God has a purpose for all of our lives,
A work must be done, beginning inside
The heart of each one, that we might find out
How "living by faith" is what life's about!

For some it takes months-and others it's years
For faith to arise and conquer our fears-
But we can be sure it's all in God's time,
Just as this poem has rhythm and rhyme!

Just as the ocean tide goes out and in,
Just as the blood of Christ cleanses our sin-
God has appointed a time just for you,
To change your perspective-broaden your view!

Faith comes by hearing-by hearing the Word,
Thru faith comes a voice we never have heard-
Faith gives you courage to walk the unknown,
To show forth a light you never have shown!

Don't be afraid to take off your mask,
Let Him be Lord is all He will ask-
Yes, in His time, friend, I hope you will see
A life that is full, a life that is free!

Donna S. Mullis