Speaking is having the passion to give a gift you just can no longer keep quiet about.

If you’re like me, this passion often comes from your deepest wounds that transformed your life and probably propelled you into your current career. The lessons you learned from that experience is how you serve your current clients and you would like to take the stage and reach a wider audience.

But, are you still showing up wounded?

Or, are you ready to come out of hiding, be compelling & visibly express your greatness!

Today I’m comfortable and confident speaking in front of any size crowd and on a moment’s notice. I feel great in who I am, my on stage image and the message I project.

But, it wasn’t always that way.

I know what it is like to have life beat you down & rob you of your confidence. Maybe you’re shy or have a tough time connecting with others. Or, maybe you just feel like you don’t fit in?

Maybe you may dream of a lucrative speaking career but doubt whether or not you can really pull it off. Or, maybe you are already speaking but struggle with making a visible impact and reaping the financial reward. Maybe you have a gift to share, but don’t feel comfortable in your own skin?

I’ve been there…

Many years ago, I experienced a crippling car accident and a contentious divorce in the same 10 months that left me a young, single mom with a baby daughter. My life had turned upside down and I was simply stunned. My confidence level was non-existent and it was all I could do to pick myself up off the floor and make it through the day. I was in survival mode, forgetting my gifts and forgetting myself. I felt terrible on the inside and it showed up on the outside.

 I was telling the whole world that I didn’t matter.

I often feel embarrassed when I share this information, but it is an important part of the journey that has led me to where I am today. I made a transformation that led to healing from the outside-in and if I can do it, then YOU can too!

Ask yourself, “What would life be like if I visibly expressed that I mattered? How would I feel differently about myself? How would the world respond, my family and my friends? What would it be like to be comfortable in my own skin, confident, inspired and compelled to share my gifts with those around me?”

I want that for everyone, especially every person that has struggled and is now ready to feel alive…

If you want to join me in this journey, check out www.splitsecondperceptions.com