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D. Scott Arant

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The Language of God
By D. Scott Arant   
Rated "G" by the Author.
Last edited: Wednesday, December 26, 2007
Posted: Wednesday, December 26, 2007

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God dialogues with Scott about his unique language and how he communicates to mankind.

The Language of God

Scott, everything starts with a thought does it not? Yes, God…of course. Thoughts can build into ideas, and ideas are clusters of thoughts. You begin to accept and adopt ideas as your own when they become one with you. You call this a resonation within…as if a “bell” went off inside of you…saying…YES. This is Spirits way of leading you. I put a thought into your mind…you think it…then you build upon it as it resonates with you and it becomes your own in ownership of the thought.

Have you ever thought about this...How do thoughts begin anyway? No, not until you brought it up God. Yes, Scott you are right…not until I bring it up. So, thoughts begin with me. Yes, God…all thought begins with you. Exactly my child. It must begin with me first. You as humans think differently though. You believed that you were taught how to think through the learning of your language and by your teachers. You think it came as an intellectual process only and you do not give God the credit for your thoughts. Yes, God I can see this. I realize now it to be erroneous.

Scott, I started everything with a thought. Your scriptures said creation came about by speaking a word…but speaking a word must first be conceived by a thought first. No words can be formulated without first a thought being formulated. Does this make sense to you? Yes, God of course it does. Words are only thoughts spoken. Yes, so everything Scott must be originated by the thought first.

Scott, thought is created by God…God is the originator of thought. God is consciousness as you would say. All thought originates with God. All thoughts end as it were by God. I am originator, or the creator of the thoughts and your brain functions to process all thoughts. You have confused the brain with the ego mind. Even though the brain plays a part in this vital process…it is not the construct of the ego—mind. The ego mind is constructed by you…the thought of ego actually came from me though. It is what you as humans do with this ego mind that gives it its power in your lives.

If you think you are ego this started out as a thought that you built upon and constructed one piece at a time. This ego thinking is yours. The ego is built upon by everything outside of you. It involves brain process. It actually started with your parents and how they talked to you and related to you. When you were this infant you did not know language…you learned language from your parents first. You heard them speak to you even though you were unconscious of what they were really saying to you. You still were thinking though in a sort of different language Scott. I was? Yes, you were. Do you know what language that you thought in even before you were conscious of it? No, God I do not. Would you like to know Scott? Of course I would God. Please tell me. It was heaven’s language…it was thought language that you have always understood clearly. I did? Yes, you did. Even before you were born into this earthly existence you understood it. When born, then you learned another language…the language of your mother tongue.

All of my creation both physical and non-physical understands the voice of God…the language of God and of heaven. You learned a foreign language Scott by learning your now used English language. Yes, I can see that God as you are saying this to me right now. Good. So, Scott, if I were already communicating to you before you were born in a heavenly language it had to start with thought first. Do you see this clearly now? Yes, God I do. Words cannot form first; thought must be formed before words can exist.

Correct. So, Scott the scriptures say that God said… “Let There be” and it was in word form, but it was first a thought-form before it was a word-form was it not? Yes, God that makes total sense to me. Scott, I am showing you this as simplistically as I can so that you can realize that all things, seen or unseen, consist of thoughts. Scott, you are the thought of God just as all your brothers and sisters of the earth are my thoughts too. Can you see this? Yes, God I can see it now.

Had you told this to me a few years back I would have “choked” upon it. Yes, my son you would have because it was not time to introduce this to you for you would have not understood it. When understanding is lacking, you would automatically reject the thought as in-coherent and nebulous, and thus would end up rejecting the thought and dis-owning it. This is what normally happens to you humans if you do not understand something, even if in your native language.

So, if heaven has a language what language is it? I don’t know God. I am not referring here to a dialect Scott, for we do not speak here except through thought. We have no need to speak as you humans do. Speaking is what you do…thinking is what we do…and have always done. Even though you have adopted speech as your primary vehicle of communication to each other, it is not the primary way you originate ideas or clusters of thoughts…you obviously think them first do you not? Yes, God.

The point I am making is this…All of creation both in the seen world of your existence, and the unseen world of my existence, which is your existence really too, starts with thought. Can you agree with me on this my son? Yes, God I can. Good. From your first human perspective it started with words, or speech, but it really all originated from thought. First the thought of God, which created all things both seen and unseen, then these thoughts took form. In your case, human form.

Scott, who would better give you this eternal perspective of your reality…Form, is more real than thought, or the other way around…thought is more real than form? God the other way around as you say…Thought precedes form. Yes, Scott you are right. Thought always precedes form. You humans like to get it backwards by thinking you are form and you are your thoughts…in that order. But, you are not. You are really the thought of God first which took on human form and you have thoughts. These thoughts at first were all from me, and then you learned different thoughts from your human parents. They started with their thoughts to you, which became spoken words to you. You heard, and perceived them from your human ears. What your parents don’t know consciously, is that the words started with thoughts first, which became a dialect of language that was communicated to you primarily of word, or verbal communication.

The problem with most of your verbal communication here on earth is that it is so distorted because your thoughts are distorted. Your thinking today for the most part has been through this learned process which has been distorted. It is distorted through many portals or openings. You have a brain, you are not a brain. This is one area of confusion even your medical doctors and many scientists believe even today. In my thinking their thinking is way behind the times and is archaic and prehistoric in nature.

This thinking is the type of thinking I am telling you here that has been distorted through these many portals of human learning and experience. You think surface thoughts which you think are real. Just listen to one of your own speak sometime in just casual, everyday, speech. Listen intently to what the casual speaker says to you. If you really listen closely you will find it is mostly incoherent thought, chatter and filler type of talk. This is the ego talk. The ego thinks itself very intelligent because you have given the ego its power by building upon ego thoughts, when in actuality the ego makes no sense at all. It just chatters incessantly with much incoherence. Most of what the ego thinks, and verbally communicates is random and scattered in nature…it makes no sense at all.

The ego loves to ramble and hear itself talk. It thinks it has something important to say, when in actuality it does not. These ego type thoughts are not the language of heaven as mentioned earlier…it is the language of the earth and of humans. It starts as thoughts too…but these thoughts don’t originate from heaven as God’s thoughts have. They have their origination on earth, and are earthy in nature. This is the split-mind that you all as humans have to work through to come to knowledge of heavens language of thought.

It is impossible to see heavens thoughts until you realize that your earthly thoughts of ego are not who you are. You started as a heaven thought, and you will continue to be heaven thought for all eternity…because you are Spirit, and the very spark of God, which is eternal in its existence. You can be no other way. You are divine thought which has taken on physical form and you call this form a body. The body is not you…your ego-thoughts are not you…you are divine spirit with thoughts that come from God.

You are preconditioned to believe what is apparent to you. You see your body, and automatically assume you are a body…until my thoughts begin to tell you otherwise. You are all pre-programmed by your earthly parents, who in turn were pre-programmed in their earthly thinking and experiences from their parents and so on…ad infinitum as your Latin dialect says. Who you really are is not what you have been programmed to think, so it stands to reason that you must begin to be conscious of another language or thoughts that come from a heavenly source. This process of understanding who you really are comes with questions as a starting point. Questions as to your existence, and how you got to earth, not just from a biological standpoint, but from a higher consciousness standpoint. To acclimate yourselves to this earthly plane of existence you had to learn earthly ways of communication which originates from thoughts too. Where did these thoughts really originate from? I know that they all started from me. My thoughts are eternal…so you in turn are eternal. This is not what you have learned in your earthly realm from most of your teachers. Most of what you have learned has been filtered through the ego mind and that of the experiences of mankind.

Most these thoughts communicated have been terribly distorted through misperceptions of ego. Much of what you have learned has been “parroted” by others which have never been questioned by you. You are programmed to believe that what your parents have told you is the gospel truth as you would say.

So, just by the act of you questioning things the process of higher consciousness can begin. It becomes the beginning of a new portal of thought. One whereby you open your being up to learn something else. What most do here, for it is human nature to do so, is to ask others what they think about the truth, as they perceive it. This again is distorted through their portals of thought and personal experience in life. Many times they will give you just their personal opinion. Opinions are human, and are filtered through the human ego and experiences. They are distorted and incomplete.

If you were to ask a hundred different people what their opinions were on a particular subject, you would probably hear a hundred different things from them as they perceive their reality to be. If most perceptions are inherently flawed though, why would you want to hear from others what their perception is on life, living, God, or existence? In this case it would be as the blind, leading the blind.

What most of you don’t understand is…that God does not think as a human. God knows. God communicates to you by thoughts. God wants you to know you are an eternal thought that has taken on human form. This form is what you call a body and it functions well for your earthly existence. You brain was created in the body to process information. It is a phenomenal vehicle that runs the body. Without the brain running your body your heart would not beat. Notice it runs the body as a background “software program” much like that of a computer. The computer program runs the programmed computer language that speaks to the computer and tells it how to operate.

Your ego is made up of perceptions processed from the brain. The ego is not the brain but it seems to have a life of its own so to speak. It has a life of its own because you have given it a life of its own. You gave it a life of its own when you thought it was the real you, just as you have thought your body was really you. In actuality neither the body, or the ego, or the brain is really you. They are just parts of the whole. The real you started as a thought, which became form. So, in the true st sense of the word, you are really the thought of God. I created you by thought.

Because, you are creators like me, you create by thought too. Everything has to start with this thought process. If you are attuned to heaven you will get more heaven thoughts, and if you are attuned to earth, you will get more earth type thoughts. The earth thoughts are on a different vibration than heaven thoughts…they are denser in nature than heaven thoughts. Everything about you as humans is denser in nature than that of heaven and Spirit. Ideally I want you to be connected to both realms at the same time. This can be done but it takes listening and learning a new language, the language and communication of heaven and of God. This is always a thought language…it always starts and ends with thoughts.

The question is…How do you get attuned to heaven and to God? The answer is you must be open to different information that must be adopted and applied to your lives that causes you to transcend your earthly thinking.

Think of two separate tuning forks that have the same pitch. If you get close to each other and one tuning fork is struck it will automatically vibrate the other tuning fork. Why? The tuning fork is attuned to the other tuning fork and is on the same frequency as the tuning fork that was struck. I strike the pitch with my thoughts and they vibrate your thoughts and you become in harmony with me…and vibrate with the same frequency as God. You are always attuned in one sense to God, because that is how I pre-programmed each and every one of you. This is my secret weapon against all your learned ways of ego and human learning process.

This attunement is on a spiritual level, not a mind level. This is where most the confusion comes from…the mind level which has its roots in human perception, judgments, and prejudice. This part of your human mind must take a “backseat” to the spiritual nature of who you are. I communicate to the mind of spirit that resides in each and every one of you. You oftentimes try to pick up on my divine signal with the human aspects of the mind, but they are not picked up there…they are picked up by attuning to your spirit…the eternal part of you that is always connected to me.

These thoughts are not dense in nature like human thoughts…they vibrate at a much higher frequency than your human ears can hear at. An illustration of this would be like how a dog can hear noises that you as humans could never perceive or pick up. Why? Because they can perceive frequencies of noise or vibration that you cannot in your human body pick up. They have a much keener sense of hearing than you. Would you agree to this? Yes, God, I would. I have been taught this too from my teachers, and my schooling. Yes, you have. You have also heard of what you call a “dog whistle” have you not? Yes, well Scott, can you explain how a dog whistle works for me? I don’t think so God all I can tell you is from what I have been told. Okay…shoot my son, tell me.

A dog whistle is like any other whistle you can blow but it is attuned to a higher noise frequency than what humans can perceive. How do you know this my beloved? Because when this whistle is blown it is not perceived or picked up by the human ear. It whistles silently, or so it seems. A dog then seems to be attuned to its hearing differently. How do you know this? Because when this special whistle is blown the dog hears it. You can visibly see that the dog is picking up on the signal. How so, since a dog does not speak your language? Their ears will seem to pick up or rise to hear the sound of this whistle. So, my son here is a case in point of what I have been telling you. The divine voice, which starts and originates through thought, is at a much higher frequency than a human can perceive…it is perceived by your eternal spirit. It is attuned to God. The human mind and thoughts are attuned to earth. Most of your earthly thoughts that have been taught you and are mostly misperceptions when it comes to God.

In the true st sense of the word…you are really all God-thoughts in human form or flesh so as to be able to navigate the earthly plane of your human existence. But, if you think that is all you are, you are sadly mistaken. For you are really thought forms, or a spirit form. You have been taught that a spirit form is a ghost. But, in this sense you are really all ghosts, because you are really all spirit…you just happen to have a human form or body that has the capability of processing thoughts through the function of brain software.

When you perceive that you are not just a body, or for that matter, you are not your thoughts either, than you get closer to be able to perceive who you really are…divine Spirit…a spark of the Almighty. This is the light Jesus, the Christ spoke of when he said… “This is the light that lighteth every man.” This is the real you. When you accept this thought you become attuned to my higher thoughts and attuned to heaven. Attunement to this heavenly channel that is always playing feels like love. It is the love channel as mentioned before. Love is always playing on this channel, because love is all that exists here.

I think you, by giving you my love thoughts that stream continually in flow to you and your spiritual self, the one in connection with me. If you want to hear more from this channel it is as easy as tuning in to love. When you are engaged in this love, you are hearing all that this channel is saying. When you are not engaged in love, or are engrossed in another ego channel, it is impossible to hear the love channel at the same time. The two channels are on completely different stations or frequencies. To hear God, you must be on the same channel as God, or the same frequency as God…and that is love.

That is un-conditional love. This is not the love you have been taught which is conditional, but un-conditional. When you get in the frequency of unconditional love, you are on my station and in my frequency. Your spirit, or spark, is always connected to this station, but you are just doing most of your work on another station that serves your ego or your earthly existence. The love channel that I am always playing on serves your eternal spirit. Your spirit drinks in this station and fills its heart with this divine elixir. You can be inebriated with this elixir too, only it will not give you any side effects like a head-ache with it. This elixir of divinity and Spirit will give you pure joy, not a false high like alcohol will give you. It is the true elixir of Spirit and the true fruit of the vine of Spirit. You can drink from this vine and never be thirsty again.

This is exactly what Jesus, the Christ spoke of to the woman at the well by saying this is the true drink that mankind needs. This is the drink that will not put them to sleep like the other elixirs you have drunken; this one will awaken your spiritual senses and cause them to come to new life. This is why this divine elixir of Spirit is put in contrast with other elixirs that can dull the senses and cause you to forget who you are. This elixir satisfies your eternal cravings of Spirit and is in contrast to the earthly cravings of ego and your body wanting to forget and check-out on life. The spirit elixir does just the opposite of the earthly…it fills you and satiates the deepest part of your Spirit-spark that you are. This is the well I want each and every one to drink from for it is limitless and always satiates the thirsty soul.

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