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Keep your dream ever before you. My day has come! I believe I can fly!


"Spring Up, Oh, Well, Spring Up!" 

From the well of my soul,
In a radiant, sparkling stream,
Springs of love do mount up,
In praises to my King

No easy carefree life can know,
The depths to which a life must go,
To plumb the source of mighty love
That only comes from God above.

When it seems that all is lost,
No human solution can be found,
Then is revealed Calvary's cost,
The blood, poured out upon the ground.

Calvary is but a place of death
To the heart that cannot understand.
But to die is to live again and become
Infinitely more valuable to suffering man.

Pain is the key to the crypt of wisdom
Compassion is the treasure within.

The "valley" experiences of my life have opened up within my innermost being an everflowing river of words expressing the myriad emotions of those experiences.  I feel that every situation we walk through has the power to make us better or bitter.  I have chosen to use every disappointment, heartache, and pain that would have destroyed me, as a tool of ministry to others and for the glory of my God, who has been the lily of all my valleys, the bright star of all my midnights, and the lifter of my head.    My books, poems and songs are my offerings of gratitude, pointing others to the source of my joy and peace, Jesus Christ, the giver of all good and beautiful gifts. 

I have a ministry of encouragement for hurting women, which is a natural outflow of my own triumphs over situations in my life.

Birth Place: Alexandria, LA US

Accomplishments: Published author The Morning of the White Stone and The Sins of Boggy Creek
Author of many poems and inspirational short stories,and articles.A Texas newspaper published one of my patriotic poems and much of my work has been spotlighted in the weekly paper printed by my church. One of my poems, DAWN, will be appearing in WINGS OF PEGASUS, an anthology of poetry by new poets to be released this year. The Colors of Life, a poetry anthology has been released by the Intl. Society of Poets. My poem, Immortality, appears on the first page! Two of my songs have been selected to appear on forthcoming Gospel albums by Hilltop Records.


The Morning of the White Stone by P J Lewis
Amelia and Matthew Carlisle, caught up in dark forces threatening to destroy their marriage face insurmountable odds. Only the name in the white stone offers hope. But, will Matthew be able to find the answer in time?...

Price: $9.95 (eBook)
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The Silent House (excerpt) by P J Lewis
This is an excerpt from my book, The Silent House, an ongoing work....


The Sins of Boggy Creek by P J Lewis
The new preacher is young and naive, but the forces coming against him and his town are as old as time and sly as a serpent....

Amazon.comBarnes & Noble.comPublish America  amazon

Short Stories

Lightening Bug Nights
 by P J Lewis
Memories of 50 years of marriage that are all I have now....

Work in Progress
 by P J Lewis
Divorce has become a common occurrence, but what about the life affecting consequences for the children of divorced parents. Children suffer long lasting scars as they try to walk a tightrope of share...

Eyes of a Child
 by P J Lewis
Hatred is a poisonous brew that destroys the one who hates....

Roses From Jesus
 by P J Lewis
Little did I know what was in store for me on that lonely Valentine's Day!...


All Is Vanity
 by P J Lewis
Man's efforts to achieve greatness in the eyes of other men...

 by P J Lewis
We are eternal beings...

Nature's Travail
 by P J Lewis
Catastrophic occurrences in nature are now widespread...

House of Memories
 by P J Lewis
Loving memories ease the pain of loss...

Time and Eternity
 by P J Lewis

 by P J Lewis

Elixir of Illusions
 by P J Lewis
Our world is filled with dying souls in a prison of drugs and alcohol. Someone very dear to me was in my thoughts when I wrote this poem....


In Pain Shall We Bring Forth
 by P J Lewis
Without a vision(dream)we will perish...

 by P J Lewis
Who we are in Christ is all that really matters, once we are stripped of all the roles of our life....


Women's Writing Conference
 by P J Lewis
International Women's Writing Guild Honors Louisiana authors in "Big Apple"...

International Society of Poets
 by P J Lewis
I have been nominated as Poet of the Year for 2004....

Newest Book Release
 by P J Lewis
The Sins of Boggy Creek, my second book published by Publish America, is now available for ordering....

The Morning of the White Stone
 by P J Lewis
Successful contacts with local bookstores!...

Wonderful News!
 by P J Lewis
Book now in library...

The Morning of the White Stone in the White House!
 by P J Lewis
A copy of The Morning of the White Stone was received by Laura Bush, who responded with a very gracious, hand signed note to the author, in which she expressed her thanks....

Local Author Receives Worldwide Recognition
 by P J Lewis
Book Focus in Focus Magazine Featuring Alexandria native, Patsy Lewis, author of The Morning of the White Stone...


Buy The Sins of Boggy Creek

Buy The Morning of the White Stone

Additional information

New Book! The Sins of Boggy Creek, now availabe on Amazon and Barnes & Noble and Publish America's website. This second book is co-authored by my husband, C. S. Lewis. We had great fun with this book. The Morning of the White Stone, released at end of August, receiving great reviews from all readers. Had a great booksigning, in spite of last minute problems in getting the books. Then, in December, had wonderful meeting with Linda Alexander and Erin Elder in Metairie, La. for joint booksigning. I have also been approached by a music publisher who is interested in reviewing some of my song lyrics for possible recording and publication. I entered a song in a songwriting contest recently and received a merit award for my song "Lost Since Yesterday."

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 P J Lewis
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