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Tommy L Thomas

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Let's Play A Game-Saw:The Beginning
By Tommy L Thomas
Thursday, February 19, 2009

Rated "R" by the Author.

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Action thriller about a jilted lover who takes revenge on treatment he suffered at her hands.


Let’s Play A Game
            Bobby could hardly believe what had happened to his real estate that he had worked so hard to develop. He had just finished a tour of the burned and charred city totally disappointed in the landscape, hurt because of the properties he hoped to buy and renovate were now homes to rodents and insects. The riot had practically destroyed him for it was non-descrimainatory when it came to the destruction of the city of who owned what. He felt tears welling in his eyes for he was at an apartment building he had purchased a week ago for over $100,000 now burned beyond repair. He had invested his own money after the bank would not give him a loan and the insurance company would only insure the property for $75,000 claiming its assessed value was only such. Just around the corner, there was property owned by White investor’s with less appraised value than his and was insured for twice the appraised value. He understood the frustration of his people, but they hurt him also much more than the Whites.
          Through blood, sweat and tears, he worked his ass to the bone trying to make his life where he did not have to bow down to anyone, now he was reduced practically to nothing, and by whom? The Brothers in their plight to be heard hoping for a change of being raped by the system and economic slavery.
          He would collect his $75,000 from the insurance company that is if they paid. There were so many losses from the fires and vandalism; it would drive most insurance companies into bankruptcy. There was another nagging thought, would the insurance company pay a Black man the full value of the policy, or put it this way, anything at all.
          His thoughts were interrupted by a phone call from Valerie trying to be nice and slick to find his losses.
          “Bobby baby how goes things with you. Behind all this chaos and confusion, I hope you fared well with your properties. I know many of the houses for rent on this street are gone, burned down. Tell me, how does it look with you?”
            Hesitant to speak, Bobby remained mute until Valerie asked, “Bobby are you there?”
          He started to hang up but he was not that rude and asked, “Valerie, what do you want?”
          “Just checking to see how my sweet thang is doing. I miss you sugar and was wondering if I could see you for this feeling won’t leave me alone. You see baby, I’ve got that itch that only you can scratch.”
          “Valerie, don’t take me there. I am through with your games as I told you before. My thang now is to make it as a businessman and leave all the bullshit alone.”
          “Why are you talking to me this way? I did not talk to you like that when you first wanted to put your head under my dress, did I?”
          “That was another time. I have changed from that and want to keep focused with my real estate developments.”
          “How are you going to develop when half of Detroit is burned to the ground?” Becoming furious, Valerie blurted out, “Man get real, your own people have f… you up. Why don’t you be what you were always meant to be, a trifling ass nig…”
          Bobby was ready to come through the phone, but decided to play on the player. There was no doubt that Valerie was fine as they come and had some of the best pussy in town and it had been a long time since he had any, so he would play her game and get some.
          He sweetened his voice to suggest he had been captured by her and saw it her way said, “Baby, it is regretful you feel that way about me, but I have been working to make things so that you could leave that life you are living and live one that you are truly fit to live, a life of a queen, my queen with me as king providing for your every need. I tell you what, why don’t you come over here and we’ll discuss a few things over dinner and drink?”
          “Oh Bobby, that sounds wonderful. When should I drop in?”
          “Say around seven this evening.”
          “That is the perfect time. I’m looking forward to it,” as her shifty eyes formed plans to work once again on Bobby’s mind getting him once again where he was before he thought he was Mr. Big Shot.
          Bobby chuckled as he eased the phone in the cradle. He had plans for Valerie alright, good ones.
          Bobby called a catering service to prepare an elaborate dinner for two to be delivered at 6:45p.m. as he set the table with white silk table cloth and exquisite silver candle holders. The best wine was chilled on ice as beautiful music piped out of the built in stereo system with surround sound. He checked other areas of the basement he specially built for this occasion because he and Valerie were going to play a game.
          Valerie, feeling more energetic since from a time ago, called The Judge to play a game with him. The phone rang once as The Judge picked up speaking harshly, “Yeah!”
          Valerie in a sultry sexy voice spoke softly, “Is that the way you speak to someone who has sweet thoughts for you?”
          Shocked and happy that it was from the one woman he had spent or shared over $100,000 and never smelled her pussy was shattered and stuttered as he responded, “I… I didn’t know it was you baby. I just had a confrontation with another punk and thought it was him calling back. Forgive my rudeness?”
          “That depends. Have you been working on a plan to take care of Bobby as I asked or still pouting because he got what you want so bad?”
          “You know I have since you promised me some of that thang. Any day now I plan to take care of that sucker.”
          “Make it soon because this thang is getting juicy just waiting for you,” as sinister laughter issued from Valerie’s upturn lips spiting the thought of The Judge touching her. He would never get any pussy from her no matter what he did. He was a sucker she had played a game with for over five years and as far as she was concerned, she would use him another ten if possible. She hung the phone up rudely and began putting on make-up for this evening’s confrontation with Bobby selecting a thigh length black body dress she knew would set him on fire.
          Bobby could not believe how much he had changed after coming from under Valerie’s influence. He was like a whipped dog; a pussy whipped one at that, who craved her like a pack of dogs after a bitch in heat. The first time she let him put his head under her skirt at that party was the turning point in his life sliding downhill and she kept him down for over two years making him her slave for ever whim and whimper keeping him on a leash steering him wherever she wanted.
          Breaking away from her had been the hardest thing in his life ever to do. Even then, when he thought about that thang she had, there was the temptation to remain just to get a whiff every now and then when she felt like it. Now that he had broken away, he wondered was it worth all that suffering he endured. He had to be crazy to be a slave to some mess like that. It was time for payback for all the misery he suffered for he was going to play a game that would affect them forever.
          The basement had all kind of traps and toys, ancient torture racks, mazes with contraptions to scare and maim if one did not move out of harms way quick enough. Each trap triggered diabolical laughter to add horror to the game. Satisfied that everything was in place, Bobby took a nap until the catering service rang the doorbell to be admitted to the dinner area to garnish the table for the evening meal. The clock ticked to seven as he heard Valerie’s car pull in the driveway making his heart trip like jackhammers on concrete. Now is payback time.
          Valerie’s smooth caramel legs were art in themselves accented by the 4 inch spike heels as she walked and press the doorbell. Bobby did not answer immediately for he was playing a game. He waited until she gave up and was walking away when he opened the door feigning grogginess as if waking up from sleep.
          “Just like a trifling ass man sleeping when someone important like me is coming over to spend an evening with him. I ought to leave right now and never speak to the likes of you again!” Valerie spoke hotly in a fit of rage as she turned pointing a finger at Bobby.
          Bobby played it off as if he was sorry for the inconvenience by dropping his head speaking in an undertone, “I’m sorry Valerie for keeping you waiting but I have been working hard preparing to make this evening a wonderful one for you and I. Please accept my apology?” as he turned his head preventing exposure to the snicker on his face that he prevented from issuing from his lips.
          “Okay but never let this happen again. You had better make it worthwhile for I am not in any mood to be putting up with this type of crap.”
          Bobby walked toward Valerie and took her in his arms as she stiffened as a board. He gently escorted her inside as the soft jazz flooded the interior of the beautiful home. The July heat was something else outside but the air conditioning inside made it cozy in the semi darkness because of the drawn curtains.
          “Please take a seat Valerie. Would you like something to drink or an appetizer before the main dinner in the basement diner?”
          “Yeah, I want a daiquiri with a lemon and cherry on the side. Make it quick for I need a drink right now.”
          “Coming up for you sweet thing,” as he poured the mix in the blender and the liquor swirled to a smooth finish. He reached for the lemon and cherry and a small vial filled with a Mickey. He poured the full content into the drink and added an aphrodisiac to make her go wild with sexual desire. He planned to have sex with her to his heart content without all the begging from him but from her.
          Smiling, Bobby moved gracefully toward Valerie who was sitting on the sofa pouting as he gave her the drink. She snatched it out of his hand almost spilling it taking a huge sip. “This is good. I’ll take another one later. I’m hungry now, what’s on the menu?”
          “Let us see by me escorting you to the dinner table,” as his arm locked with Valerie’s going downstairs to the lavishly furnished finished basement. Valerie did not understand why she pressed her body close to Bobby when it was not her wish even though it felt good. Was the air conditioning failing for she was getting hot.
          As they exited the landing, Bobby guided her to her seat and as a gentleman does, adjusted her chair for her to sit, smiling looking into her eyes as he slowly move away toward his chair.
          The 20-ounce T-bone steak sautéed with mushroom, green peppers and onions assailed their nostrils as the lid was removed from the covered tray. An Idaho baked potato and salad were side dishes with several desserts. There was no need for talking as they both ate to their hearts content. Full and satisfied from the food and drink, Bobby asked Valerie if she would love to dance as he pressed a module that changed the jazzed into Isaac Hayes tune, “So Good.”
          They began to Social or Slow Drag to the music as Valerie pressed the V of her body close to Bobby and her tongue snaked its way to the side of his neck as her lips began to suck on the flesh. Despite Bobby’s intent to play the game his way, he let himself be seduced into this lovemaking as he pushed her head away and accepted the same lips and tongue into his mouth trying to suck the roots out of her tongue. He released her tongue as he stabbed his own into her mouth as she womanly teased it with her lips. She began gyrating her body against Bobby’s as his free hand made it to the cavity between her thighs finding it extremely wet. In his mind he chuckled for the drugs were taking effect on Valerie and soon he would ravish her beautiful body without any complaints or hesitations.
          Valerie began to talk sensually about how hot she felt as Bobby’s fingers were exciting her forcing the urgency of opening her thighs wider. “Oh baby that feels good. Oh, oh, ow, that’s it, put your fingers deeper.”
          Bobby trying to control himself had a tremendous erection. He did not want to blow his game by letting his desire for this woman to control him. He eased his fingers out of Valerie as she tried to keep his hand there by grabbing his wrist.
            “Easy baby, we have all night. Let us take our time and enjoy this like vintage wine.”
          “I need you Bobby. I need you now!”
          “I will give what you want when I am ready. Do you understand that Valerie.”
          “Who do you think you are talking to, you whipped puppy?”
          “You don’t understand yet do you? You belong to me now and you will do as you are told. Lay your ass down on that floor for I am going to do it to your ass all night.”
          “What, what do you think you are doing. Aah, I am burning up,” as she began running her tongue across her lips as if somehow it would cool it, her eyes riveted on Bobby’s manhood as he had removed if from his pants as he unbuckled his belt, removing his trousers.
          She fell on her knees giving him oral sex, hissing; “Oh baby this is good. Please let me do it more, yes more,” as Bobby moved away from her to the dinner table to pour him a glass of wine.
          Valerie had laid on the floor with her thighs gapped wide running her fingers in and out of her twat rapidly, arching her back, hissing between her teeth as she screamed in delight lifting her buttock off the carpeted floor calling out to Bobby, “I need some meat. Bring it to me and fast for I am burning up.”
          Bobby took delight is seeing her begging, doing the same thing he used to do. He would wait longer until she cried for the need of him, which did not take long for her fingers, were not doing the trick. “I need to be filled with a man’s thang not these fingers, Bobby, oh baby, please give me some of that thang?”
          Satisfied with the game, Bobby asked, “how bad to you want it Valerie, beg. Beg until I say it is enough.”
          “Please baby, I am begging you to give it to me. If only a little bit for now?”
          Tears were running out of her eyes as she lifted her ass off the floor rotating her hips opening her thighs and closing them with a slapping sound trying to cool her cunt.
          Bobby, now satisfied said to her, “Let’s play a game!”
          “Honey, I am willing to play whatever game you desire. Please let us begin. I need that thang.”
          “Do you remember when I had to crawl begging you just for a whiff of your pussy, the key for you to get this which you so desperately crave requires that you crawl and beg as you come forth.”
          Crawling, begging, reaching out for Bobby’s shaft, Valerie incoherently voiced her desire, “Baby, I need you, want you, crave you and I love you. I have always loved you from the very first time I saw you. I just wanted to see how far I could go to control you. I am sorry, forgive me. I need you now more than ever before.”
          Bobby let her grab his thighs as he put his shaft in her mouth letting her suck with slurping noise. He tired of that and told her to get on her knees for he was going to do her doggie style.
          With her positioned, he eased his shaft up to the hilt as she screamed in delight. Bobby had sex with Valerie about five times in those two years and he intended to make up for lost time. He began slow and increased speed as their flesh made smacking sound as her big ass flowed like jelly each time flesh met flesh. Valerie came and her cunt muscles gripped his shaft again and again as she spasmed and fell face down on the carpet. He rolled her over getting between the cradle of her thighs and continued thrusting in and out with increasing speed forcing her to cum again, arching her back off the carpet and squirted that drenched his thighs flooding the carpet with her cum.
          Bobby picked her up carrying her to the dining table, knocking the food and utensils to the floor, laying her as her body was half off of it and began stroking her in every known position. Bobby close to having an orgasm, put Valerie on her back once again and penetrated her to the hilt grabbing her ass and began the stroke of doom forcing her to cum again and again, screaming in delight, “Oh darling, baby, give it to me, give it tooo meee, ow, oooh, deeper, faster.”
          Bobby’s fingers imbedded themselves in her big ass as anchors for he began to tremble as fire built up in him and his mind was about to explode from the intensity of the forthcoming orgasm. His speed increased like pistons in a Ford Mustang as his ass was working up and down side to side giving Valerie every inch until the last downward stroke as he began cummin’ like a fire hose. Valerie felt the hot jism as it flooded her insides and screamed in delight as she came adding her own juices to the flow.
          Five times more Bobby had Valerie until he could not come anymore. Valerie fell asleep satisfied mumbling in her sleep of erotic throes.
          Bobby removed Valerie from the dining area and placed her in another area to play the real game. She awake startled as to where she was. She did not see Bobby but remembered how he had fucked her good and she wanted more. She got a different invitation instead. Over an intercom system a voice ran out.
          “Valerie, let’s play a game. You are good at playing games for you have played them with many a sucker and have always won. Let us see how you will fare when someone else makes the rules. Here is the way we will play. I will give you suggestions and you will have to follow them to the letter or you will either be maimed or forfeit your life. Take your pick for it is you who will have to win this game in order to survive. Let us begin.”
          A sliding wall panel opened that displayed three glass cases with a vial in each. A voice rang from the intercom system saying, “Valerie, you have been poisoned and within a short period of time you will feel its effect. In order for you to live, you must remove the antidote from the three glass cases and drink them. It is a matter of time for as you open the first container lethal gases will began issuing from ports that will have effect on the nervous system that will slow you. You must complete the task of getting the antidote, if not, you will die from the poison and the lethal gas. Should you be successful in taking the antidote, you will have ten second to reach inside a box that will have the key to open the door to exit the chamber. Time is of the essence. Let the game begin. You have thirty seconds to finish this task. Tick tock. Tick, tick tock.”
          Valerie was terrified that someone would be playing a game with her for she was a player of players so she thought. He said she was poisoned. Was she really? She did not want to take chances of any bluffing and made her way to the first glass case. She struck the glass case but it did not break. She tried again and it did not break. She became frantic for as her adrenalin began flowing she felt the effect of the poison and became groggy.
          A voice issued over the system, “You have 25 seconds to take the antidote or you will die a slow agonizing death. Remember how you were a master of your games, it is time to master this one for your life in on the line.”
          A piercing laughter echoed across the room throwing Valerie into confusion. She saw a piece of metal on the floor, a wrench of some kind, picking it up and hammered the glass until it broke. She removed the vial and drank the potion as gas began issuing out of ports. It had immediate effect on her nervous system for she began to move at a slow speed. The next glass container seemed miles away as she made her way toward it, hand heavy from the gas effect and the wrench clenched in it.
          A voice issued again over the intercom system, “You have 17 seconds to take the antidote and remove the key to exit. Waste no time for each second you pause, ten seconds will erase off the clock.”
          Valerie smashed the second glass container drinking the potion moving on to the third feverishly grabbing the contents drinking as a panel opened in the wall for the key to be retrieved. She had cut her wrist on the second container and was bleeding profusely, grabbing her throat for the fumes from the gas was bothering her breathing prompting the reaction to rub her face as if it would revive her smearing blood all over it from the cut wrist.
          Laughter boomed from the intercom system as the voice said, “You have five seconds to retrieve the key and open the door. Should you be one second late, the door will permanently seal and you will die.”
          Frantically, Valerie moved to the panel and removed the key as the mist from the gas clouded her vision of where the door and keyhole was located. Trying to scream, if that would do any good, she groped along the wall until her hand found the lock and out of luck inserted the key and turned. A grating sound was heard as the door began to open and cool fresh air entered her lungs.
          Finally with enough air in her lungs she yelled, “Who in the fuck are you? Why are you doing this to me? What have I done to you? Is that you Bobby playing games on me?”
          No answer was given to either questions but a warning was given, “You have won phase one of the game. It will get harder as you progress for the next step will be one testing your endurance to pain. The floor in which you are standing is heating and will increase to a temperature of 500 degrees that will remove skin with the slightest touch. You do not have on any shoes so make your movements swift for the furnace has been ignited. You have 10 seconds to cross the floor to the next room or you will be sealed and burned to a cinder. Let the game begin.”
          Immediately the soles of Valerie’s feet began to hurt from the severe heat making it difficult for her to stand. As she moved across the metal floor, steel spikes began issuing out of perforated holes in the floor puncturing her flesh making it slippery to walk from the blood flowing from the cuts. The spikes were picking up intensity of speed and length as the temperature rose. Valerie began screaming, slipping and sliding toward the open door that looked miles away even though a few feet. The spikes were making click and clacking noise as they were running in and out of the holes. Those that did not puncture her feet were grazing her ankles and legs causing her to move erratically falling several times as the spikes punctured her body.
          A Voice issued over the intercom system, “You have five seconds to reach the exit or you will be permanently sealed to your doom.”
          “Why are you doing this to me?” Valerie screamed.
          The Voice said, “It is best you conserve you energy to make it to the exit instead of wasting it on me,” as laughter exploded in the room.
          With one last desperate measure, Valerie catapult herself into the next room. “Bravo, bravo,” the Voice chortled over the intercom. “You made it successfully. The final test is one that will challenge the very core of your soul. You will enter the maze for each corridor will have its own challenge and you will have to figure a means to over come them. There is water for refreshment for you will need it in these final tests. Drink up for it might be your last.”
          Given the opportunity to drink to her fill, the Voice said, “When you enter the next chamber there will be four junctions to begin your journey. Each has an exit to outside, but each has increasing degrees of difficulty. Choose wisely for it might be a matter of life and death. Let the game begin. Tick tock, tick, tick tock.”
          Valerie stepped into the chamber and was greeted by four open portals in which to enter. She chose the third chamber not knowing it was the most difficult because inside she had to cross a corridor with swinging razor sharp pendulums that cut into her scalp, shoulders, sheared off part of her ear and fingers as she reached for her scalp. The next test was a room full of starving rats who had already eaten several of their counterparts and were growling with hunger filled eyes. She could not go back for the swinging scythe pendulums had lowered that would sever her in half. She had to cross the sea of rats to the other side. She tore off parts of her tattered dress and put in on her feet and legs and began to run through the sea of rats hoping she would not trip and fall knowing that if she did it would be her grave.
          A bell tone like Big Ben in London began to toll loudly causing confusion as she made her run. The growl of the rats increase as they made leaps to bring her down and those she stepped on made squishing noise and screams of torment added to her own screams. She grabbed those crawling up or attached to her body and crushed them in her hands, sliding and tripping on those under her feet, falling to her knees. Those who tried to bite her in the face became entrapped between her teeth as she made bite for bite. Screaming and cursing, throwing rats in all directions, made it to the exit with several rats still attached that she killed when she went into the next corridor mumbling incoherently as the door behind her slammed close.
          The Voice issued once again over the intercom. “I might have been wrong about you for you have almost made it to the finish line. You have shown that you have strength and the will to fight and live. Should you conquer the last obstacle, you will have your freedom.”
          Valerie was mumbling to herself incoherently for she had gone insane. Her eyes had fallen back into the sockets and she seemed to be looking at something far beyond the human dimension.
          “The next test will be one that will test your endurance, pain, and the will to live. There will be buzz-saws from the floor, lowered ceiling and walls that will be activated as soon as you enter. The walls, floor and ceiling will begin to contract moving inward with progressive speed until you are severed. You will have ten seconds to cross it or you will be mincemeat. Let the game begin. Tick tock. Tick, tick, tock!”
          Valerie now insane did not care whether she lived or died had become almost impervious to pain as she entered the corridor experiencing raw terror beyond belief as about 100 saw blades twirled cutting her flesh as she began running through the chamber as she never ran before. The Olympic Champions would have been proud of her speed as the almost nude figure sprinted like a demon from hell. By the time she made it to the exit, she was covered with blood and bleeding profusely from hundreds of cuts with exposed raw flesh requiring immediate admittance into the nearest hospital. She fell exhausted outside as flies of the hot July day began feasting on her blood. She faintly heard, “Tick tock, you have passed the test, your freedom is granted. In any future time your really want excitement, remember it is just a phone call away on the card in your pocket. Good day Valerie, I hope to see you again soon for us to “Let’s play a game. Tick tock.” Consumed with fear, pain and mental insanity, she drifted to never, never land.
          Bobby satisfied with the results, had the rooms dismantled and contents moved to another location and found a sense of peace and fulfillment in over two years. He had to admit, he loved playing the game for justice had been served to a person who had committed gross injustices to many and he was instrumental in carrying it out. He call 911 for an emergency medical unit to take Valerie to the hospital for treatment and knew what his next task would be should the insurance company not pay him the full value of $100,000 for his destroyed property. In his mind he knew he would be playing another scenario of “Let’s play a game when the time was right. Tick tock.”

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