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D. Scott Arant

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Angels and Spirit Guides
by D. Scott Arant   
Rated "G" by the Author.
Last edited: Tuesday, April 29, 2008
Posted: Tuesday, April 29, 2008

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Scott has a visitor this morning in his prayer and meditation time.

Angels and Spirit Guides

Today, the 29th of April, 2008, Gwendolyn came into my thought. About a year ago through a guided meditation CD produced by Neil Donald Walsch’s daughter I was introduced to her. I say her, because I met her on this clearing from a path I was walking on, and found a mature, kind, loving presence that I could not see the face of, but I knew this face and body had female qualities. I could not actually see the face, I think I was too afraid to do so, but I recognized the loving, kind presence of Gwendolyn, who is and was, one of my guides.

Call her an angel that I met or call her a guide, as it really doesn’t matter to me what you call her. How did I get the name Gwendolyn? I asked her her name and she told me in this first meeting that it was Gwendolyn. Really I thought initially her name was Gwenoviere, at least that is what I thought I heard her say her name to be. So, on my second guided meditation I met and saw her again and she mentioned her name was Gwendolyn and not Gwenoviere. She kindly corrected it and said, “No, my name is Gwendolyn and I have been with you for a long time.” When she told me these words I melted inside and my heart was filled with her love and compassion for me.

Apparently Gwendolyn has been with me for a long time, even for many lifetimes and existences that I have lived. What are guides? I don’t really know. Again, they could be what we call angels. Angels are spiritual messengers of God. They carry our prayers and God’s messages to and from us. They protect us and keep us on the path of our soul.

Guides do similar things but seem to relate to us humans a little closer. Some have actually lived lifetimes in humanity like us. They have chosen a path to serve mankind, similar to angels. The feeling I get from Gwendolyn is that she possibly knew me, or was close to me in another lifetime and she chose to stay with me until I decide it is no longer in my soul’s interest to be human. She is a loving companion that guides me. Gwendolyn also teaches me and instructs me if I tune into her essence, or energy.

This is just my opinion but I think we are assigned angels and guides to help us along our earthly journey and path. They have always been here for us, but they are not necessarily visible to us in our earthly bodies. We do not recognize them as our spiritual guides and helpers along the way. We don’t recognize them because of many factors. Some of these are our upbringing as children from our parents. We, as children might have been aware of their presence but our parents would discourage us from holding “imaginary” conversations with these loving beings. They might have tried to convince us that we were just imagining everything, as if the imagination isn’t a powerful creative force in our lives.

We might have had preconditioned thoughts from those other than our parents too. Peers, Sunday school or other religious teachers, and even in our school system this imagination was dampened, and discouraged. We allowed others outside of ourselves to dictate what was correct and proper and what was not allowed. At this point our personality and ego mind was formed in order to help us navigate the earthly realm of existence. We started putting more credence in what we physically saw, then what we felt or imagined to see.

Thus, we disconnected from inherently who we really are…divinity in a body, and we withdrew from Spirit due to preconditioning of others outside of us, and for reasons of fear. This fear was also created by the ego in order to protect us…or at least…that is the illusion it gave us. We were safe no longer delving into the sub-conscious or the God realm and were satisfied to just feed the mind and our outer consciousness.

Guides, once connected to, will help us back to our soul’s purpose and our eternalness that we really are. After all, we are Spirit, God embodied by flesh. Spirit is our natural state and not the step-child of our humanness. Nothing wrong or less spiritual to be human but the deciding factor of our beings should be Spirit, or God, and not our minds. Instead, we have made gods of our conscious thoughts and ignored the un-consciousness of our Spirit.

Some today, are saying that to be conscious is wrong and less spiritual. This is untrue . You are both, but the weightier parts of you are Spirit existence. We have forgotten this heritage of who we are and have ignored ourselves, and denied ourselves this wonderful and fruitful experience.

God has given us these friends of Spirit to help and aid us in this physicality, or physical existence. We all have assigned these gracious beings to help us in our spiritual quest of being like God. They have told me that they want to bring heaven down to earth. This seems like a huge mission and almost impossible. I say almost impossible, because nothing is impossible with God. Only in our small minds do we diminish the greatness of our God.

This morning I felt the presence of Gwendolyn and I asked for her to come close to me as I was glad to see her, although, I never have seen her with my physical eyes, only my spiritual ones. I know this is hard to put a “handle” on for most people. Once, you start seeing with your spiritual eyes you see your path of existence from a broader perspective and a keen understanding. If you are not able to see or feel the spiritual realm, do not panic or fear, it is your natural heritage. It is really common to you and you actually take to it like a “duck to water.” You just have trained your mind otherwise, and have ignored who you really are. You are divine Spirit encased and encapsulated in human flesh. This is who you really are. The body just identity’s your individuality along with your personality and thought life.

I used to think that anyone other than God or Jesus that I would talk to or communicate with in the non-physical realm was off limits and that by opening to do so would be a “slap” in God or Jesus face, since we are to listen to God alone. This of course, is another fallacy foisted upon us by religion. I was feeling the feelings of guilt when I would go to Gwendolyn in meditation thinking that I should be going direct to God. One day, I went to God about this. Actually I went to a safe place in my spiritual eye where I have been before, and learned of in my Journeywork as a practitioner of The Journey®.

When I want to connect with God or Spirit I go to a spiritual campfire of peace, safety and love. This is a place of unconditional love and support that I see in my minds eye, or spiritual eye. I took Jesus to this place with me and envisioned him by my side with all of his loving presence there. I asked Jesus about this situation where I had met Gwendolyn and that I felt guilty about talking so much with her. I asked Jesus if I was okay in doing this since I was taught that God alone could solve all my problems and that I should talk to God direct or to Jesus direct. All other connections whether they be angels or Spirit guides was considered “off limits” to me as far as my religious teaching was concerned.

I was very surprised when I asked Jesus about this directly. He told me that all in the non-physical realm whether I related to angels or to Spirit guides it did not matter. If God had given them to us human beings to help us along our earthly journey that whether we talked to them or communicated to them in place of God directly, was unimportant and just a belief system that I had constructed. He told me that “Spirit is Spirit, whether communication came from God or an angel, or a Spirit guide or teacher was irrelevant.

This brought me much peace as I realized that I had constructed a belief system that was impractical and would not serve me in my earthly body. Angels and Spirit Guide/Teachers were there for our human benefit and whether God spoke directly to our hearts, or we received information from another Spirit source it was all One. Jesus told me that it was one and the same…and that it all came from the same Source-God. What I received as information or revelation from one was if I were receiving it directly from God. This helped me clear out the guilt over whether I should even be talking to my Spirit Guide, Gwendolyn.

I realized during this meditation with Jesus that Source is Source no matter what flavor it came in. I know this will cross many as they feel that if we were to communicate with any entity other than God that this would be classified error, or sin. That any communication with another non-physical presence other than God could be classified as “having other gods before me,” as the Ten Commandments dictate. But this is a misconception and a gross error when it comes to your spiritual growth on earth. Jesus said to me that “If they are here to help you then accept it from the hand of God and as a gift.”

Does this mean we should take all communication from the unknown as from God? No, certainly not. We should always evaluate what is truly coming to us. Is it an inspirational message from an unknown source, does it carry the feeling of love and acceptance with it. Is it harsh or judgmental? If it is, it is not something you should be dabbling with. When I go into meditation and prayer I communicate with God and the love-Source of all. I know when God is speaking to me directly or indirectly because it does feel like unconditional love and it has a presence of peace that comes with it. These are the criteria we should be judging our experiences with. There are other entities or non-physical beings out there that do not have this presence of love. Some call them the darkness, or evil, but they are just not of the higher frequency of love. Look for the love behind what is said to you in communication with God or the non-physical and you will find Spirit, Source, and God. It really is that simple my friends.

So, getting back to my meditation this morning I felt the presence of my Spirit Guide Gwendolyn coming through to me. The minute I felt her presence I felt her love and warmth coming to me. At this point I felt I had a definite choice to let her presence come in. As a side note, I want you to know that Gwendolyn appears to me as a female entity but she has told me that she has been both male and female. She tells me that she appears to me as a female essence because that is what I need right now. She could as easily appear as male to me if that is what I needed.

So, as I sensed her presence, I asked her a question from my spirit. I said to her, that God has made it known to me that he wants to bring heaven to earth and that I thought that this would be nearly impossible to do. She said these words to me the best I remember… “Scott, you have enough love in you right now to change the world.” I thought this to be a mighty tall statement if you know what I mean. Of course, I know that this message, although directed to me from Gwendolyn, was a statement for all of us on this earth. I am not special in any way, shape or form, and don’t pretend to be. I know that anyone of us who catches and believe this thought of love can change their world and turn it inside-out as we would say. I am no more special than you are. It is obviously our job as human beings to bring heaven to our earthly experience by letting God’s love in, and then allowing it to get out…to our world.

Gwendolyn began to tell me that this was our purpose to shine the light of God’s love to all mankind. She also explained to me that this is a big fear we have too. If we shine too much love to others, they will think us strange or odd and we don’t want to look bad or goofy. So, instead of letting our light shine, we hold it in. I was reminded of a scripture that says, “This treasure is hidden in earthen vessels.” We all have a treasure to give to mankind…it is the treasure of true , unconditional love for all mankind. It is not to be kept in but let out.

She told me we don’t let it out because of our preconditioning and belief systems and because we don’t want to appear weird or abnormal. She said we all kind of fit into a human mould that we feel comfortable with and we conform to human behavior because that has been our pre-conditioning for many existences or lifetimes. She told me that we go about our human lives as if we were wearing a helmet to protect us. We allow this body armor to be attached to us at all times to protect us from hurt. She told me that the same body armor or helmet we wear in life to protect us from hurt also protects us from love.

This keeps the love light from going forth to others. It is like there is this huge light within us all, but we cover it up. Maybe, this is what Jesus referred to as “letting our lights so shine, and not putting our lights under a bushel” so as to hide it. Gwendolyn told me we all do this to some extent because of various reasons. We are actually more afraid of this light since it is so bright. I know this sounds like Irony but this is how we deal with the light that is within us all…we hide it…and we don’t let it out.

Gwendolyn told me that we are afraid and fear that we will let too much light out…so we put on the helmet and body armor. She told me to look at the innocent children before they have been preconditioned by their parents, society, the church and others. She said that they have no problem expressing their true light with others. They can show love, and they can get angry, but they always are forgiving of mis-deeds of others and love comes freely to them. She said that some children were hurt by others during this time in their life and that is where we learned to put on the helmet in order to protect us. Again, she reiterated to me that this same armor, or helmet, we use to protect us from harm, also protects us from love, or from God.

It even interferes with our earthly relationships in this life. Many of us are so accustomed to protecting ourselves with our helmets that when others want to show us love, we pinch it off, or close the valve to love so that it cannot come in. You wouldn’t think this is what we humans do because we so much want to be loved, but we actually impede and stop the love from coming in with the armor we have placed to protect us.

Gwendolyn said I do this with my wife Sharon. I was stunned and shocked as in my mind I love her like no other. She said I was afraid of Sharon because of my past life with Marie and how she had hurt me. (See my past life part one and two for more on this). She said that I am so afraid of Sharon hurting me in some way that I have “pinched off” her love and not let her fully into my life. She said this is one of my life’s lessons for this lifetime.

This again was quite shocking to me and after she revealed this shutting off my wife Sharon’s love, that all I could do was cry. This was not something I expected in this visit from Gwendolyn…but I am so happy that it came out.

That was pretty much all that came out of this visit from my Spirit Guide Gwendolyn. I want to thank you God for sending me such a wonderful gift and help to me on my spiritual journey. God please help me with laying down my armor in my relationships and especially with my soul-mate my beloved Sharon.


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Reviewed by Joey Lawsin 8/10/2008
Nice article. I do believe in angels too, but I do not believe in souls(subconscious). When someone dies his material essence goes back to material dust, however his immaterial essence goes back to an immaterial world which I called nabse. In this magical world, our love ones who left mother earth are the true angels that foreverly guide us. When I pray I talked to my angels and not to god.
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