The complete WEIGHT VARIED, WEIGHT CONTROLLED Piano workout with Cardio benefit (Video)

Here it is! The latest approach to building a full-bodied piano technique without taking Protein supplements, or gagging on raw eggs. You might even shed a few pounds if you’re committed to the regimen. But don’t run scared when you see me going into fast forward. That’s the AFTER, not the BEFORE.

I did my baby-step routines on the way, and you will, too, if you want to make progress.

Claudia, my 11-year old student, is on this program, and works out with me every week. Next lesson, I’ll provide a videotape minus the GRAVITRON. (though a few chin-ups at Bally’s can’t hurt)

I stay away from the hand weights, though, because they tax the precious shock-absorber wrists.

Note the indispensable role, and ROLL of the wrists in producing a fluid singing tone.

It’s all packed into the footage, and more, so give it a whirl and Enjoy the benefits of the REAL DEAL CARDIO!


Five finger positions–legato to staccato in Major and minor

Breathing into broken chords, Forte and piano

Scales in root position, parallel and contrary motion (from triplets to 32nds–legato/staccato)
In 3rds, 10ths and 6ths

Arpeggios in root position, contrary motion (build rhythms and momentum–end staccato pairs, F/p)

Diminished 7ths arpeggios in root positions and 10ths (build rhythms and momentum–end staccato pairs-F/p)

Dominant 7th arpeggios

Block 4-note chords through inversions up and down

4-note arpeggios in consecutive inversions (rolling arms, clock-wise/counter-clockwise circular motions)