It all started when He came down here from His throne,

To show us we are not alone.

Next he was whipped,beaten and hung on a cross;

Just to let us know, that all is not lost.

He said to forgive your brother seven times seventy

more times,

And He will forgive us for all the times.

But, do we really know its true meaning in life;

To forgive and forget, is it really such a hard cross

to bear in this life.

Only when the tears are full of love and joy,

And we don't treat forgiveness as some toy.

It is a gift, we get from only the Holy Spirit!

So,open up your whole heart, to be guided by this

loving Spirit.

Then and only then will you have true spiritual

forgiveness- to give and have returned to you.

Remember He died for you, too!

Ask Him to show you how to forgive and give in return,


Lisa Ann Milner