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Achieving Balance: the Avatar Perspective
by Regis Auffray   
Rated "G" by the Author.
Last edited: Wednesday, May 25, 2011
Posted: Wednesday, May 25, 2011

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An article by Sha'Tara, local writer and friend.

Achieving Balance: the Avatar Perspective  (re-defining hate)

[thoughts from ~burning woman~ by Sha'Tara]

A lifetime of observing my own leanings and predilections as well as that of others; of the study of history, focusing on those things that seem to have the power to move people—particularly to violence—that being the predictable penchant of this race my people call "Earthians" (to differentiate them from other races from other places, worlds, planets) has forced me to arrive at some inescapable conclusions. Earthians, when compared to other races, are a terribly defective lot. Throughout their very short history, they have failed, time and again, to understand that life requires balance. Balance in all things. Well, to be fair, they are not evolved enough to comprehend the cause and effect inherent to living out of balance with the cosmos, therefore unable to creatively apprehend their circular dilemma of pain and loss.

Balance in all things: what does that mean? First of all it means that no matter where one goes, one will never, ever, encounter an absolute force or power because absolutism means entropy. More than that, it also means that all efforts aimed at creating an absolute power will always result in guaranteed failure and certain disaster. For example there is much talk lately that the "elites" –call them what you will—are about to create a world government; a world dictatorship. In a planetary sense that constitutes an absolute. There are those who would welcome such a thing and many more who fear it. But it can never happen. Even if a world government of sorts could be cobbled together within a scale of enthusiastic to reluctant agreement among nationalities, races, religions and factions, it would never hold. In fact that guarantees the eruption of the most virulent violence ever seen here.

But here are much more interesting aspects of life's balancing act, according to the avatar. The principle that underpins the life-force is dualism. In theology, that translates as "good" and "evil"—each force seeking to overcome the other, a ridiculous teaching and an even more foolish deduction. In actual fact, each force is there to ascertain that the other will remain active so to speak. They are mutually supportive, not inimical. In philosophy, the terms are "mind" and "matter" and again we run afoul of narrow-minded egotistical teachers who insist that the two are in opposition. But they are only in opposition if one believes that. Otherwise they work quite well together. For what good is a body with no mind behind it? And how can a mind without a body do anything but contemplate and twirl its non-existent thumbs helplessly? As you can readily see, dualism prevents entropy.

If good and evil (as they are understood, keeping in mind that every society has hugely different interpretations of what is good and what is evil) are not inimical, but exist symbiotically to strengthen each other, what does that say to the one who would be a balanced ISSA being; who would be an avatar? It means, first of all, that life is all about struggling. There is no escape from that and the more evolved one becomes, the greater this struggle becomes as the evolved being takes on greater responsibility for all that is. Since life is struggle, that means there is no such thing as peace anywhere life exists. Everything is in apparent conflict. It is up to the evolved ones to regulate themselves within this illusion of enmity; to constantly remind themselves that matter is not at war with spirit; that the body is not the enemy of the mind; that struggle does not equate enmity and warring; that life does not have to express in violence. One must make the effort to understand duality because there is no avoiding it.

I came to understand this through detachment—letting go of all emotional relationships—and accepting the fact that "good" and "evil" must co-exist somehow for life to manifest and create. What I mean by acceptance in this context is the discovery that "love" and "hate" are necessary adjunct to the evolved life. You do not achieve a state of "love" by eschewing "hate" as it is understood. In an unbalanced world, and earth is about as unbalanced a world as can be without it falling apart, it is necessary in order to understand, to practice hate towards many developments that have arisen here and grown in cancerous fashion, fostering endless violence with fear, greed, lust, oppression, extortion and the violence of war. Yes, it is as necessary to practice hate as it is necessary to force oneself to be compassionate. There has to be balance here, as in all other things. The trick, obviously, is to not become trapped in the seductive power of hate—to not fall prey to the Darth Vader syndrome.

If the System forces the avatar to fight, then let it be clearly understood that fighting is not done with love, but effectively focused by hatred of that which is being opposed. Hate undergirds all violent opposition, doesn't matter where you find it. Just imagine if there were no stringent rules against violence in your favorite "professional" organized sports! Imagine what would become of hockey or football! Make no mistake about it: sports fans are people who gorge themselves with hate in order to enjoy "the game" as they call it. There may be a gloss of civility over it, but it's always there. Hate is the essential energy that creates the competitive excitement. What else is there?

I used to believe that if I were able to become "love" (!) in myself, that the balance would be maintained because there are others "out there" who choose to be "hate" if you will. I could sense the evil around me oozing out of the various systems I was involved in: the corruption in politics, the palpable greed of multi-national corporations, the whorishness of legal and medical professions and as mentioned, the violence of sports. It seemed sensible in my early days of removing myself from those energies and into more compassionate channels that "loving" would solve my problems, my struggles. And it may well have, had I been willing to blind myself to systematic evil and become an automaton, a zombie within the machine. The problem I encountered was that "love" does not work here. It is utterly ineffectual in dealing with the aftermath of the System's exploitation of man and planet. That kind of mindless "love" only made the System look better! How stupid.

Oh yes, there is war, indeed. But it is not some generic "good" opposing equally generic "evil." The "war" is specific to lesser, "gods" and man-made systems (c.f., Zecharia Sitchin's "Earth Chronicles" for an in-depth analysis of this). War serves the lesser beings, the less evolved small minds. Small minds live in fear and develop a morbid need to be in control of all aspects of the life around them. They are dictatorial, tyrannical, despotic and absolutist. They must fight and kill to get on top and stay on top. You will never find balance in these lesser tyrannies, for they draw their energies from only one side of the dualistic spectrum. This unbalancing tends to create another equally unbalanced "system" much less obvious, and that is what we call the sheeple types: those who accept without giving thought to what goes on; who believe that it's best to just be a part of it and not rock the boat. Those who are satisfied in allowing the leadership to manipulate power, suffering the consequences of high-level evil machinations in fatalistic resignation; those who like to say, "don't complain, things could be worse." But of course, such is the guarantee that they will continue to get worse until the oppression of evil becomes unbearable and reactionary violence explodes again and again.

I learned that it is impossible to be compassionate without expressing an equal degree of passionate (focused) hatred towards the System or lesser systems that create the inequity and violence which compassion recognizes, experiences and seeks to resolve. Something as innately evil as corporate greed, for example, must be opposed with as much ruthlessness as that greed expresses against the planet, its resources and the people who live on it. There is no room for equivocation here: it's really all black and white. The trick is to realize that fighting against such innate evil cannot be done with the usual tools of counter-violence, insurrection, revolution or even sabotage. There is much of that in the offing for this world and I already know that all it will accomplish is diminish the population through various horrors, some already seen in recent wars, some never yet experienced, so terrible as to defy description. Yet none of those unspeakable horrors will diminish the System's power.

The greatest "weapon" of the avatar I call "satyagraha" which I translate as non-violent, non-cooperation. Warning: do not translate "non-violent" as meaning peaceful. It is anything but. Those who look for peace, or wish for it, must abdicate their role as way-showers or change agents. That has been an amazing discovery for me. The avatar is a warrior, not a peace maker. Naivety and niceness are not part of the avatar arsenal of effective weapons!

You see, what evil seeks is not to create a world of slaves staked out with chains on plantations, construction sites or in warehouses. What it needs is willing cooperation: acquiescence. And while cheap non-renewable resources feeding a burgeoning technocracy aided and abetted by mass media made such global cooperation relatively simple and guaranteed in the last hundred years or so, the tables are turning. Maintaining knee-jerk brain-dead cooperation is becoming less manageable as an economy handcuffed to volatile energy-fuel sources and other natural non-renewable sources of System-fuel teeters on the verge of collapse. How long can "they" keep the debt load growing and satisfy "investors" with Monopoly money while building ever-bigger box stores to corral the sheeple minded? Then there's the population growth issue to contend with. As famine and other problems caused by overpopulation increase, how "cooperative" will the feed-lot types remain? I can already see the "cows with guns and chickens in choppers" as sung by Weird Al Yankovic, showing up in the near future. They will lose, of course.

The picture of passive cooperation is changing rapidly. Even now, there are new and serious rumblings in earth's traditional politically unstable areas from which comes the magic black gold. If passive cooperation fails as plastic toys and fast-foods decrease in quantity (and quality) while increasing in price... what will the System do next? The avatar already knows and is prepared for any eventuality. The sheeple however only know to munch to the last blade of bio-engineered grass and when that's run out, start battering their heads against the logs of the corral.

Balance is a matter for the individual. It cannot, ever, be achieved collectively because all collectives "belong" to the System, are controlled by it, and that controlling force is itself completely out of balance. Only an individual has the power to make choices as to whom it will serve, whom it will hate and how it must do so to achieve personal balance and change its world in the process. And that is self-empowerment.

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Reader Reviews for "Achieving Balance: the Avatar Perspective"

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Reviewed by Ronald Hull 5/27/2011
Thank you for helping me understand why I rage against the system that is hurtling us into the realm of oblivion because we cannot stop our cooperation with the powers that be, even though they are as absurd as the concepts they live by. I have been breaking out for a long time and hope that I will be standing aside when the ship comes in.

Reviewed by Laura Fall 5/26/2011
A fascinating write as always well done and told indeed Laura
Reviewed by Debby & Gordon Rosenberg 5/25/2011
Balance indeed, self realization, being able to make conscious decisions that are not fear based or of sheep mentality is freedom...enjoyed this one.
Reviewed by Vivian Dawson 5/25/2011
To avail the Avatar...embody the whole of being.

Lady Vivian
Reviewed by Tom Hyland 5/25/2011
REG ... SHA TARA ...

Well written and thought out - lot of truth - Avatar as Warrior - interesting concept - BALANCE ... reminds me of the old TV series starring David Carradine 'Kung Fu' ...

This character was a true Avatar, a Buddhist Monk, trained to withstand, to control, to only use violence when absolutely necessary.

Another character comes to mind - Tom Laughlin as 'Billy Jack' - Self-Enpowerment at its best!

Peace ... Tom.
Reviewed by JASMIN HORST SEILER 5/25/2011
Where of where, dear Shara, can I buy this balance, at Walmarts or.....
darn, what do you mean it's not for sale, come on now, everything is for sale, you know that, so tell us already, you are opening a new franchise? ha, this whole mess was designed badly to start with, why bother changing it, let it collapse and be done with it all together, then the whole eating and shitting cabbuddle will be rid of all these intense feelings of emotions, either hate or love, or what have ya, don't you think. Throwing a bunch of emotionally charged beings into the mix of a non feeling meatgrinder sounds like a project of a mean spirited lab experiment gone way past the highest expectations of the attentand satists, we should all take a pill, and stop playing their game, our ours or..... Love the run of your thoughts as always. Bless ya dearest! Jasmin Horst
Reviewed by - - - - - TRASK 5/25/2011
Balance: You Never Know What You Had Until You Lose It-Includes Your Own Mind...Future Has Come Too Pass It Is Now...

90% Humans Look Other Way Until They Become Victims Of Their Own Crime,i.e.Ignorance vs Arrogance...Self Glorified MARTYRS ...

Reviewed by Patrick Granfors 5/25/2011
I'm with John on this one, the last paragraph says it all. I did get a big chuckle out of your corral image, even if it wasn't meant to be funny. Patrick
Reviewed by Jon Willey 5/25/2011
Regis, the last paragraph and the last sentence are the crux of this article. We are all solely accountable and responsible for our own actions. Another opportunity to reassess who we are and what webelieve in. I bid you love and peace my dear friend. Jon Michael
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