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Audrey Coatesworth

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A Brilliant Solution - part 1
By Audrey Coatesworth
Last edited: Thursday, April 28, 2011
Posted: Thursday, April 28, 2011

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Audrey Coatesworth

• I like gadgets and progress, but ...
• Liberation or bondage
• A few thoughts on Christmas
• Elderly Surfers
• A few reflections for the New Year 2014
• Something is 'not quite right'
• Why are our children and teenagers not protected
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Dr Audrey Coatesworth predicts a solution to the world's problems! A solution that is as yet in the future. She asks any who read this article to remember its message for the future, so that it will not be a case of 'being wise after the event.' This is Part 1 and will be followed by Part 2 in a short while.


I want to write this ‘topic’ now, before what I describe starts to become reality – as I am sure, one day, it will. It’s just - I don’t know quite ‘when’. But I ask those who read this article to remember the message for some time in the future. It will then not be a case of being ‘wise after the event’!


Before you read more and in case you doubt, let me say that I am sane and sensible. I worked for 35 years as a psychiatrist after training as a Doctor, and I am a wife, mother and grandmother. I am not prone to either exaggeration or fantasy!


In this Part 1 I am giving some background information so that ‘A Brilliant Solution’ will be understood in context.


On April 24th 2006, I nearly died but, against all normal odds, I survived. Very briefly – after a long respiratory illness, I suddenly developed a tension pneumothorax. Simply a hole had appeared in my inflamed ill lungs and air got into the cavity between the lung and my rib cage and couldn’t escape. My lungs and heart were crushed, fairly rapidly I have to say, and the rest of my body was starved of oxygen. An ambulance and help arrived within minutes, but by then I had stopped breathing, my peripheral circulation had ‘closed down’ and I was nearly dead. I did not breathe without assistance for over two hours in the accident and emergency unit of the local hospital and I understand that I was not expected to live. But I did – and, even more miraculously (but that is another story) without brain damage. I don’t remember any of this, of course, but have been told. As far as I was aware, I was watching a programme on TV at home, in some great distress, but I thought I was dreaming, and in somewhere like a telephone exchange, when I woke up in the intensive care unit five and a half hours later.


During the following painful five years, it has seemed that my mind has known that I am alive but the rest of my body has had difficulties with that concept and objected strongly, seemingly tuning in very accurately to every pain possible.


The experience is not something I would recommend to anyone, but I had no choice in the matter.

All I would advise to anyone travelling in beautiful New Zealand is ‘don’t accidently get bitten by 96 sand flies, as I did a few years before, especially if you are allergic or have asthma! Your body may not like the poison.


However dreadful it was and has been for a long time, I have to accept that I was given an incredible experience, as during that long time of unconsciousness, I visited another ‘dimension’ and I learned a lot. This was not the ‘out of body’ experience where people observe themselves and can tell what has happened e.g. in accidents. It started like that, briefly, I viewed myself from above  and saw my blue lower legs as the paramedics arrived and I thought I was about to die,  but then, in a second after that, I was gone. I travelled through blackness, for what seemed a long time, before I reached another destination.


I could digress at length, as I have a lot to tell. But, I will just say, for now, that while up in that plane - I was told by a male voice, ‘You cannot stay. You cannot go through the gate as once through there you cannot return to your life. You will come back when your journey is over, but now you must return as your body is getting cold. Go back and write your books. Tell what you now know’.  


I love my husband and family dearly and I love life - when able to live rather than exist, but I had suffered so much and for so long that I know that I argued my case. I lost. I was refused entry to the gate and I felt an inner anger on my return that I have never known before. To be sent back to face even more prolonged and severe suffering seemed like the ultimate rejection. There are disadvantages of the knowledge gained as a doctor!


So, having been given an order, which even the bravest or most sceptical would not dare to disobey, and during the lengthy process of recovery, I have made a start.


I have put my knowledge and experience from life and near death and from 35 years of psychiatric work into poetry form and published 7 poetry books. The ones for children and teenagers are basically about actions and results, behaviour and consequences and about kindness, caring, sharing, endeavour and such values. They are poems with a purpose.


I have so far written one past life ‘novel’ – Beyond Mercy, which I believe to be true , and most of another, and I write many articles.


One thing I know for absolute certainty is that actions here on earth determine a future ‘placement’ in the hereafter.  


It is our own actions which decide our eternity or lack of it, not having religious beliefs. No one would argue with the fact that all humans must die sometime. It is something all will have to face. Whether people belief in an after life, heaven or hell will not determine whether they exist or not. The agnostics and none believers have no power to un-create any more than the religious have to create.


No priest has any power to forgive or give absolution to make any difference. They are fooling themselves and their followers. Each individual’s behaviour is totally their own responsibility once each person reaches an age to understand consequences.


There are dreadful disasters in the world. Some are caused by natural forces which no one has caused and no one could stop. But there are disasters caused by human decisions and behaviour - wars, starving millions and diseases like AIDS being spread to children who have no choice. What is certain is that those responsible for any part of this suffering will have to answer for it.


There are those who can only be called evil - terrorists, dictators who exploit their own country and people, and paedophiles who hurt and scar children, both physically and emotionally. They would be justified in being scared of dying. I would suggest they all realise that eventually they will experience the same fear and feel the same pain as their victims, as that is their eventual destiny either on this earth or after death.


I also include many who, in the name of religion’s authority do more subtle harm by the restriction of the mind by instilling religious beliefs, creeds and fears. These powerful people deny others their rights and opportunity of free thinking. I would go further and ask people like the Pope, who have so much restricting influence on people’s minds, where that they been in the other dimensions to be told information. How do they know to peddle their version of beliefs? In my work I have met many people whose religion makes them too fearful to alter any belief. E.g if the Pope has met with anyone in the other planes of existence and received information, then why doesn’t he tell everyone instead of relying on old books and rules, all written by humans.


Then, there are the more localised issues – the drug dealers and pushers. Drugs are one of the scourges of the modern world. The young and vulnerable and targeted and their lives ruined.  


What of the bullies - physically or mentally attacking their peers or the gangs of teenagers that rampage in our towns - shooting and stabbing innocent victims? What on this earth can be done to stop these actions?


I have been told to write what I know, but I could write till my fingers drop off, but the very people who should change their behaviour the most and who cause most harm and hurt to others, are the ones least likely to read anything or take any notice. Even if they read or listened, then, it would go in one ear and out the other without any learning trace being left behind.


I wondered - what would have an impact? What could make these individuals understand?


Absolutely nothing came to mind until ---


One morning, just after I woke up and was quite alert, I saw images in my mind. It was like being an observer watching the action from a vantage viewpoint yet I could not be seen by those in the action.


A brilliant solution was shown to my questions.


The answer became quite clear.


Is it a future prediction or the ramblings of a fool?  I may appear to ramble a bit as I sort many interconnected themes and thoughts and I accept there are areas of which I know very little, but I am no fool – of that you can be absolutely certain. It will be very interesting to see if the ‘vision’ I had will come true . If it does it would certainly be effective.


One of the ‘truths’ that I learned on my journey was that ‘those who hurt others will reap what they sow’.  This is not the old adage – ‘an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth’ as that implies revenge or action to be taken by another. Two wrongs never make a right.


No, this is basically very different. It is a ‘reap what you sow’ - once a behaviour against another to harm or hurt is done. What will happen will just ‘follow’ as a matter of course. It cannot be changed by another’s actions or forgiveness.


What does she mean – you may ask?  Let me tell you as clearly as I can.


The brilliant solution?  People will get the pain they caused returned back to them as that is the only thing these people understand. In other words, any pain they have caused deliberately in hate, will, like a boomerang, come back and find its target. This will always happen after death if not before – but I believe that one day it will happen during the life of men and women who have deliberately been cruel.


But, and this is the brilliant part of the solution - because this pain is triggered through a part of the brain that is connected to their actions i.e. in the ‘memory’ zone – where all events are kept whether recalled consciously or not, then the pain will happen automatically and moreover, it will not be helped by any painkillers. Nothing and no one will be able to ease that pain. Only in that way will they learn that actions give results.


How do I know that and what will be the mechanism to allow this ?


This is something I will one day write about but, in a nutshell, in order to learn about my past lives, I have had to feel the pain of their suffering at cruel people’s hands. I was given no choice and that was part of the reason I had to come back to earth instead of dying as was the natural conclusion to my illness. I can tell you that pain, which was memory pain, however severe, was not relieved at all by even the strongest pain killing tablets. The pain of my particular illness was eased; the pain from memory was not.


I learned to distinguish the difference as it was during the memory pain episodes that I learned my information for my past life books.


Let me say right now that I abhor all actions that cause pain - of whatever kind. I have worked very hard as a doctor to ease patients’ suffering – mainly caused by other people. But, if those who hurt others don’t want the pain back, then they have a simple choice. I shall have no pity for those who will receive back the memory pain which they have given out. No pity whatsoever. They had and have choice.


We can all have pain from illness. We don’t ask for it, we have hurt no one, we haven’t earned it and don’t deserve it, but it happens. That is life and a different matter. Illnesses and pain happen for many ‘natural’ reasons, infections, inbuilt problems, deterioration, etc - hence doctors are trained and needed.


However, the pain which those who hurt others receive back will effectively stop their actions by totally disabling the ones who commit or have committed those actions in the past. Then, the message I was given will be heard.


I can report from my experience of past life memories that memory pain has an unbearable quality which will bring the strongest bully, dictator or paedophile to their knees! 


I predict that another good that will come out of this, as research for effective pain relief - for the pain that will not ease, will be intensified. This will aid those whose pain is from illness.


This message will gradually spread!


Children and teenagers will still have to learn about kindness, coping, caring, and sharing and about consequences – so my books are aimed to spread that message.


Those who hurt others will learn from their own actions and once the consequence of harm is realised, others will be too scared to hurt anyone. Basically, those who hurt those younger and frailer than themselves are pathetic cowards


What did I see that makes me write something which many may decide is ‘bizarre’- even if logical?


After this introductory part 1, the answer will be in ‘A Brilliant Solution – Part 2’.


Read my  poem 'I predict' - which is,like this article, a message of hope.






Web Site Beyond Mercy

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