I can only imagine how the ship stool still,
There amidst the waves,helmsman at the wheel
Just to watch it sway, ropes secured & taut,
Yet it bravely stood,tho' it seemed for naught!

Somehow from within thoughts began to flow,
'Yes,you're like this ship more than you know,
For your moorings here keep you in one place,
And you have no clue what's beyond your space.'

As my mind reached out there the picture came,
The helmsman was me, and I bowed in shame
'What more can I do?' came the question sweet,
With my hands outstretched, I stood to my feet.

'Cut the ropes,He said,turn your moorings loose
There's no place for fear, do not act obtuse
With Me by your side, there's no limit, Dear,
What can come to pass if you'll only hear!'

Moorings aren't for those who will dare to be
Like the ship when it sets its sails for sea
Once within that realm you will have new sight,
For your freedom will make all the wrong things right!

D. S. Mullis