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D. Scott Arant

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My Past Life Experience--Part II
by D. Scott Arant   
Rated "PG" by the Author.
Last edited: Friday, December 21, 2007
Posted: Friday, December 21, 2007

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Scott and God dialogue more about his past life experience and how it has been carried forward into this lifetime.

My Past Life-Part II

Scott expounds more as illumination in meditation shows him interesting things about a past life that has carried forward into this life.

Scott, have you recovered from yesterday’s startling revelation about your past life? Well, I am still recovering my God. I was so shaken up yesterday that it was very hard for me to function. All I could do was think about this event that happened in one of my past lives.

Yes, Scott…and some more revelation came out today as a continuation of this in meditation…did it not? Yes, God. What was revealed to you in this meditation segment Scott? Well, I was shown some more details of this past life experience. Like what Scott? Well, like more information about how I was raised as a child and about my wife Marie. Scott, do you mind relating this information to me? No, God I would be happy too, since I know you already know all about it. Yes, I do my son, I want you to have it solidified in your mind and heart…Is that okay with you? Always, God…Always.

Scott, what did you find out about your family history or how you were raised? Well, I found out my dad was a real scoundrel type. Yes, how was this. Well, he did what ever he could do to get ahead and at any cost. Yes, Scott and who does this remind you of at one time? Me? Yes and no Scott. Okay God please give me the no first…I don’t want to necessarily re—hash my past again. Okay, Scott the no of my answer is that you were not a scoundrel like this picture I showed you today of your previous father. Why? Because my beloved…no one is a scoundrel in my hearts mind. God, didn’t you reverse the order of these words here. No, they were intentional. Notice, I did not say minds eye…but hearts eye? Yes, so what. Well, there is a reason why I reversed these words for you. There was? Yes, my beloved…it is because the only real sight one can see if they are to see like God…is in the hearts mind. Okay.

The mind alone serves you only for certain purposes my beloved. It cannot and will not ever serve you in all of your outward perceptions with mankind. It won’t? No, it cannot. You see so limitedly with your outward perceptions. Again, think of the word perception…what does just that word tell you? A perception could be false? Yes, my beloved. How many times did you take a cursory look at how you perceived someone or a situation you thought was negative? Probably multiple times God. Yes, unlimited numbers of times. You humans think your first perception to be true . It can be true , but normally it is filtered through your personal experiences with others, and then it is filtered through the ego—mind. This filtering distorts all your perceptions and causes your thinking to be flawed. Flawed? Yes, definitely flawed.

When you see through the hearts—eye, or hearts—mind, you perceive as God perceives…without any filters. Yes, but God…I am not you and I have filters and experiences that honestly skew my thinking. Yes, I am aware of this “skewed” thinking my beloved. Well, I can’t perceive as you. That is my point my son…you, or anyone else cannot really perceive properly through the channel of the mind or your ego—perceptions that have been skewed. Know this…All perceptions are just that…just perceptions and not necessarily the “gospel” truth as you would say. Okay, that is all I want you to know. Your perceptions are from one or two angles of thinking…mine are from unlimited perspective. I see differently than all of you. Yes, God…again…it makes me humble to know that I am only human. Yes, my beloved…you are only human…and divine too. Yes, but the divine doesn’t seem to be as pre—dominant as the human in us. Yes, and that is how you are programmed.

God, now I am feeling like you are a computer programmer and I am the computer. Good illustration is it not. Well, not to me. It makes me feel like you have pre—destined us as humans and we are just puppets in your hands. Kinda like the movie, The Matrix. Yes, Scott, I can see where your mind could think this way…but it is not true . I do not pre—destinate any of you and none of you are clones, computers, or reduced to fate as you would call it. You are the creators of your earthly experience…you have total free will and choice at your disposal at all times…I do not and will not interfere with your choices. Your choices are off—limits to me and all my non—physical creations.

Even, your guides that are put upon this earth to be your spiritual teachers will not ever interfere with your human choices and that of your free will. This is the difference. You can be pre—programmed in your eternal soul to follow a certain path that will always lead you to me and to a life that is fulfilled. It is pre—programmed but, you my child, have the right to preempt the program that is in your soul…you have the right and privilege to change it at will…it is all your choice. Do you see the difference my beloved? Yes, God, put in this way, I do. Good.

Let’s get back to the subject of your up—bringing my son. You were raised how? With a father that ran the business and home life with an iron—fist. He was another “my way—of the highway” type of guy. What happened if you crossed him my son? He would slap the daylights out of you. Slap you? Why would he slap? I don’t know why God but he would slap you on the face or on the head at will and seemingly for no reason whatsoever. Why? Obviously, he had an anger issue God. Yes, you are right. Why do you think he acted this way with you? He acted this way with all of us children. He and my mom at that time had three sons. I was the middle child. The oldest one hated my father and moved out at an early age to forge his own way and became a trapper of furs.

The youngest died at an early age from the typhus. I was really the only son to take over my fathers business of raising tobacco crops and maintaining the plantation. We had slaves galore. My father was not only a tobacco grower and merchant that traded with the American Indians but he also traded in slaves and bartered for them. He was quite the guy. His philosophy was “anything goes.” What do you mean? He would not listen to any rules…he made them…and you followed them…or else. Or else what? He would say nasty things to you that degraded you and made you feel less than human…he would chide you and make you angry so that you wanted to kill him. That is why my older brother Zachery left him so early in life. He was the quiet type who knew if he stayed around him very long he would end up plotting to kill the bastard.

I notice you have some strong emotion coming up yourself Scott? Yes, God I hated him too, but would never dream of killing him…just thought about it a lot too. Anyway God, this was my upbringing and my model for life…not too great huh? Scott, there is a bigger picture I am looking at with all of your past life experiences that I am quite fond of you know. You are? Yes, I see it all…and I see it as beautiful my beloved. Even your antagonistic father in that life…I see his too…and it is absolutely beautiful beyond human comprehension. One day you will see as I see and you will know for yourself my child…you will cry…with tears of joy for not only will you be glad for your lives, but you will be glad for all others lives too. It will be quite the spiritual revelation, and the unveiling of who you are. God, you are way beyond me in this…I only see my little existence here…for right now.

Yes, my son…and that is the way it should be. I again will only allow a glimpse of a past life if it is carried forward into this life and affects you adversely. Thanks God…I love you so much that words cannot do it a justice. Thank you my beloved…and my sentiments of love are always with you.

So, Scott was anything else revealed to yourself during this meditation this morning? Yes, God…I saw the symbiotic relationship that me and Marie had. Scott, explain this word symbiotic? Sure, to me it means a mutual agreement that I made with Marie to co-exist with her. Yes, Scott that is true . I fed off of her God, and she fed off of me. That is a good way to say it Scott. You both got something out of the relationship and decided to co-exist and co-habitate with each other for mutual benefit. Well, God that is probably the best way to say it. Even though we were legally married under the laws of the State of West Virginia we really were just co—habitating and existing together. Does this remind you Scott of others today too? Yes, of course God…many live together for mutual benefit of cohabitation and the love is gone. Yes, well put…the love is gone.

Well, that was Marie and our relationship too. We loved each other…actually I felt I loved more than she…she was out for my money and what I could do for her in this lifetime. Yes. I saw her up—bringing too God. What was it like? She was one of six children and her father constantly “drummed” into her psyche to marry a rich man, and that only fools married for love. Scott, does this help you understand why she chose you as her husband in this life. Yes, God…that actually helped my understanding of her better. How so? It gave me a different picture of what was “driving” her so to speak. Yes, her motivation you mean? Yes, her motivation. Scott, she too was pre—programmed just like you were, just in different ways.

Scott, this lifetime was brought to your consciousness for several reasons. The first is that you gave up all of your power to your wife Marie. She basically was a mirror of your earthly father at this time. She was? Yes, only with different emphasis than he. How so? Your father was a living tyrant to you Scott…you learned that you did not cross him, or you would be “crossed—off…did you not? Yes, God I did. Marie taught you the same…if you did not follow her rules you were “toast.” She had no intention of marrying you for love…she wanted what you could give her didn’t she? Yes, God.

Scott, because of your supposed love for her, you took her bate and married her for what she could do for you. I did? Yes, you did…and almost all of you do the same. It is very rare to find two individuals who decide to marry or cohabitate together who don’t have a “hidden agenda” at times. Yes, God, I am sure this is why the divorce rate is so high isn’t it? Yes, of course. People get together for selfish purposes over all…even those that call themselves Christians do it Scott. Yes, God, I know this too because their divorce rate is about the same as those that do not consider themselves Christians. Sad, but true my son.

So, Scott most of you go into a marriage or relationship looking for some kind of fulfillment in life. Some do it as you because of how there mate makes them feel when they are together or with others. You did this perfectly. You knew deep in the heart that she didn’t love you for loves sake alone. I did? Yes, you did Scott. How many of your friends came up to you and told you how the real Marie is? Well, quite a few of my best friends tried to warn me about her…that she was a “gold—digger” and wanted your money. Some actually had some experience with her family did they not? Yes, God, they seemed to know more than I about Marie. Scott, don’t fool yourself…you knew. Your divinity inside of you knew it so well. It did? Yes, Scott…you just “blocked” it from your consciousness.

You see, if you humans don’t like seeing what you are seeing or hearing what you are hearing you have a tendency to block it from your conscious mind and put it over into the sub—conscious mind that knows everything. Really? Yes, really. Your divinity which is your spirit—connection with me knows all at every moment…you are just not conscious of it my child. Wow, that blows me away. God, if my spirit knows all, then why in the heck do we have to learn though this earthly experience and existence? Good question Scott. I thought so. Scott, only one answer for you here…knowing it without experiencing it for yourself is not the same. Why not? Wouldn’t that be so much easier God than all us humans “bumbling” about this earth in a trial and error manner messing up our lives and everyone else’s?

Scott, I know this is how you see it. Remember I told you we don’t always see the same? Yes, God…it is only my perception. Yes, Scott…your human perception. Yes, I guess. Scott, again, you chose to come here and experience many lifetimes and many good, bad and what you call ugly lives. God, this seems asinine to me again…a waste of my time and yours. Scott, I know you see it this way…but I don’t…and really once you are in connection with me you see it this way too. Okay, God I am trusting you on this one. Good…I like trust…it helps you a lot. In fact, it will make all the difference in your earthly experience if you would just trust and quit trying to direct your life. God, I know, I have a tendency to control. Yes, you do my beloved. It is deep in your psyche and that of humanity’s too. You all think you are pulling all the strings in life. It is an illusion though. Again, this is not fate or predestination where you are a puppet. I don’t make puppets my son. Even my angelic creation that which serves you on this earth and other realms has choice just like you.

You don’t think God has an ego do you? No, you have told me this before. God doesn’t need to control anything or anyone. I am perfectly at peace with all my creation being able to make decisions and choices. You have a little disadvantage so to speak for your earthly existence than my angels. How so? Well, Scott if you had nothing but joy unspeakable and rapture of bliss around you, you too would make spiritual decisions. This is where your non—physical helpers, angels and guides come to serve you. They know in their hearts that you have this great disadvantage and they love you un—conditionally like me. They will always be there to help you even when you make decisions that hurt you and others. That is so comforting to know God.

Scott, your angels and divine guides are here to help your spiritual evolution as a soul. That is their “Sole” purpose…excuse the play on words. They love you so much and they see your earthly plight. They can hardly believe how brave a human being is. They find it hard to believe that you chose this earthly existence. They do? Scott, they so honor all of you did you know this? No, God, not in this way…I didn’t know it. I always thought that angels were above us…in some way. No, Scott, all are equal in my eyes, but in their eyes they see you as far superior to them because of your daring braveness. You don’t see it as they. They talk about you in heaven all the time…you are the subject of their constant thoughts of you. I hear it all and it is so pleasing to hear how you are doing…even if you are not enjoying life. Really? Yes, really.

So, Scott I want to conclude this time together with what you can do now to not repeat the mistakes of your past, or your past existences that carry forward into the present. Wait a minute God; I need some of your understanding here. Okay, my beloved…what is it you want? I want to know why some past lives carry forward into the present life. Did you not tell me that the most important life is the one I am living now? Yes, my child…it is. Well, then why can a life “carry forward” into another…especially since you said you made us amnesiacs and blocked out our memories before we came to this new earthly experience. Scott, all I told you stands. I did block out your memories so as to not influence this life. But, God, this seems like an exception to this. Yes, I can see why you think this my son…remember, you only see very limitedly…I see infinitely. Okay, God but help me out here…why this past life carry—over?

Scott, remember I told you that a past life would not be conscious to you unless it affected or could affect your life’s experience here in the now? Yes, God you did…I remember you saying this to me. Okay, well this lifetime was one of those exceptions as you would call it that I am bringing to your attention in the here and now. Okay God…now I see you are not doing it to torture me, but to help me. Yes, my beloved child I only do things to help you and will never “torture” you for any reason. The word “torture” is not in my vocabulary Scott…only in your human vocabulary does it exist…sadly. Torture is another mis—creation of you humans…just like war is a mis—creation…just like all ego ideas that are not created by Spirit.

Scott, this is the beauty and the draw of earth to you. You actually wanted to mis—create a few things with your egos…again so you would see the divine contrast of what you mis—created. Scott, what you are not conscious of right now is that I gave you that powerful writing about Mistakes to Masterpieces….Remember? Yes, God, I was “floored” by it too. Yes, you and many others are still “floored” by it. The beautiful thing about things I create in thought—form like the words I gave to you in this divine message is that even though some will pass it off as pure bunk…their spirits will not. Scott, you are not what you or the ego—mind have told you…you are like unto me. When you hear words, or see words spoken, even though rejected by the ego—mind, or blocked from your consciousness, your spirit still hears. It does? Wow, God this makes me feel so much better. This walk of Spirit and this new journey I embarked upon is really interesting. I hear you talk to my spirit in meditation. In meditation I grasp the concepts you give me…but then I get up from my meditation and it seems like a dream to me…a “wispy” dream that is not at all concrete…but quite nebulous.

Scott, all my communication with you is spiritually discerned and is not a “brain—thing” only…it many times by—passes the brain so to speak and enters into the eternal part of you…spirit. It is never lost, always retained…you are just oblivious to it…”clueless” as you would say. When you speak for me, or better said, allow me to speak through you…the words of spirit never fall to the ground…they are always spiritually received even if the conscious mind is unaware. Wow, that is amazing. Scott, a good illustration for you is that of your elder—Brother Jesus, the Christ. He did the same. He heard my words, listened to them and repeated them to his disciples who followed him and also to the masses of people surrounding him. He even complained to me at times that what he was saying to them was not perceived correctly. He did? Yes, he did…just like you my child.

Scott, just know this…you don’t have to worry about whether or not others are “getting it” as you would say. Simply by releasing Spirit either through your lips and verbally uttering Spirit—words, or by writing them…they are never lost, even though not consciously perceived. Just believe it!

So, Scott how do we not “screw—up” this life by your past life? Thanks God those are real comforting words to a wayfaring stranger of earth. Yes, pilgrim, I imagine they are. Actually, I was only joking with you Scott…there is nothing you can do to “screw” it up as you say…but it can be easier for you and you can reach your soul’s ultimate expression. I can? Yes, you can, and so can all your brothers and sisters of the earth…it just depends on when.

Scott, for spiritual evolution to happen there must be a willingness of heart. It starts with this. Then I begin to show them through Spirit that there is a higher way to live on the earth. I put thoughts in all of your minds. These thoughts are the highest intent of your soul’s existence. You know when you have come upon these thoughts when they make you really feel alive and they also have this wonderful feeling attached to them. Your closest feelings to this would what you call orgasm. These feelings are very akin to this only on a higher vibration than this physical sensation. These thoughts put into your heart are from me and they feel absolutely wonderful. You think these thoughts are just a mere daydreaming or a fantasy so oftentimes you just think them, like them and then ignore them. They are there to point you to heaven and your soul’s intent. Listen to them my beloved. You don’t have to consciously understand them all…just observe and listen. Let them sink into your deepest psyche…let them go into the heart. They will be thoughts of love, or thoughts that will bring you up higher…even to the heavens. You see, I am always calling you up higher my beloved to where you belong. If you dwell with your mind only on this earthly realm your thoughts will become “stale” and “moldy” as you would say. You might feel as if you are “stuck.” This feeling of “stuck” is from me too in order to get your attention so I can take your thoughts higher. Listen to all these thoughts…if you feel good…know there are more heavenly thoughts like this…if you feel “stuck” then listen to them because I am showing you a higher place. Listen to your thoughts very intently. Don’t try to overly control them. If you think a thought of a lower vibration that will not serve you simply tune—in to my love channel, which is the God channel.

Listen to music that uplifts you and takes you to these higher thoughts…the thoughts of love and heaven. If you seem far from the heavenly thoughts start with just thinking better and higher thoughts than you are currently dwelling on. Each higher thought will take you to a higher thought, which will take you to a higher thought, and so on. Do you get the picture here? Yes, God I do…thanks for giving me the “nuts and bolts” of how to do this. I kind of know it, but oftentimes I forget and need to be reminded. Yes, Scott, you all need to be reminded because you forget.

When you converse with your brothers and sisters of the earth just remember this. You are not to preach to them in a condescending manner making them feel less than you. You are simply reminding them of something they already know deep within their hearts. You are simply playing a melody that strikes a heavenly chord in them Scott. Scott, I want you to strike chords of love to them so that they can hear and feel how much God loves each and every one of them. I want you to remind them of my love, and that as arduous as this earthly journey might be…I have not forgotten any of my beloveds. They reside in my heart and will never ever leave there. Remind them of this my beloved son. Let them know God has not forgotten one hair on their heads and that he is always there for them…ALWAYS, AND AT ALL TIMES. All they have to do is turn inward to heaven…this heaven will be found in each of their hearts.

So, Scott, let’s go back and analyze this past life where you had no control over a wayward acting wife and spouse. One, who really only used you…and you used her. How did I use her God…I loved her? Scott, you loved her for what she gave you…it was not a pure love. It wasn’t? No, my beloved…she was out for what she could get from you, and you were doing the same with a hidden program running. A hidden program? Yes, my beloved…many of you are running on this “hidden program.” I am using this word now for your present vocabulary and mind to grasp onto. Well, God please explain this hidden program as you say. Sure, my son.

Scott, it is similar to a software program that lies hidden in your computers that runs automatically without any consciousness of this running all the time. There are numerous hidden programs running without your consciousness on your present computer right now. Yes, God…I get your point. Yes, my point is your hidden program playing that is unconscious to you seems to drive you in an automated way. It seems as if this program pervades your sub—conscious thinking. For you this program running in the background, “hidden” to your conscious is really the biggest reason why you act out the way you do on this earth. You seem oblivious to it, as you are more conscious of the left brain function than this right brain function. Scott, the reason this writing seems effortless to you right now as if you are taking dictation from me, is because you are in touch with this hidden program running…that of your sub—conscious mind. That is why in meditation I told you that you are a Metaphysician and that you were to “own” this title…because this is who you really are. God I didn’t even know what the word meant when you gave it to me this way in my meditation. Yes, Scott I know it was kind of comical to me. Oh, thanks again God, I was clueless. I know Scott, you are clueless a lot.

Scott, I don’t mean that to offend or hurt your fragile ego here. I am doing this because this is the case with most of my human creation. This is the ego—veil that seems to be directing this hidden program that runs constantly in all of you. You think you are your ego—thoughts and personality when in actuality they are the smallest part of you to help you relate to the earthly sphere of your playground as humans. The biggest part of you Scott is found in tapping into your heart and spirit. This is what is always connected to me and to heaven. This is the biggest part of you…you wear the ego only for the earth. It seems to be the clothing of choice for you all. It is your great disguise…it is the mask which hides the bigger part of you. Scott, if you could really see as I see, and know who you really are it would have a tendency to want you to leave this place. It would? Yes, my beloved it would. If I showed you too much of heaven you would want to leave this place immediately.

Well, I want to see more of heaven! Yes, I know you do Scott…and I am slowly showing you this part of me. Be patient and remember that you have a purpose…a divine purpose on this earth, as do all my human creation. It is not that I don’t want them to see heaven and who they really are…because I do…but I don’t want them to see so much that they will want to “check—out” of the earth. If you saw too much of this wonderful place you would immediately call for “your check.” “Check, Please” you would say to God and you would check out. Why do you think many of the enlightened souls you have read about have gone away? They “checked—out” so to speak. Either they left the earth or they withdrew from all contact with humans so as to keep the thoughts of heaven and home primary in their lives.

Do you want to know another secret my beloved? Yes, God I like secrets. Well, Scott I am not here to disappoint you, but I am only really saying the word secret here to get you to really listen to me…Okay, God…I am all ears. Ha Ha…Scott…I was just picturing you being all ears and it was quite comical. Yes, God I will laugh too…it would be funny if someone was “all ears.” Here is the non-secret I was going to say to you. Okay…shoot. Scott, you can still see heaven and still navigate the earth without wanting to “check—out” of there. How? I made you a true dual being Scott…one that could access heaven and of course one that could stand upon the earth. Jesus, the Christ was one such individual just like you who proved this could be done. Don’t you think that when I showed Jesus the things of heaven that he too was tempted to “check—out” so to speak? He was? Yes, my son he was seriously contemplating it. Especially when I brought to his consciousness how he was to die. He had the thought that it might be time to “exit stage left” before the finale. He did not do this. You can read about his prayer in the garden of Gethsemane where he prayed to me and said “Father… nevertheless, not my will, but thine be done.” Do you remember his prayer my son? Yes, God it was very touching to me. And to me too, my child. I cried with Jesus as he uttered this prayer. I so wanted to deliver him from this earthly mess…I almost did it to spare him of this merciless and unjust execution of him. You did? Yes, you see when you hurt, or any of my children hurt, I hurt too. God, for some reason I thought you were “above” hurt because you are always in heaven. You are in the place of bliss and singing and angels who come to your beckoned call. Yes, Scott…what you don’t realize is I feel what you feel.

If we are always connected Scott, how could I not feel what you feel? This is way over my head God…my finite human mind is going…What? Yes, I know it is hard for you to grasp…but remember I am all Spirit. I am infinite. I can feel all your emotions and see all your thoughts Scott. Well, that might not be too comforting to me God. Why because I see your thoughts my beloved? Well, yes God. Not all of my thoughts are about heaven you know. Yes, Scott I do know…I know better than you know. Scott, know this…I still love you even when you don’t think heaven thoughts. I told you that you were pre-programmed with this ego—mind so that it could show you the contrast of who you were not…didn’t I? Yes, you did God…and it absolutely blew me away. But Scott, since I gave you this ego—overlay that seems to be running this ego—program in the background for you without you being conscious of it, know that I love you no matter what.

Scott, there is nothing you can do with your actions to make me not love you. Nothing? Nothing! I see beyond your actions my child…I see your heart…and it looks like me. Scott, do you remember my beloved son King David in the scriptures. Yes, God I do, he is one of my favorite Bible characters. Great. Let’s talk about him for a minute Scott. Okay, I would love to. David was a great man in this lifetime explained in the Bible. He loved me. He was introduced to spirit as a young boy as he tended his father’s sheep. He was a shepherd. His job was to watch over his father’s flock, to take them to green pastures and beside still waters….Remember Psalm 23? Yes, God, it too is one of my all—time favorite scripture passages. Well Scott, it was guiding those sheep that I began to “call to him.” How did you call to him God? I did it with directing his conscious thoughts Scott.

I began to think him. God this sounds weird…what do you mean…think him. Just what I say Scott, I am not stuttering here. I was thinking him…and I think you too. Okay, God whatever you say…I don’t quite grasp this. I know my beloved…you will in time…don’t sweat what I just said to you. I think all of my creation. God, now I need to really know what you are saying here…will you simply tell me what you mean here. Sure, since I let the “cat out of the bag”…here goes. Scott, it is hard for your conscious mind to know when you are processing your own thoughts, and when I am thinking you, as stated earlier. Okay, how? Well, Scott you know when you are processing thoughts do you not? Sometimes. Yes, Scott that is correct…only sometimes are you actually aware of your conscious thinking and thoughts are you not? Yes, God…sometimes my mind wanders, or I go into a make believe world of fantasy…or what many would call “day—dreaming.” This is a perfect example of what we are talking of here Scott. When you are not always conscious of your thoughts I am many times thinking you. You are? Yes. In fact I do most of my “thinking you” in your sleep when you dream. You do? Yes, of course, have you ever wondered why you dream? Yes, I have and it seems to be disconnected from my normal waking sense of reality. Yes, it does my son…and that is the way it is intended to be.

Remember I talked to you about the ego—thoughts are an overlay and seem to be running in the background so to speak? Yes, God. Well when I think you…I do this with another program that is heavenly in nature and it runs in the background too. It does? Yes, it does. I do this when you are in this fantasy state, or daydreaming, or in your night dreaming. You do? Yes, what you don’t know consciously my child is that I communicate very clearly to you and you understand perfectly what I am saying to you. I do? Yes, you do. How? Scott, when you are conscious of these thoughts or dreams you have you only see the top of the iceberg so to speak. There is a lot done through these portals. The more you get in touch with these specific portals, the more you are really in touch with heaven. Wow, God…this is awesome. Yes, it is awesome.

Scott, all the great minds that have ever lived on your planet were conscious of this. They might not have admitted it to the public, for fear of their peers thinking them erratic, strange, or crazy…but they got it. Thomas Edison was one who practiced this all the time and now he is heralded as one of the world’s greatest inventors of all time. He used to nap a lot and he did this with purpose. He did? Yes, he did it especially when he could not “figure” something out, as you would say. He did? Yes, he would have an intention, or you could call it an inward prayer, to understand something that was not conscious to him and then he would fall asleep and dream about the answer or the solution. Many times these solutions given to him from me he argued with and thought were non—sense to his ego—driven—mind. But, he believed in the unseen and knew that maybe…just maybe there was some merit in the thought or thoughts given. When he would allow himself to entertain these thoughts that seemed to be “far out” as you would say, he found answers to his physical realm. He became one of the most prolific inventors of all times by this one method.

Scott, knowledge is advancing in your lifetime is it not? You haven’t seen but a small bit of it…it is unlimited to the mind that won’t limit me. So, Scott, in these writings you are activating these thoughts and I am thinking you. Wow, God…I am so in love with you…You are so awesome. Yes, my beloved I think this of you too…and all of my human creation…you are all awesome to me.

Okay, my Scott have I been able to fully relate to you on the subject of “thinking you”?
Yes, God, that is sufficient for now…I still don’t fully comprehend it but I am not worried about missing something now. Okay, great.

Let’s move back to what I was telling you about with David the shepherd who became king of Israel. Okay… David and I began a relationship. It started with me thinking him as referenced. David took the thoughts I was thinking him with and realized that there was something here for him. Something here for him? Yes. What? Me. Okay. Can you help me out here God…maybe throw me a bone on this? Sure, Scott, I think about all my beloved human creation…I think all of them. Sometimes they don’t think me though. I need help here God…what do you mean by saying “they don’t think you”?
They don’t return the love—thought back to me. Love thought, is that what you are expressing when you say “thinking them”? Yes, my beloved.

It would be likened to you admiring a pretty woman and then wanting to engage her in a conversation so you could know her better and become acquainted with her more. God, you are really going to get me into trouble here aren’t you? That is not my intention here my son. Well, my wife is likely to read this and think I am chasing women. No she won’t Scott. Scott, I am giving you and others these ideas so that you can relate to me…is that okay with you? Oh, yes God…please keep going…I’m sorry. What are you sorry for? I interrupted you. Scott, you can interrupt me anytime you want…as long as I can interrupt you anytime too…just kidding of course.

Scott I was thinking David as he herded his father’s flocks of sheep. I waited to see if David would take my thought—bait and he did. God are you now “baiting” us? In a human sense yet…consider it more like the word “courting” you Scott. Oh, God what are people going to think now? That God courts me, or us, in the form of “baiting” us and we could, or could not take the bait? Well said. Oh, well God…keep going…actually I love what you are saying here…I have not heard it said like this before…it is somewhat foreign to me. Scott, heaven seems foreign to you on this earth…although it is all your place of rest and your home. When God speaks it is hard sometimes to grasp onto. My way of thinking as you can see is not always the way your mind thinks is it? I guess not God.

So, Scott I engaged David to think of me. He took my bait and I set the hook. Oh God, what else do you do to engage us? Well, you have heard of “setting the hook” right? Yes, God. My dad and I used to fish for fresh water trout and when we felt a “tug” on our line my dad would say… “Just give it a slight tug” to set the hook. Scott that is how I work with you and others too. I set the hook in your hearts. I put my thoughts there so that you can understand me. I might start by engaging you or others in something that they love or would love to do. Like what? Like anything you are attracted to in life. Can you give me an illustration of this God so that I can grasp it better? Sure, my son.

Scott, let’s say you have a real interest in baseball. It is a game that engages you. You like it and to you this is a game of pure fun. When you play the game of baseball you don’t feel like it is work…in fact…it is like play to you. Okay, Scott that is how I set the hook with you and others. I start out with something you love and build upon it. God this is not a “trick” is it? No tricks my child…I don’t play any tricking games so as to fool you or deceive you, if that is what you mean. Yes, that is what I mean. No, my son I don’t play games to deceive…I play the “setting the hook” game by starting with something you can relate to and then build upon this thought and show you more and more thoughts that you really want…but are not fully conscious of. You do? Wow, here’s another thing I didn’t know God…Scott, there are a few more you are unaware of, but I will make them known to you as needed as required by you. Isn’t this what you do with someone you want to engage in conversation with my child? Well, you mean talking about a subject that might interest the other party? Yes, I guess. This is what I do to all of you too. I start with something you all want to talk about…and then I slip in something for you to think about. You might not be fully engaged with it consciously but I allow you to think about it some more and I allow you to come up with some questions about it. The more you think about what I have given you the more power is built up in this thought—stream. It starts out mild and builds momentum, then bingo it rings your “inner—bell” and you adopt the thought and own it as your own. Wow, that is awesome God.

So, as I see it…you engage us with thought…you “think—us” and then you wait for a response? You engage us with more thought and you set the hook. Once we take the thought and build upon the thought…you feed us more thoughts that build even a bigger thought…and soon it becomes ours as if in ownership of them. Scott, beautiful, you are really listening to me are you not? I try God. I am a little “thick” at times but if you stay at it I eventually catch on. Yes, my beloved you do. You are a great student of mine, did you know this. No. Well, now you do my son…now you do. Believe it! Okay I will God.

So, here is the little shepherd boy minding his own business, watching his father’s sheep thinking this is going to be his profession. Then I start “thinking him” and we engage in a thought type of relationship, which turns into a love relationship where we converse often. Then I build upon these thoughts and David adopts them as his own. He takes ownership of them Scott…and I do the same with you. Yes, God…thank you for “thinking me.” I always think you my son, and you always take my bait. I will always take you bait God…it even taste good. Just kidding… Pun intended Scott. Yes, pun intended God.

Scott, look at David as I thought him to be a king of Israel and to lead as a shepherd my beloved flock. By the way, as a side note, this is not the only people that are of my flock. All people are of my flock. They might call themselves by different religious names or identifications but they are all mine... Yes, God thanks for letting me know this. Sure…no problem…anytime my child. David did not consciously know he would be king someday. He was a humble man and didn’t ever think this way…until I gave him the thought. I gave him the thought to fight the philistine Goliath too. You did. Yes, of course I did. David would have never in his own mind have taken ownership of it until I put it in his thoughts. I showed him how this was just a big bully taking advantage and scaring my people and he was to be the vehicle to change it.

I put it in his heart Scott. He doubted it, just like when I put a thought in your heart Scott…you sometimes doubt it too…do you not? Yes, why do you doubt it Scott? Because of issues I have with myself. Well put Scott. Because of your own insecurities that seem to plague you in life. This is that “hidden program” we spoke of earlier that is always running your ego—life all the time. Yes, God, now I see that. You doubt because you don’t see yourself as I see you Scott. I see you as me…unlimited in nature. You can do anything that you want…you just don’t always agree with me on this. Anything is a big word God. Yes, it is…notice I didn’t stutter here either. Yes, I noticed God. Scott, you are only limited by your limited beliefs about yourself and who you think you are. When I implant my thoughts into your mind, I set the hook, and you adopt my thinking…woola…presto…chango…you are transformed. You and I get into divine partnership and we are the team. Together we can do it. And, that means anything you want to accomplish…you are only limited by your own thoughts and thinking my beloved.

I put my thoughts into David’s heart and he finally agreed with me. He told his brothers he was going to go down there and defeat the Philistine giant Goliath. They laughed and mocked him. They accused him of being “puffed—up” with a huge ego. They thought he was moving in ego and personality…and had a “big head” that needed to be deflated. Scott, haven’t others accused you of having a big head that needed to be humbled by God? Yes, God, my own father told me this. Yes, he did my son. Scott he is wrong. I love him but don’t believe him…believe me. Okay, God I am still trying to juggle this in my life now. Yes, Scott, that is why I mentioned it to you here. Scott, when I put something in your heart you can have 100 percent assurance that it will happen…not 99.9% like fine gold…100 fricken percent as you would say. Point taken God…thank you. You are most welcome my beloved champion.

God, it is hard for me to take this. You mean what I just said…that you are my champion? Yes, God like that. Scott you are. God, I guess I have a hard time with it. Yes, Scott, and so do others who are trying to be humble. You don’t like the idea of being on a pedestal do you? No, I would rather be hidden God…not even noticed. Yes, but my beloved if I want you to be noticed by others that’s okay isn’t it? Well, I guess, but it seems strange and uncomfortable to me. Yes, I understand. But Scott that does not stop me from saying the truth…that you are my champion does it? If you say so God. Yes, my son…I say so. To help deflate your ego right now…just know that all of my beloveds are my champions. Good, I feel better now God. I knew you would Scott.

So, Scott, David went down in spite of the derision from his family with just a fricken sling and some smooth stones in his carrying purse or pouch. He was an expert marksman with this sling and stones you know. He took the stones in hand. The Philistine giant could not believe his eyes…David didn’t have anything to protect himself. He had no spear, no sword or even armor to protect him. One thing he did have Scott…you know what that was? You? Yes, me…The Lord of hosts as I was referred to in scripture…The commander and chief of the universe was with him. And we defeated the giant and he fell like a rock…excuse the pun. He took the deep plunge.

After this Saul, the current king made him a hero and eventually he was anointed king of Israel in Saul’s place. Yes, God what a story. Yes, not just a story…this is what happened for real Scott. Yes, my God. Scott, look at David though. He was a man of human frailty was he not? Yes, God, he certainly was not perfect in his behavior and how he handled things. No, my son…he wasn’t perfect. But he had a heart. A big heart. When he did something it was with all his strength and heart. He made some mighty big mistakes though my son. Yes, and don’t we all. Yes, my son you do….and here is another secret my beloved…it is all for your good. It is all for your spiritual growth and all what you all wanted…you are just not conscious of it. Scott, God looks above all your faults, failures, and human frailties. He does? That’s not what I have been taught God. I know my son. It is sad that you adopted this idea that God is out for perfection…that is one of the biggest lies foisted upon your species. It is? Yes, it is.

I knew in my heart that when you came to earth you would forget who you were. I knew that the ego—thinking and your ego—thoughts would trip you up and cause you to fall at times. I knew about all your human frailties and how you would stumble. I knew it all and it is all part of the masterpiece you are all making…it is magnificent and beautiful to me. You are all my champions for signing up for this earthly assignment and school we are speaking of. All the angels think the same. They so honor and respect your courage. All the heart—aches you experience her, all the problems, and ego—issues you have to transcend. The think you are all champions too….they talk about it incessantly here in heaven you know.

When one of you passes and transitions back to me…all heaven celebrates your coming. There is great commotion around your transition to heaven. Great celebration is prepared for you my beloveds. All the balloons of heaven will fall on you and we will applaud you with great joy as you come back home to me. What a celebration and party we will have. Tears of joy from your family members and yourself will be greatly shown to you. Scott, the spotlight of God will shine on you like no other you have ever experienced before. It will be a celebration of celebrations! You think killing a fatted calf is a celebration…you haven’t seen or felt anything like this my beloved. You will be paraded around heaven like a hero…because that is what you are all…my hero’s…my beloved that have overcome…that have transcended the ego. Even if in this lifetime you think you have failed your earthly mission it will not feel this way to you when you get back here. We are going to party my son.

God, what about the errors though, the hang—ups of ego, the frailties and the times we acted in ego…are we going to be held accountable for these faults, and failures? No, my beloved Scott, No. I cannot do this to you and will not blame you for anything. I will show you though how to do it better next time around though. Scott, your scriptures point to an accounting to God. This accounting is more like an evaluation of your earthly experience. You will see where you were not successful in some of your dealings with others and with yourself. But there is no eternal rejection of anyone here. God what about the evil like Hitler, Mussolini and the like. Never mind them Scott, what about you? They are pussy –cats in comparison with you my beloved. God are you kidding with me here? Yes, and no my beloved. Scott, do you think that I have some way of identifying some mistakes you make that are on a greater scale than other mistakes that seem less? Yes, God I have been taught this….there are mortal or deadly sins that will send you to hell, and others that are not so bad that will take you to purgatory. Scott, this is man’s religious way of figuring me out again. Toss it all our as rubbish. Why? Because it is not true that’s why…toss it out as mere rubbish. It is so un—like me that if I had an ego like you, I would be absolutely offended by the inference. Scott, if I saw your ego—clothes that you wear daily in heaven as a judgment of you; all of you would fail and be utterly rejected. Not just some of you…ALL OF YOU! I don’t see you like others see you my beloved…I can’t. I don’t even have a thought of how you act out ego in this life. Sorry to disappoint you. No, God you don’t disappoint me…I love it. I knew you would Scott. Why would anyone want to follow a God who had an ego?

You are all innocent to me. This is the great ATONEMENT. It goes cross—grain to the ego—mind that you think you are…but I am here to tell you all this other stuff you have heard about me is mostly rubbish. How could you possibly be a friend of a God who had ego like you? One minute He would love you, and the next moment he would be “kicking you to the curb.” That wouldn’t be fun would it? No, God it certainly would not be fun.

David was a man of like passions as you Scott. He would lie, he would cheat if he could get by with it…he would run from me just like you do at times. But, Scott I loved him. Just like I love you and all my beloveds. There is no action that can offend me Scott. Do you get this my child? Yes, God I get it. I cannot hold you accountable for your ego ways. I made it to help you in the progression of your soul’s growth…how could I turn around and whip you with it…or worse…send you to hell for it? I don’t know God…I agree with it. Scott, even if you didn’t agree with me it would not change my love for you…or for any of your earthly brothers and sisters. This is where most religions give God a “bad wrap.” I can see now why more and more of my creation is not frequenting churches anymore…they are tired of the whipping…they are tired of the fear of hell…they are tired of all the religious mess and what is called love…when it is not. Now I know why churches are having a hard time controlling people.

They are saying “enough” is “enough.” The have said “uncle” to religion and have “kissed” it off as you would say…because they are sick and tired of being called a bunch of hooligan sinners. They have exited—stage left—the enterprise of church and are starting to go within again where I have always been. They are finding out that what they have been told about God and his ways are wrong. They find peace in nature and in communing with their own. They find a thread of truth that they are hanging onto with desperation they hope God is not what the churches, and religion has told them. They are hoping to God that it is all rubbish…because that is what their heart says to them. Scott and you are here to my beloved, are you not? Yes, God thoroughly fed up with the mess of religion and all its crummy trappings. Good word my child… “Crummy trappings.” I might have to adopt these words…they do fit.

So, Scott lets go back to this earthly experience for a while is that okay? Yes, of course God. Scott, let’s break your life down for you. Okay God…go ahead if it makes you feel better? Yes, it will make us both feel better when it’s all said and done. Okay, if you say so. Yes, I say so my beloved. Scott, you were raised with a father who has a huge ego—overlay like you. Okay, he loves you dearly but cannot show you all his love because he is caught up in his own life’s drama. He came here to help you Scott. Many times you saw his actions, or in—actions and judged them as less than good…maybe even as bad. Yes, God that is probably right. Scott, yes it is. You judged him through your own ego—eyes did you not? Yes, God I see that I did. But, Scott, what you don’t see is how I view your dad. Would you like to know how I see him my son? Yes, God I would. Scott, I see your dad as one of the most loving people created on this planet. You do? Yes, I do. His love is so big Scott, if you actually would see it you would be absolutely astounded by it. I would? Yes, it is that big. Scott, sometimes the bigger the ego—game that is played out in life—the bigger the love. I know Scott that right now a part of you disagrees with this notion. But Scott, I see your father as a champion too…just like you.

I know God, somehow you see us all as your champions. And you are…they are…and your dad is. Not because of only this though Scott. You see in this dimension, in the confines of your time. I see the whole thing…all your life’s experiences as one. I don’t see you as fragments through every lifetime of your existences…I see it as all whole. That is the only way I can see it my child. I set up the rules. I abide by them…and in turn, you will agree with them and see the wisdom in all of it. Someday, you will all see it and agree with me in perfect harmony. This will be the allure to always come back to me again. You will know this when you transition back to me. For now, it seems like this earth is not your permanent residence…and you are right. But, earth is for your learning, your training, your soul’s development. It does things for you that heaven cannot give you…experience and the ultimate knowing of God and how I work.

In your heart of hearts you know this…it is just you have all forgotten and are like sheep that have lost their way. You are never lost though as it might seem. You are so found my beloveds and we are never apart. Someday this will be your full understanding…but for now suffice it to be what you accept as part of your soul’s evolution. Okay, God…I will try. I know you will my son. Help all your beloved brothers and sisters to know this from my heart Scott…I want them to understand it too. Don’t be rejected if they don’t readily accept your message of love Scott…remember…they did this to many of my sons and daughters who seemed to see more of who I AM. Don’t be discouraged Scott. Remember I told you that they might not comprehend it on an outward level of consciousness, but their eternal spirit knows it all. You are here to help them remember it.

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