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After a while you learn the difference between holding a hand and chaining a soul. You learn that love isn't leaning but lending support. You begin to accept your defeat with the grace of an adult, not the grief of a child. You decide to build your roads on today, for tomorrow's ground is too uncertain. You help someone plant a garden instead of waiting for someone to bring you flowers.....


The above poem is called "Life's Lessons," Author Unknown

Hello, my name is Deborah and I have been on AuthorsDen for 7 years.  I write poetry, various generes.  I started writing poetry while in college and picked it up again '2007'.  Many of my poems are stories.  I write about experiences and what I am passionate about.

I have been married for 18 years and my children are Reaper, Snickers and Baby. All were found outside,(cats.)

"I have three other sisters, two older and one younger than I. Although, we live in different states we keep in touch weekly.

I was born in Chicago, Illinois.  My parents have passed away.

When I was twelve I knew I wanted to be a writer, but my life had taken many twists and turns before I really became serious about writing.

My mother bought my first typewriter when I was in high school.

Why do I write? For myself, writing has a calming effect and I find myself at peace. I try to instill my thoughts and ideas into my poetry.
Writing gives me structure and discipline as well.
A writer must experience life...not only his life
but, observe others as well...before he starts writing. A writer writes always...

I was always going to the library with my younger sister. I love books! Actually, I have a small library and I'm way behind in my reading. My favorites are nonfiction, biographies, mysteries, erotica and I'm sure a few more.

I attended Thornton Jr. College, Harvey, Il. It later moved to South Holland Il. and renamed South
Suburban College. I received an Associate of Arts Degree. I majored in Social work and minored in Sociology. I did not go into Social work, learned many things about what people struggle with.

There are many fine authors here. Many are from different parts of the world, giving you their views from as far away as South America and Europe. Technology: From paperwork to computers. Never thought one day I would be communicating with people from different states, or countries such as, England, Belgium, South Africa.

My reasons for enjoying Authors Den: I like their
setup, the tools they provide which allows one to
communicate with any said author no matter where they live.

I have made many friends here... .. .

"Thank you for taking time in reading my bio and my poetry. May you find something that comforts you, makes you cry, better yet a hardy laugh. Whatever you find in my poetry may you keep coming back for more.







































































Birth Place: Chicago, IL USA

Accomplishments: I put myself through junior college and bought and paid for my first home. I am very proud of that!


Short Stories

Same Time Tomorrow ' part 3
 by D. L. Vegas
THIS IS AN ADULT STORY...18 OR OLDER... First part...For a Yellow Rose Second part... First Meeting...

Same Time Tomorrow part 4
 by D. L. Vegas
For a Yellow Rose part 1 First Meeting part 2 Same Time Tomorrow part 3...

Shooting From the Hip
 by D. L. Vegas
Parts of my life. . . ...


Bits of me...
 by D. L. Vegas
illustration from www.abc.net.au...

Be Very Afraid...
 by D. L. Vegas
Scott Peterson...

Instinctive Survival
 by D. L. Vegas
Nature can be brutal and complimented to life's obstacles....

Our Encounter
 by D. L. Vegas

Don't Hurry Sundown...
 by D. L. Vegas
The early stages of love you want time to stand still. picture from scriptshadows.com...

Talk the Talk
 by D. L. Vegas
The ones that talk the most about what is wrong are the same ones who do nothing to help make it right. ...

Wild One
 by D. L. Vegas
Truth be told...always from my heart ...


Recommend: The Courage to Heal
 by D. L. Vegas
A workwork for those who have been sexually abused. . . ...


I Have 482,700 Hits...
 by D. L. Vegas
Thank YOU!...

I Have Reached 420,500 Hits!!!
 by D. L. Vegas
I have been on Authors Den since 2008 but, I didn't start writing until 2009. ...

192,500 Have read my writings!
 by D. L. Vegas
A big Thank-You and Appreciation!...

100,000 hits... ... ...Much Appreciation
 by D. L. Vegas
I started writing in July of 2009, eighteen months ago. I have acquired quite an audience and appreciate all of those readers and my fellow writers and authors. May you continue to come back to ...

Over 75,000 Hits ! ! !
 by D. L. Vegas

Over 50,000 hits--- --- ---My Thanks ! ! !
 by D. L. Vegas
I have been on here writing since July of 2009...I say this again, Thanks to the people on AD and those on the internet for reading and commenting. Without you I would not be writing! ...

Over 40,000 Hits---Thank-you !!!
 by D. L. Vegas
Over 40,000 Hits...

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Chicago   IL     USA
 D. L. Vegas
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