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Pan Am flight attendant for 17 years.
Masters Degree/Sociology from Columbia University in New York.


After flying 16 years for Pan American Airlines, I wrote the books Stewardess Diary, People Around the World and Disappearance - The Rise and Fall of Pan Am Airlines. Published by Kodansha in 1996. Disappearance won the Japan Transportation Book Award 1996.

Available in English on Amazon Kindle: I was a Pan Am Princess of the Sky 

Read the first 20 pages free with 'Look Inside'. http://urlm.in/pdkq

Book Excerpt:

The Most Handsome Passenger

     "You know, if you went to Japan, you'd be popular because you look like Steve McQueen.  He's very popular there," I told the first class cabin passenger.
"Really?" he replied.
     I had just finished servicing meals in economy class and went into the first class galley to cook my own meal. It was 1968, my second year as a stewardess. We were flying from Los Angeles to London on the polar route.
     Suddenly this handsome man, with beautiful blue eyes, walked into the galley and asked, "Are you Japanese?"
     My English had improved since I first started flying, so I felt more confident talking with passengers."Yes", I replied.
     I had noticed that this passenger's wife was always sleeping and he was always awake during the flight talking with the stewardesses. As we talked, I took my meal over to the lounge area and he followed me and sat down. It had sofa style seats and a table like a restaurant. This lounge table was rare among airlines.This is where I said to him, "You know, you look like Steve McQueen. He's very popular in Japan. If you go there, I'm sure you'll be popular when people see you walking around."
     "I've been to Japan a few times," he continued, "and I really love it there."
     Ttwo other stewardesses sat down and joined us in the conversation. At one point I said to them, "Doesn't he look like Steve McQueen?"
     One of them replied, "Fumiko, that IS... Steve McQueen."
     Mister McQueen just sat there with a funny smirk on his face.
***** This story is included in my Amazon Kindle book:
I was a Pan Am Princess of the Sky. urlm.in/pdkl


Birth Place: Tokyo,  Japan

Accomplishments: BA from Chuo University in Tokyo.
MA from Columbia University


I was a Pan Am Princess of the Sky by Fumiko Takahashi

Price: $5.95 (eBook)
Kindle (eBook),  Amazon.com 

Disappearance- The Rise & Fall of Pan Am by Fumiko Takahashi
I flew with Pan Am for 16 years. Now in English....

Nook (eBook),   

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'Pan Am Princess' available on Kindle
 by Fumiko Takahashi
I was a Pan Am Princess of the Sky...

Pan Am Princess now on iTunes
 by Fumiko Takahashi
'Princess' just hit iTunes....

Amazon’s ‘Black Ship’ Assault on Japan Includes Pan Am Stewardess’ Book
 by Fumiko Takahashi
Japanese publishers panic as Amazon Kindle launches in their country. Japan born and raised author Fumiko Takahashi, a 16 year Pan Am vet, is included with ‘I was a Pan Am Princess of the Sky’....


Pan Pam Princess Amazon Kindle Page
Read the first 20 pages free and see the photos with Amazon's 'Look Inside'. Read about 'The Most Handsome Passenger'.

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