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Shane P Ward

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Pluto Ingress into Capricorn
by Shane P Ward   
Rated "G" by the Author.
Last edited: Tuesday, December 18, 2007
Posted: Tuesday, December 18, 2007

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Mounting debt, sub prime mortgage crisis, rising prices! On 2 May 2004 I wrote this article, not knowing how prophetic it would become. The article was published on my 'World Predictions' site until I became limited to one ESP and had to shut it down. The article, however, is about what is happening just one month from the date I am uploading it to Authors Den. Is this a stab in the darkness of mundane astrology or should we have paid more attention to past history?

Pluto ingress into Capricorn

By Shane Ward

2 May, 2004


The fall and rise of empires.

Trade monopolies

Massive debt

Cures for Cancer

Halting the ageing process


There are big shifts in the collective unconscious when Pluto moves into a different sign. In January 2008 Pluto moves into Capricorn.

What will that mean for the world? If my research is anywhere near the mark then you had better hold onto your hats! This could well be a cataclysmic white knuckle ride. Pluto, the God of the underworld in the cardinal sign of the Goat. Will this be hell on earth? Remember that the Mayan Calendar ends in 2012. Is this the end of the world as we know it… again!

Well, in some ways maybe it is the end of the world as we know it. One only has to look at the results of Pluto in Sagittarius to appreciate the sheer magnitude of the transformation it can achieve. Globalization is here, demonstrated by the amazing transformation of Europe into a 25 member free trade state. Some countries in Europe have pushed for even more than this by attempting to push Europe towards becoming a Federal United States of Europe. Acts of terrorism by religious (9th house belief systems) fundamentalists united the world in a spectacular fashion when two planes destroyed the World Trade Centre on 11 September 2001.

The world today, in 2004, has changed irrevocably from the time when Pluto in Scorpio (8th house) dragged the world out of the Cold War mentality as we realised that we had created the ability to wipe ourselves off the face of the planet. The Phoenix like regeneration gave rise to the rejection of nuclear oblivion to looking at better ways to live together.

Before I ask you to join me in a little adventure through Plutonian history, let us review some fundamental principles. Pluto is a generational planet, slowly manipulating the world's evolution with an almost imperceptible insistence. It is a power that cannot be ignored or resisted. This is the energy in focus and we must use it either for better or worse. It can drag things up from the depths of obscurity. It can also bring great power or generate great corruption.

In 2008 Pluto will move into the 10th house sign of Capricorn. The 10th house governs our leaders, monarchs, status, career, authority, public image and responsibility. It is an angular house commanding the Midheaven where we aim to be seen as successful. In the natal chart it is the house of our career and recognition. It has strong connections with the business world, trade, commerce and bureaucracy. Pluto can bring countries to greatness (American Independence for example) or cause countries to fall from grace. Only those who are currently in a position of power and inclined to oppress others need fear. For Israel the clock is ticking, as is Zimbabwe to name but two.

Capricorn rules the enforcement and administration of law. It upholds tradition and maintains a cohesive bond to structure. Capricorn is resistant to change unless the change is logical and orderly. It is unlikely to gamble or take unnecessary risks unless it believes its sense of order is under serious threat.

Now if any of the symbolism behind Pluto, the 10th house and Capricorn is to be validated, the best way to demonstrate it is to travel back in time to the last Pluto ingress into Capricorn. …and this is where, for some at least, the horror story unfolds.

The previous ingress of Pluto into Capricorn was 7 January 1762. (For the record only I will mention that in 1762 Peter III of Russia was crowned only to be murdered 6 months later and replaced by Catherine II. This was a very quick fall and rise that stank of corruption and infamy). US Independence was around the corner (1778) and as Pluto is in the later degrees of Capricorn in this chart it is worth reviewing what sparked the rebellion against the British and the events that led to their defeat. It is also worth considering now how often history has a tendency to repeat in some way.

The Seven years war of Britain against France (and Spain towards the end) happened between 1756 - 1763. George the III ascended the throne in 1760 (acquiring Buckingham Palace in 1762).

After the war it was time to count the cost. The Bank of England had been set up in 1694 to help Great Britain recoup its previous war debts. Even though Britain had plundered much Spanish treasure from Havana and elsewhere this time around, it still had debts amounting to £133,000,000. Britain by now, however, had colonised many countries. It had attained greatness and was now a global force to be reckoned with. Unfortunately the lack of finance over the following years led them into very unpopular territory. Britain needed revenue from their subjects including India, Cuba and America. It was the time of realisation of the British Empire but it had cost them dearly. The Stamp Act of 1763 was the first attempted tax of the colonies. Naturally this was viewed in an unfavourable light, especially in America.

One of the main sources of income outside of Britain was via the East India Company. Generally remembered for trading in tea (we'll come back to that in a moment) it was trading in 1763 mostly in opium.

Forcing the natives in India to grow opium and selling it to China had been going on for quite a while. The ships returned with China black tea to sell to the wealthy. The British Government openly condemned the trade, of course, but secretly supported the valuable revenue it was producing. Likewise the East India Company also traded (by proxy naturally) as carrier ships for the slave trade, which was another lucrative source. The East India Company literally ran the country of India at this time. For the record, the first Indian tea to be imported into the UK would not occur until 1887.

The East India Company had its own flag, the Grand Union flag that has a tangible link to the United Sates Stars and Stripes. Readers in the United States may now start to feel uncomfortable, especially if they are already observing parallel similarities to current wars and national debts at this point!

The coincidences are alarming. One of the main communication routes between India and Britain was Iraq. In 1763 the British Company set up a factory in Basra for commerce and enterprise.

By 1773 Britain was still trying to recoup its debts. The growth of Britain's trade and commerce had significantly expanded and the London Stock Exchange was founded. Meanwhile, the East India Company had not done so well and was on the verge of bankruptcy. The drug trade had become more difficult and, to assist in a continuation of revenue, Britain allowed them the sole franchise to sell tea tax free to the colonies. The Americans were undercut by this action and is what led to the now famous Boston tea party (1773) incident (Note the long running Saturn/ Neptune conjunction from Feb 1773). This was the first dissent leading to the American declaration of Independence (4 July 1776) citing the unalienable rights of 'Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness'. The power and passion behind these simple values were taken up on the background of oppression and the right to self Government. Great Britain could not impose its will on the people of America. First they lost America and then they lost face and had to reconsider their position in the world.

Pluto ingressed into Aquarius in January 1778.

So what do we learn from this? Pluto goes into Capricorn when a nation that has risen to greatness is on the back end of a war that has cost a fortune. So great is this cost that they seek to recover their losses in a grossly unfair and oppressive manner; So powerful is the need to obtain money that even companies become big and powerful enough to run other countries. The people suffer until the burden becomes oppressive. The control and manipulation becomes so much that they say enough is enough. They demand the unalienable rights of 'Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness'. Those who tried to impose their will on others were turned back.

Now which period of time am I talking about -1762 to 1778 or 2008 to 2024? Personally I think that the parallels are a little too scary to ignore. Not convinced? OK let us look at it in a more up to date manner.

Let us assume that it is the United States of America and not Great Britain that is now involved in a Seven-year war. The destruction of the World Trade Centre in 2001 led to the war against terror. In 2002 the coalition forces invaded Iraq (How strange was it that Britain got Basra!). What if this little slice of the war on terror lasts for Seven years until 2009? The cost has been astronomical (US national debt is around $137,000,000,000 I understand). Not only that but the single minded obsession to forge ahead regardless becomes oppressive to their allies and/or the occupied. The people in occupation cry out for independence - for the very same unalienable rights of 'Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness'. A small collection of countries joins together - a sort of United States called Europe. But the very nature of democracy means that Great Britain is no longer a single entity. However the fall manifests it will be the United States of America that has to reconsider its position in the world. Remember that Great Britain thought it could dictate terms back in 1778 and got hammered by a bunch of farmers!

To recoup the losses there is no way that the country will survive from its own internal manufacturing. So it must use the profit making abilities of a large company to produce big enough revenues from an international source. It is unlikely to be opium, slaves or indeed tea. But it could be oil. Oil from where you may ask? If I read the 2004 presidential election campaigns correctly I understand that George W Bush plans to drill for oil in the Antarctic - something that has been regarded as taboo for years. One could imagine that this act would ruffle a number of feathers. Alternatively I suppose that the oil in Iraq could be siphoned off by way of compensation. Naturally this would go down like a lead balloon with other oil producing companies on the grounds that they would have had their trade effectively cut off. Both Saudi Arabia and Kuwait would be incandescent with rage! One wonders what would happen to the US dollar if oil producing companies started to value and sell oil barrels in terms of Euros instead of US dollars?

Likewise there is big money to be made in GM food and in pharmaceuticals. Big companies are getting so big nowadays that it is not difficult to imagine that they could end up becoming more powerful than governments. If you don't think this is possible (even though it is demonstrated here in history) consider this recent report.

Tesco is a supermarket store in the UK. Supermarkets such as this arrived in the 1970s and have cornered 90% of the food market. They are now becoming involved in the non food market with the intention of claiming 90% of that also. In the UK, a local council complained that Tesco is already too powerful for them to stop them building what they like and where.

The United States has experienced in Cities what is termed the 'doughnut effect'. The big stores at the edges of a town undermine and destroy all the little shops within the town. Consequently you end up with everything on the outside and nothing in the middle.

Once the big stores have seen off the little competition they can then dictate your lifestyle. As you can only buy from them they are at liberty to command what you eat and what you wear. Ultimately the big superstore will want to sell you anything that you might ever want to buy, including houses, cars, insurance, banking, medicine and credit. In other words they control your life. This is total power that governments can only dream of and it is happening to us now under our very noses. Like any other monopoly they will eventually be able to charge you what ever they like and manipulate you into a position where you have no choice. If the government will not support them they will simply fund the other guy at the next election - for a price of course. That way they will control the government too. This is frightening stuff. You think I'm way off base here? Where do you think G.W. Bush got $185 million for his 2004 election campaign?

OK. This is all speculation based on history and some current events but I believe it is worthwhile information before looking at the ingress chart itself to understand where the symbolism is likely to take us. Before we consider the chart itself I would like to dig a little more into the nature of Pluto in Capricorn.

We have a wealth of history from the last ingress to understand what it is like to live under an oppressive regime. Tradition, status and the right to order our lives according to our traditions will be the fulcrum of Pluto's passage through Capricorn. Oppressive regimes will be toppled without mercy. The rule of law may take the form of international policing. There may well be a call for greater clarity in international laws and how those laws should be implemented. New powers may be granted to the United Nations - or a new form of international body - to sanction the use of force from the international community to another country. Under no circumstances should any nation attempt again to suppress and control another. In 2004, Pluto is still in Sagittarius. We still have the opportunity to create better international laws and clear regulations.

Now we can look at the ingress chart.

In 2008 Pluto will be at 0 degrees Capricorn conjunct to Venus, as it also was back in 1762. Venus (our values) in Capricorn (Traditions) speaks greatly of our obsession to maintain that which we hold to be true . The difference of 246 years may have changed some of those values but the end result is in danger of sharing the same fate. Imagine the reaction of 246 years before that in 1515 when Copernicus declared that the Earth moved around the Sun. Pluto is a regenerative planet and truth regenerates with every change.

I see no end at this point to the problems in the Middle East but it must. It is an imperative that Israel must concede to Palestine's right to exist and enjoy its unalienable rights of 'Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness'. There can be no business as usual until it is sorted out. This is the key to ending the war on terror. History has taught us time and again that nations will not comply under oppression; And as history is clear on this matter, nations will not comply under unreasonable terms and conditions imposed by another. Great Britain has been at the sharp end of that stick more than once. It may yet feel it again. The only alternative to peace in the Middle East is war.

Consider what America did when Great Britain attempted to impose its values onto them. Britain's 'truth' became outmoded in the brave new world. Today it is America doing the imposing. It is the only superpower on Earth… for now. Their 'truth' is about to become outmoded.

In 1762 Rousseau wrote The Social Contract. In it he said that: "Man is born free; and everywhere he is in chains. One thinks himself the master of others, and still remains a greater slave than they." Rousseau advocated some form of absolutism where people gave themselves, body and soul to the state. In the US, the people hold themselves to the ideals of the American dream. They would do well to understand that it is just that - an American dream - not a Middle Eastern dream. Sharing something seen as good is one thing. Imposing it on another is a different matter and no good can come of it. Likewise God may well have promised a land of Israel but God never once gave them a territorial map.

Moon and Uranus are in opposition. It would suggest that the people (moon) would have been saturated with as much change and reform as they can take. There is a very strong quintile between Uranus and Pluto. Although this may be a little used aspect the quintile is an important precursor to change. In this case it seems fairly clear that constant uncertainty is what the people would like to stop.

In 1762 Jupiter was in square to Pluto. In 2008 it is in a loose outward going conjunction but still in the same sign of Capricorn. It has been said to me on many occasions that it does not matter what aspect two planets are in. It is the fact that they are in aspect that counts. Back in 1762, at the time of the Pluto ingress, Britain had emerged as a world power with greater influence. Jupiter in aspect with Pluto speaks of gross expansion. That this happens in an earth sign promotes the notion that this is not an ideal but a reality. In fact the Pluto ingress chart has 5 planets in earth, 6 planets in air and Uranus, an air planet, in water. In other words it is nothing personal - simply business. The lack of compassion and understanding is one of the most dangerous aspects of this chart. In short, the oppressors either do not care or are simply unaware that anything could be wrong.

A few years ago I ran a website called 'Interactive Numerology Forum'. In it I predicted that the single European currency (the Euro) would not be adopted by all member states until 2008. Pluto conjunct Venus in aspect to Jupiter implies strongly that the masses - or grouping together - of money may well be considered something to value. Some countries in Europe, particularly France, have sought for ages to compete on level terms with the United States. If the Euro were to become the worlds dominant currency there would indeed be a major shift in the worlds trade patterns and behaviour.

Mars is departing from a trine to Neptune but is at a midpoint between this trine and the Independence Day Mars return. This implies strongly that the United States may well need to look at where it is going and what it is doing in the future. The trine is an aspect without friction suggesting that the dissolution is one it cannot control. When the US Mars-return comes about it will be under the guise of a new set of conditions. It will be an important first step in America's future history.

To back this last statement further, Mars is in a returning quintile to Saturn - the ruling planet of Capricorn. It is difficult to change things back if one considers eggs and omelets. Change will be necessary but it will not be an easy change or one that is palatable. Saturn and Jupiter are also in an outgoing trine that brings us right back to Pluto, Venus and Jupiter. The change is inescapable.

In 2008, the world as we know it is set for a major shift and a gross expansion in power. China may well figure in the running as much as a stronger Europe. But let us not forget that we run the risk of the most frightful shift in power changing from governments to corporations. It cannot be allowed to happen but will continue inevitably as long there is a vested interest in manipulating the election of governments. This may take as much as 10 years from the Pluto ingress but the necessity for change will be evident to those who need the change. It may not be so evident to those who do not want to see change and if this is the case it will be too late for them to do anything about it when it does.

But the world will not come to an end. In fact before we condemn our planet to power and corruption I should say that planet Neptune's ingress into Pisces on 4 April 2011 (7:01 GMT) is a powerful chart that suggests how much the power of the people may overrule the manipulation of governments. But that is a chart for another time.

In matters of health it is a strange phenomenon that each Pluto ingress into a new sign brings disease.

The disease in 1762 was influenza in Europe and Yellow fever in the US. Pluto's ingress into Scorpio also incurred the arrival of AIDS. Pluto's ingress into Sagittarius was met with the news that BSE, more commonly known as Mad Cow Disease, was being transferred to humans - this form known as CJD. So it is likely - if not certain - that Pluto moving into Capricorn will generate a new disease, probably one whose symptoms will affect the bodies structure, skin or bone. Could this be connected in some way with the manipulation of cellular structure that is already underway with GM crops? As Capricorn is a 10th house sign it is also quite likely that any new disease will originate from industry.

Another interesting footnote came from my research into the events of 1762. This was apparently the year of the creation of sewers in London - stopping people from emptying chamber pots into the street. Life expectancy rose as a result of the new hygiene. I mention this because of new cancer research in 2004 that reveals how cancer cells appear to remain perpetually young. Other ordinary cells have a time string that when it runs out the cell simply dies. Cancer researchers are now looking for a way to reactivate the time string to kill cancers. The spin off is the possibility to stop the time string in healthy cells, resulting in the halting of the ageing process. This is a very Saturnian issue that could explode into the public arena with Pluto in Saturn's sign.

In the meantime we are still living in Pluto through Sagittarius. We need to improve our international laws and global philosophies. Mundane astrology is not about predicting disasters but trying to prevent them. All it will take is a little bit of vision and a lot less greed.



Web Site: Shane Ward

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Reviewed by Lorri Proctor 1/31/2011
Brilliant work, Shane. You are absolutely spot on and your research is wonderful. The only thing I would add in a more positive way is that oddly enough there are often great strides in creativity during Pluto in Capricorn, music, art and so on. It seems to release this impulse also. Lorri
Reviewed by - - - - - TRASK 12/18/2007
You Could Have Summed It All Up With The 1 Word = $GREED$...

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