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The mind of the man is the whole of the man: Marcus Tullius Cicero


My career as a Management Consultant ended after I was paralysed by a brain haemorrhage 8 years ago (I'm almost fully recovered) It was an opportunity to return to my first and most cherished ambition, writing. I publish little, it seems unimportant now when I can find readers on the net, but I do occasionally write for newspapers and mags in the UK and also feature on radio programmes. It is far more important to me, having reached burn out once to do what I enjoy rather than that which I may gain materially from.

Writing influenced by Spike Milligan, Tom Sharpe, Steinbeck, Kafka and many others.  Poets I like include Dylan Thomas, Tennyson, Browning, Andrew Marvell, Shelley, Ginsberg, Leonard Cohen, Sylvia Plath etc. etc. My fave poet in the whole world ever though is Janet Caldwell. To be quite honest I'm not sure it is just her writing that attracts me. (How's that for wearing my heart on my sleeve Janny-babes. And me an emotionally retarded Englishman too.) 

My current project is the building of a Multi Media site to feature verse, prose (fiction and non fiction,) writing on travel, art, nature, and philosophy all available in Audio, Video and text. Its a big job. With categories for fiction, poetry, and article categories ranging  climate change and debt crisis to religion, faith and belief  there should be plenty of reading for all tastes.


Birth Place: Manchester,  United Kingdom

Accomplishments: I keep getting my arse kicked for not promoting myself enough, so:
Ian Thorpe has won writing awards for poetry, fiction and factual journalism because he is quite good.


Age Of Certainty by Ian R Thorpe
The page below is the publishers blurb for Age of Certainty, an anthology of short stories on the theme of "What If Someone Were To Discover Proof God Existed" ...

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Age Of Certainty by Ian R Thorpe
The page below is the publishers blurb for Age of Certainty, an anthology of short stories on the theme of "What If Someone Were To Discover Proof God Existed" ...

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Blöd Ties by Ian R Thorpe
Blod Ties - Vampire Fiction, A bit of whimsy for the weekend. In Blod Ties a naive British tourist John Gormley takes a holiday in the ancient, remote kingdom of Perarboria. He does not suspect that his holiday romance with a local beauty is destined to last forever. (10,000 words)...


Dimensions of Mystery by Ian R Thorpe
Dimensions of Mystery is a collection of stories that explore the darker side of human relationships, not just our relationships with each other but with nature and those forces that are beyong human understanding. The stories explore the most powerful emotions, love, hate, lust, fear, envy and arrogance. We see how hubris can lead us to disaster, how madness can warp the mind so it can commit the...

Kindle (eBook),   

The Best Of Boggart Blog (vol 1) by Ian R Thorpe
First compilation from the UK's most successful comedy blog....


A Stroke of Luck by Ian R Thorpe
Free e-book. A Memoir of Recovery, the medical professions wrote me off, it sounds heavy but is good fun - read the reviews. Will be out in paperback late in 2004 but if you can't wait I am now in the process of loading it as 20 stories here at AD. Download each as they come online or read here. Update; DEC 2, 2004 The Book will be on sale next week. Return to this page for details of where to...

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Ian Thorpe Web Site 

A Two Faced Poet by Ian R Thorpe
Publication of thes muilti media collectof 45 poems has been delayed due to technical difficulties with the publisher (they are not geared up for true multi - media and I do not think background music in midi format and short video clips are really adequate for today's market. The collection will appear early in 2004 through a different publisher. Meanwhile I will continure building a prev...


Millennium Dawn (anthology) by Ian R Thorpe
An anthology of stories and poems, includes two free full length books....

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Short Stories

The King of the Ribble Delta Blues Singers (humour)
 by Ian R Thorpe
A whimsical tale, this is dedicated to Nordette Adams who inspired me to write it. NOTES: Willy is used in the UK as a euphemism for penis, usually by, or when talking to, children (as if anybody ...

The Stranger's Field
 by Ian R Thorpe
This tale of medieval weirdness tells of a village tyrant and bully who terrorises villagers. Even in our spohisticated modern world people can be oppressed by a bullying boss, an overpearing parent o...

Bloodaxe Corner
 by Ian R Thorpe
A spooky story for a dark night when spooky stories are needed to help people relax. Travellers on a lonely, remote road through the hills and moors of northern England report many strange events. Cou...

Sawney Bean (humour)
 by Ian R Thorpe
A horrible tale for Halloween. This is a retelling in my own style of a Scottish Folk tale. It is loosely based on a real story. WARNING: There is nothing that will get an "adults only" warning but th...

What the Dickens
 by Ian R Thorpe
A repost - for some reason the body of the text would not display before. This is a pastiche of the style of Charles Dickens but takes a less sentimental view of what london lufe might have been l...

The Kiss
 by Ian R Thorpe
People strive to be in control but just when it seems they have every possibility covered something emerges from the unfathomable depths of humanity to pull them back into the realms of the uncontroll...

The Vegetarian Shoemaker Of Barking
 by Ian R Thorpe
A mix of fiction and satire here from the pages of Boggart Blog. Some of you might have wondered why I spend little time on Authorsden and why I seldom get around to leaving comments. Well Boggart...


African Ambition
 by Ian R Thorpe
While attention has been diverted by situations in Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, Tunisia, the climate change arguements, financial crisis we forget the plight of many Africans....

 by Ian R Thorpe
Another song lyric rather than a poem. Selina (the music half of the team) and I did this one as a kind of wished for revolution aganist the power of the big entertainment corporations and a return to...

THEM (poem noir)
 by Ian R Thorpe
Living in the surveillance society. Governments keep announcing plans to increase the surveillance ability of security forces, the latest outrage being the proposal that military drones of the kind us...

A Chronicle of Decay
 by Ian R Thorpe
In line with my other most recent poetry postings this is not so much a poem as a dramatic monologue (the rhymes occur in funny places). It looks at the decay of western civilization as we abandon tra...

Songs of Glory (anti - war)
 by Ian R Thorpe
A poem about the pointlessness of war whether the cause be religion or politics. Governments always work the partiotism scam on us but is there really anything noble about dying for one's country, fl...

Feel The Burn
 by Ian R Thorpe
Climate change, schlimate change, the scientists lied. That does not mean we're out of tr sustaiableouble, we are still consuming more and more, resources are finite and wind turbines aren't. Fossil...

Time Travellers
 by Ian R Thorpe
There are people who watch Doctor Who as if it is a documentary and dream of one day being able to travel anywhere in the universe or back and forward in time. The TARDIS is science fiction of course,...


Freedom Of Speech And Information - Why It Is So Important
 by Ian R Thorpe
Free speech, a free press and freedom of information is the basic right which forms the foundation of democracy....

The Science Fraud: Many Scientific Research Papers Are Pure Gobbledegook
 by Ian R Thorpe
Would it surprise you to know a lot of those highbrow scientific research papers are pure gobbledegook?...

Maybe You Should Think About Getting a Tinfoil Hat After all
 by Ian R Thorpe
Yes people, the time may be right to shif some of your portfolio into tinfoil hat manufacture and marketing...

Merry Atheistmas
 by Ian R Thorpe
At this time of year even people who do not believe in God are likely to go to church. but will they go to atheist churches?...

The Christmas Story Re-examined
 by Ian R Thorpe
Around this time of year we start to see articles talking about remembering "the real significance of Christmas." The writers usually talk about the bith of Jesus and other Christian fairy tales. So t...

High Brasil: Fairy Tale Or Atlantis
 by Ian R Thorpe
There are several contenders for the site of the legendary lost continent of Atlantic. Hy Brasil, a legendary island of the south west coast of Ireland is one not many people have heard of. So myt...

Captive Minds And Intellectual Cowardice
 by Ian R Thorpe
A bit of philosophy on the way intellectuals are abdicating their role as defenders of freedom in the face of Politically Correct authoritarianism...


Seasons Greetings
 by Ian R Thorpe
a message for my trackers...

Poetry Life and Times Interviews Janet Caldwell
 by Ian R Thorpe
My favourite task ever....

Ian Thorpe on Christian Radio. Unbelieveable
 by Ian R Thorpe
But not as odd as it sounds, I was there to provide a non - christian POV in a discussion of where the church stands today....

Season's Greetings
 by Ian R Thorpe
Not really news but.......

July Poetry Life and Times
 by Ian R Thorpe
New Issue Online now...

Poetry Life and Times
 by Ian R Thorpe
Poetry Magazine...

Ian's Audio online at last (specially for halloween)
 by Ian R Thorpe
I promised some audio tracks almost a year ago....


Just when you thought it was summer
Simply the UKs top comedy blog. Consistently funny.

Ian at Booksie
Stories, poems, the usual stuff

more fun with this very lively web2 site.

The Global Elite
The real New World Order.

Additional information

After two years in which personal projects have kept me busy away from the web for most of the time I am now working on a bleeeding edge creative arts site to be called GreenteethMM. This is not a comment on the standard of dentistry in Britain (I have to say my dentist is excellent and so are my teeth) but a weird and wonderful multi-media pleasure dome beneath the surface of an algae covered bog. Jenny Greenteeth is a boggart or water spirit who drags unwary travellers into her mysterious lair, from whence they never return. My visitors will have plenty of lifesavers to grab however once they have crossed into the land beneath the bog they may never want to leave.

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