely Poems From Me to U.

15 Month Calendar
2015 will be a great year for BOOKS -ebooks in particular. Lots of DRAMA SERIES in the pipeline. Books that end up becoming movies or DOCUMENTORIES & Pop Culture Sensations. ...Like The SCANDAL by Shonda Rhimes.

Basic Civics for All Americans
Ask anyone in the streets how many members are in congress, or how many states there are in these United States, and many will doubt themselves.

Additional information

PRESS RELEASE: Herman is a gentleman with very high moral character which he learns from his grand parents. He comes to the United states in the late 80s, and distinguishes himself in English and information technology. After the success of his first novel kin 2004, he goes on to publish: MY PET - WISKY, RHAPSODY NUANCE, ME,MYSELF & I, 13 CARS in 13 YEARS, POLITICAL SPIN & MISREPRESENTATION - How Washington Works, SPEAKING ETIQUETTE, GALAXY ZOO, SURVIVAL INSTINCTS, SMART is the NEW RICH, LOVELY POEMS from Me to U, CONFESSIONS of a CAR SALESMAN, HOW the INTERNET CAME ABOUT & FOLK TALES & SATIRE. He now lives in the Western Suburbs of Chicagoland, Illinois, where he does most of his writing by Lake Michigan. Commenting about Herman's Books, Mary M. Bradley says: "He writes exactly the way he speaks, straight from the heart." and Chris Jones of Kenyan Times wrote: "You've got to read his books for yourself - intriguing! Writing about "Herman's books?" Reverend father O'conor said: "His works are chronological, picturesque and entertaining." He is currently working on the ultimate book titled: Letters From My Mom who lives in Heaven. Due out b4 Christmas. Author site:- http://www.lulu.com/LaughTillUcry

Contact Information

P.O. BOX 59001 

 Herman Yenwo
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