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Kristian L Mahrling-Harding

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Anger Management- Individual Insurrection
by Kristian L Mahrling-Harding

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I have appreciated those who have read my work
Have tried to give back, have tried not to shirk
Prided myself as tolerance, the key
Allowed those who cared to defending me
Perhaps, seeming weak in those moments of hush
But I am made of neither stone, nor of mush
So stand back, those who've loved me, give me some room
I have a voice and now it will boom
I have watched and I've witnessed this little clique
And find it discouraging, and just a bit sick
Authors are chastised for different belief
There are those who will rob them, like an armed hungry thief
Searching each weakness to reign others in
All for the sake o'er the power of the den
Accusations of wrong doing are cast like the dice
Any response, and one must think twice
The intolerant Christians berate those that are not
With never a blink or an intelligent thought
And should one be so bold as to answer in kind
Bring the marshmallows to the burning you'll find
Children allowed to act as adult
Adults act like children in a polemic rut
A site master that is seemingly led by the nose
By the whining of...whom?...any of those?
A small potent faction with arrogant scorn
Whose only direction is to self adorn
Lift up themselves with omnipotent grandeur
Have others deleted and start screaming slander
Hypocrite, deceiver, fraud, Pharisee
But that's a true Christian(?) No not to me
As viperous and venomous that this clique can wield
it is not Heaven emblazoned there on their shield
For in truth, if by Christian terms, exersise.

We are all sons and daughters of God, in his eyes
Yet Christian, nor Pagan, nor Moslem or Jew
Has the right to determine what is right for you
Nor pretence the freedom of speech in our verse
To gain their self glory, for some, even worse
Think first before casting a judgement stone
For those in glass houses usually end up alone.

*if freedom to speak and demean others is right for one the no author should be banned from these sites for a return of fire in their own defense. Nor should anyone be made to feel they should have to leave by anothers intimidation. We came together to write. The truth is, some will always disagree, some will always find faults in others and their work. The strnght of an individual should be determined by their rise above such things and continue on without pointing fingers, without judgment and certainly, without predjudicee. Debate is always heealthy. Poweer mongering, is not! If this is a site for elite members of a select few, like gossiping quilting bee, then it is time to make it known publically, so the rational writers can find another venue. Otherwise blocking or banning or browbeating of any author is in itself a predjudice and discrimination. In America, unlawful. Being well passed the age of consent, I alos resent the fact that (while intelligence may not need to show ID) as adults, we are still responsible for what is allowable and accessible to minors. This has not been the case on many sites such as this...k.

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Reviewed by Tinka Boukes
Good rant!!
Reviewed by Sun Animal (Reader)
Matt Miller in one of his moments of self illusionment, has tried to indicate this is an international site open to all views...

yes views, not diatribe...
Reviewed by Ted Sheridan (Reader)
Good Rant.
Reviewed by Kristian Mahrling-Harding
thanks lo, for the heads up!
let me address one thing at a time here. first, thank you for all the comments. it is important in a civilised society to aire the differences as long as respect for each individual is present. i chose, deliberately NOT to mention any names nor point fingers at any one person. because i knew that those that this may have applied to, would return fire with a flame thrower. which proves one of my points.
i apologise for the errors in spelling, that has gotten me into trouble on another site~smile~ i had my daughter in law to be, finish transcribing it for me onto the site. she apparently was as tired as i am. i think that the message is still valid inspite of the boo boo's. but thanks amanda, for helpin the ole broad out.
now, tammy, as you are expecting, i of course will defend thomas. i'm sorry you chose to throw the gauntlet down and challenge by naming names. first of all.IF you ever paid attention to how these things get started, you would surely recognise that tom never fires the first shot, will always take the critisism when proven wrong AND apologise, does not run nor delete the comments or critisisms on his work or his pages, does not hide like a dog under the porch waiting to bite the ankles with his message board, has, infact, defended, at one time or another, most of the authors here, WHEN they have been wrongly accused or persecuted. you point a finger and call him caustic.........lady, you don't know caustic YET! another point(?) you have fired a deliberate shot, if you had been paying attention to the body of this work, you may have had that epiphanous moment that reminded you that " stuck your foot in it and proved more points than krissy had suspected one would!" perhaps thomas is more pointed than you are able to accept, but you have the choice as all of us, to turn the page. if you don't want the fight.go write about flowers and budding romance, and leave the controvercial stuff to those that have the balls to take and dish the flack! or to ignore the issues and move on. disagree with respect to the others view.
in truth.who the hell is anyone to determine how, what and when we an adult!?
my point to this little excercise is to point out the inconsistancies that are rampant on this site and sites such as this. they are deadly to them and they are detrimental to serious writers who are looking to have their works published and not as a forum to run a dictatorial social club. (sorry to steal your line,darling, but i like your term.)
if you do not like what i say and have no constructive critique as to spelling or form of those works, take your happy ass elsewhere. i neither have the time, the energy or the patience for the pathetic upstages of the few. there are some gifted and talented writers here and some brilliant individuals. but there are equally as many of those who are just trying to express themselves, learn, and share in the catharsis that writing avails itself to.
and remember, if you do not wish to engage in debate or argument...walk away, but do not squelch an individual, just because you are different in the way you perceive the world. it belongs to all of us!
Reviewed by Lorraine Leeds (Reader)
I'm proud of you for standing up for yourself. Anyone that would think of you as 'weak' does not know you. As you have pointed out, and some have missed, the attribute of free speech on this (and other sites)is not about the 1st ammendment. It is about the predudicial enactment of allowing one author to have his/her freedom to openly chastise or 'rant'. While a choice few are castigated, castrated and, as you say, burned at the stake for that expression and consequently banned. Just remember, people who truly have your interests at heart, will always understand and love you regardless. Those that have their own interests above and beyond all else, will try to keep you down. I do have to agree with Morchuis...waass up with the spelling errors?? Not like you to be so careless.
Call me!!
kissy kissy
Reviewed by Daoine Sithe
It would appear I got the Name mixed in my previous comment,up any reference to David James should of course be disregarded, and reapplied to James David.
Reviewed by Sandie Angel
Some think that freedom of speech is only for themselves and not for others.

The fact is we are all individuals, we all have different believes, but to force one's belief in another is ignorant.

On an open forum like this, we also have a free choice of who to read, and who not to read. It's just like going into a restaurant and looking at a menu, you just can't and don't want to eat everything in sight, different taste for different folks.....and reading poetry in an open forum is just like that. Some you will agree and some you won't. It's not right to forcefeed ourselves or forcefeed others. Just keep our taste to ourselves.

Those who gives good comments are caring people of the Den, it's upto the receipient to appreciate it. Some won't even appreciate a good guesture from one person to another. One person wrote to me and said I didn't understand her poem, my comments didn't reflect her poem, so she had deleted my comment. I replied "okay then, if that's what she feels about it.".....but it didn't bother me about the deletion, what bothered me is that she thinks that everyone should think the way she thinks and has to comment as the way she liked to be commented.

A true poet and craft of poetry is that to post a poem, and have every reader reads it and interprets it the way that a reader feels, not how the poet feels. If a poem can be read in more than one ways, then this poem is successful.....the poet should not force the readers to read it as she has it in mind on how she herself has read it.

Okay, enough said about this. I don't think I will comment on this same lady again. Not a chance! She's off my menu.

Sandie Angel :o) a.k.a. May Lu $*_*$

Reviewed by Morchuis Shaw
Just to reply to David James assertions, he has in my view chosen to miss the point entirely and by referring to the American Ist amendment regarding free speech merely reinforces the contention held by non American nationals that the site is totally dictated by American opinion.
and its owners related values.
This goes directly against the stated view, of Matt Miller that AD is an international writing site, and is open to all international views and writings.

I will agree that the site owner has the right to determine the rules and conditions of site.

But he also has the obligation to administer those rules evenly and openly across the board.

This he has blatantly has not done, and therefore has discredited his own authority
It may be of interest to David James that some international readers, in some cases do not have the privileges of reply, and speech that some American authors so belligerently utilise on this site.

Reviewed by James David Compton (Reader)
Thankyou for your point of view, Kristian.
I agree with much of what you said, and disagree with some as well.
I am a firm believer in the 1st Amendment. What some people don't understand is that it guarantees us freedom of speech. It does NOT guarantee us a platform for that speech. Censorship is the government's efforts to quell speech. (Unconstitutional) The type of which you speak, is merely saying "you can't use MY (the web owners) platform for this. That is totally their right. Just as a person has the right to protest a wrong, I have the right to say he can't use my platform to do so. In Matt's defense, he should have the right as to the content of his site, as we have the right to open our own, if we so wish. I think the real problems here have not been the content of our work, or our points of view, but the manner in which we have responded. There is no room for personal attacks, for any reason. I hope it gets resolved before they just decide to scrap the ability for us to leave reviews. That would be a shame.
Let's all get back to writing and try to treat each other a little better.

Reviewed by Dove (Reader)
Right on sister..! Thank God in dear heaven someone had the " GUTTS" to say this...Because wherever there is light, there are shadows that follow..That is the basic issue here, always has, always will be..Because of what happened to me last year and I had appoligized to those people I had hurt, they find it (most of them, not all) unthinkable to forgive me..Forgive me?? That's just too much to ask for..Truth is knowledge, regardless, in my writings and light is truth.I don't have to defend my light. Many find my path (some christians here) a witch path..Well, sorry they feel that, but I don't carry a broom and even if I did, that's my choice..I guess they find the red man's path and his beliefs as sinful and they are pagans going to hell...Well, I've got news for them, the creator loves hindu's, Islamics, Christians, native american shamans, ect..He has no predjudice against any group of his children..There are a few people who I know here that absolutley hate me..My question, why? If they hate me, they hate the father because we're all made in his image..Times that brought me anger because I'de been there for others not only as a supportive author, but as a friend who did readings for them ( charged them no money)to find their friendship stopped after I read for them,taking "MY" time, my time I never asked for a donation of any kind, only to find they did not find me of use after that, not returning my friendship e-mails..Yes, I was damb angry for the abandonment..And they "Know" who they are...Yes, I was also unbalanced in that point of my life. Are they going to hang me on a cross forever? Like they have never done anything wrong themselves? That gives them the right to say I'm crazy and evil???Anyone would be who suffered a chemical imbalance and was just over the edge..But I guess their christians hearts are still so unforgiving...And many had heard what I went through and just decided they were not going to like me, that I was an evil and bad person, never to comment again on my work..Well, boo- hoo..Get off the high horse, please..My point is I do not have to defend my light..They may miss my writings, the unselfish messages of healing behind it..That's their loss.If we all want peace, healing, love and light to fully reign on this earth, then we all, including me have to look at ourselves and find what is important and speacial about us all..If not, the bashing will always continue.. Sister, as always, you amaze me with your frank openess..I love you for very core of the essence of your spirit , not your religious convictions..We'll all have to face his light in the end and it's our bussiness.. My prayers re with you this month in particualr for what you'll be facing..Huggs to you..I miss our phone conversations..I'll phone at the end of May..

Love you, Jo
Reviewed by Sara Coslett
At first I found the jostling that was going on here quite amusing. But when the site owner banned a really fine writer and subsequently deleted all his work and not just the ones that the management for one reason or another disliked was in my opinion prejudiced. When a webmaster or site owner injudiciously censors a writer it usually spells the beginning of the end for a site. It starts people thinking, like you and many others here. It creates a precedent that should not ever exist and before you know it the site starts to get a bad reputation and folds up. I have seen it happen before.
Reviewed by na na (Reader)
Krissy, I understand your point well. There are so many things that show others want to control what we say and do. If you do not agree with me on anything I write. (I am talking about the one making the comments .. not Krissy) then you do not have to read me. Tonight, one person who has the habit of ranting and raving then going sweet and soft and then getting mad all over again and picking a new target. This is the 'poet' who called an innocent Father of three children a HOMOSEXUAL, and then threatened to travel 6,000 miles to "get" him. Tonight I wrote a sensual poem and he picked me. He called the poem 'Amatory Dance' GARBAGE. Even if it is garbage, it is not a valid comment for someone else to make on this site about anothers work. And this put the person who makes this type of criticism in the position of being GARBAGE as a human being. But it goes further than this. The woman I love then reinforces this man's opinion by also calling it GARBAGE. The rest of the comments were good on the poem.
Does that mean that all the person who made
comments that were good are GARBAGE also? Are these people calling Peggy, Robert, Elizabeth, William, Tinka, Lada A, Karen, Teresa, Karissa ... GARBAGE also. What purpose did the man have who did this? Well he was sweet on the Lady who it was dedicated to. He even took up a false identity as Anthony (something or other) to leave coments without revealing his identity, because he was jealous of my attention to her. This was his chance to stick in his daggar ... maybe by her complaint or request? But the Lady I love also called it GARBAGE. So is she also calling the people who led it and liked it GARBAGE also. I have no defense for her except that she is prudish and I guess really didn't love me anyway. Whatever I write whether good or bad has value. It is not junk mail like some writers at AD. And you are entilted to comment as you feel; so long as you don't persnally offend the writer of the poem or article. God bless you all who had courage to stand up and comment in support of the writer. Bill
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