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HAPPY NEW YEAR 21015!!! I write with moxie, bottom lines and bold truth -- NUTSHELL -- Word warrior who can easily make sense out of complex issues -- taking an unusual creative approach to solving problems- a visionary. AMERICA FIRST - Attention: Babyboomers! We are SENIORS NOW!!




Updated:  12-23-14

I have now been in Michigan for the past 4 years.  I have been a Sales Associate at Carpet Town of Trenton for 2 years.  I find myself AGAIN, in the crossroads.  Not sure what to do...but Wish Everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 


 Updated:  1-27-14

What a way to start the new year:  Just Kidding!!!!!!!! I cannot believe it the Jan. 27,2014.    I just want to tell you this hunk:::  I moved back to MI in 2010. for one reason only --to be near the 1 and 2 year old grands.  You know EXACTLY what I am saying!! OMG what a mistake this was....



After graduation, I worked at Ford Motor Company World Headquarters -- Dearborn, Michigan; After only a few months, I moved to Kodiak Island, Alaska where I worked as a shrimp picker. I also climbed Old Woman Mountain (that is where the Kodiak Bear lives); returned to MI and Ford Motor for 13 years; licensed in Real Estate; Entrepreneur: "Sophisticated Sweats" and "Slings & Things." Public Relations Director -for a Wine Distributor and Off-Shore Race Boat -- imported jackets from Italy and wine from Germany. Moved to Florida in 1991 and worked in pre-need memorial planning because I was a young widow and realize the wisdom in pre-planning. For ten years, I have been an insurance agent in Medicare and Medicaid. I have traveled most of the world. I am a baby boomer and the vast experiences of my life; the lessons I have encountered and the wisdom derived from these opportunities inspire me to write the Answers and or state my point of view for your REVIEW...

Birth Place: Detroit, MI USA

Accomplishments: Several modeling and talent awards; three recordings; Grandma Karen is my best REWARD. I am an automatic writer. This means I am moved by the spirit within me. When the spirit moves me, I just write automatically until the message stops within me. Strangely enough, sometime the message comes in rhyme -- I feel like it is a channel within me and sometimes it is loaded with wisdom or humor. However, there are times when I get very emotional and this seems to ignite the spirit to flow with a rage, thus, the outcome of some of my gutzy writes - known as rants.

Short Stories

E-Commerce - The Bermuda Triangle - Baptism By Fire - Perseverance or Insanity -- BEWARE !!
 by Karen Gallo Dunn

Discrimination::: Walmart's Furball:: aka Sam's Club TRUE STORY
 by Karen Gallo Dunn
True Story UPDATE: 5-15-12 Would you believe SAM'S Club is taking me to court for the charge card I was unable to pay because of the permanent Social Security Disability they caused. Cou...

Illegal Aliens Explained in English
 by Karen Gallo Dunn
I did not write this but I believe every word.....

Arginine - Stimulates LOWbido Naturally - Elk Velvet Antler High in ARGININE -
 by Karen Gallo Dunn
I AM a 45 Year Old Female and Have the LIBIDO of an 18 Year Old Male! 11-26-01 - Pompano Beach, Florida -- E-Com Global Inc., met with buyer, Lorie, of Buyers Shopping Network and George, a re...

Seabucthorn is Here in the US - Health
 by Karen Gallo Dunn
Tashi 2005 ! Whole nutrition for the family and pets. Personally, after one week I am energized! and ... feeling great. I believe, I found the missing link to better nutriti...

WAR - Update: 8-6-05 My Heart Stopped on Sunday UPDATE
 by Karen Gallo Dunn
Sept.: Leaving Germany ! Grandbabies are coming home!!! 8-6-5: My son has returned from Afghanistan safely. Thank You God! Pray for those in the line of slaughter dealing with th...

Energy -- Natural Traditional Asian Nutrient - Oriental Aphrodisiac - Russian's Secret for Olympic
 by Karen Gallo Dunn
Elk Velvet Antler - the Oriental Secret is now in the USA. Scientifically proven. LifeQuest Nutrient Capsules have received government approval for Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). So I foun...


BEWARE the IDES OF MARCH ::1987 Crested Butte Colorado:: Skiing True Story
 by Karen Gallo Dunn
True Story: 1987 - Crested Butte, Colorado - the "Ski for Liberty- Celebrity Race" .....I totaled my knee using their demo equipment. It took 5 1/2 hours - reconstructive knee surgery and 18 months of...

Decision - Get Lost!
 by Karen Gallo Dunn
We break up - we promise - we make-up - we're dishonest. How many times can you patch up the hole in your heart?...

Terri Schiavo - Living Will Link - Gov Bush Plays God -
 by Karen Gallo Dunn
Terri Schiavo, shown in this undated family photo, has been hospitalized in Clearwater since a 1990 heart attack./AP Photo The Terri Schiavo Case PINELLAS PARK - Terri Schiavo suffered he...

Full Moon
 by Karen Gallo Dunn
Cats Screech Dogs Howl Chemistry of Fright The Moon is full tonight...

WTF Michelle Obama
 by Karen Gallo Dunn
America America God Shed His Grace on Thee Take Care of OUR Americans Not the Foreigners Overseas...

Divorce -Indivisible LITTLE Child
 by Karen Gallo Dunn
Divorce confuses Little Ones......especially around the holiday season..... ...

Winter Sparkle
 by Karen Gallo Dunn
All Seasons are Magical...


Gay Marriages? Who Cares? Get a Grip Rosie OHOOOO
 by Karen Gallo Dunn
The Gays have about as much right/reason to get married as the Arabs have the right/reason to have their driver's license picture taken with only their EYES showing! ...

Terri Schiavo with Dignity - Gov Bush Denied!
 by Karen Gallo Dunn
Terri Shiavo -- The poor thing! Clearwater FL. 10-21-03 The good Governor Bush Must have went Berserk...

Just WHO is IN CONTROL? Police/President/PEEPS ??
 by Karen Gallo Dunn
2014 - this is a year of crime -- war -- craziness -- rebellion -- taken to the streets OMG :(...

AMERICANS UNITE SB1070 Just the Beginning !!
 by Karen Gallo Dunn
Are you out of work?? No Job??? Then stand up and act like an American!!!!!...

PRO-ROIDS = Men on Steriods: Baseball, Basketball, Football, Track
 by Karen Gallo Dunn
Natural Nutrients For Body Builders, Runners, Athletic Performance, Vitality, Recovery, Rejuvenation, Arthritis Relief...

Steroids and Sports
 by Karen Gallo Dunn
Our Children's Heroes REAL or ROIDHEADS?...

ALERT! Women - Ovarian Cancer - New Cancer! CA-125 TESTand Pelvic Ultrasound
 by Karen Gallo Dunn
Does ovarian cancer run in your family? Prevention Warning for Woman of All Ages! Gilda Radner died of Ovarian Cancer! --NEW WARNING and Prevention Information. Primary Peritoneal Cancer-- <...


UPDATE 12-26-12 :::.E-Bay Blues - Computer Fraud Update 12-07
 by Karen Gallo Dunn
e-Bay continues to harrass me endlessly. UPDATE 12/26/12 A collection agency contacted me today attempting to collect a debt from e-Bay for $89.96 I sent e-Bay to this website for documentatio...

Help Our Poor - Toothless Seniors and Disabled
 by Karen Gallo Dunn
Barbaric! Criminal! Insane! Why does Medicaid pull out all the teeth?...

Medicare Part D - Simply
 by Karen Gallo Dunn
Trust me, there is much confusion going on with the Seniors and disabled on Part "A" and "B" medicare with and without Medicaid!!...

Medicare Part D: Traditional, HMO, Medicaid
 by Karen Gallo Dunn
All retired and disable recipients of Social Security Part A and B are now in the process of enrolling in Medicare for Part "D". Part "D" is the prescription drug coverage. This program launched Nov...

Medicare Part D
 by Karen Gallo Dunn
You must have medicare Part A and Part B to qualify for a new option and it may be beneficial to your or your family members. This new benefit does not increase your payment and your benefits to Par...

Who will win the Super Bowl - Free Pool Place your Bets
 by Karen Gallo Dunn
Pick your winner for FREE for entainment only. You can't loose....

Medicare Part D
 by Karen Gallo Dunn
This was sent to me and I feel it is definitely worth sharing with all Americans...

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