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Glamour. Intrigue. The Golden Era of Hollywood movies and television. They just don't make entertainment like they used to!


“You know me ... love 'em and leave 'em. Especially when they leave me first.”
~ Mister Ed, voiced by Allan "Rocky" Lane

Allan Lane has been a mystery almost as long as he's been seen on screen. Some know him as the never officially recognized voice of TV's famous talking horse, Mister Ed. Others remember him as Red Ryder, the comic book Western hero come-to-life at the Saturday afternoon matinee. And even more remember him as Rocky Lane, yet another Western good guy, and a name which became synonymous with his own.

I Am Mister Ed ... Allan "Rocky" Lane Revealed relates the life story of a man who has been called "the mystery cowboy."  His life has been clouded with many unknowns--until now.

Allan Lane had an earlier movie career, before he became a fast-riding cowboy. He began in films in 1929, often playing suave and debonair gentlemen that women could not resist. Over the years he worked with such leading ladies as Barbara Stanwyck, Loretta Young, and Joan Fontaine. Then there was Allan Lane the businessman. At a young age he became something of a vagabond, moving from place-to-place, often living on his own in a boarding house. This was how he ultimately made his way in the world. Allan Lane owned a successful photography agency when he was only twenty-four. Years later, when his Hollywood career was fading, he would return to what he knew best...his business background.

In I Am Mister Ed... Allan "Rocky" Lane Revealed, Linda Alexander finally exposes the full scope of this enigmatic man and his complicated life.

I Am Mister Ed ... Allan "Rocky" Lane debuts officially on July 4, 2014! Pre-order your copy now through the publisher website at:

BearManor Media, publisher:




 For Press and interviews ...
William Scherer, Press Agent

Linda Alexander has written since she was a kid. Growing up starry-eyed amid the '70s entertainment scene, she began writing about well-known movie and TV stars, soon figuring out how to work that fascinating detail into biographies and novels. Since the early ‘80s, she's written for magazines, newspapers, and websites. Credits include Soap Opera Update, Spotlight, Baton Rouge Advocate, Washington Times, and an appearance on The Oprah Show. With seven books on the market—five biographies, two dark, sexy suspense novels—and another few due this year, characters live large in her head 24/7, forever talking to her. She always talks back, and conversations are always entertaining. She has been an adjunct faculty member at a local community college, with a popular course, “Getting Into Character: How To Develop Your People.” Writers from beginning to experienced learned how to listen, respond to, and trust, the voices in their heads.


Linda has made her biggest mark in writing biographies on classic Hollywood stars. On July 4, 2014, I Am Mister Ed: Allan “Rocky” Lane Revealed debuts from publisher, BearManor Media. Allan was a well-established B-movie cowboy actor in the ‘40s & ‘50s, as well as the man who voiced TV’s infamous talking horse, Mister Ed. In 2011, BearManor Media, brought out A Maverick Life: The Jack Kelly Story. Jack co-starred in the ‘50s – ‘60s, long-running and still popular TV western, Maverick. In 2008, she published the life story of Golden Era movie star, Robert Taylor, titled Reluctant Witness: Robert Taylor, Hollywood, & Communism. This book is expected to be re-released through BearManor Media soon.


Linda Alexander is available for interviews. For booking, please contact William Scherer, Press Agent, MBSTIA, Inc.: .


 A Maverick Life: The Jack Kelly Story ... available from Amazon or the publisher, BearManor Media:


Accomplishments: I've written professionally for nearly 30 years: The Washington Times, Soap Opera Update, Spotlight Magazine, and many other publications. Books on the market:

I Am Mister Ed ... Allan "Rocky" Lane Revealed--a horse is a horse, of course, of course. That is, unless he's really a man who's also been a matinee idol and movie cowboy. Sorry to burst bubbles but Mister Ed, the horse, really WASN'T talking.

A Maverick Life: The Jack Kelly Story--biography of actor, politician, & bon vivant Jack Kelly, co-star of TV's "Maverick" from 1957 - 1962, with many other TV, film, & stage credits to his name. Women still sigh over him....

Reluctant Witness: Robert Taylor, Hollywood, & Communism--biography of arguably the most handsome man to ever grace the movie screen--and the story of the Golden Era of film. Soon to be re-released, this time with pictures.

The Unpromised Land--historical, international nonfiction.


Out-of-print, novels to be re-released:

Until Next Time--novel of dark romantic suspense (won Florida Freelance Writer's award)

Weekends In New England--novel of dark romantic suspense

Dorothy From Kansas Meets the Wizard of X-- caring, human look into lives of adult film stars ... NOT pornographic


Wrote & produced public reading of two satirical stage plays, readings given by professional soap actors with proceeds donated to charity.

Public presentations on mixed race genealogy -- "Bridging the Color Line," Writing, "Getting Into Character, How To Develop Your People," & all those Hollywood stars!

Photography has placed in the Top 3 in many regional art shows.

My ultimate achievements: two grown sons--one served as a Marine in Operation Desert Storm, has since toured the US & is pursuing a degree in Turf Management in Pittsburgh; the other, in Arizona, going to school with his degree to be in Hotel Management.

THEY are my true accomplishments ... gifts from God!


I Am Mister Ed ... Allan 'Rocky' Lane Revealed by Linda Alexander
A horse is a horse, of course, of course ... unless he's really a man....   

A Maverick Life: The Jack Kelly Story by Linda Alexander
Jack Kelly was a child performer, son of New York model, Nan Kelly, brother of actress, Nancy Kelly, brother-in-law of actor Edmond O'Brien and cinematographer Fred Jackman, Jr. On TV, from 1957 until 1962, he was James Garner's brother on the show, Maverick....

Price: $3.49 (eBook)
Kindle (eBook)  Amazon  Barnes & Noble

Reluctant Witness: Robert Taylor, Hollywood, & Communism by Linda Alexander
Glamour. Intrigue. The Golden Era of Hollywood. They just don't make movies like they used to!...


The Unpromised Land by Linda Alexander
They believed in Jesus, were betrayed by family, rejected by Israel, tormented by court trials, and reported on by international media. ...

Barnes &  Lederer Messianic Jewish Webstore 

Weekends In New England by Linda Alexander
Love, romance, innocence, intrigue, danger, and lust. Life is complicated, and love even more so. Life, and love, can be hazardous to a lady's health. Especially if she's fallen in love with a married pop star....  Barnes &   

Until Next Time by Linda Alexander
Perry Conners, Arizona tycoon and soon-to-be politician, can't sleep or make love anymore, and he's losing all sense of reality. Is it the Devil's fault?...  Barnes &   

Dorothy From Kansas Meets the Wizard of X by Linda Alexander
Sexuality is very misunderstood.What if the tornado dropped Dorothy not into Oz, but onto the shooting set of an X-rated film? Eric Edwards makes sex films. Period... Sex-on-command. Sex-for-hire.... So begins the story of Eric Edwards, Mr. Everyman of X-rated films, an adult film industry icon since 1969. Yet Eric Edwards is also a regular guy who deals with the same ordinary problems as...  Barnes &   

Short Stories

Charlotte Behrens
 by Linda Alexander
Charlotte Behrens really lived. She was an up-&-coming stage actress in the late 1800s when she died under mysterious circumstances. This story tells of how, in the year 2002, I came to "know" Charlot...

In The Hands of the Law
 by Linda Alexander
Prologue to an unpublished true-crime faction ... a story with names and certain facts changed. Copyright 1999, Linda Alexander, no reprints or use without author's permission NOTE: Mild Pro...

Looking For Mr. Golfball
 by Linda Alexander
Early thirties DWF dance teacher needs a man to play golf. Needn't be family oriented or heterosexual. Must play decent golf. No long term commitment!...

How Taylor Hicks Made it Possible For Adam Lambert to Win American Idol
 by Linda Alexander
American Idol isn't interested in anything out of the ordinary ... or at least it wasn't 'til Taylor Hicks won....

To Speak Her Name: Margie Hart, Ace Stripper
 by Linda Alexander
Imagine -- a stripper becoming the wife of a Los Angeles City Councilman, a well-respected politician. Hmmm.... Life is so very intriguing, and we can't invent the stories that have already been live...

Reluctant Witness: Robert Taylor, Hollywood, and Communism
 by Linda Alexander
Hollywood and politics -- we think the mix is new, but it's happened since the first "movie star" hit the silver screen. Photos: On left -- Robert Taylor. On right -- my dad. In my child's ...

Has He Made It Through The Rain?
 by Linda Alexander
American Idol has gripped the world. Taylor Hicks has captured many of our votes. Why? Copyright Linda Alexander, 2006. No reproduction without permission of the author....

Voice In My Head
 by Linda Alexander
I'm the landlord -- and I don't think I'm charging enough. Article and photo copyright 2006, Linda J. Alexander. No use without permission of writer/artist....

New Orleans vs Irag?
 by Linda Alexander
New Orleans. Home of my heart. How can we pledge our concern, and money, for a foreign country while caring so little for our own? Something's wrong here. Photo and article copyrigh...

Diamonds vs Kisses . . . a Flippant Commentary on Women’s Lib
 by Linda Alexander
Smoochie, smoochie, smoochie. Heck, it's almost Valentine's Day. Let's neck....

Birth Of An Activist
 by Linda Alexander
copyright 1992, Linda Alexander photo: Mama Linda, son Erik, & nephew...

Lou Christie: Lightning is Still Striking
 by Linda Alexander
This is a newly revised article from a 1980s in-person interview with pop star, Lou Christie....


Getting Older
 by Linda Alexander
This is the beauty of God's plan for our lives.... ...

The Way It Is
 by Linda Alexander
Life goes on....

I Don't Know
 by Linda Alexander
How Do I Tell You?...

Ms. Simile Skeltonics
 by Linda Alexander
John Skelton, ca. 1460-1529, has inspired me. The term is "Skeltonics."...

Paved Street, III
 by Linda Alexander
The progression of life. It goes on and on. When I wrote this, I didn't yet have children. I do now -- & I've found that this story poem is true to course....

Man in the Box
 by Linda Alexander
The musician and listener have a strangely intimate relationship....

The Younger Years
 by Linda Alexander
Childhood . . . most often, I'm so glad it's behind me....

 by Linda Alexander
The gift of sharing just may be the ultimate gift. ...

Music or Love?
 by Linda Alexander
Music or love . . . sometimes they are the same thing....

On The Radio
 by Linda Alexander
Listen to that voice. Let it transport you....

Life Before
 by Linda Alexander
Written during my 1st marriage. ...

My Mama
 by Linda Alexander
Life isn't always easy. But Mama's always there. ...

My Prayer
 by Linda Alexander
The Lord is with us....

Old Friends
 by Linda Alexander
Everyone who touches our life makes an impression . . . some more than others....

The Affair That Didn't Happen
 by Linda Alexander
We've all been there. . . ....

First Class Vacation
 by Linda Alexander
Take a porpoise on vacation. He'll see that you get to San Francisco....

At the End of His Rod . . . or . . . The Guilty Fisherman
 by Linda Alexander
Who catches who here?!...

 by Linda Alexander
Don't let it get you down . . . at least, not for long....

Only You Can Prevent Forests
 by Linda Alexander
Death of the trees. But then, that's progress . . . isn't it?...

Question Of The Day
 by Linda Alexander
It's an uprising, or it could be....

Five PM Playground
 by Linda Alexander
The day is done....

Frog Stew
 by Linda Alexander
It tastes just like chicken. . . ....

The Chase
 by Linda Alexander
Young love. It's adorable and oh-so immature....

 by Linda Alexander
Can you remember?...

Stop Asking Questions
 by Linda Alexander
Just go with it....


Handsome Jay Hammer of Guiding Light
 by Linda Alexander
Written from an interview done in summer, 1991, at the Guiding Light Studios in New York City. Copyright Linda Alexander/Linda Janus-Napier. No reprints without permission. ...

Robert Taylor: Still A Star
 by Linda Alexander
Published 11/1994, Classic Images, No. 233...

Rob Everett ... The Man Behind The Star
 by Linda Alexander
Published 1993 -- "Celebrity News" ... article very dated now but no less eye-opening Copyright Linda Janus-Napier/Linda Alexander...

Taylor & Stanwyck: The First Meeting
 by Linda Alexander
Much has been written about how legendary actors Robert Taylor and Barbara Stanwyck first met. What is known for sure--they were married for over eleven years, considered one of Hollywood’s most stabl...

Michael Cole -- Pete Cochran from The Mod Squad
 by Linda Alexander
This interview was done in the early 1990s, answering my wildest dreams, even as a professional reporter. Updated to some degree. Photo & article copyright Linda Alexander. No reprint without permissi...

Puckett: A Surprising Contrast
 by Linda Alexander
Young Girl. Woman, Woman. This Girl's a Woman Now ... all songs from the sixties attributed to the resonatingly-deep, flawless tenor voice that belongs to Gary Puckett. These days, Puckett keeps busy...

Taylor Hicks Interview
 by Linda Alexander
2006 Winner of Fox TV's "American Idol," Taylor Hicks ... copyright June 2007, published in the Frederick News Post [Frederick, MD] - no reprints w/o permission of the author...

From General Hospital to American History X . . . and beyond
 by Linda Alexander
John Martinuzzi. John Morrissey. General Hospital. American History X. Yes, all are connected. Copyright Linda J. Alexander, 2008. No reprints without permission from author. <...

Bobby Pickett
 by Linda Alexander
copyright 1991, Linda Janus-Napier (aka Linda Alexander); originally published in Celebrity News column, Central Maryland's Newspaper This interview was part of a series done as a sideline t...

From Queen of Me to Queen of Indy Music
 by Linda Alexander
From Queen of Me to Queen of Indy Music, Blue-Eyed Soul Singer Natalie Brown Finds Success Doing it Her Way ...

Guiding Light’s Joseph Breen Crazy Like A Fox - Dr. Will Jeffries
 by Linda Alexander
Linda Janus-Napier (aka Linda Alexander), written for Soap Opera Update & copyright 1990. Photo copyright Joan Fries. No use of article or photo without permission of author &/or photographer.

Puckett Praises Jesus
 by Linda Alexander
Gary Puckett, Article #2, published in the Spring of 1992 in my regular weekly Maryland newspaper column, "Celebrity News." Photo & article copyright Linda J. Alexander - no reprints without author/ph...

Browne Has Big Plans After Departing Another World
 by Linda Alexander
copyright Linda Janus-Napier (aka Linda Alexander), President's Day, 1992, Celebrity News Column, Mt. Airy News *********** AUTHOR'S NOTE: This interview was done, as of today, 17 yrs a...

The White House
 by Linda Alexander
My family history has held a secret for over 100 years. Not until I began digging deep into it did I find that I, a white woman, was the great-great-great-granddaughter of a freed Louisiana slave. Lif...

The Family Legacy of Robert Taylor, Film Legend . . . & Father
 by Linda Alexander
Published 1994, Volume 3, POSITIVE NEWS...

The Love Life of Robert Taylor
 by Linda Alexander
Robert Taylor, Golden Era film heartthrob, thrilled women the world over. What was he like as a young lover?...

Guiding Light’s Secretary, Wanda, Hails from Washington, DC Area
 by Linda Alexander
Written in 1991. Carey Cromelin, who has for many years played the occasionally recurring role of Wanda Hyatt, the Lewis secretary on CBS’ Guiding Light, became a friend after a series of fun intervie...

The Adult Video Awards Show – 1990
 by Linda Alexander
This piece was written at the tail end of my interview and research period for my book, Dorothy From Kansas Meets the Wizard of X, a look into the adult film industry and, in particular, the life of a...

Tales of Love
 by Linda Alexander
Copyright 1995. Published, "100 Years of Moving Pictures, The Centenary of the Motion Picture" official souvenir magazine. Note: You may notice a few words are spelled in the British form. The publica...

Dear John, Harry Groener Is No Nerd
 by Linda Alexander
Written from an interview done in Beverly Hills circa 1990 with Harry Groener who at that time played “Ralph” on Dear John, from 1988 – 1991, with Judd Hirsch. Harry has since gone on to create an imp...

Two Originals Remain From the Herman’s Hermits
 by Linda Alexander
Written from an interview done in the early 1990s. Published in Celebrity News. Copyright Linda Alexander/Linda Janus-Napier. No reprints without permission. NOTE: The author regrets that Le...

Spotlight . . . on Michael Swan
 by Linda Alexander
Michael Swan played Duncan McKechnie on TV’s soap opera, As The World Turns, from 1986 – 1995. I was fortunate to get the chance to interview him in December of 1989, and the article appeared in the N...

Dion is a Lasting Smile
 by Linda Alexander
Published 1994 -- Celebrity News Copyright Linda Janus-Napier (aka Alexander)...

The End of An Era: Freda’s Gone and Now Don Is, Too
 by Linda Alexander
Once a mainstay of drive-time talk radio, Don Geronimo started a slow fade when Freda passed away. . . ....

I'm Holding It!
 by Linda Alexander
Home Improvement Can Be a Funny Business! copyright Linda Alexander, 2007...


Let's Talk: Mister Ed, TV's Maverick, & Movie Star Robert Taylor
 by Linda Alexander
Talk. Information. Lots of laugh and almost as many surprise details about movie and TV stars, Allan "Rocky" Lane from "Mister Ed," Jack Kelly from "Maverick," and Robert Taylor from Hollywood's Gold...

Reluctant Witness: Robert Taylor, Hollywood, & Communism: AD Top Books!
 by Linda Alexander
Biography of Golden Era movie star repeated in Author's Den "Today's Top Books" during 1st weekend of official sales...

e-book Available: Reluctant Witness, Robert Taylor, Hollywood, & Communism
 by Linda Alexander
Out in print in May, "Reluctant Witness: Robert Taylor, Hollywood, & Communism" is now available in e-book!...

Biography - Reluctant Witness: Robert Taylor, Hollywood & Communism
 by Linda Alexander
copyright October 2007 -- ROBERT TAYLOR BOOK SOLD & TO BE ON THE MARKET FOR SPRING 2008!!...

Robert Taylor Scholarship Announced!
 by Linda Alexander
Robert Taylor, film hearthrob and matinee idol of Hollywood's yesteryear, is being honored in his home town of Beatrice, Nebraska with a scholarship created in his name....

Award-Winning Photographer's Work to Grace Cover of New Book Set In Boston
 by Linda Alexander
Immediate Release For More Information, contact: Diana Hignutt, Behler Publications Marketing Director: toll free: 866-684-5355, or by e-mail at: ...

Linda Alexander Signs New Book Contract!
 by Linda Alexander
Multi-Genre Author Linda Alexander rounds out her published books, adding a 2nd fiction title to 3 previously published books!...

X-Rated Industry Insider Recognizes
 by Linda Alexander
One must be responsible when writing about folks in the public eye, especially those in a delicate area of film entertainment. I always feel a responsibility to be as honest about, and with, them, as ...

Dorothy From Kansas Meets the Wizard of X: Back in Print
 by Linda Alexander
DOROTHY FROM KANSAS MEETS THE WIZARD OF X is being put back into print by PublishAmerica -- 2nd edition due within the year!...


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