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D. Scott Arant

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Letting Go
by D. Scott Arant   
Rated "G" by the Author.
Last edited: Thursday, January 03, 2008
Posted: Thursday, January 03, 2008

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God dialoges with Scott about the subject of letting go of certain things that don't serve us in life.

Letting Go

God this last year was quite the year of letting go for me. Yes, my beloved son and how do you feel after releasing and letting go of the things you let go of? I feel freer God. Yes, when you let go it is a freeing thing…a releasing thing…a thing of beauty.

And why is that God? Because it is your divine nature my child to release things. But God, I am an “attacher” of things more than a releaser of things. Yes, Scott, I know this too. You tend to attach to many things. Some of the things you have attached to have served your soul well and others have not. Like what attachment is serving me well God?

Your wife, your children, your love. These are positive attachments in your words. These attachments can serve you well…they can also not serve you well. What do you mean God? I am confused now. On one hand you tell me that my positive attachments serve me well…but there seems to be another side to this story about how some of the positive attachments I have may not…How is this?

Scott, everything I give you can serve you both ways. Either positive, or negative in nature. You choose which they are for you. How is it that I choose it? You choose everything in your physical existence my beloved. Some of the things you choose in this existence serve you well…others do not and need to be “ditched.” Okay, God, if my wife, my children, my parents, my friends, my job or my earthly vocation, if any of these serves me, this is positive…isn’t it? Yes. When do these positives quit serving me positively and work in reverse on me?

This is the question my beloved. This is the question I wanted to hear from you. It was? Yes, because it shows me that you put some thought into it…a thought that will take you deeper into the true reality of God and Spirit existence. Okay, God, How?

Let’s take your beloved wife as an example Scott. Okay. Scott, you know better than anyone how this beloved wife came as a gift into your life do you not? Yes, God…I do know it. She has been revealed to me, by you, that she is my greatest gift upon the earth. And Scott, do you believe this? Yes, God…I go beyond belief and know it. Excellent my child…you are learning about God and how God works. Scott, this beloved wife of yours, which is really not your personal possession, but mine, is a gift and something you desired and asked me for before you came into this earthly existence. I did? Yes, you did. I made it known to you that you would eventually find her and know that she would be your wife. You are true “soul-mates” as you would use in your language. You both had divine intents to accomplish something upon this earth that would be a co-creation together in your state of humanity. This was your greatest gift for this human life Scott.

But Scott, what if Sharon decided to walk without you...or you decided to walk without her? It would be tragic to me God. If she is my greatest gift on this earth as you say, how would it be right for us to walk apart? I am not saying it would Scott…but you do have a will that will not be crossed by me or any of my non-physical creation. Yes, I understand the power of the will. Do you Scott? Well, in bits and pieces. Yes. But Scott, what if Sharon came to you and said it’s over between us? Scott, I know this is hard for you to conceive of, but what if? I would be devastated God. I would think it was the end of my life so to speak. Yes, Scott it would be traumatic for you to experience this. And I am not saying that you will...I am just asking you to think how it would affect you? God I don’t know if I could recover without Sharon. Scott, I made you all to be able to survive on your own, and as hard as it would be for you to recover from this event, you would. And you would become stronger for it. You might have a tendency at first to think of yourself as a victim though. You might complain to me, cry to me and beg me to bring her back into your life…but you would recover, survive and you could come to a place where you thrive again without her. All of you have this capacity to adapt to everything that happens in your life…positively or negatively. It boils down Scott to how you take it…How you react to this event. It is in the power of your choice and will.

There are times in your life Scott where it is going to appear like your life is over…toast…as you would say. It will appear that the life you desired is pulled out from you like a rug from under your feet. It will seem to come “out of the blue” so to speak and totally “rock” your world and it will seem as if it is gone…no more…and that you would rather die than experience this life changing event. But in the end you will know it all for divine reason. It is what you soul wanted…but you never thought it would “show-up” for you in this way. If you did…you would have avoided it like the plague.

Yes, God…I am seeing this now…I am seeing it be un-veiled to me so to speak as I step one foot in front of the other. One step at a time God…One step at a time. And yes, my beloved it is always for all of you…one step at a time. Scott, you don’t have to see down the road or into the future to take one step at a time do you? No, God I don’t. So, Scott, why do you think a lot of people do?

My thought God is that they are unsure of their futures and might be confused about life in general and would seek help from you by knowing more about their futures. Yes. And does this serve them Scott? I think in some instances yes, and others no. Scott, I am glad you are seeing a broader picture of life. I try God. I can only see the broader picture though as you reveal it to me. Yes, that is true my beloved…So…if I do not show you your future, or you can’t see the path very clearly, or you can’t see your way around a blind curve…What are you to do my child? I am to trust that even though I can’t see around the corner, or see beyond the horizon, or the fog has covered my sight, I can still trust you God. Yes, Yes, Yes…my beloved…this is the key to you moving forward and positively in your life. Scott, you can have all the insight in the world as you would say, and see into the future for yourself and others…you could be a seer of all seers and a mighty prophet of God with great and godly insights…but if you lack trust…you lack the essential ingredient that I look for in your life and your soul’s well-being.

Wow…that is great…But, how does one get trust, God? That is another beautiful question my beloved son Scott. This is a question I greatly cherish and hold dear to my heart…for I put it there for you? Yes, God I understand more that many of my thoughts are really your thoughts coming through me as a divine channel. Yes, Scott, and I like that word you used too. Which one? Divine channel. Scott, can you tell me in your words what you think that means to you? Sure, God, it means to me a divine vessel. Okay, Scott, what does that mean? A vessel is a container. Okay, please elaborate more for me. Each one of us, divine spirits in human embodiment are containers. We hold the essence of God within this earthly container called the body.

Scott, that is not all true . Okay, God, tell me how you see it then. I will be happy to my child. Scott, you are divine Spirit and the essence of the divine. You are always this divine essence…you can be nothing else. That is all you are…and it will never change…it is immutable as you would say…it is eternal…for I am eternal. It is the holographic nature of God that is your eternal essence. You body does not hold anything but your biological life as you know it. It is a container in the sense that it contains everything you need to exist on the earth and to thrive on it. It is a beautiful thing that I designed and created to help you on this earthly journey…But…it is not the container of your essence.

Okay, God what is the container of my essence? Scott, thanks again for asking as this is such a powerful question. It is your soul. My soul? Yes, my beloved your soul. Your soul is the active container or the vessel of which my divine essence is held. The soul is another mystery that is not well known to mankind. They have a hard time differentiating between the body, soul and the Spirit. Remember, you are primarily divine Spirit. That is the essence of you and every human being on the face of the earth. This is truly who you all are…this is your core or base if you please.

Everything comes to you from this divine base or core first Scott. It does? Yes, it might not seem to you as this way my beloved, but I can assure you that everything that comes to you whether perceived or not is a result of Spirit. Spirit is the spark of life. In physicality this is what first came into you to know that you were not just a human. Many of you are not conscious of this event when your Spirit came into your human bodies. You were and always are divine Spirit Scott. Your human veil and ego hide this from your consciousness. You are like unto God…who is the essence of all things consisting whether known or unknown…seen or unseen. All things consist of me…all things.

God, you say all things. Do you really mean all things? Yes, I am not stuttering my beloved. All things, means all things does it not? Yes, but God…even the table that my lap-top computer sits upon. Even the table that your lap-top sits upon is me. Scott, it would not be visible had not the invisible God created it first. Scott, even your physicist that study the science of physics know that beyond all molecular structure there is something indefinable that they cannot put into human words…it is so extraordinary and supernatural that they can’t define it without the label of God, source energy, energy, thought or the like. Scott, all matter is made up of Source-energy…which is me.

Because of your earthly attachments to words and beliefs, it is hard for you to think of God in these “wispy” terms as you would say…Spirit, essence, energy…Is it not? Yes, God I was always taught to see you as a loving heavenly father that created and watches over all. But, Scott, I am so much more than this. Your human concepts are so simple and so predictable…and this I understand because your earthly veils are so thick that it is hard for you to really see. It is not impossible though Scott, as you are seeing more than you ever saw before are you not? Yes, God. It is kind of funny though…many times I doubt my own experiences and sometimes even the words that are coming through me and channeled into this computer. Yes, I know this…it is all part of your human implant.

Implant is a scary word God. Why would that word be any “scarier” than any other word Scott? Because God that word was used a lot in Sci-Fi movies when aliens were to come to earth and implant something into the minds of humans. I know it is a ridiculous thought in a way because it is so far fetched. Is it? Scott, hidden in your DNA code is the human implant along with all the other humanness and divinity running and coursing through your veins and arteries. It is part of who you are physically and spiritually. Let’s see your scientist crack this code. If they are honest, they will have to say that it is all supernatural and spiritual. Why? Because that is who you are... all of you are…holographic bits and pieces of God…divinity embodied in flesh, bone and blood…along with a few essential ingredients too.

So, Scott, to answer one of your questions, does everything seen or unseen have Spirit? Tell me what do you think? Unequivocally Yes! Wow, that is powerful Scott, do you really mean it? Yes, to the best of my ability God. I trust that what you are telling me is the truth. Scott, this is why trust is so important. To really perceive God, to know God, it is impossible without a measure of faith and trust. Faith is different than trust but they are “kissing cousins” that can be powerfully united. You can have great faith though and still be lacking trust. Trust comes through experience. You must have faith, not blind faith, but truly inspired faith, but as powerful as faith is, it can never be as powerful without the ingredient of trust. Trust will only come as you prove to yourself God is trustworthy.

How do I do this God? I so want to trust you. Scott, I see your heart, I know you want to trust me…but do you? No, not always God. Thank you my beloved for being so vulnerable here and so transparent to the world. This too, this vulnerability, is from me. It is a tenderness that I give to each and every one of you that chooses it. Notice it is a choice you have Scott. You can choose, like most humans do, to hide who you really are, to hide your weaknesses and your human frailties. But Scott, that is not the pathway to enlightenment. It is the pathway of ego-centeredness to not be vulnerable. Even those that are on this pathway to enlightenment so to speak have a hard time admitting when they are weak Scott. They have a hard time showing this side of them…the ego nature. Yet, it is within all. None escapes this earthly existence without creating this false persona which is the mask of the divine. It is the polarity of God. Notice, polarity does not mean evil in your words, and neither does it mean “bad.” It is just polarity. It is the contrast of life to show you what a thing is not. Once, you know what a thing is not…you can know what it is. You need polarity in all things in this earthly existence you have and enjoy.

So, to be truly spiritual as you would say, (a ludicrous statement to me, because all of you are spiritual, you just aren’t aware of it) you must experience the well roundedness of experiencing the polarity of things so that it can point you back to me…to your true st essence. How would you perceive light if you did not perceive darkness as you would label it? If all things are made of me can there really be darkness…or is it an illusion too? God, when things get dark it sure feels dark. Yes, I know my beloved. When you see as me you will see differently. You will see as all things working together for your good and for your ultimate well-being.

The illusions your ego perceives cannot fathom anything else. In fact, the illusions of ego will tell others that your words are pure “bunk”, and preposterous. They that do not see the unseen will try to rationalize with the mind. This is also part of your ego-programming. Some will never see beyond the veil of ego. Why? Because that is what they choose to believe…only that which can be experienced in your five-sense world of physicality. They think this is the real reality…when it is but illusion. The true reality for you as a human will consist of both…illusion and reality which is Spirit. Scott, the eternal things are always Spirit, the temporal things, or the things that will pass away are the illusion. Since, each and every one of you is divine
Spirit, and this is your true essence, you are real. Anything that can pass away, or is temporal in nature, is the illusion.

This “boggles” the human mind as it is only limited to the physicality of your nature. When I speak of the mind, I am referring to what you call the brain process. It has nothing to do with the mind of God. This is important when it comes to survival on the earthly plane, but does not serve your soul’s intent as a spiritual being. It is the blendedness of this earthly existence and the spiritual, with the polarities of each of you have in the physicality of your humanness that you wanted, and desired in order to reach your soul’s intent and purposes.

God can you tell me more about the soul of man…being the container of Spirit. I was always taught the body was the container. I know, that is why I am telling you something different here. The body only contains the human element of you…notice the body is temporal. It is not eternal, so it the part of you that only serves in helping you experience all that you wanted to experience on the earth. It is not the real you…but the illusion of who you are. It is part of the disguise of God. It assists the ego-veil of the ego-mind, in order to keep you “planted on the ground” so to speak. This is one of the reasons you spiritual beings are so exonerated in the heavenlies. You are all honored here by all those that chose to stay in Spirit form. You are revered…as you would say…in your words. The angels, your guides and spiritual teachers are all in awe of your duality. They know each and every one of you is a pioneer so to speak in your earthly journeys. They are amazed with the contrast that you face everyday and all the decisions you must make in order for the survival of your species. They are behind the veil, so to speak, of your ego-consciousness. If I were to show you what is behind the veil of your humanness, you would all want to defect and come back into divine form again…the form of Spirit. This would interrupt your wanting to be human. This would be contrary to your soul’s deepest desire for you…and your deepest soul’s desire for your life.

So…the soul Scott is the receptacle, the container, the vessel of God. I cannot tell you completely here what the soul is…but in the most rudimentary way it is what I have just said…the receptacle of Spirit. It holds your divinity in it. It is a snap-shot of all your lives that you have ever lived upon the earth. It contains all your deepest spiritual desires and aspirations. It is the very thing I have in my possession of you…which is really me…expressed through you.

Scott, this will “blow” you away. What God? What I am about to say to you. Okay, God…shoot. I have your souls secured in a special place in heaven where I frequent all the time. It is a room to put it simply, whereby I can view all your souls. All your souls are in this room, this place of God…that which is in the heart of God. It is only reserved for me Scott…no one else has access to it but me. It is a room of “awe” and bewilderment in heaven among all the non-physical beings that I have created. They are not allowed in this special place Scott. They aren’t? Why not? Because I wanted it this way my beloved. Your souls are so precious to God that this is a “hands-off” and isolated area that is guarded by the strongest of my creation.

This is my playground my child. It is the place where all of your souls are eternally secured and nurtured. I visualize every one of your souls as so precious. The only thing you could possibly conceive of to help you relate to this place would be this illustration…
It would be like a mother of children where she could experience her children. Picture if you will your child being born and that child being taken care of by the hospital attendants and nurses. You baby is just born and is being cleaned up by these hospital attendants. They stabilize the infant clean it, take the vitals of the infant and perhaps give them fluids intravenously. They put monitors on this beloved child to make sure there are no complications after birth. They swaddle, or wrap the infant tightly in a blanket and perhaps put the infant under a heated lamp for additional warm and comfort. You as a parent are now told that it is okay to go to this viewing room and see the baby amongst other babies that have been recently born.

As a parent you go to this place and you observe your beautiful offspring, your beloved child who is so helpless in this state. It is totally reliant upon the care of others attending to its every physical need. You notice your child in the arms of one of these attendants. You make eye contact with the attendant is if you want to see the baby closer up. She acknowledges you and comes closer to the protective window. She elevates the baby to as close to eye level as possible, and as close to the window as is possible. There you view the baby so closely and so intensely. You see every bump and anomaly of the child. You see their nose and eyes if they are open. You look at their skull and their facial features. You observe and admire this beautiful creation of God in human form. You see maybe some of your own expressions and features too. You internally are in a state of awe and bewilderment. The baby yawns and you laugh. The baby cries and you feel like crying. Scott, this is how I am when I view your souls too. Just like a parent I frequent this room often and I dream here. I dream of you. I see your soul’s desires and intents and it gives me great joy to see it. It is my special treasure…your souls. They give me eternal delight and joy.

You see your soul as part of you…and it is…but it is really my special treasure, my prize, my room…it is the receptacle of Spirit, my essence, and you have it, but it is not yours, it is mine only and is the prized possession of your essence…Spirit. Again, no one in heaven is allowed in this area of your soul, the room of souls…except my divine presence. It is only for me…no-one else and is bewilderment to all my non-physical creation. They have never been in this room…only me.

Scott, this is an attachment what I just revealed to you. It is my attachment to you. I am always attached to you and you to me…we are inseparable. You are my divine delight and I get so much joy from all of you…everyone of you. Your souls are my prized possession. I am attached to you. God I am deeply humbled by what you have just spoken to me…I am speechless….I am in awe of you.

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