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In a World of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act. George Orwell


Motivated to understand all things on all levels is a somewhat intensive task, but one that is proving spiritually uplifting. That said, it is the source of my interest in the written word, a quest, to understand the self. Language and communication are at the root of our being, and perhaps human kinds greatest achievement but it is the written word that is our power.

I studied English Language and Literature at college and subsequently became a teacher of the subject. It was whilst at college that I developed a love of Middle English poetry, especially Chaucer. My other major influences include the works of the Romantic poets and the Pre-Raphaelite movement; Phillip Larkin, Ted Hughes, Seamus Heaney, & Simon Armatige, and more besides. College was also where I took my writing more seriously. I began writing whilst serving in the Army. This usually took the form of rebellious satire aimed at the officers and senior ranks, endowed as I am, with a sharp intellect and sense of fun, and no desire for promotion.

I like to think that I have strong aesthetic values, often seduced as I am, by the beauties of the World and the Universe. Unfortunately this particular aspect of my nature has yet to find it's way into my work. Which has often been described as humorous, dark and compelling, serving as it does, aspects of certain realities in a unique style.


I've had poems published in the UK & USA, also the Peruvian born composer Jimmy Lopez was commissioned to write a piece of music for the Tampere music festival in Finland in April 2008 and selected my poem 'Incubus' to work with. It was a great honour and privillage to work with Jimmy and the members of Poing! The band who performed the piece. Since the intial commission, which recieved it's world premiere in Tampere; Jimmy has composed another version for different instruments, which was performed in Germany in July 2008. www.tampere.fi/musicfestivals/biennale08/english/index.html





A link for the piece wil be added soon.


please enjoy my work.


'if we shadows have offended,
Think but this, and all is mended
That you have but slumb’red here
While these visions did appear.
And this weak and idle theme,
No more yielding but a dream.'

William Shakespeare, A Midsummer Nights Dream.

God is dead. - Nietzsche; Nietzsche is dead. -God...

Video presentation of my poems

Birth Place: Doncaster,  England

Accomplishments: BA English Language & Literature
Adult Education Cert. (Cert. ED.)
Camb. TEFL
others too numerous to mention, and not quite relevant as regards writing(I can cook though).
Oh! I play guitar too...you name it I'll slaughter it lol.


Disturbing Ovid 2013
 by Paul Williams
Here's another oldie that has had a re-write. It's more structured than the original and the content is more logical in prosession. I hope you all enjoy this version. ...

Hideous spirit
 by Paul Williams
An oldie that deserves another airing. once had deep personal meaning but now serves as a lesson learned....

 by Paul Williams

Walking with Ghosts Pts 1&2
 by Paul Williams
Originally posted early last year, these two poems are part of a longer work in process...(yes, I know those of you who read these last year have been waiting for part III...but it's had so many re-w...

My Sweet Idiom
 by Paul Williams
Here's a silly ditty that serves as an example of the versatility of the English language. A poem, describing an actual event that took place a number of years ago, using idiomatic language...oh! and...

The Voice
 by Paul Williams
Ah! Consciousness is a wonderful thing... Insight! How it changes the future. ;-)...

 by Paul Williams
As it's International Women's' day, today, thought I'd post this oldie dedicated to all you lovely ladies out there. Blessings ;-)...


Glossary of Poetic Terminology
 by Paul Williams
I originally produced this reference guide for my students. I have posted this for those who are not familiar with poetic terminology and just general interest. I know it's basically a list, but I ho...

World Premiere of Incubus
 by Paul Williams
19.4.08 Tampere Music Festival Finland...

Earthquake hits UK...a sign of the times?
 by Paul Williams
Shaken but not stirred...

More from the Great Northern Flood
 by Paul Williams
The recent flooding in the north of England has promted the largest relief operation since the Second World War. ...

The Great Northern Flood (Flaming June?)
 by Paul Williams
The worst floods to hit England in living memory have claimed lives displaced thousands and caused chaos across the country. ...

Wars of The Roses & Towton 1461 (pictorial)
 by Paul Williams
I've re-written this piece and included an accompanying slide show, not only to enhance this work but also to provide a deeper insight into my 'Walking with Ghosts parts 1&2' poems....

The Wars of The Roses and Towton 1461
 by Paul Williams
In response to a request into the background of my latest poem 'Walking with Ghosts Palm Sunday 1461'. I'm posting this short summary about the Wars of the Roses and the battle of Towton. It is a p...


Tales from The Apocalypse UPDATE
 by Paul Williams
Here is the current (working) reading order of my collection of poems 'Tales From The Apocalypse', as yet, by no means the diffinitive list. I originally set out to write a collection of poems that ...

Ramblings of a Madman World Tour
 by Paul Williams
The word is going on the road and I'm coming too. ...

Lightening Strike
 by Paul Williams
Lightening strikes twice...ya missed!...

Poems nominated
 by Paul Williams
Poems nominated for top 100 2005 ...

computer hacked
 by Paul Williams
I've been had, currently using my friends computer to leave this messege...

Languishing in the Arms of Morpheus - a knights tale pt2
 by Paul Williams
Well this little seed has grown as I feared it might....

Shaping Time
 by Paul Williams
Shaping Time accepted for publication...


Paul Williams FB Page
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Beyond the Liminal Rim
This page is where you will find the things that have influenced me throughout my life, in particular my writing. From Art, Music, Literature, and Poetry to Pop Culture. Exotic, Erotic and downright Esoteric. It's the Twilight Zone meets the Outer limits and more.

Poetry Society UK
Lots of poems, workshops, chat and useful links.

Poetry Life and Times
Excellent e-zine showcasing the works of new and contemporary poets, including many from AD.

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If anyone would like any further information please contact me at the email address provided.

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Doncaster       England
 Paul Williams
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