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Jerry Aragon Ph.D (Phunny humor Doctor)

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by Jerry Aragon Ph.D (Phunny humor Doctor)   
Rated "G" by the Author.
Last edited: Friday, January 20, 2012
Posted: Thursday, November 24, 2011

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ATTN; WAKE UP CALL FOR ALL AMERICANS! THIS IS A PUBLIC SCOLDING OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE AND THE WORTHLESS,DO-NOTHING CONGRESS! It is said, the TRUTH HURTS; And, this can only be a guess on my part, but I think the reason why the countries of Greece and Italy are failing...because they're corrupt! CORRUPTION...the United States is probably not far behind. In my view...there should be NO HAPPY NEW YEAR celebration in 2012, until the worthless Congress comes back from their 40 year vacation and gets to work FOR THE PEOPLE...and straightens up this country! Make no mistake...CORRUPTION AND GREED will take down this country down...

 MY SOB STORY...(in a nutshell)

In a little more than a decade, I was laid off from six jobs; I became homeless and stood in a soup line for over two monthe at the age of 60;  I lost all my possessions, after being hospitalized for over three months; I was declared disabled by the VA and Social Security; filed for I've been there...and I've done that...

I Know What It's Like To Be Homeless!

Homelessness; It Can't Happen To Me!

Homelessness; One Of American's Greatest Fears

Swallowing My Pride While Standing In a Soup Line;

Jobs Are Moving Out Of the Country, STUPID! 

Ageism and Six Job Losses Contributed to My Downfall

"A government, for protecting business only, is but a carcass, and soon falls by its own corruption and decay."  Morris West

 In the United States...greed and
corruption rule!

David Letterman has his Top Ten in humor, and I have my Top Ten list, too...but this list isn't very funny!


#1 reason: 
Worthless Congress:   filled with worthless Senators and Represantatives:  A dysfunctional government for sure:  

Article title;  American's Greatest Enemy Is Their Own Government!

Article title; How Do Spell Worthless?  U.S. C-O-N-G-R-E-S-S;

Article title; U.S. Congress; Throw the BUMS Out!

Article title; The Great  Society Could Be Coming to an End;  

Article title;U.S. Congress; The Best Little Whorehouse In Washington, D.C

Article title; The United States: Drowning In Red Ink;

Article title:  OBITITUARIES:  Two-Party System; Congress; 


DECEMBER 26, 2011

"All institutions are prone to corruption and to the vice of their members."  Amos Alcott

#2 reason:  Corruption
Earmarks are a legal way to plunder the American taxpayer, and billions have been stolen from the American taxpayers, in support of individual in various states.  This is the Congress' little piggy-bank' to themselves.  The best example of earmarks that I can give is Senator Robert Byrd.  A news story was done on him, and the earmarks he had in the state of West Virginia.  Hundreds of millions of dollars were funneled to the state to build projects, and his name appears on over 40 structures...such as freeways; hospitals; libraries; courthouses; and so forth.  All done without Congressional approval

Corrupt countries will get no bail-out from anyone...period!

#3 reason;  Greed
Unless the reader has blinders on, all you have to do, is to look around you at the obscene cost of any vehicle or house, which is a disgrace for sure!  The epicenter of greed is the Congress, as they keep giving themselves raises, in which American's can do nothing about.  Nobody in Congress is worth what them make, and should be given the boot by the taxpayer.  I'm not an economist, but I don't think there is any country, that can sustain itself with rampant greed across the it well self-destruct and implode from the inside. 

Greed is good!  If my memory serves me right, the ME generation and the Age of Greed, began some time back in the late 1980's.  This is about the time, when both parents had to work to support the family, etc.  Because there was nobody home when the kids got off school, they became latch-key kids.  The Age of Greed continues in 2011, as Big Oil and Big Pharm (pharmaceuticals) are the greediest of the greedy...and they make no apologies for it. 

It used to be, that companies, were satisfied with making millions of dollars a year...but no more.  A company and their stockholders want to make billions of dollars...every QUARTER! 

GREED together with corruption...will self-destruct!

"Earth provides enough to satisfy every man's needs...but not every man's greed."  E.F. Schumacher

Article title; BANKRUPTCY: The United States of America;

Article title; Give Me Liberty...or Give Me DEBT!

Article title; Greed:  Saying Goodbye to Professional Sports;

Article title; Greed: NFL Players; Coaches; and Owners;

Article title; Greed!  Leave It On the Shelf to Rot!

Article title; Greed:  From Sea to GREEDY Sea!

#4 reason:  Foreign Aid;
All this foreign aid, that winds up in the pockets of these dollar store dictators...has got to stop!  This is the closest way to bankruptcy.  The money never gets to the people who need it.  What people around the world, are going to have to do, is what Egypt and Libya did...over-throw their governments, just like we did.  America can no longer 'buy' friends. 

 # 5 reason: Immigration:
If American's are having trouble finding in the world, are the immigrants who come here, going to find jobs?  The doors of immigration have to close, and the United States cannot be the care-taker and baby-sitter of the world.  It's up to the Congress to do something about this problem, but everyone knows the Congress is worthless...

"'But eradicating corruption is not enough to sustain a country."  Edward Schevardnadze

 #6 reason:  Civil Rights Issues; (racism; bigotry; discrimination)  You don't have to be a rocket scientist, to know that the United States was founded on racism; bigotry and hate.  If you don't believe me, just ask any women (2011); any Native American or a black person!  These issues are causing gridlock in the Congress and elsewhere. 

- President Obama is having problems getting legislation through the Congress, because of politics as usual, and because he's Black;  In my view, the Congress is filled with racists and bigots, who are not going to let a black person succeed.

- Mitt Romney;  This guy is having trouble with his campaign, because of his religion.

- Michele Bachman; She is having trouble with her campaign because she is a woman and will have more problems if she wins the Presidency. 

- Herman Cain;  His problems are obvious.

Article title; Hate In America Is Alive and Well, Thank You Very Much;  

Article title; President Obama Should Fear For His Life;

Article title;Agesim and Six Job Losses Contributed To My Downfall;

Article title; The First Black American President;

Article title; Dealing With The Bigots and Racists Of the World;

Article title;  Discrimination Against Older Workers (Ageism)

 Article title;  Discrimination Against Writers Over 40;

 Article title; Internet: Mainstreet of Racism and Bigotry;

Article title;Immaturity:  Why Can't the Government Grow Up?  (racism/bigotry)

I live in New Mexico, and for the first time in the history of the United States, a Hispanic woman has been elected governor of the state.  Susana Martinez beat out her rival Diane Denish for the seat last year.  Because she is Hispanic, I will have a front seat, to see how she does and what happens in the interest of bigotry, if any.  

Her first report card in June, 2011 was not good and was 52%, and the first 6 months is tradionally a honey-moon period.  We'll just have to wait and see what her second report card says, and how the experts translate it.   She's a former District Attorney from Las Cruces for 13 years, so she had staying power.   

Article title; She Said; She Said;

#7 reason:  Kicking the can down the road; (delays)  I heard that all these important issues, will not be address by the Congress, until after the 2012 elections.  If this isn't politics, I don't know what is.  The American, should not put up with this, but the American people are in their 40 year nap!  Does this look like America the beautiful? 

#8 reason:  waste/priority projects;
NASA (unmanned):  Continues to throw billions away looking for water on Mars.  During these hard time, the Congress is stupid to let this happen, while American's just yawn all this away.  While Americans are standing in an umployment line...Rovers are heading for Mars...more wasted money.  Unbelievable!   

Greed and corruption will be America's Waterloo (defeat) 

 #9 reason:  Miss-trust of the government at all levels: 

I think miss-trust of the government (at all levels), has to be at an all-time high!  

Jobs; Jobs; Jobs;  Clean jobs vs. Dirty Jobs;

Article title; America; Why So Many Watch-Dog Groups?

Americans must keep a careful watch on the government and on greedy corporations, because if they don't...we could all get poisoned.  Jobs will certainly be the main issue in the 2012 elections and beyond.  Americans will have to decide if they want clean jobs...or dirty jobs.  There is talk in the Congress that the EPA (Enviornmental Protection Agency), could be eliminated, and/or the rules be watered down, in the interest of jobs, etc.  If this is allowed to happen, americans could be at risk for serious health problems and even death. 

I live near an Air Force base, and there has been a fight recently, about a jet-fuel spill of about 8 million gallons, which threatens to contaminate the ground water.  The cost for the clean-up is over $200 million dollars to the taxpayers.  Where is the Air Force supposed to get the money from a broke government? 

About five miles away, is the Sandia National Labs run by the Energy Department.  There has been a report, that there has been illegal dumping in the form of radiation/nuclear material, that could affect the ground water.  Local people are drinking bottled water, and some are preparing to move, etc. 

Article title;  Jobs Are Moving Out of the Country, STUPID! 

Article title; Betryal:  Who Can You Trust, Anymore?

Article title; The Bad Smell of City Hall

Article title;  Chemicals:  They're Going To Kill Us All

Article title; Chemical Dump:  Another Love Canal In the Making?

Article title; Chemical Dump:  Time To Close Kirtland AFB 

Article title; Chemical Dump;  Betrayed By the Govenor? 

Article title; Chemical Dump: Kirtland AFB; I Smell a Rat;

Article title; Read My Lips...Radiation Is Forever!

Article title; Water Contimination is Everybody's Business;

Article title;Earth Day Should Be Everyday!

Aritcle title;Earth: Home, Sweet, Home

"There must be more to life than having everything."  Maurice Sandek


DECEMBER 26, 2011

"Corruption is worse than prostitution.  The latter might endanger the morals of the individual...but the former envaribly endangers the morals of an entire country."  Karl Kraus

 #10 reason: The American People; The American are at fault here (to a degree), because they've been asleep at the wheel for 40 years, and suffer from apathy and couch potatatoitis.  If they don't wake up soon, everything will be lost, and there will be no turning back, etc. 

Article title;  Protesting:  The American People Are a Bunch of Candy-Asses! 

Article title; American's Suffer From a BIG Attitude Problem; 

Article title; WAKE UP AMERICA!  Credit Rating Lowered;

Article title; Freedom Is NOT Free!

Article title:  Horray For the Red, White and Blue;

These colors give every American certain rights...and many people just yawn them away!  Maybe, they should go live in Libya or Egypt, as they would appreciate freedom more than they do.  Just in case you've a democracy...the people rule!  With respect, to the upcoming 3rd. American Revolution:

- You can write letters, can't you?     - You can send emails, can't you?

- You can make phone calls, can't you?     - You can demonstrate (peacefully), can't you?

If you can't do any of the above, you're probably just as worthless as the Congress! 

Article title; Become an Activist In Your Community;

Article title; To Be a Whistle-Blower Is to Be a Patriot; 

 After the scandal broke at Penn State, the football coach, Joe Paterno said, "I should have done more!"  And, that's what the American people are going to say, "I should have done more!" 

"The hardest thing to take is less...when you know you can get more."  Kim Hubbard


Greed + corruption + worthless Congress + apathetic people = DISASTER!  

Finger-PointingThe worthless Congress is the epicenter of finger-pointing.  It's always somebody else's fault...sounds like a prisoner to me.   All of this finger-pointing, results in delays and gridlock, of legislation that is important to the taxpayers.  Who gets it in the ass...the American taxpayer!   

Black FridayJust another greed fiestival for the greedy corporations.  The retail index and their profits, is not what the season is about.  SHAME on Americans for participating in this greed festival 

Super Comittee: Appointed by members of the worthless Congress;  Another failure! 

National debt;  $15 Trillion dollars:  Nobody in the Congress or in the White House, knows much about these disgraceful numbers.  How Americans will get out of this debt, is anybody's guess.

Senate Terms:  Should be reduced, so that worthless Senators can be voted out sooner. Either produce for the America people...OR GET OUT! 

Corruption is like a gets bigger as it rolls down the mountain! 

Employment picture:  The recession was over a year ago.  Another lie out of the corrupt government. The lies out of the Labor Dept., to make the president look good or better.

Two-Party System in jeopardy?

Article title; OBITUARIES; Two-Party System; Congress; 

Consumer confidence:  At a new low;

Standard of Living:  In a story I saw recently, the standard of living, had dropped by 3 points.  Ever wonder why there is no middle class anymore...only the rick and the hoodlams in the Congress who are all on the gravy-train. 

Price freeze?  This is always an option:  If the greed continues in this country by corporate American, this could be the only answer. 

Kicking the can down the road (delays):  The worthless Congress is very good at doing this.  This is the cause of all the gridlock in Congress, and is harmful for the American people. The blame-game is alive and well...

Population:  Every American has to decide for themselves, if they want to be like China; India; and/or Mexico, whereby childred are born to live in a dump.  Not much hope, and live a life in poverty, etc.  The worthless Congress will have to address this delicate problem sooner or later. 

Immigration:  The United States can no longer support and be baby-sitter to the world.  American's are having their own problems with jobs, so the doors of immigration have to close.  If people around the world want a better life, they will have to do what the Americans did, along with Libya and Egypt...fight for freedom.

Social Security:  It is already certain that the age for Social Security will be raised.  When the law was written back in the 1930's, the people didn't know that American's would life this long.  My father-in-law lived to be 105; and my mother-in-law lived to be 101.  Old people, like myself, might get through the present Social Security, but young people will have more problems, etc. 

Article title; Will Social Security Be There For You?

Greed and corruption will be America's Waterloo (defeat) 

Medicare/Medicaid; (fraud):  Fraud is always connected with Medicare and Medicaid, but fraud is rampant throughout the government, and it all has to stop, if we're going to survive as a nation! 

Article title; The F- Word Is Quite Popular Around the Country (fraud)

Subsidies:  If this country is going to survive, all subsidies are going to have to be cut back or eliminated.  Housing; farmers; ranchers; dairy, etc.  If somebody can't hold their own, it's time to do something else.  The American people cannot support you for doing nothing! 

Loopholes:  There are loopholes all over the American government, and these have to be found and eliminated, if we are to survive.  There are people in this country, who care only about themselves, and their bottom line. 

"Communism has never come to power in a country that was not disrupted by war or corruption, or both."  John F. Kennedy


- Article title: BETRAYAL:  Who Can You Trust Anymore?  (certainly NOT a politician)

-  Article title;United States; Drowning In Red Ink;       Article title; SHAME: Mudslinging in The 2010 Elections;

-  Article title; American Capitalism;  (DOA) Dead on Arrival?     - Article title; The American Dream OR the American Nightmare;

- Article title; English Only or Get the Hell Out;    Article title; I'm Glad Didn't Have Any Children;

- Article title; Man's Inhumity Toward Man; (A disgraceful government)     - Article title;  POVERTY; Will Work for Food; 

- Article title; SHAME; Mudslinging In the 2010 Elections;      - Article title; Swallowing My Pride While In a Soup Line; 

- Article title; My Mother Was a Racist;      - Article title; Ageism and Job Losses Contributed To My Downfall;

The first American Revolution:  Everyone has read about it in the 1700's, with George Washington and company. 

The second American Revolution;  (1960's/1970's)  I was there, and I saw battles between brave Americans against their own corrupt government.  To all the young people out there...this battle took about TEN years, for Americans to win back their government.  I can proudly salute the American people back then for being so determined. 

 Predictions for the year 2012; Fixing America;  (easier said, than done)

The third American Revolution: (pending/2011) 
The American people have to come out in droves, just like they did in the 1960's, and to protest their corrupt government;  they have to kick everyone out of the worthless Congress...and that means EVERYBODY!  America will not survive, unless the American people speak out...


DECEMBER 1, 2011

The American people have enormous challenges in the months and years to come; jobs; debt-reduction; tax reform; Social Security; Medicare; entitlements, etc; dealing with fraud; waste in government and elsewhere; foreign aid; immigration; population, etc., and their biggest challange...dealing with a worthless and do-nothing Congress...set on kicking the can down the road!

What Is Wrong With America? 

And finally...when the American people say that the country is headed in the wrong direction...I think they are saying that there is too much greed and corruption (fraud).  But, the American better wake up and smell the coffee...because there might not be any coffee to wake up to! 

"Growth for the sake of the idealogy of a cancer cell. "  Edward Abbey

In my view, it will be CORRUPTION and GREED that will bring America to its knees...while the worthless Congress 'looks the other way'...and you can take that to the bank!   All the finger-pointing should begin soon...the blame-game...

"If vice and corruption persist...liberty cannot subsist."  Algernon Sidney

No Democrat or no Republican will be able to save America from itself!

Domestic violence; child abuse; divorce; drug addicts; alcoholics; senior abuse; cheaters; liars; substance abuse; prositutes; hobos; road rage; the inconsiderate; the corrupt; jealousy; gossip; deceit; adulterers; pedophiles; perverts; pimps; untrustworthy; selfishness; greedy; greedy; greedy...etc...etc...etc...

You call this America the beautiful? 

"What we need is a kinder, gentler nation."  President George Bush, Sr.

SITE MAP For Hopelessly Lost Souls;
Copyright; 2011; Jerry Aragon; The Humor Doctor;
Website name;

















Web Site: humordoctormd

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