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Regis Auffray

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Life has Passed Judgment: Man's Time has Ended
by Regis Auffray   
Rated "G" by the Author.
Last edited: Tuesday, May 17, 2011
Posted: Tuesday, May 17, 2011

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An article by Sha'Tara, local writer and friend.

Life has Passed Judgment: Man's Time has Ended

[thoughts from ~burning woman~ by Sha'Tara]

Is the global Earthian community collapsing on itself? That is hardly a rhetorical question. Since 2008, we've seen the lesser powers that be (that being the powers we can relate to with our physical senses, i.e., Earthian rulers) rally 'round the flag to present a united front of recovery and all's well with the ship, all speed ahead and damn the torpedoes, we can handle anything kind of bombast.

There are, of course, those who buy into this. Those who follow "statistics" and count the little bumps and valleys along the economic line. As if the only thing that mattered in gauging the health of a world is an "economy." Ah, yes, the economy. What a nice catch-all word that has become. It's like "God"—doesn't have to mean anything specific; doesn't have to be the same thing to any two people, it's just "the economy" and by analyzing that, well, we just know, don't we.

But there are those who have the annoying habit of not climbing the little peaks and sliding down the little valleys. We just sit back a ways and watch the big picture. Suddenly "the economy" isn't that significant. There are many other factors that affect life on earth, or Earthian life. While it's true that no matter what aspect we are talking about, it will have a bar code and a price tag, that doesn't mean it's more of "the economy." In fact, when you really think about it, is there an "economy" as such? Isn't it just something people are programmed and brainwashed to believe in? What is the economy? (I'm tired of putting it in quotes, just pretend I put them in!) Is it the GNP (and what does that really mean)? Is it full employment (and would that be permanent-part-time-minimum-wage-starve-as-you-slave-will-that-be-fries-with-that employment, or a real job with real wages and benefit)? Is it what the super-rich are getting, or not getting?

Or isn't it simply a bunch of numbers flying around the planet at the speed of light from computer to computer manipulated by the Hoax Masters called Banksters?

What does the detached Observer see? No matter what the "money" does, it is obvious that society as a whole is in steady and irreversible decline.

The most important aspect of any evolving ISSA society would be its morality. I'm not speaking of pie-in-the-sky "family values" as expounded by fundamentalist sex perverts of every religious persuasion; nor of church attendance or how much money the world's largest "charitable" State-sanctioned organizations are collecting. I'm speaking of morality as Jesus would have defined it. People concerned about the well-being of their neighbours; who are compassionate; who willingly sacrifice their own well-being, comfort, income, to succor the less fortunate, the homeless, those who for whatever reason have fallen through the cracks and been rejected by the System. I'm talking about a society of caring individuals, moved by their own personal choice to ease the burdens of others. I'm talking about the morality of personal charity, when we share and give whatever we can to even the playing field somewhat. I'm talking about people who can do this without prompting by some carrot on a stick; without belonging to any group, organization or institution.

That aspect of society has been declining for decades, particularly in the "have" nations. The trend is towards selfishness and ostentatious waste of precious non-renewable resources—and never mind all the corporate clap-trap about lessening the "environmental footprint" and the percentage of "green" output claimed by any of these monstrosities ruled as they are by insatiably greedy sociopathic types. They lie as a matter of policy and when their lies become dull, they fabricate bigger ones. It's called advertising.

When you decide to look at the whole picture from a bit of distance you see the long line created by man's rise. It is a very rough line, of course, with some serious drops and amazing recoveries but what is seen and most amazing (and could never be seen by economists, perhaps not even by historians) is that the "morality" curve has always been on the decline! Man began "high" very suddenly, out of nowhere so it seems, and ever since has been experiencing a constant decline, an inexorable steady drop in spirituality and morality. Unfortunately for Earthians and their systems, that drop has a zero point. Unfortunately, that "zero point" is not the one touted by New Age prophets like Gregg Braden et al! (cf.: Awakening to Zero Point – of which "Skeptic Report" says: The only thing I like about this book is its title, Zero Point, which is exactly how many I give it out of ten.) The "zero point" Earthian man is approaching is not an awakening: it is a death.

Could that death have been avoided? Were there clues given? Anyone cursorily scanning Earthian history for say, the last 5000 years, will encounter stories of certain individuals who appeared and gave a message of both, hope and woe, to Earthian humanity. Buddha, Jesus, Zoroaster (who claimed that the purpose of humanity was to sustain asa or truth) and more recently, Gandhi and Mother Teresa. Currently, the one name that definitely holds the position of "way shower" for me is our contemporary, Greg Mortensen (don't know who that is? Look it up and read his two books, Two Cups of Tea and Stones into Schools). What do these individuals stand for? Change. Positive and irreversible change. They don't magically make this happen, but they demonstrate that it is possible and once that possibility is made known, there is no longer any excuse for the rest. They demonstrate this desirable change and thus make it available to those who not only listen but who heed and do! These Change Agents bring us the key and desperately want to hand it to those who would make themselves worthy of holding it. But there's the rub: that key is heavy and the world such as it is, in the state that it is, fears those who would carry this key. Also, for the individual, the price in acknowledging the need to change is high and I'm not talking money here. I'm talking about something of real value: one's own life.

By "world" I don't mean the planet, of course. I don't even mean people. I mean the Powers that rule mankind; the Powers that hide so well the majority of Earthians remain blissfully unaware of their reality. Yet they are present in the mindset of every single Earthian collective and in every individual mind that has not made the effort to cleanse itself of that evil presence. That constitutes a lot of people!

Religions still offer a way to "separate" oneself from the ubiquitous presence of the Powers but unfortunately, that path has been appropriated by the Powers. All organized religions belong to these unseen Rulers. So, whether it's baptism or confirmation or circumcision or any other formal ritual, it's a dead-end. Beyond the temporary pain or emotional moment, nothing distinguishes that individual from another who does not undergo such a ritual. There is no real, inner power or fire to change that individual into a way-shower. I've met many religious people and basically, barring a few exceptions, their goal is to go to some heaven to get more goodies from their particular god. Eternal life insurance with perks.

The way-showers mentioned above came here to give a message. Repent, i.e., change, or die. Such a death was meant to apply to both, the individual and the collective. Well, individuals have been dying. I don't know where they went to because they are not accessible for comments. The Powers owned them and they were effectively cut off from the "living" as people think of themselves. Collectives have come and gone too, of course, but the world of man has never been where it is today: a single collective, a kind of Borg organism gone out of control: overpopulated, polluted, diseased, impoverished, starving, exploited, oppressed and slaughtered!

What remains of the good times "haves" is eroding without any hope of reprieve because what power rules over the "haves" is cliques of greedy sociopaths intent on squeezing the planetary lemon until the pips squeak in order to attempt maintaining their utterly immoral and illogical lifestyles.

Life gave Earth man a choice and a warning: take charge, assume responsibility; become honorable. Stop your greedy exploitation and your wars. Feed the hungry; clothes the naked; comfort the afflicted; love your enemies; do good to those who hate you; bless and do not curse. These were the simple commands that would have ensured that man would finally step up, evolve spiritually and mentally and create his golden age all on his own. Life isn't God. It doesn't have to pretend to be all powerful, all knowing, omniscient: it has always been that. It knows what to do with that which does not measure up, and it is no respecter of person—or affiliation. It will do what it always does: cull the unfit.

Man, as global animal, has proven himself utterly unfit and unworthy of what he was given. Instead of turning to the true gifts of life, he abased himself before his technology and used it to threaten, oppress, kill, and extract without any thoughts to consequences; without qualms regarding the thousands of "others" he readily condemns to extinction for the sake of his "economy"—read that to mean his latest and most destructive religion: Technocracy—by which he can indulge his insatiable lust for self-pleasure.

What does it mean, "to repent?" It means to dare change one's nature. To decide to go against the flow, against one's own grain. It means to learn self-control and practice self-sacrifice to develop self-empowerment; a state of mind that allows us to make our own decisions, to know in our minds what is "right" and what is "wrong" with anything and act accordingly. It means to not buy that next questionable item, or luxury, and instead give to those in need. Preferably doing so personally, in one's neighborhood. It means to detach from the System by eschewing infotainment such as radio, TV and newspapers. It means to realize that the System has only one goal in presenting its cheapening wares, and that is to foster idolatry. Idolatry equals selfishness which leads to greed or miserliness. Beyond that, well, any vice is acceptable and becomes the order of the day. Of this we can be certain: where there is no repentance, evil will flourish. Where evil flourishes, disaster must follow. Why must that be so? Because life, at its source, is good and man has yet to realize what that means.

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Reader Reviews for "Life has Passed Judgment: Man's Time has Ended"

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Reviewed by Ronald Hull
You have hit the nail on the head. So many are down the path of their own destruction. What you say is true–that the nature of things cull the populace–not necessarily in the order desired.

However, my view of history is a bit different. I see every century becoming better in terms of human life. But, before we peek over the brink of the end of human life we need to drag the rest of life into that better state.

Reviewed by Vivian Dawson
When time has ended...weigh not this life,
we will not be heavy passing into the light.

Lady Vivian
Reviewed by Peter Schlosser (Reader)
tremendous piece! i just saw david icke speak in santa monica back in march for 9 hours!! he talks all about this stuff.
Reviewed by Patrick Granfors
Huge truth here. We are on the 14th of 12 forks in the road leading to nowhere. Patrick
Reviewed by Leland Waldrip
Great insight into the foibles of man, Reg. Thanks for the thinking that is behind this article. But do we want humanity to die off? I dont'. I remain optimistic that when conditions become so bad that it's s obvious to even the knuckle draggers that a change of direction is mandatory then that change will come.

Your words seem to excoriate, to use the metaphor of our modern "economy", the use of energy and all that entails in terms of production, distribution and consumption -- mainly consumption -- which BTW can't happen without the precursors.

In my own analysis, the problem is not with consumption of energy, per se. It is more properly understood if we look at the overblown wattage level in the system. Is it bad to present one's views through the use of a computer on the Internet? Well, that whole system of communication was and is being built through the combined efforts of many individuals. Those people have quite similar desires and levels of "greed" as most of the rest of us. They work for a paycheck that they can spend on iPods and iPads, etc. They have bosses and bosses bosses with varying levels of vision and insight as distributed throughout the population of economic movers and shakers.

So what we have is hyper-consumption brought on by hyper-levels of human population that cannot be sustained at current levels. The feedback impetus that is so obvious if we only look will continue the speedup rate. The "powers that be" take no note of the impending collapse. They don't lift a finger to implore us or support dissemination of the truth to the population including to the knuckle draggers to limit the size of our families (worldwide, BTW).

In fact, society in general promotes excess population through the economy by for instance, support of tax legislation that bolsters the production of additional babies (unlimited numbers of deductions for dependents, deductions for huge mortgage interest bills, etc,...)

Of course, if a politician were to suggest changes in these areas of "benefits" his days in office would be numbered. It's a chicken/egg thing, but I hope somehow we overcome that impass and slow the engine of destruction now in run-away mode.

BTW, I don't see an immediate "end of man". I think that barring total poisoning by nuclear or biologic agents or revolution by the knuckle draggers to the point of anarchy, in a hundred years, man will have extended his exploitation and dependence on machines. The world will be a much different place. It has to be, for machines, by definition, displace human labor. There will be no need for a labor force uneducated into a new paradigm. Equalization is on the way. It just may not be the equalization we'd like to see.

Best regards,
Reviewed by - - - - - TRASK
Simply Say Ya All Better Get Hell To READY Meet Your MAKER...

Me, TRASK---I Already Did 3 Times...

Like Old 50s Shoe Commercials: Look For Me (TRASK) In There To,i.e.Will Their Be Smile On My Face...

Really I Cannot Stop Laughing-- You All Think You're Infallible...

Reviewed by H. Lena Jones
Much wisdom in this write, Regis. Is it any wonder Jesus condensed the Ten Commandment into God and love your neighbour as yourself? If we would only obey His Commandments, we would be living in a much different world, for when we truly love, we would not want to do harm. We would follow what the Apostle Paul states in Philippians 4:8 "Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things."
Thank you for this thoughtful, meaningful write.

Reviewed by Jon Willey
this article is simply another candle lighted to shed a bit more light on the perceptions of mankind and his insistence upon always posturing -- I bid you love and peace my dear friend -- Jon Michael
Reviewed by Tom Hyland

AS YOU SAID, BOTH INDIVIDUALS AND COLLECTIVES HAVE COME AND GONE. In the '60's, The 'Hippies' and 'Flower Children' tried their best to defy the 'Establishment' and many were Beaten, Jailed, or even Killed! Back then, it was regarded as 'The Younger Generation.'

"We The Sheeple" does not apply Only to the Grand U.S. of A. - the 'Lambs' circumvent the Earth! What is happening now in The Middle East, is Long Overdue! Again, Younger People, tired of Oppression, are Standing up and being Counted! I believe this is a Good Thing!

While 'Peaceful Demonstration' may be a somewhat Powerful Tool - as you indicated, the 'Powers that Be' - the RULERS still have the Almighty Hammer - Control of both the Military and the Police. Weapons to Destruct the Masses will always Win Out!

Years ago, I posted a poem entitled 'Deluge' ... Nature can Cleanse - and Does!
But, the Shame of it all is that those same 'Powers - Rulers' are Always Safely Tucked way up in their 'Ivory Towers' and never experience the Wrath, or Brunt!

"Que Sera, Sera" ... 'What Will Be, Will Be!"


Peace ... TK.
Reviewed by M.Bennett Hooper (Mikii)
You've done it again shaken me while I was napping. Thanks so much for sharing. Peace, love,blessings and off to view parallel lives. Mikii
Reviewed by Debby & Gordon Rosenberg
lol...we are immortal, who cares in the long's just a game - thanks for sharing your perspective :)
Reviewed by Joy Hale

Thank you for this powerful, mind awakening article. An article to read over many times to fully absorb the impact of truth as we all should know it. I especially value the last paragraph on "repenting".. it is chock full of pithy, good, soul searching truth that everyone should use and put to work in their lives. Very good, Regis and extremely well penned. Joy L. Hale
Reviewed by Laura Fall
Words spoken so clever a great write indeed Laura
Reviewed by Elizabeth Parker
Wow Regis! Such a good article. Brings up a lot of points of view that many people probably haven't even thought of. Your friend has great talent and a way with words!
Where do I begin to congratulate you on such insightful sharing, it is totally a mouthful, a mouthful of wisdom, expressed with wit and conviction. I personally think, the balance beam has tipped too far allready to find it's fulcrum again. The religious pervs, have not just perferted sex, but the very essence, that of the human spirit, it is a convienient way to stay of the real issues, albeit perverted, that have always confronted man's inner turmoil, his soul, his real essence. YOu are right, the powers of the dark side are winning, with our own weapons, once used to keep them at bay. While the knowledge and the bullshit market, have increased exponentially, the collective wisdom of mankind, now, rests only within a few, you are highlighting some of that wisdom, ancient and new, sparse as the new may be. Your incisive analysis of the species present abysmal lack of caring, for the sake of momentary gratifications shows truly how far we have come. Collectively we are sitting at the tipping end of that balance beam, the poorest on the farthest back, the creedies and bullies still trying to climb to a better spot as always, might it be where the saying " to hell with the hindmost" inspires.....the fears that our demise will bring.
Respectfully with blessings! Jasmin Horst
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