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D. Scott Arant

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Mistakes to Masterpieces
By D. Scott Arant   
Rated "G" by the Author.
Last edited: Friday, December 14, 2007
Posted: Friday, December 14, 2007

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God dialogues with Scott as a continuation of the series entitled: "Endless Love"

Mistakes to Masterpieces

God dialogues again with Scott from the previous discourse about “Endless Love.”

So, Scott I am going to expound for you how to take what you call mistakes, and what I call mis-creations and make masterpieces of them. Okay, I am all ears God. Great, then let us begin by saying that you are wonderful creators like unto me. You created every moment of your lives and existence as you know it. You already know that there is not “happenstance” or surprises with the divine. All things are moving in divine alignment, even when not perceived this way.

If, you could see the “end from the beginning” as you would say Scott, you would see that in the end I win. In the end…and there is no ending…God prevails. Many of your religious teachings teach this…but they really don’t fully get it. What do you mean by this God? They have so much of the “head” knowledge of who they think I am and how I work, but they lack the experiential knowledge of God. Okay, I see what you are saying. Well, they have this idea that it is this one way, or to be found in this one book, or this one teaching, or this one philosophy or this one way of thought, or religion. That is not the case with me.

I gave you all a free will to choose whatever you wanted to create in life. Some of you have opted to create vast fortunes for yourselves, while others; have created lack and misfortunes as you would call it. From a human standpoint, that is limited in nature, you see only one perspective, but I see unlimited perspectives. Is one better than the other? No, they all have their reasons. In heaven, I do it one way. On earth, you seem to create in other ways. Some creations made don’t serve you well at all, while others do. You can only find this out through what you would call, “the school of hard knocks”, if you will.

You came here with noble and blessed soul purposes that came to be fulfilled. This is affected by your previous life-times and existences upon this earthly plane. This is why your memory of past—lives seems to be blank for most of you. It is the way I designed it because I did not want your previous or past life to interfere with the present one. I did not want it to influence you in any negative manner that would keep you from leading this life you call now. You really came here to fulfill deep soul purposes because your soul is always “calling you up higher” so to speak. The soul yearns for God, heaven on earth, and to beam as you would say. When you access this higher part of you, many times referred to you as God, or the Higher—Self, you feel good. You feel in harmony and balance. When you do not do this you feel the opposite, or the polarity, of the good feelings…the negative emotions. You feel less than good…maybe even “crummy” as you would say.

These feelings are very important to guidance upon your soul’s journey. If you will but listen to your inward feelings you will know if you are “on track” with your souls purpose or not. This guidance system of feelings and emotions is all important to you knowing if you are in congruence with your soul’s purpose or not. If you are not feeling good, then ask yourselves… why not? If you are feeling good, then keep repeating the thoughts and actions that brought you to this good feeling. I know this again goes contrary to many of your belief systems and religions as they teach one to “die to self”, or to live an aesthetic way of living, as if it is more holy to do this. Holiness is another misnomer for most of you. It simply means to me that you make a place for God in your lives, and hearts…you become the living sanctuary for the divine. You “hold” space for God for those of you new—agers…this is what I refer to as holiness. It is the setting apart the part of God in you and allowing God to shine through you and express itself through your earthly lives. This is not “doing” something for God like many of you aspire to do…but just a natural “being” the God—self you really are. I see you all as “beaming” something to everyone…either you are beaming the gods you are, or you are not. I would that you would choose the former, but if you choose the latter, it will be fixed in time and in time, this too, will be remedied and rectified. Time is on your hands upon this earth…it is all about what you create my beloveds.

What happens if you make mistakes? I hear you saying. Let’s talk about how to take your mistakes that you perceive as making, and see if they cannot be made into a master— piece or a “Picasso” as you would say. Okay, God I am all ears. Okay. Scott, would you agree that you are “only human” when it comes to this earthly experience? Yes and no. Why the two? Because God, you told me that I am divinity in body. Great, you are a good listener Scott and a great student. Thanks God. Now, shut up, I am wanting to speak…just kidding again. Don’t always take yourself so seriously Scott, a little levity in life makes it much easier you know. Yes, God I am grateful for levity and fun. It makes life so much easier and a better place to live. Yes, it is my child; use this gift of levity to help your brothers and sisters of the earth. Teach them that I am not all “business” and that I like to have fun too…will you? Yes, God…I would love to. Okay…back to you humanness. Okay God, like I said…I am all ears here.

Scott, you are both divine, and human. Your spirit is an exact hologram of me. This is true with all your earthly brethren too Scott. As far as I am concerned I only see me when I see you. From your perspectives, and your humanness, you see something totally contrary to this at times don’t you? Yes, God, I see my mistakes, errors, blunders, sins, and other negative aspects of my being. Yes you do Scott. That is the human side of you. What you don’t always see is the divinity in you. Once, you see this divinity within, you will then realize you are more than just a body on this earth. You are divine intention in the embodiment of a human frame—or body temple.

Scott, this is all for divine purpose which you will be made fully aware of soon…and then…you will forget it and repeat the process until you are indeed satisfied with your souls purpose and evolution. Then you will make a choice to move on from this earthly plane into other dimensions and/or existences where more of your soul’s purposes will be made known to you. Isn’t it exciting that it never stops? Yes, I just wish I knew where I was going God. I wish I could see it like a big map or atlas so that I could have some confidence that I am proceeding in the right direction. Oh, so it is confidence you seek my child? Yes, I guess. So, are you insecure in your future? Well, I guess the human part of me is. Yes, you nailed it Scott, it is your human nature. What about the divine nature in you? I think it is fine. Yes, it is at rest and in full peace about the future. Scott, the future is created by the now. Remember, there really is not a future…because the future is indicative of only the human element and side of you. It is all in the now.

Scott picture all of your existences if you can even if you are not fully aware of your past existences…as many frames or photographs put into one frame of a photograph. Instead of seeing parts and pieces, see them as one. I can’t do this God; my mind is not capable of grasping this concept. Okay, Scott you are right, it is impossible for your human mind to wrap around this concept. Let me tell you how I see your existences then. That would be better God. Okay. I of course, see them as all one life in different settings, circumstances, purposes and human forms. Scott, in other words…one lifetime of your existence you might have been male, and another a female. This might sound “weird” to your human mind but it can make logical sense to you if you but ponder the thought given.

The reason for the real you, the spirit that you, having different sexes is many—fold. It allows you to experience both sides of the experiences that go along with both sexes. If you are male in this life, it is a strong possibility that you were of the female sex in one before. Just remember, I do not choose the sex for you…you do. You do this so that you can experience all you can of the human existence. In one life, you were male, and you loaded up this life with “male” type of experiences, then in another you might have had the desire to experience what it was like to be female in every sense of the word. God is neither Male, nor Female, but is pure essence, light, and Spirit. In heaven you don’t need a body or a sex…it is not that it is bad to be either…it just is not necessary. Everything is known by your energy here…your true essence of who you are.

Even verbal communication is antiquated here. You do everything by thought, much like you do it on earth; however this mystery is also hidden from most of you. Most of your communication, whether known or un—known is by thought anyway. So, getting back to your existences, you want and desire to experience both sexes so that you have a “well—rounded” earthly experience. Most of you are aware that you are both male and female with a predominant sex now. Yes, you have both “chemistry’s” in your human embodiment now…you just don’t like to think about it. Both testosterone, which is the predominant male hormone, and estrogen, the predominant female hormone exist simultaneously within all of you.

What does this tell you? That even now…you are both sexes combined into one predominant sex. This teaching might “turn—off” some that are of a “macho” type of thinking, better known as the ego…but it is all true my child. You can be both male and female now…not as far as the sexual nature of you… but as the spiritual nature of you. Look very closely at the Maleness that you might be in this existence. It feels good to be a man does it not? Yes, God…I do like it. And Scott, when you were female, you also liked being a woman too. You are not conscious of this now, but I can tell you that you thoroughly enjoyed every minute of being a woman. That thrills me God. You have a wonderfully sarcastic personality Scott…it is really funny you know? Well, my wife doesn’t always think so God. Oh yes she does Scott…one of the reasons she married you was for your “funny” approach to life and living. She thoroughly enjoys your lightness and levity except the times you are too over—bearing with your sarcasm. Yes, God I know, I have a tendency to go over—board with it at times. Yes, but that is okay too my son…you are still learning and “under construction” as you would say. And all is well my beloved.

The soul Scott and the spirit are sexless because there is no need for sex in heaven. There is so much love here your eternal spirit is totally satiated…every particle of the divine energy that you are vibrates with this love. It is “over the top” Scott and what you call a sexual orgasm cannot even begin to compare to this feeling of euphoria and joy that is in every part of this place you call heaven. It is really your home Scott. Not the place you live now…that is temporary…this place is eternal and is joy un—speakable in every way.

I know you like to frequent heaven Scott, and I love your heart…but if you were to frequent it too much of your time…it would be detrimental to your earthly purposes and intents. Why God? Because Scott, you chose earth over heaven. I did? What was I thinking God? You were thinking like everyone else thinks Scott, they wanted to experience their true souls purpose and intent and the way to do that was to experience the “play—ground” of this earthly sphere. Scott, I could easily take you back to the exact moment you made your last voyage to this earth and existence you are on and then you would say… “Aha God” now I know why I came here to the earth. So, Scott don’t think that heaven is your only answer for relief from this earthly experience. Your relief truly comes with the conscious knowing that we are always connected and heaven can be part of your earthly experience. In other words, Scott, you can have both worlds.

Scott, you have been taught by the well meaning that you “can’t have your cake and eat it too” have you not? Yes, God. That is not true my child when it comes to you and me. Yes, you can…Yes you can…Yes you can! And so can all the brethren of the earth. They are just not awake to Spirit yet…in time…they will. I am a patient God, for I see the end from the beginning. I am the master architect of the universe and universes that are in existence. This earthly experience is not to be wasted my child. It is very precious and can have a lot of thrills and excitement and joy too. Look for the un—seen my son…that which is hidden from your consciousness. How can I do this God, I don’t even know the un—seen exists do I? Yes, your eternal spirit knows all right now…you have just not “tapped” into my station where it will be made known to you.

Scott, when you read about the great mystics and prophets of the past, do you think that they saw more than many of their earthly counter—parts? Yes, God, I guess. Yes, Scott they did. Why? Because you gave them special gifts to be able to see the un—seen? No, Scott that is a very human conception and thought though. Scott, do you think I play favorites with the “special” or the “gifted” as you would say? Well, I guess not, now that you say it God. Scott, your human mind is agreeing with me, but there is another part of you that still disagrees. I do? Yes, my son you do. You think that those who are gifted or special, or chosen, happen to be holier than the others. The “other” poor souls just don’t get it. This is not how I work my beloved. All anyone has to do is just “tap—in” to my station which plays 24-7 and never stops.

Scott, do you remember the internal conversation we had many years ago? Which one God? The one where you were asking me to communicate to you and show you things of Spirit? Kinda, sorta God. Well, let me refresh your memory my beloved…You were in prayer asking me for guidance and that I would speak to you…you were very young of age in this life—time when you spoke to me…do you remember now? Yes, God, I do remember now…I was praying, and pleading with you that I wanted to hear from heaven. I was reflecting on some scriptures that I had read and was amazed by the spiritual prophets and spiritual leaders of antiquity. Abraham, Joseph, Daniel, Elijah and others…and I wanted to see and hear like they did. I wanted a living relationship like they. Yes, Scott now it is coming back into your full consciousness is it not? Yes it is God. And what happened my son?

Well, God you began to speak to me in my heart? Was it an audible voice Scott? No, but it seemed audible in my heart. Oh, yes, my child…that is how I communicate to most of you. I speak to your hearts—that which is connected to me. This is not the heart that pumps blood to your body my son…it is the heart that pumps the blood of Spirit to every fiber of your being…the real you…the eternal spirit of who you are. I always communicate to you personally through the channel of the heart. So, if you find your heart not warm with Spirit…just get it warm my child. How do I get my heart warm God? Scott, there are many ways but let me give you a few right now okay? Yes, God I am truly all ears. Great Scott, that’s what I like about you, among other things, you are always willing to understand new things. I try God. You do Scott. You are!

Scott, when your heart “feels” disconnected from me for one reason or the other…turn inward. What do you mean God, turn inward? Scott, all is within you at every moment. You don’t think I would leave you stranded upon this earth without help do you? No, God, I guess not. Great. Yes, turn inward to your non-- physical heart. What helps you relate to what I am saying is to place both of your hands over your physical heart and focusing within…right? Yes, God that is right. I just found out that, for me, this physical action helps me connect to you. Yes, my son…I showed you this technique. You did? Yes, of course I am always showing you things to help you. Thanks God…I love you. Yes, Scott and I love you too.

So, Scott that is one way to find an instant connection with me. Place both hands over your heart area and focus within. Also, another way to find this connection is in silence and meditation. Yes, God, I am now aware of this although I tried it a few years ago and I got distracted and lacked patience to continue the practice of meditation. What happened my son to discourage or distract you from this important practice? Well, God, you probably know more about it than me. Yes, Scott, of course I do…I just want you to know it. Well, I get distracted with my ideas of building wealth and making money. Yes. And, an idea will come into my mind in the midst of meditation, and it sidetracks me from you. How so my child? As I am trying to calm my mind, a thought comes in and I start to think about it… it many times comes as a money—making scheme or plan and then I run…off to the races so to speak. Wonderful, Scott…thanks for your honesty and transparency. This is the beginning of “enlightenment” as you might call it Scott. Enlightenment of the consciousness starts with honesty “to the bone” as you would say. It starts with being transparent in all your actions and inter—actions with others too.

You have been told… “Honesty is the best Policy” and it is. In all ways this is true …but most of you have believed a lie of ego. We have? Yes, you too Scott. I have? Yes, my beloved. You have believed the lie of ego that says, you must not tell everyone the truth, including God, lest you be rejected. Scott, from heavens perspective this is “bunk” and a pile of malarkey as you would say. Number one, I already know about your lies and withholding of truth to others. Yes, I figured you did God…You figured right Scott. But, Scott I know this is only human…and this might amaze you but I do not hold it as “sin” against you either. You don’t? No, that is another myth of your religious teachings Scott. They are? Yes, this myth is perpetuated by religions to control you. They treat you all like infantile children with the thought that without them you would be lost. This has never been the case my child. You are always found and never lost…just in your own ego-mind do you get confused at times.

So, another way to connect to me is to think of wonderful things Scott. What do you mean by wonderful things, God? Scott, what do you think is wonderful? My grand—children? Yes, you nailed it. What happens inside of you Scott when you think of your beautiful grand—children my son? My heart gets happy God. Sometimes tears come to my eyes when I think about them. Scott, those feelings and tears are another way I speak to you. You do? Yes, of course. You can connect with me through those wonderful thoughts Scott. What happens God, when I am thinking “less than wonderful” thoughts God? Scott, I understand your “thoughts afar off” as my son David the great king said.
That is re—assuring to me God. Why? Because it is always nice to know you understand. Yes, Scott…I AM understanding…that is who I am. You never have to hide anything from me Scott, even if it embarrasses you. Thanks God, there are a lot of things I have done or do I am not very proud of.

Okay, Scott…I know…but instead of thinking the thought that I will condemn you, or not be happy with you…why not think about my everlasting love for you? How, I know of your human state and thoughts that are afar…and except you un—conditionally. Scott, I knew when you took this earthly assignment that you would have seeming faults, failures and human frailties you would deal with. I knew this up—front before you got here…and so did you. Do you remember when I re—assured you before you came into this existence that I would accept you no matter what your actions or behavior was on this earth. No, God, I have no consciousness of this conversation. Well, I am going to remind you now my son. Okay thanks. Scott, I said to you…Don’t forget that when you get to the earth who you really are and that we are never apart. You did! Yes, I did. I also told you to not forget our connection and that it was eternal and not based on my behavior or actions. You did? Yes.

Scott, it would be very cruel of God to invite you to this earthly experiment and then later reject you for human failures, faults and frailties would it not? Yes, I guess God…that makes total sense to me. Good. So, this conversation we are having, is not just for you my child…it is for all my human creation to know and understand. Scott, I knew full well that when you got into your earthly clothes or “suit” that you would forget this conversation I had with you, and that I had with all my beloved children. I tell them that they too will forget because of this earthly “veil” that keeps you from knowing all my secrets…which are never really secrets to those who go within. Scott, think about a God that would give you one of the greatest gifts of the universe…the power of choice, and free will and then you transition out of your earthly suit and I send you to hell for your ego—actions and behaviors? Does this make any sense to you Scott? No, God it does not make any sense to me. Then why Scott do you believe this load of ----then? Well, God…easy. Why easy my son? Because we were taught that the scriptures were your word. It was irrefutable and immutable. Okay…and?
And that, the scriptures were all the word you ever spoke to us humans. Oh come on Scott, you know better than to believe that don’t you? Well, for a long time I did God because my teachers told me this. Scott, what ever happened to your inner—teacher? Well, I was told that if my inner—teacher conflicted with the scriptures that I was to believe the scripture over my inner—teacher?

How preposterous of a thought or belief my child. Yes, I know it now, but this going within has done nothing but stirred up a hornets nest for me God. What are you referring to my child…you mean with your families? Yes, with both my wife and my relatives. Yes, Scott, that has always been the case when one goes within. Why God? Because when you tune—in to the inner teacher, the Spirit begins to lead you contrary to public opinion and contrary to popular thought. Why? Because it is always easier to you and easier on you my child to choose the path of least resistance when it comes to interactions with others of your species…especially with your loved ones. Yes, I would agree with this God. Scott, look at your wonderful example of Jesus, the Christ. Did he not go contrary to popular opinion? Yes, God he was persecuted unmercifully for it. Yes, and who were his main critics my son? The religious leaders and the pious. Interesting, you should say that Scott…but do you realize that this has been this way throughout all of history of the earth? Scott, even Jesus’ family had a hard time with Jesus did you know this? Yes, God, at times I could read between the lines and see it. Did not even Jesus say that ones enemies would be of his own household? Yes, he did. I am not saying Scott that anyone is your enemy…especially your family. They are your soul-group who were to help you attain your souls purposes. They are truly your friends my beloved. They are not your enemies per say, except if they try to turn you, or persuade you that you are on the wrong track. In this comparison, they become your enemy. You should love them dearly because they too are acting with agreements to help you…they are just not conscious of it…but they will some day.

Scott, why did they constantly kill the prophets that spoke for me? Why were the weird, the seers, as they are called, classified as witches by this religious bunch? Why were so many beheaded and crucified and died at the hands of those who thought they were “in the know” with God? I don’t know God. I think differently I guess. Yes, you do Scott…you are “weird” too. You must be one of them too. Yes, if you say so God. Scott, think about it again…anyone who follows God will look weird to those who think “they have it all together.” Scott, you are all weird in a way, because I am weird. I really am normal, and so are you…it is just that the others who “think they are normal” tell you that you are weird. I know you my beloved and I can conclusively tell you that you are not weird or strange. That is comforting to know God. It is always refreshing to know that the one who made you thinks you are not weird or strange. Good, so be it.

So, Scott, keep on keeping on…you are on the right track always when you listen to your inner—teacher more than you listen to others. I am not saying that “others” cannot help you along your path…but don’t rely fully on them. They were built to fail. They were? I thought you told me before that you were perfection and that we were created in your image and that we were divinity in a body. I did…I am not ‘stuttering.” Well, this seems like a contradiction God. No, my son it is called polarity…and polarity is not a contradiction to anything I have said to you previously in other conversations. Okay how is this not a contradiction? I will tell you…I made and built you with an ego personality. This ego can be your biggest nemesis, or your greatest friend. How God?

Scott, the ego is what rules most of you on this earthly experience…until you wake up to the fact that you are not an ego…only. This is the duality of your earthly existence. You are divine Spirit embodied in flesh…but you are also human…or an ego that identifies you with the earth. Be thankful for the ego my son, because it can be a great teacher to you in this aspect of your polarity. How so? Well, if you did not know what darkness was, you could not tell or perceive the light of day. Did you know this my beloved? Well, I have recently heard parts and pieces of it my God, but it did not make total sense to me. Remember God, I just found out I was not only a body about a year and a half ago. Yes, my son. Again you believed what others said to you over your inner—teacher did you not? Yes, you are right God…I did. You found out that you were more than just a body on earth, did you not? Yes, God, I found out I was divine spirit in embodiment of flesh. Great, my son…so do you see this duality of who you are?

Yes, kind of…but not fully. Well, Scott, it will all come together for you in time. Just know that you have a dual purpose. One is heavenly and is who you are…divine…eternal…Spirit. The other is only for purposes of the earth and is your ego…or personality that you see daily in interaction with others who are on the earthly plane. You need both. You can’t have all heaven here…but the flip side of this coin is…you must not think you are only an ego either. You are Spirit, beautifully packaged in flesh and you have an ego which helps you relate to this earthly existence. You are a true blended being when on this earthly sphere. The reason why you want to get back to heaven so badly is because it truly is the most beautiful existence. One day, it will be unnecessary to leave…but for now…while you are here you need the ego.

Just don’t be ego—dominated like you used to be. Allow the sweetness of Spirit to raise you above the ego and to transcend it. If you listen to what your ego—thoughts are as if outside of yourself, they can lead you back to me and to heaven. The ego can be one of your greatest teachers on earth, as long as you are fully aware that you are not your ego. Does this help my child? Yes, it is clearer God. Thank you…You are most welcome my beloved. The dichotomy of ego is that once you find out you are not ego, but divinity embodied by flesh, and then you begin to start resisting this great teacher. The reason why you resist is because you see this teacher as an adversary and you want to banish the ego as if evil. This will hurt your spiritual growth if you take on this attitude that the ego is not good. Thank the ego for helping you on this earthly plane. Know that you are not an ego, but that you need the ego to function on this plane of existence. Let the ego teach you who you are not…so that you can fully grasp who you really are. Wow, God that is beautiful how you said this. I now see it as part of who we are. Not a foe…not a devil…not an enemy…but a friend who helps us see who we are not. Yes, Scott, you have it now. Now you have divine understanding of a mystery that is ongoing.

Okay, Scott, I have not forgotten your question about how your mistakes become masterpieces…I know this is an important subject to you and your brothers and sisters of the earth. So, here we go…

Scott, you are finding out that not all you perceive with this ego—mind of yours is all truth. Can we agree on this my beloved? Yes, God, I see this now. My ego—perception is outward and Spirit is inward. Beautiful my child…I am so proud of you for grasping this concept. I would that all would see it this way. Ego is directed outwardly, Spirit is always directed inwardly and not upwardly as you have been taught in religion. What are you now referring to God? I am referring to the teaching that God is without you. Okay and…and I want you and everyone seeing or hearing this to know that I am not “without” you or any of my human creation…I am “within” you…that is why I state to not look for me upward. Upward designates, that I am outside of you…I am not…I am always within. You can’t see me because I am Spirit…but just because you can’t see me, or physically hear me, or touch me, or have any of your earthly five senses in contact with me…I still exist within you…all of me…not just a part…but all of me.

Remember when I told you about my holographic nature? Yes. Well, just because you are a piece of me, and not the whole, does not infer that all of me is not within you. Really? Yes, really. A true holographic picture is like this. You can cut it into a thousand little pieces and if you could get a magnifying glass out and look closer you would see the whole of the picture is in every piece and part. That is you…an individualized piece of the divine…yet within you is the wholeness of who I am. Scott, you were never broke and you don’t need to be fixed. The only thing that needs to fixed and corrected are your mis-creations of thought. How so God? Well, you call these mistakes but they are really mis—creations. Your thoughts are creative in nature…they have energy…they have divinity in them…and they have humanity and ego in them too.

It is important for you to know which thoughts are which does it not? Yes, God. Which thoughts are mine and which are yours…right? Yes, right. Okay, once you know the difference you can tune into the God Channel. The God channel? Yes, the God channel…the one I am playing on 24-7 and am always the speaker. Okay. I have never heard of the God channel. Yes, you have…I gave you this in meditation not too long ago. Yes, now I remember, you did give me this thought…and I wrote it down. Why did you write it down my son? Because I had a feeling you had given me this thought. Yes, and you are right my son…this is why I am bringing it back to your consciousness again.

There is a God—Channel that plays for all of you at all times. The reason why you are unfamiliar with it and are not acquainted with it is because you are tuned into the ego—station or channel. I am? Yes, most of you are on this station most of the time. You will be on this station a lot until you wake up and realize there is a better one playing…that is my station…the love channel. Your ego—minds and thoughts have convinced you humans that you are only body, flesh and bone, and your earthly existence is only for survival of the fittest. It is all about competition and winning at any cost. This station or channel is playing the discordant music of scarcity, lack, and fear to you at all times. You have interpreted this channel as one that is out to protect you…you can’t even fathom navigating this earthly plane without its help and guidance. It is constantly protecting your earthly identity…but it is not serving you when it comes to listening to me on the love channel.

The ego—channel will convince you that if you tune into heavens channel, or the love channel, that you will go astray. It will convince you that truth with yourself, with God, and your fellow man will lead you into poverty and physical extinction. You have tuned so much into this frequency that it is hard for you to identify with anything outside of this channel. You think this channel is all reality…when in actuality…it is the fantasy. The God—or Love—channel is the real deal. It is what you call the voice of God inside. It is always right even if your ego—channel tells you otherwise. This ego—channel will look very much like the devil you have been taught about in your religions. It is actually only the polarity of things to show you what something is not. You need to hear this channel occasionally to help you navigate the earth…very similarly to you tuning in from time to time to the weather channel or station so that you know if its safe to drive or navigate your world. Don’t not tune into it…just know there is a higher station with a higher vibration that is far superior to this one.

So, once you realize you are not the ego, or the ego-mind is not the mind of God…and that there is a better station playing for you…you will then realize your purpose on this earth…who you really are and the nature of things. You will be able to fully see your duality as a being, yet also to be able to see your divinity as the primary engine to success in life. Success is another word that is really confusing to most of you. How so God? Well, Scott, what is your definition of success? Being successful. Yes, but break it down what does that really mean? That whatever you do is a winner? No, but nice try. Scott, notice your word “do.” When you think of success as does most who inhabit your planet, they think of success in conjunction with something that they do. Yes. But that is not my definition of success. Okay, what is your definition of success God? Success is who you are without any embellishments or activities.

It is not defined by what you do. If that were the case only the rich, or the famous, or those well known, or those who do great accomplishments and feats of human accomplishment, would get this label. But, my son you wear this label so to speak just because of who you are…not because of what you do. Are you seeing the difference here? I think I am God. Okay, my son in your own words how would you now explain what I have told you? Well, the way I hear you saying is that success is not an outside thing, a doing thing, but a being thing. Brilliant my child, I could have not said it more perfectly. Do you see how your meaning of this outward success has been so distorted in your earthly reality? Or should I say… your reality that is really a fantasy? God, you are not saying that earth is really a fiction are you? No, my son, but in comparison with heavens channel—the love channel—it is a fiction.

Your earthly experiment is vital to your soul’s evolution. It is vital to your growth as a spiritual being. But, I want you to know full well that if you “blow” it as you would say…it is not the finale. You will have many chances to improve and to transcend your ego. God, can I interject something here? Sure, my son…shoot. Okay, I have been taught that man is sinful by nature, needs a savior as propitiation for this sin, and my only salvation is to accept Jesus Christ as my personal savior and Lord. Is this true ? No, it is not. I will tell you why. Okay, please do. I will. Jesus, which you call The Christ, is just like you Scott, and just like any other human being that ever lived and walked the earth today…with one exception. I knew there was a catch God. No, no “catch” as you say…it is more of an exception, if you will. Okay how? What is the exception God? The exception was that he had numerous opportunities on this earthly plane…in other words he would be called an “old soul” by many of you that understand my plans and purposes when it relates to you as a eternal soul. Jesus was well advanced in his divine nature as a human being. He understood everything I have told you Scott. Not only did he mentally understand it…he knew it experientially. He had what you would call the true “Christ consciousness.” The Christ consciousness is just being in sync with me…the love channel Scott…that is all it is. Jesus, not only knew this mentally, but he experienced it. How did he experience it God? Scott, it was not merely a mental function like your churches teach. God mainly communicates not through the mental but through the spiritual. Some call this intuition, others ESP, others call it the still, small voice…or the Holy Spirit. It does not matter what you call God, what matters is that God is involved with a higher thinking than just mental process, or brain function.

Mental process must be initiated, so that consciousness can come to the forefront. But, mental alone, or brain function, is not enough when it comes to the realization of God and yourself Scott. The Christian churches today are mainly teaching that you know God by brain function and by the mental ascent that Jesus was the savior, and that he will “save” you if you believe in him…right? Yes, God I think that is what is being taught my many churches. Scott, if this is all they are teaching you then they have “missed the mark.” They have? Yes, they have “sinned.” They “sinned”? Yes. That is what the Greek translation of the word in the scriptures is…a missing of the mark…an archer’s term meaning they missed the bull’s-eye. Scott, if the churches of today are only teaching that by mentally ascending to the fact of accepting Christ as savior for their sins is the only way to “the Father” as they say…they have sinned and missed the mark. Wow, God those are pretty powerful words I am hearing. Scott, I have nothing to lose in saying them to you do I? No, I guess not God.

Scott, do you have anything to lose in repeating what this love channel is telling you? Well, no…but yes. Why both? Well, on one hand I am receiving this information from this love channel as you call it, but I also know it is so contrary to not only what I have been taught, but what the churches are teaching about you. And, what else is new my child? The churches and Christianity as you know it and as it has been taught has been
“heaped” in controversy since its inception. You know this by simply reading your history books and other books. Now, granted, most of these books written have been obscured by the religious to uphold what they say is the truth. But real truth does not need any defending or upholding by man as it stands on its own two feet, as you would say. Yes, God I believe that. Good, so Scott, it is more than just mental ascent…the truth must be experienced by all to become truth to you. Are you beginning to see that it is more than just a brain thing here? Yes, God I am seeing it clearer now.

Scott, Jesus was just like you…and all of you humans…with the exception that he was an advanced soul on the evolutionary scale of his human existence. He not only knew the real truth of who I AM, but also who HE WAS, OR BETTER SAID, WHO HE IS. Jesus, you see never wanted to be who most Christian religions have placed him as “The Son of God.” Oh, God, this is the “mother lode” of this teaching. I know it is my son, but it was not meant this way from Jesus himself. He did not come here to create this Christianity as you know it. He was a son of God, just like you Scott. He was no different than you…he just paved the way for you to see God differently, that is all. He knew God, had intimate relationship with me, and was a wonderful son…just like you Scott. I see you and everyone of my creation as nothing different than this. When you finally come back to me in spirit form you will understand this completely. Jesus the Christ had the real deal…the Christ’s consciousness I want you all to have and enjoy.
He simply spent more time in listening to the “love channel” than he did to the ego—channel.

So, back to your mistakes, becoming masterpieces. If time is a fiction Scott, and past, present, and future are all now, does the holographic aspect of who you are make better sense to you? Yes, God, I believe it does. Good, this will be of value to you then. Scott, your evolution of this soul journey on earth is more for you than it is for me. Why is that? Because I already see you as whom you are, a holographic piece of me. I already know your fate. Would you like to know your fate Scott? Well, one part of me does, and the other part of me is afraid of what you are saying to me. Okay, my son…which part brings fear? My ego—mind God. Yes, and know this-- that fear is a creation of this ego—mind you speak of. Love is not fear, so learn to let it go. Fear never served anyone did it? Not to my knowledge God. Okay, tell me the part of you that wants to know your fate?

I believe it is the spirit side of me. Excellent, my son…excellent. Yes, the spirit side of you, also known as the love channel wants to know this. So, God…here goes…what is my fate? Oh, Scott, your fate is unbelievably beautiful and marvelous beyond human intention and words. “Out of this world” as you would express. It is beautiful beyond all compare and comprehension. The angels and all your spiritual helpers who are not in human form know it. They think you are extraordinary beings. They can hardly believe that this earthly experiment has gone so well. They wondered if I gave you free will if you would not abuse it…and you have…but overall, it is working wonderfully and beautifully as I imagined and dreamed it. I knew myself; I knew that I could not fail. I knew that I could not make a mistake, since I am the creator and architect of all. I knew that if I gave you an ego—mind that you would believe that you were ego first, and with the evolution of time and your life’s experiences, you would see the real light of who you really are---holographs of me, and pieces of me.

I knew the ego-- creation would try to convince you of its divinity. I knew you would try to make false idols of who you thought was God through mis—perception and your mis—creations of thought. But in the end…I knew you would finally agree with me and see the light. I was patient Scott, and I am still patient with you and your humanness. I knew the ego would show you the polarity of who you aren’t and that it would direct you back to me eventually. You have had this friend in ego and have believed it to be your entire existence up until now. Now, you are seeing who you really are and you are seeing my divine purposes in your human existence. All your human mistakes, or mis—creations of thought are making a beautiful masterpiece that is adored by your angels. You see, they know you through your earthly experiences of this “school of hard knocks,” and that you will eventually see the light of who you are, and the ego—as one of the principle players in this drama you call life, or human existence. I created it to show you who you are not…so that you could see who you really are…divinity…God…and All that is. You are individulized pieces of me in holographic excellence. Wow, God, I am absolutely floored by this and I am speechless. It is about time my son you were speechless. You are such a gabber… Just kidding. So, Scott, one more question to you. Shoot God. If you knew you could never fail at this game of life because eventually your ego would show you who you really are, how would that help you in this earthly experience and life? God, it would put a whole new “spin” on things for me and I think I would actually start enjoying life for a change. Scott that is what it is all about. You knew this to your core when you came to earth…you just forgot it. Now, you are awakened again, and you see clearly. Blessed if you know this…even more blessed if you experience it. And, Scott, you are experiencing it are you not? Yes, my God…I love you so much…and I you Scott.

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