Danae Wilkin

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Amused and often depressed in the tragically beautiful stew of what is. Trying to get at the core and essence of existence while realizing it is unattainable. Futurist, sculptor, writer, graphic designer.


Was once an actor, but found myself enjoying writing more as I did in my youth. Grew up in LA, but happily I have been away from that abyss for 10yrs now. Writing influences: Sylvia Platt, C. Bukowski, Christopher Hitchens, Richard Dawkins, Carl Sagan, and too many others to mention. Background: reared in a fundamentalist Christian home. Finally escaped and became an atheist or secular humanist if you prefer. Graduated college after 14 yrs, 5 states, and 4 colleges. Had part-time jobs in between. In Oregon, but moved most recently from Brooklyn, NY. Trying to get excited about writing again. It's been a long road from depression back to stability. Finished the 2nd draft of a script and a few poems in the last week. Major breakthrough for me. But enough about me. What about you?

Accomplishments: B.S. in Art (S is for geology, art is studio art) Graduated Summa Cum Laude.


A World Within by Danae Wilkin
This is about a talented, intelligent girl and woman who finds she has special abilities that are psychic, kinetic, and based on her DNA....

Price: $6.99 (eBook)
Kindle (eBook)  Amazon.com  Danae Wilkin Artist/Author 

Short Stories

Frozen Buds
 by Danae Wilkin
Two meet in Paris but passion dies out as time goes by....

Italian Tale
 by Danae Wilkin
Magical Realism genre What happens to those works of art that are destroyed or decayed or lost over the millennia?...

 by Danae Wilkin
A scarred woman tries to hide them, until she has hope for the future....

A Normal Family
 by Danae Wilkin
Welcome to my functioning family asylum....

8 Times Lydia
 by Danae Wilkin
The trials and tribulations of Lydia, who can't succeed at any of her plans....


Bottle Decapitation
 by Danae Wilkin
Homeless? He disagrees. He has his own kind of home....

On a Balcony in Rome
 by Danae Wilkin
Had to be in free verse because it was so informal, warm, and relaxing. No seriousness at all. Just pure pleasure....

Hope Reawakened
 by Danae Wilkin
What if it was true?...

Bubble Slaves
 by Danae Wilkin
We are all in bubbles, some aware of it and most not. A species in denial....

Anima Mundi
 by Danae Wilkin
Having read the many recent editorials re: Ringling Brothers’ turn of conscience, might it be time for the rest of us to think of that important word?...

 by Danae Wilkin
The world may be effed, but there is hope to change things....

The Pneuma Collector
 by Danae Wilkin
Do we really know IT? Can we be friends with IT?...

A Three Month Walk
 by Danae Wilkin
I walked this circular path at my last job for about 45 mins a day, mentally recording everything, but when I was let go I didn't write any of it down for 2 months, trying to recover. Now I have penn...

Plastic World
 by Danae Wilkin
What are we doing with our sacred earth and water? Can we change, or......

Quest for Meaning
 by Danae Wilkin
The need for hope in this ravaged world is produced by the narrator after all these descriptions of heartbreaking contemporary issues....

Dark Candle
 by Danae Wilkin
A metaphor of a writer through candle melt. ...

 by Danae Wilkin
How will we survive the horrors of this world. There is hope....

Living Dust
 by Danae Wilkin

Is It Worth It?
 by Danae Wilkin
What do we do in the challenges that meet us every day? Dehumanization while alive or escape to death....

Redemption Unearthed
 by Danae Wilkin
What happens when the mind is set free....

Shallows of the Sea
 by Danae Wilkin
The tension between life and death. Isolation brings comfort, knowing tears are universal, yet often hidden....

My Brain is Cement
 by Danae Wilkin
Lack of cognitive and clarity of brain functions precede the loss of friends....

I Honed a Mental State
 by Danae Wilkin
The world within four walls is as good or better than the outside world....

Cauldron of Hate
 by Danae Wilkin
The economic gap grows wider as politicians smirk, knowing full well the wealthy's "free speech" buys and sells their votes....

Embittered by Cold
 by Danae Wilkin
Extremes grow ever greater....

This Arrogant Pain
 by Danae Wilkin
If we suffer together, can we mitigate our own suffering?...

This Sadistic Time
 by Danae Wilkin

Invincible Horrors
 by Danae Wilkin
Can we survive all the losses in life?...

Media Predators
 by Danae Wilkin
What is done in the name of caring....

Bank Vault's Closing
 by Danae Wilkin
I don't know. Does it work? It's about flying down to see family....


A World Within
My self-published novel on Amazon.com

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 Danae Wilkin
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