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Claudio Ianora

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the code of the Nazarene.[ cont.]
by Claudio Ianora   
Rated "R" by the Author.
Last edited: Friday, September 23, 2011
Posted: Friday, July 22, 2011

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decryption, of the secret saying of Jesus from GTh



FRIDAY, JULY 22, 2011

The code of the Nazarene-3

these are the one i worked on before being arrested and placed n the coo coo's nest for my protection.
18. The disciples said to Jesus, "Tell us, how will our end come?"
Jesus said, "Have you found the beginning, then, that you are looking for the end? You see, the end will be where the beginning is.
Congratulations to the one who stands at the beginning: that one will know the end and will not taste death."
19. Jesus said, "Congratulations to the one who came into being before coming into being.
If you become my disciples and pay attention to my sayings, these stones will serve you.
  23. Jesus said, "I shall choose you, one from a thousand and two from ten thousand, and they will stand as a single one."
i have found he beginning...  calls to mind the May Pole-  

43 -Rather, you have become like the Judeans, for they love the tree but hate its fruit, or they love the fruit but hate the tree."   This most certainly refers to  the tree of knowledge. 
One may enter the quest of knowledge with zeal and pursue it diligently for years only to hate to find out that the truth is bitter [the fruit]. like you must die and be reborn [litteraly] .
Others, may ardently desire to know the truth no matter how bitter it might be but hate the long and demanding [the tree] process of finding it and choose instead the transitory pleasure and challenges of life... Here I may intercalate Cromwell's aversion to life's frills and pleasures which in his view were smokescreens.
The other angle is the classic fearless knight and the horrible fire dragon or a noble quest and the great risk. Conception happens at the end of a grueling race by automaton sperms. A base level of existence ensues: life- By a similar process but very different combination of driving forces intelligence and bravery, a higher level of existence ensues. Nirvana , or whatever yu want to call it, I have found no suitable name or image.
45. Jesus said, "Grapes are not harvested from thorn trees, nor are figs gathered from thistles, for they yield no fruit.
   -you cannot expect results if you are not dedicated to the right cause.

46. Jesus said, "From Adam to John the Baptist, among those born of women, no one is so much greater than John the Baptist that his eyes should not be averted.
--the key here is without a doubdt- those born of women, not yet born of the spirit, 
- Show quoted text -

But I have said that whoever among you becomes a child will recognize the (Father's) kingdom and will become greater than John." 
  -So you see then their eyes will not be averted at the presence of the baptist.

47. Jesus said, "A person cannot mount two horses or bend two bows.
   -a mind devided.

 48. Jesus said, "If two make peace with each other in a single house, they will say to the mountain, 'Move from here!' and it will move." 
 - the  two  personalities within one individual, one concerned with life the other with its meaning

49. Jesus said, "Congratulations to those who are alone and chosen, for you will find the kingdom. For you have come from it, and you will return there again."
those following a single solitary path,  it is the same path whence they came, going the other way because so chosen .

50. Jesus said, "If they say to you, 'Where have you come from?' say to them, 'We have come from the light, from the place where the light came into being by itself, established [itself], and appeared in their image.'
If they say to you, 'Is it you?' say, 'We are its children, and we are the chosen of the living Father.'
If they ask you, 'What is the evidence of your Father in you?' say to them, 'It is motion and rest.'"
--- the children in this case - keeping in mind that the living father is` a code preferred for the birtherer-  is the manifestation, the image of the holy spirit, living father or the generetavive impulse, which  guarda mo' caso[ wouldnt you know!] is motion and rest , zero and one, balance and imbalance- as in fallor ergo sum
51. His disciples said to him, "When will the rest for the dead take place, and when will the new world come?"
He said to them, "What you are looking forward to has come, but you don't know it."
    -this refers right back to the previuos logion. 
had a good run, will take a short break saliery, i will have a little rest , don't go away.
 -52. His disciples said to him, "Twenty-four prophets have spoken in Israel, and they all spoke of you."
He said to them, "You have disregarded the living one who is in your presence, and have spoken of the dead."
  --jesus does not need confirmation, and he rebukes them for their banality.
53. His disciples said to him, "Is circumcision useful or not?"
He said to them, "If it were useful, their father would produce children already circumcised from their mother. Rather, the true circumcision in spirit has become profitable in every respect."
--- all that is necessary is already delivered.
I am sure that for poor  he means those that need not accumulate superfluous material goods.

logion? - the reference to the cross worked in there somehow
- Show quoted text -

58. Jesus said, "Congratulations to the person who has toiled and has found life."
-- mmm...

59. Jesus said, "Look to the living one as long as you live, otherwise you might die and then try to see the living one, and you will be unable to see."
- this body existence [life] is the means, the` stage  to the other.. freud was right  but incomplete- the purpose of life is death- he said, leaving out probably a notion that he did not want to stir up in a scientific medium. Such as the purpose of life is death as the gateway to apotheosis.

60. He saw a Samaritan carrying a lamb and going to Judea. He said to his disciples, "that person ... around the lamb." They said to him, "So that he may kill it and eat it." He said to them, "He will not eat it while it is alive, but only after he has killed it and it has become a carcass."  
  by the way i just run through these but if you have any questions let me have it, good questions lead or may lead to gooder answer.
- one does not achieve communion until the material body to which it is attached is transcended.

61. Jesus said, "Two will recline on a couch; one will die, one will live."
- the couch here represent life,  not altogether a similar way of life . 

 Salome said, "Who are you mister? You have climbed onto my couch and eaten from my table as if you are from someone."
Jesus said to her, "I am the one who comes from what is whole. I was granted from the things of my Father."
"I am your disciple."
"For this reason I say, if one is whole, one will be filled with light, but if one is divided, one will be filled with darkness." 
  -- divided mind again
-62. Jesus said, "I disclose my mysteries to those [who are worthy] of [my] mysteries.
---I love this one! So true of a teacher who knows his worth and unlike the one-fits-all- saviour. this is a realist! He knows what is at stake and what is possible. it is gameteus, the original one. No panacea offered here,  that is how you can tell a true teacher!  Not the  come one come all to my ashram in sunny california!  It is` a  trap. a lie!
63 Jesus said, "There was a rich person who had a great deal of money. He said, 'I shall invest my money so that I may sow, reap, plant, and fill my storehouses with produce, that I may lack nothing.' These were the things he was thinking in his heart, but that very night he died. Anyone here with two ears had better listen!" 
 -- this one doesn't even have the problem of a split mind, he is dead instantly.

claudio ianora to Eric
show details Jul 11 (11 days ago)
64. Jesus said, "A person was receiving guests. When he had prepared the dinner, he sent his slave to invite the guests. The slave went to the first and said to that one, '                         
 -- this one reiterates the - many are invited few are chosen, with a twist, the chosen may be surprised, not formally predestined
claudio ianora to Eric
show details Jul 11 (11 days ago)

65. He said, "A [...] person owned a vineyard and rented it to some farmers,
  etc etc...
  creation really wants conclusion, it will try again and again, never stop trying, even to the    --ultimate  sacrifice, sending his beloved son must be interpreted as his essence  in all its living manifestations
66. Jesus said, "Show me the stone that the builders reje
awesomly true
  it is dark, nice cool breeze , no mosquitos here...must rest.  good night my friend!
Eric to me
show details Jul 11 (11 days ago)
By the way i have been, with my half a brain on, been ploughing through that lengthy piece and i have to say, although i - philosophically, have exception to a few jots and tittles, find it completely, sturdily , binding .. if you know what i mean?

A little longer.. If i may be so caprici9us.. Sigh.. I try to sleep again.. Weird i heard you say my name.. M
Anyway.. Looking forward to read all these ,nella mattina.. 
positive movement .
  I am camped at ali baba's, wait for test report tomorrow and i wish some response from yu about the autopsy. I need to know. 
We spend most of our time and energy getting ahead of the long line of wherever everyone is going ,to be, somebody up in front, but it is when you go the other way - like gameteus says  where no one would think of going , that you are not a reflection.  If it is what everyone wants it is an illusion not worth anything.
14. Jesus said to them, "If you fast, you will bring sin upon yourselves, and if you pray, you will be condemned, and if you give to charity, you will harm your spirits.
---G O O D  O N E!
 this refers to another gospel... there are quite a few genuine jesuses in the four,  I often thought of singling them out from all the tinsel.Only did so mentally. Like the one- one of my favorite, of the master that gives an equal  [opportunity]  to three servants, the ones that took a risk and  put it to work ,were rewarded, the one who only  guarded it preciously was penalized. The metaphor is spun around money, which is potential, but it really refer to life. The one who guarded his[spiritual] life ,fasted , prayed, gave to charities did not honor the master's  confidence in him (synonym here) He performed those deeds to ingratiate himself with the master. Hence his purpose was selfishness motivated by pusillanimity, so the Famous  judgement, o he who has  it shall be added on to, etc...
  I always interpreted a house divided as a mind divided.  He who is motivated by the reward and at the same time carries on with the best of life does split his mind, not only he has an eye on the cat and the other on the fish but by implication he belittles himself. and offends his gift. In my book [ and logion 14] he fails completely by wishing to reaffirm his  good standing which amounts to a  reassuring  dependency rather than risk and strive - to [another quote] be ye as perfect as your father in heaven. To settle for less is an anathema according to  these [ mixed gospel]  quotes.  but even in loion 14 alone.   these rituals are ungenuine expediences.In GOT, jesus come through very clear, no half measures. ot there goes Christian charity... and who does not have  qualms with the motivations, for prayer, fasting and giving to charities. Of course we have elevated  this hipocrysies to ridiculous levels, when for example high society trows a big bash to help some poor buggers somewhere. 
  I could go on, but i do not think it is necessary to belabour the point. 


G.O.T. general view[Image]Reply[Image] [Image][Image]claudio ianora to Eric show details 11:54 AM (3 hours ago)       * it would -as it 
impression are , 1- that there is  sufficient original cloth here to get a consistent picture of his philosophy and to evince patches, tears, additions or even modifications.   
2- that the original is a recollection not a dictation.There are grouping of subjects that suggest concatenations of ideas-- one  saying evoking another - and for that matter- missing to evoke another that may later surface... there is no sign of  the  order that would be evident if the material was presented at a proper time and setting  according to a teacher's priorities. 3  I think the writing it down may have been prompted by disturbing events decades later. Thomas may have decided that there were too many discrepancies attributed to Jesus  being adopted and he felt an obligation to set the record straight. Too late possibly to stem the flow of popular tributaries and hence the fact , that no long after a translation ad some minor editing probably to bring  the sayings a bit  more in line with the general appeal. Fortunately the essence was forcibly  preserved by threats to its existence which now presents us with a philosophy and a character that is the antitheses of the  christ the saviour of all of the canonical texts. 5, in it , the teacher is highly selective of whom he will teach and help towards illumination , he council extreme  measures of detachment  and attitudes towards the premiums of life which he sees as a temporary stage on which nothing permanent or precious should be established...
      * it would -as it does in almost all cases- distract from the principle purpose of life,  a grand perception of beingness in which man is the central  catalyst of awareness and value. To taste death is associated to man's failure to fully  dedicate his consciousness  to the process which separated from it cannot  evolve to its proper value and conclusion. In order therefore not to taste death, man must disengage from earthly pleasures and concerns and fully embrace and dedicate himself to his universal destiny. When man first achieves this separation and then completes his unification to the higher awareness of his whole self, than he is no longer subject to the dissolution of the temporary.
- Show quoted text - ** Gameteus went too far in actively seeking exoneration from his life contract. Life is that tin ledge on which he must consolidate his awareness of his whole self. The step forward he must take is a spiritual commitment to what he must recognize is in front of his face and extends to infinity. In the canonical text, jesus christ is invested in performing all the roles that will permit his supplicant to live his life to the fullest and be assured of the next. Worship him and he will come trough for you.  In G.O.T. his role is to make us aware that it is all up to us. That both heaven an the earth were made for each of us if only we would act as we deserve them.  To begin with it is necessary for us to believe in our selves. We diminish ourselves by our worldly desires and by delegating our spiritual welfare to any one other than ourselves. Gameteus' first step is to fire the redeemer, and his next, is to declare himself under the firmament as unequaled. In theory at least , this predicates that for him  a desire to acquire more would diminish him accordingly. There are clear reference to this in G.O.T. as in the four texts. The lilies of the field being the one that readily comes to mind. Interesting enough, the canonical Jesus, not only contradicts himself at every turn in order to please every one and adjust every situation, but also provides the most formidable opposition to himself as in G.O.T.  A house divided , this one, by external forces     which profit from division and controlled darkness.... .


Add an empire to my name and I am infinitely diminished!  But more than that! The most amazing surprise awaiting one who plumbs the depth of this great ocean is that there is nothing in it that lends itself to the establishment of a cult let alone a great world religion. He not only directs his teaching to the individual, and a rare one at that , but dismisses out of hand rituals and performances of any kind which are the bread and wine of any priesthoods and the lore of congregations. One can in fact say that this  great spiritual teacher is fundamentally anti-religion.  It is in fact difficult to understand how he would have suffered to have a small group of disciples follow him around- like children playing in a field that did not belong to them. And that if  indeed he had declared that his church would rest on one individual [possibly Peter but in light of this material i seriously doubt it]  If he did indeed had said  that,  we must take it that he meant it literally.  One James or one Gameteus,  to light up the whole world.  And this is another step in the direction of a sobering reality with the  Jesus  according to Thomas. The Numbers! - let  there be someone among you who can hear! He cries. It does not sound very hopeful, but then if you consider what is at stake, a universe revealed and complete!  The numbers involved are of no consideration.

notes.. *logion.19.

 If you become my disciples and pay attention to my sayings, these stones will serve you. from his point of view he had no disciples

  * 21. Mary said to Jesus, "What are your disciples like?"

He said, "They are like little children living in a field that is not theirs. There!

* no God, no one to pray to or to curse--so we put up doors, to knock on them , even though they are just doors , because it makes us feel better to  have a door to knock on when helpless or afraid [ this must change]

notes.. *logion.19.

* --the problem of the child in pain remains. 

 this confirms a`roulette creative engine with premiums at the top

only. promoting the Gameteus principle  and the mere filtering  down of benefits .  the fairness of a system of chance does not allow for compasson.  

  have been studying the relative similarities between  Jesus' perspective ,  the overman's and gameteus. Therre are no relative similarities they are the same apart from a few semantics.  The change in perspective required between them and our historical false realty,  is radical!!  From- off to the races - and may the best man prevail - to I have arrived, I am perfect , I shall reign over this whole. Parents will be required to stop the praxtice of sacrifice, what has been formalized  from the original of passing their first born through the fire, to dedicating all their ofsprings indiscriminately  to the arena.  . I have no idea how that will be accomplished, but there is no doubt, the choice  is the status quo more and more of it, or a mental leap onto an hiterto  unimaginable reality.  

You see, when we moved on from hunter and gatherers and the simple and limited social system that maximized daily survival, to agriculture and hording  we have unknowingly switched from a rhythm controlled by environmental gradual natural events to a frenzy of  wanting to satisfy uncontrollable  growing desires stimulated not by contingent needs but by open ended abstract concepts of security, demonstration of welth and of power associated with it .   You see, when we moved on from hunter and gatherers and the simple and limited social system that maximized daily survival, to agriculture and hording  we have unknowingly switched from a rhythm controlled by environmental gradual natural events to a frenzy of  wanting to satisfy uncontrollable  growing desires stimulated not by contingent needs but by open ended abstract concepts of security, demonstration of welth and of power associated with it .   we now live only to satisfy these ever escalating senses of accomplishment.

 In fact what drives us is the unquenchable sense of poverty we inherited when we missed making the connection to our true higher nature and we opted instead for continuous but spurious satisfactions in the Darwiniand  arena...

here i m hanging by a thread  thinking -i must  have given it all i got. 


 ---here i am hanging by a thread, thinking i must have given it all i  got---- And I have the most stunning thought!   Death never fails! Never!   It Is a D.N.A. program yet it is not subject to variations or defects since In all realms of living things not one instance of eternity has ever occurred! In such a gigantic crap shoot "snake eyes" has never come up for death!  How is that


 wonder if they can tamper it

 I am moving this to a blogger-  everything is this - and moving this body to a hospital tomorrow.  This package in a hospital bed, will not look like much, but I will still be in awe of it. In fact I am more in awe  of it that I ever thought possible.

 miser sum et magnificus .


In   "Whoever discovers the interpretation of these sayings will not taste death."
it probably does not imply immortality but it means that one's concept of death will reveal itself an illusion as well as the  notions of life heaven and  hell , and that moment of transfiguration will transcend all known frames of references and be in a sense eternal or -better= absolute
- this then presume a distinct entity  existing [standing by] apart from the deception but able and ready to be reactivated to its earlier independent  character...mmmmh not there yet...

- Show quoted text -



  to which it is temporarily involved 


























Web Site: the code of the Nazarene, 3

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