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Marek A Benjamite

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by Marek A Benjamite   
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Last edited: Wednesday, April 20, 2011
Posted: Wednesday, April 20, 2011

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Marek A Benjamite

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Osama Bin Laden- SAVED by 'F.a.i.t.h' in Christ Jheshua
“Dream about ‘Coming Away’”
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I have seen this- that where- in January- I “came away” in a manner- “spiritually”- to see the Anti-Zion and there defeat the Enemy-after arriving at top of “Mount Zeir’” {in the Valley of the Holy Spirit} – that having so “’blocked’” they from doing a “transfigure”- I had a “’transfigure’”- I were “seen” in heaven as it were…
To “stop” there- TO “’TRANSFIGURE” is to be “’seen” in “’Heaven’”- EVEN if “momentarily”- by they about thee- AS THEE ALREADY- being “’Saved’” INFACT be- as GOD “SEE” YOU!
THIS can be for ANY “’duration’”- for Jeshua on Mount Hore with James, John as Peter- it were- for an “Hour”- for I- I were there for about a “second’”- my babe and wife sew I- after that I “descended” and “OVERTHREW” the “’UNHOLY’” Mount Zeir- and the Anti-Christ were there- and he did not “’Anti-Transfigure’” [for he “’attempted’” to R.I.S.E UP into “’Heaven’” and overthrow “’Heaven’”].. I “PILED” brick after “’brick” [or stone- SANDY “’coloured’” as “’LOOKING’” stone or cephas] on the “’portal’” or “’pillar’” UPON the “’TOP’” there…
AND then- after “’discussion’”- with Jeshua in the Holy Spirit- I LEARNT there were to be an “’Anti-TRANSITION’” of the Enemy- on the Day of the GREAT TRANSITION- pre- the [World-wide [its ALREADY in some country- including on a “’minor’” LEVEL the U.K/- but I’m talking “’world-wide’”]] “’Gt. TRIBULATION’”…
IT SHALL be as “’HELL ON EARTH’” during the “’GREAT TRIBULATION’”- without the “’BLESISNG’”- that MAINTAIN those like I- by “’portalling’” the ‘FAITH’ that bear I… [FOR IN “’TRANSLATING’- having “’DIVINE ALIGNMENT of ‘BODY’-SPIRIT-AND-SOUL’” at the TIME of “’TRANSLATING’”- wee who have “’FAITH’” whether Temporal or “’Ethereal’”- and WALK in it [Eternal or “’Ethereal’” which meant “’Temporal to the Eternal [regions of the ‘Soul]’”]- wee “’take’” AWAY the “’BLESSING’”- closing the “’Open Heaven’” “PORTALS’” that we “‘bore’” IN “’EARTH’” since from there- via the MOON – to the FIRST HEAVEN we be as will be a “’TRANSLATING’” [verily- into the VERY REGIONS of the ANGEL- in ‘Eden’]..
AND THE LAW OF GOD ‘SPOKE’-’ HOW on May Pentecost- MY PENTECOST- just as I had as an “’individual’” TRANSFIGURATION and yet were thereafter Taught of THE GREAT TRANSFIGURATION [in October- 2011- WHEN I also SHALL be “’TRANSLATE’”- at the “’CLOSING OF THE ‘END TIME ARK’” with HIS “’CORE’”- the ‘RED ARMY’- those who will be “’Blood Martyred’”- shall not COME IN THAT ‘WAY’- but another- via ‘death’ [and ‘Hade’- via “’Purgatory’”- where I SHALT- IN THE “’GUISE’” the LORD SEND me in – rescue they ALL].. BUT TIS THE “’WHITE ARMY’”- that will “’TRANSLATE AWAY’”- THOSE MOST OBEDIENT of THE MESSIAH- his “’Revelation 19 “’White Army’”‘ ALL “’PROPHETS’”- all with Jew BLOOD in they [but ‘few’ know this of they]..
BUT IN “’MAY’” I WILL –on MY “’PENTECOST’” DAY- a DAY OF “’ASCENSION’” [not the “’Liturgical “’Pentecost’”]- for the “DAY’” of “’Christmas’” IS by MIRACLE every DAY- and so- ALSO- since there are some “’added’” to the INFINITE ‘BODY’ of ZIOn NOW EVERYDAY- ALSO- at INIFINTE FOCUS- there is a “’Baptism’”- a HOLY GHOST BAPTISM- where there is SOME- who say- a “PENTECOST’”- A “’PENTECOST’”- precisely a “’DIVINE ALIGNING’”- and at the DAY of the “’ASCENSION’”- I SHALT MYSTERIALLY ASCEND to the “’THIRD HEAVEN’”- and there- a ‘”TIME’”- in the “’FIRST HEAVN’” [Day 1-3- the “’First 3 Eons then the ‘following’ 7 in the ‘Realm’ of the Angel’ were included in that “’DAY’”].
THEN ‘YOU’ WILL “’ASCEND’”- and I WIL L”’TALK’” with YOU- as YOU ASCEND- AND “’MUCH’” will learn YOU- in the ‘GARDEN’ of EDEN- pre the “’First Tribulation’”- in the Realm of the ‘Angel’…
THEN I SHALL “’RETURN’” YOU- for much else- must do you- BUT NOT ALONE ARE YOU- YOUR “’Daughter’- being the “’Perfect’ Symbol’” of YOU- in the Relation of YOU to the “’MESISAH’” of YOU- THAT YOU “’CELAVE’” as ONE TO- will be with you- AS WELL AS THE “’TRI-UNE’” Angel/SPIRIT of thy “’Spiritual ‘Other Half’” [‘wife’]..
SO IN “’January’”- Transcended’” TIME AS SPACE as “’TRANSFIGURED’” YOU- but in “’February’” CONSDIERED much of what lay before YOU- and what happened- PROPHESYIN the GREAT TRIBULATION- and the “’TRANSFIGURATION’”- as “’TRANSITION’”- of the “’Entire’ CORE’-“ THEY who Serve GOD- and OBEY HE- despite the “’Secular Churches’” Rejection of they- that “’SERVE’” FORM OUT FO THE “’SHADOWS’”- oh so oft- with little or no recognition- BUT “’OBEING’”- SUCH AS DO ‘YOU’ [how “’GREAT THEY SHALL BE’”- WHEN THEY “’REPLACE’- they who FALL before the “’Chastening Rod’- as “’ISAIAH’” Prophecy- to this ‘DAY’]..
IN “’MARCH’” you did “’encumber’’” with WONDER- but then “’sought’” to “’ARRIVE’”- early- and ‘kept’ were- in CATHOS [in the “’Citadel’” ON HIGH- from the “’Future’”- where I CALL that were- as I SEE IT- as IT WERE..] CITY ..
IN APRIL you did- the ‘time’ of My Coming “’Bear’”- where NONE OTHER were ABEL- as you- to BEAR.. [BUT “’CATHOS’” DID “’HOLD’ YOU- EVEN AS I DO “’HOLD’” YOU..] NO BURDEN- in the END – would ‘ACCPET YOU’”- as is the “’RIGHT’” of you- FOR MY REST I GIVE TO YOU.
MAY- TRANSLATED YOU [THE “’MINOR’” TRANSITION- a ‘host’ of Saved [of the “’CORE’”] as well as “’Saved to be’” [so as to WITNESS to they- UPON the special request of thee]- on the “’DAY’” of “’Pentecost’” [when you FIRST RECEIVED BAPTSIM IN THE SPIRIT] of you!
+YEA- the “’ASCENSION’”- when I FIRST- went- through THE SMOKE AS FIRE- to the “’FIRST HEAVEN’”- IN TRANSITION.!
JUNE- you will “’prepare’”- for ANOTHER “’TRANSFIGURATION’”- the MINOR “’TRANSFIGUARTION’”.. THE U.K> will become steeped in Anti-Catholicism- AND Anti-True Christian- BECAUSE of the Terrorist BOMBs- for which THEY will ‘BLAME’ every non-terrorist “’Christian’”..
[.] MANY ‘CHRISTIAN’ were “’pre-Programmed’”- first by “’brain-washing’” THEN “’IMPLANTATION’” [of ‘demon’ as well as a ‘device’ on them] to carry out “’terrorist plots’” FOR THEM- THE “’ILLUMIUM’”‘- IT WIL LNOT HAPPEN.
TERRORISTS- MUSLIM TERRORISTS- will ‘make’ it “’happen’”- FOR THE YHAVE NO “’HOLY SPIRIT’”- to protect them…
[.]> [IN ‘JUNE’- the “’MINOR’” TRANSFIGURATION- is prepared- in the ‘Spirit’- for it must co-incide with a “’TRANSFIGURATION/TRANSITION’” to co-body as ‘spirit’, then soul- “’disappear’” [to the “’FIRST HEAVEn’”- or “’WHEREVER’” ELSE GOD TAKE THEM- even a “’Enoch’” and his “’Men’”- and “separately”: THOSE AFTER THEM..]
IN JULY- you will “’TRANSITION’”- for having “’put the book in”- the Great “Marek’s 3rd ‘Principle’ Volume’”- YOU will CALL THEM- ALL OF THEM- the to THE ARK- for the TRANSITION- and [on JULY 11- at 23hrs 59 mins, 57 secs- [Central Israeli Time] DOWN will come the “’GANG PLANK’”- AND then- with a “’start’”- AWAY will come I- after SEEN IN TRANSFIGURATION- IN THE DOOR OF THE ARK- BY THEY ABOUT TO ENTER THE ARK [“THR CORE”- WHETER “’Alien’” or “’HU-MAN’”- Beast’” OF “’Elfven’”- Human or non-biological hu-man- ANGEL EVEN] as I be in the “’Third Heaven’”- AS THE GREAT ‘ELDER’…
AT 24: 00 hrs IT WILL HAPPEN- a “’tiny’” percentage of the Earth’s POPULATION- less than HALF A PERCENT of they “Saved’” as the ‘World’ call “’SAVED’” meaning they called “’Christian’”- i.e.- that TINY “’FRACTION’”- regarded by the “’secular’” Churchmen who have ‘vainly’ tried to ‘tie’ up they under “‘religious’” Burdens to have them handed over to the “’secular’” MADMAN- as a “’NON-Christian’” pervert- or Mad-Freak or something “’similar’-” FOR “’PROPHESCY’” spoke them- and SO “’falsely:” ACCUSE the SINNER- of the VERY Whore LIKE SIN of he/she- that bore he-she- THAT SHALT they [if unrepentant] be FULLY “’JUDGED’” for!
IN THE U.K.- MASSIVE “’TRIBULATIION’”- they will ”’blame’” the MUSLIM attack on VARIOUS PLACES- including the use of “’nuclear’”- on the “’of this’” GUILTLESS “’CHRISTIAN’”- and BEGIN to hand them [the “’Christian’”] OVER to the “’SECUALR’” [including ‘MUSLIM’] to “’fellow torment’” them and persecute they from “’work’” or “’life’”- THIS will happen in Europe- ElseWhere – ALSO.
BUT I WILL NOT BE THERE- nor “’my daughter’” [as my wife- in spiritual from]. OR THE ‘CORE’…
AUGUST shall see we ‘want’ of “’little’”- the LORD will “’PROVIDE WE ALL- even by “’MIRACLE”‘- GRAND MIRACLE’...
A “’sweet’” little “’TRANSITION’”- even as a “’BDAY Present’”- on August 11- he BDAY of my Daughter- as “’special for we’” TRANSTION… [INTO “’ZIOn’”- of the “’LUNAR’” ZIOn- for there already- a “’perfect’” HOUSE- have GOD brought forth in that “’HOUSE’” for we- and there we “’shall’” STAY- and “’explore’”- “’A DAY’” [a “’THRONE’” I SEW_ of Slid ROCK_ and “’Crystals- and ABUNDANCY of LIGHT FILLED “’CRYSTAL’”- AND JESHUA- of the FIRSTHEAVEN “’MIRROR’”_ with ‘her;- MY “’ALICIA’”- plus her- “’Lucinder’” [who is the soul of my wife- by GOD;s “Name” for her] and I_ in the “’Presence’” OF ABBA- JESUS- HIS “’IUNE’” SPIRIT shall ‘we’ [Alicia and I directly- my wife via His Light’ “[FROM]’” WE.
WE SHALL “’E.A.T.’” OF H.I.S. “’F.O.O.D’” and “’D.R.I.N.K’” each of evry “D.A.Y.” and “/N.I.G.H.T’” of the STAY of we- where WE SHALL BE “’SUPERNATURALLY’” SHLETERED-SUPPLIED by HE… [then to “’Earth’”- to our “’Missions’” returns he we…
BUT IN “’SEPTEMBER’”- 11- the “’GREAT’” or MINOR followed by MAJOR “’TRANSFIGURATION’” [for EVERY “’TRANSFIGUARTION’” be co-linked to Christ’s- and HENCE to THE “’GREAT TRANSITION’” as “’TRANSFIGRUATION’” that be about to ‘HAPPEN’] will “’happen’”…
A MAJOR [spiritual] TRANSFIGURATION- for ALL the CORE- all they who are able- will happen- THEN A “’TRANSITION’” [the ‘MAJOR’ TRANSTION before the “’FINAL’” END TIME “’GREAT TRANSITION’” that is CO-EQUAL with THE END of the END’s “’Rapture’” on the DAY of the RESURRECTION- IN MAY- 2021- will be that “’RESURRECTION’”..
TO THE “’FIRST HEAVEN’”- for 7 DAYS in the NATURAL- MUCH “’longer’ it will be for me [and my “’daughter’” AND SUCH AS BE WITH ME]..
THEN- the “’OCTOBER- the 11- at the 24th hr”- something AMAZING WILL HAPPEN…
I WILL ‘call’- “ENTER’” the ARK- if you are of the CORE- and yet to ENTER [ONE will- the “’Last’”- BUT MANY- a small ‘host’- of nursery children- he a nursery school owner in the Far East- ‘with’ he]- they will ”’wait’” without- WHILST ENTER HE]..
THEN the “’TRANSITION’”- the MAJOR- will happen- EVEN AS I “’TRASNFIGURE’”- I T WILL BE “’MAJOR’”- THE “’GREAT “’TRANSFIGURATION’” [EVENT] [.]…. THE DOOR OF THE ARK- 24th hr- October 11 [Central Israeli TIME] will CLOSE!
[I WILL “’TRASNFIGURE’” wit he whole “’HOST’” of OBEDIENT ONES- ANGEL OR MALE- HUMAN or else “‘other’” sentient or non-sentient “’folk’” SUCH as GOD Make- in some way- for approx.. 1 sec. in HU-MAN- 0.2 to 3 secs of “other” CREATURE- dependent upon “’specie’” etc.- and how they “’interpret’” TIME sand son on…
THAT WILL BE “’OCTOBER’”… THEN- in November- the 15th- or so I recon- I will ‘RETURN’ form the “’FIRST HEAVEN’” [I WILL “’TRANSITION’”- together with my “‘daughter’’”- and the spirit of her “’Mother’” [Angela] and of MANY SAINTS with w-e for all are bound- “’SPIRITUALLY”: to me- of THE ‘INFINITE BODY’”..
I WILL ‘WALK’ WITH JESHUA. [pre the RESURRECTION- BEFORE HIS “’ASSUMPTION’” into the STAR above “’BETHLEHEM’”- that STAR- “’St. Michael the Archangel’”- his ‘sprit’ [not “Jeshua’s” as GOD- but of His “’Temporal Person’” IN NATURE] in ‘person’..
FROM NOVEMBER- I will ‘begin’ to “’TRANSITION’” REGULAR- from ONE ‘KINGDOM’ to “’ANOTHER’”- as I prepare for ONE thing or ANOTHER..
THEN “’before the END of November’” I will return- and stay- for some days- BEFORE – IN DECEMBER- I will return- to prepare my “’wife’”- or alteast the BODY SUITE of her- that be “left behind’” ever- for what lay ahead of her…
JANUARY- the ANOINTINGOF ‘KING’ “’MAREK’ on me- even on St. Christ-Opher’-
THEN-on the 5th January- I take AWAY from “’school’” my little Alicia- on “’HOLIDAY’”- to “’EDINBURGH’” [to prepare- for the pre-trib TRANSITION].
IT WILL BE- in the U.K>- exceedingly “’’dangerous’” for an “’Christian’” PERSON- I WILL BE “’UNDERCOVER’”…
THE ‘world’ will be in “’great tribulation’” of one sort or another- as they “’reject’” the “’BLESSING’” rapidly from the midst of one another… [AS DEMONS they be- already- oh so many..]
JAN 18, 22’00 hrs CST. THE GREAT TRANSITION. ATH THE END OF THE DARKEST HORU it will happen- A HOUR ahead of a GLOBAL CONSPIRACY to ‘wipe’ of the face of the map EACH AS EVERY TRUE CHRISTIAN [as well as the release of an Anti-Jew diseased- DNA specific- from The ILLUMINATI LABORAROTY- first in New South Wales…]
SO ‘few’- so ‘few’- few will “’notice’ the “’transition”: of they : 1% Catholics, 1% “’Protestant’”- to be technical with you. Read the end of Revelations 12 to get the rest of the story won’t you- Some face “the sword’”- some captivity- TERRIBLE WHAT THE MUSLIMS- as STATE- HAVE “’PLANNED’”- IN EVERY COUNTRY – ALREADY…
N:B: I “SEW” where I_ as my “Daughter”_ and “’Future wife’” [the “’Redeemed ‘wife’- of no ‘sin’ has she- AFTER being RE-Made by He] were “’taken’”_ to her- “my Daughter’” as me- and I- in the “’Physicality’” of I- ‘BODILY’ to the “’First Heaven’”- and ALSO the “’wife’” of I- by her “’spirit’”_ from which HE SHALL REMAKE HER “’BODY’” form her “’spirti’” [her “’anatomhy’” IS LEFT BEHIND at the Gt. TRANSITION- and doth “’die’”_ BUT RETURN for her do I- in “’spirti’”- AFTER FINALLY GETTING OF FTEH “;TRAIN PLATFORM OF I- where “struck in the “:FRST HEAVEN BE I’”- to “’SAVE’” HER- by reanimating the “’SOUL- Spirit’” then BODY of her [which must re-make- for they shall “’cremate’” her]… A fresh soul- as spirit as ‘body; AWAIT her- how “’beautiul” is her- IN HEAVEN SGLORY- ALREADY BE IN “’ENJOINED’” TO HER!+
I SEW how- on the “’First Heaven Environ’”_ AS DO PROPHESCY JESHUA via “MY 'DAUGHTER'"- we come along to the “’First Heaven’” “environ’” of Saturn then Jupiter- in a trans-HEaVen “’VISION’”_ and ALSO via the “’MOON’”- in actualy “’TRANSITION’”_ go Unto the “’ZIOn’” of the MOON- and then UNTO the “’ZIOn’” of MERCURY via the ZIOn of “’SOL’” [Our “’SUN’”- the Symbol of SOUL] to “’Capitia VENUSIA’”- in the “’Fourth Year’” of the New Heavens as Earth [in the REALM OF THE ANGEL- of the “’First Heaven’” BE IN THE REALM OF ANGELS] with “TOl Eressea’” being as the “’Principal’” OUTTER MOON of HER [her- for the Planet Venusia is the “’EARTH’” of her- Alicia’s “Mother’”]..
[I have this to say- so MANY a “’symbol’” have we- BUT only 1 ARE ‘WE’]!

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