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Marie Wadsworth

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Forbidden Love
By Marie Wadsworth
Monday, July 05, 2004

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This story contains several firsts for me. It's written in soap opera style and it deals with cheating. I named one of my characters Brandon in tribute of Marlan Brando who recently died.
So everyone bust out Barbara Mandrell's song "(If Loving You is Wrong) I Don't Wanna Be Right" and listen to it while reading this.

Finally the weather warmed up! And warmer weather was both a rarity -- and a blessing, especially in Alaska, where she regularly endured six months when the Sun rarely shined creating dreary, dark skies above a frozen tundra filled with Eskimos; igloos; blubber, including seals, whales, penguins and such; and mounds of snow drifts.
It seemed like it'd been forever since there had been a day with temperatures in the mid-90s in Alaska. Given where she lived, where warm temperatures and weather were infrequent, it would be a shame not to take advantage of it.
Oh. She was so hot! Since the temperatures had climbed to an unusually hot 95 degrees in Alaska, she felt like she had entered a sauna. Even wearing her bikini, which she hardly ever got to wear, Jane just couldn't seem to get cooled down. What should she do? If she'd run out into the dead of winter in her bikini, she would have cooled off quickly, but today there seemed no relief from the heat.
She slipped out the sliding glass back door of her two-story penthouse in an up scale, rich neighborhood she lived in Juneau, Alaska. She'd moved into the neighborhood about five years ago when she'd went to work in the lucrative Alaskan petroleum industry.
She lived alone in the penthouse. But she had a maid who cleaned her house, did her laundry and bought her groceries. She never hired a chef because she enjoyed cooking for herself, she did have a personal trainer and gardener who kept her back yard manicured and looking great like a well-known English garden regardless of the season.
She walked down the stairs onto her wooden deck that led to her above ground, heated pool. While a pool wasn't a necessity in Alaska, it was a luxury for those in her station in life -- she certainly didn't want her family and friends to wag their tongues because she couldn't keep up with the Joneses.
She dived into the swimming pool, which wasn't Olympic-sized, but it was perfect for her. Regardless of the season, she regularly swam laps in the pool -- which not only toned her ass, kept her body firm and helped her stay slim and trim.
The water caressed her hot body making her nipples hard. She swam slowly at first and then speeds up, back and forth going from one end of the pool to the other.
After she finished her swim she floated in the water letting the sun beat down on her lovely body. The cool breeze was just enough to tickle her in most intimate places. Finally she emerged from the pool and laid down on the patio near the water's edge.
She looked almost like a mythical mermaid as she stretched leisurely on her multi-colored beach towel that she'd laid across her plastic lawn chair that was setting pool side. This is the life, she thought, enjoying the warmth of the sun basking her body. She wished summer would last forever. Summer was a time to just kick back and enjoy fun in the sun.
It was too beautiful to spend the summer tied up in the office. She was a manager in a large Alaskan petroleum company, where her responsibilities were not limited to dealing with customers complaining about the raising prices of petroleum, responding to angry calls from environmental activists who constantly made a stink about oil spills polluting the waters and killing wildlife, coordinating exports and imports or dropping everything to be on an off shore rig whenever a problem arose.
She sighed. On days like today, she wished she could stay out here and worship the rays all day.
Although the heat of the day was drying her pink bikini top with matching bottoms that had a black belt that accentuated her slim waistline, her firm, piqued nipples were emphasized through the moist damp see through cloth along her bustline.
Her daydreaming and suntanning was interrupted by the sounds of a man softly clearing his throat.
She shielded her eyes from the sun's glare with her hand as she regarded the police officer. He looked hot in his all black uniform.
He slowly removed his black hat with a silver star affixed in the center of it. His hand mussed his lightly sweat dampened brown hair.
Her eyes were fixed on the sleek, black 9 mm gun hanging casually from his belt. She imagined he knew how to wield the gun if he were in a sticky situation. Aside from the gun, the night stick and handcuffs attached to his belt also caught her interest.
She hadn't even seen him approach, and she knew she had done nothing wrong by sitting in her back yard, swimming and sun bathing. Although it was his duty to patrol the neighborhood, he had no business being on private property.
She was about to tell him so when he said, "Excuse me, ma'am, I am going to have to place you under arrest."
She looked at him skeptically, "May I ask what the charge is, officer?"
"No one has the right to look so damn hot," he said, leaning over and kissing her hungrily on the lips.
She tried to put up a struggle but he restrained her, holding her close to him. Her firm nipples grazed against his pressed uniform shirt. The moist droplets covering her silky skin and her scantily clad state aroused him even more.
His fingers swiftly unbuttoned his uniform shirt as she felt the heat of his body and desire against her. She squirmed beneath him but he continued to hold her down.
He warned her, "Don't make me read you your rights."
She giggled softly which he stifled by passionately locking his lips on hers. He removed his highly shined black boots and then discarded his belt beside her lawn chair.
He gently scooped her up into his arms and then walked down the pool steps. As they exchanged demanding French kisses, he carried her to the three foot mark that was indicated by a black numbered 3 on the ceramic tile on the right side of the pool. There he shed his trousers and briefs before he slid off her bikini bottoms. He gently slid himself inside her.
Her butt lighted scraped against the concrete walls of the pool as he rode her. The relaxing circular flow of the water made his pulsating thrusts inside her more rhythmic. He smoothly rocked her like a composer creating a masterpiece.
This was the most exotic and erotic experience of her life, and she wanted it to last forever. She didn't want him to stop until she'd satisfied him -- and vice versa. His hands fondled her breasts, wet once again since they'd been submerged in the water, that were now taunt, not only from the water's caresses but from his as well. His erect manhood felt like it was becoming bigger and firmer as he probed himself deeper inside her.
He was so hot. And he felt so good. She certainly was guilty and he needed to put her into jail and throw away the key because she couldn't get enough of him -- especially when he did this to her. He excited her as he continued to make her hot by expertly pumping himself back and forth inside of her.
She moaned, "Oh, Jacob, you're a much better lover than my husband."
Hearing that he slammed her harder. She was Mrs. Jack Roberts but that only made him want her more.
Jack was a corporate lawyer who was frequently away on business because he represented executives and businesses across the country. Jack wasn't just away on business during his regular trips, Jane suspected he was cheating on her.
Matter of fact, Jack had probably been cheating on her the entire seven years of their marriage. During that time, not only had Jack's job kept him away from her because of his regular trips but he also stayed busy with all the cases he was working and hours he put in at the firm. Which meant he rarely had any time with her.
Jack made love to her once every four months if she was lucky. Jane had accepted her lot the first few years. But then something inside her just snapped. She couldn't handle the loneliness and how starved for love and intimacy that Jack had left her with anymore. She didn't deserve a life of abstinence and solitude. She was a woman -- yes, she was a married woman but she was *not* dead.
If her husband paid more attention to her, did his husbandly duty more often than once a quarter and took care of her and her needs, she wouldn't have had to look for it elsewhere. So it was Jack's fault that she'd been driven into the arms of another man.
Her affair with Jacob had started about a year ago. She remembered the afternoon she'd met him well. She was on her way back to the office from lunch. She was already late and she thought she could get away with making a California stop on Aurora Drive. He happened to be in the area, so he pulled her over and gave her a ticket for failing to make a complete stop at a stop sign.
Her husband, being the lawyer he was, advised her to go court and fight the ticket. Jack had told her that cops were just too busy to go to court to tell the judge to enforce the fines for traffic infractions, so she could probably get out of having to pay the ticket.
So Jane had gone to court, thinking she'd walk out without having to pay a cent for her ticket. How wrong she was! Jacob was there. But before they'd gone into the courtroom, they spent some time getting to know each other.
She found out they had a lot in common. He'd also been married seven years, and his marriage was as dead as her was. He had the misfortune of being married to a woman she considered to be a dead beat wife.
Apparently Jacob's wife, Susan, was a sickly woman. She had regular migraine headaches among other health problems, which prevented her from working, placing the burden for financial support firmly on Jacob's shoulders. Jane always thought Susan was faking her illnesses because she often heard from the town's many gossips that during her "episodes" that she was shopping at expensive stores in the mall, working out at the gym with her own private hard bodies or sailing away on a rented yacht drinking champagne probably with another man.
Poor Jacob was hungry for a meaningful romantic relationship like she was. He needed love and intimacy just like she did. Susan had the same faults as Jack. It was Susan's fault that her husband had to find what he needed elsewhere.
Once her case was called into the courtroom, Jacob had told the judge to dismiss the ticket and let her off with a warning. She thought this was very nice of him, but they had bonded during the time they'd spent talking outside the courtroom.
Her appreciative gaze swept over to him and he looked at her. There was something there. It was more than just a casual encounter -- they were drawn to each other by a force they couldn't explain. This force was larger than themselves, this force was stronger than anything they'd know, this force was deeper than any ocean. They knew that together that they could be so much more than they'd ever been with their respective spouses.
Her expert grooving writhing gyration on his erect cock increased his desire. She excited him like no other woman he'd known. She gave him pleasures he'd never known. She writhed excitedly, taking him to new heights.
"Your wife never does this to you, does she?" She whispered sexily into his ears.
He groaned softly. After their honeymoon, Susan hardly ever let him make love to her.
He was very close to reaching his zenith and she wanted him to have all of her. She wanted to please, sate and complete him -- this was something she knew his wife did not do for him. This was something which her husband didn't do for her either. This was something they only both did for each other.
"Make love to me, baby," she purred seductively. "Ooooo, Jacob, make love to me like I'm your wife."
Yes, his wife. He wished she was his wife. He banged her harder; she thrashed on him like a wild animal.
"I wish you were my wife, Jane," he whispered huskily into her ears.
"Oh, Jacob, yes, make me your wife!" She said ecstatically feeling him explode inside her.
"My darling, Jane!" He said passionately feeling her wet orgasm spill all over his cock.
"I love you, Jacob," she said meaningfully, pressing her lips against his cool neck.
"I love you, Jane," he said with matched feeling. His lips nestled next to her ears, where he said suggestively, "Shall I take you to bed and we can do this again?"
"Yes, Jacob, yes," she said, her eyes dancing with pleasure and love looked deeply into his.
They kissed and touched the needing parts of their bodies as they waded toward the pool's steps. He carefully picked her, carrying her into the house.
Before stepping inside her house, he tossed her wet bikini top to the deck. He carried through the living room, passing the kitchen and up the steps to the second floor. The door to the master bedroom, where she slept with Jack, was open beckoning him, but he headed toward the guest bedroom.
Whenever they had their rendezvous, they'd meet somewhere where neither of their spouses or the town gossips would find out. Depending on his and her work schedules, they arranged to meet in secret at least every other week.
This was the first time they'd do it in her -- and Jack's -- home. And the only reason he had come there today was because he knew Jack was out of town on business.
She knew he was hesitant -- and maybe even reluctant -- to take her in the bed she shared with her husband. To him, "their" bed was a sacred place reserved for intimacy between herself and Jack. But to her, "their" bed was merely a bed, a piece of furniture made of wooden boards, nails and screws, nothing more.
"Not here," she softly pleaded with him after he'd entered the guest room. "Take me to bed -- our bed -- in the master bedroom."
"Are you sure?" He said with grave uncertainty.
"Yes, Lover," she assured him. "Nothing ever happens in there anyway."
That's a damn shame, he thought. She didn't deserve to be lonely, unhappy, wanting or needing of anything, but he didn't either.
He moved from the guest room into the master bedroom. The room was dim since all the blinds on the windows and balcony door were drawn. The white satin sheets were illuminated by the light in the glass case of the large grandfather clock that stood on her side of the bed. Fancy time pieces, her hair brushes, mirrors and a few pieces of jewelry lay neatly on top of her three-tiered mahogany jewelry box decorated her nightstand. The only thing on his nightstand was an alarm clock that read 2 p.m.
He gently lay her on the bed. He appreciatively admired her naked body as she pulled him down on top of her. They kissed as they touched each other intimately. She guided his hips, smoothly inserting his erect manhood inside her.
"I hope I'm not keeping you from your duties, officer," she teased him as she seductively gyrated her body beneath him.
Right now he could care less about his law enforcement duties -- all he wanted to do was make love to her. Besides it didn't matter much since he was off duty.
He closed his eyes. He couldn't believe how much she loved him. He couldn't believe how much he wanted her. He couldn't believe how much he needed her. He couldn't believe how he couldn't get enough of her. He loved her. And he willingly showed her how much.
"Do me, do me, do me. Faster, faster, faster. Harder, harder, harder. More, more, more. Yes, yes, yes," she moaned and moaned, chanting. "Jacob, Jacob, Jacob!"
He complied with her every demand, wants and need. She gave that back to him with desires and feelings that matched his.
She came, and he ejaculated inside her. Then she wanted him again and he, her. They did it, her, having an organism, and him, ejaculating, again and again.
Dressed in her white robe she'd bought from a high class national department store, Jane sat at the glass table in her kitchen nook gracefully sipped her ground coffee that had been freshly brewed. She smiled to herself, thinking of him sleeping upstairs. She'd worn him out, and he deserved to rest so he could regain his strength. Besides, he was cute when he was asleep -- she hated to wake him.
Her Mexican maid, her silver streaked gray hair that was neatly restrained into a school marm type bun, entered the nook from the kitchen. Holding out the silver coffee pot toward her mistress, she said with a heavy accent. "More coffee, Mrs. Roberts?"
She set her rose Depression glass cup on its matching saucer. "Yes, please."
Carefully pouring the steaming, hot liquid into the cup, the maid told her mistress, "I fished your bikini and Mr. Henley's trousers out of the pool. I put Mr. Henley's uniform in the dryer and then I ironed it. I hung it on the closet door knob by the step. I set his boots and utility bet neatly on the steps."
"Thank you, Lupe," she said sipping her coffee.
She knew that her maid would never tell Jack about her affair with Jacob. More than likely Lupe felt it wasn't her place to interfere in her mistress' life. What her mistress did was none of Lupe's business and thus she had no right to tattle on her mistress. That was just the way Lupe was. Either that or the maid didn't care what her mistress did. Whatever the case, she appreciated it.
"I won't be needing you further," she said smiling at her maid. "You may go home early tonight, Lupe."
Beaming, Lupe said appreciatively, "Thank you, Mrs. Roberts."
After the maid left, she turned toward the steps where Jacob was hurriedly dressing. She hadn't even heard him come down the stairs. She set her cup on the saucer and then walked over to the stairs.
Leaning seductively against the bannister, she said sexily, "What are you doing?"
He didn't even look up at her as he tied his boot straps. "It's late, and I have to be going home."
"Pooh," she pouted. "Do you have to?"
Rising, he secured his utility belt around his waist. "Yes, unfortunately. I better get home before my wife gets too suspicious," he confessed, softly kissing her lips. "I enjoyed myself immensely."
"So did I," she whispered meaningfully.
"I can't believe you came all those times," he murmured huskily.
He had too, and she'd loved it every time he did. "I always want to give you my all," she said tenderly kissing him.
"Me too," he said regretfully disengaging from their exchange. "I love you, Jane."
"I love you, Jacob," she said, anguish flooding her as she watched him walk out her front door.
She didn't remember how much wine she'd drank but it'd dulled the pain she felt -- and the loneliness too.
She must have had quite a bit because she didn't remember passing out on the bed. The room spun slowly in her highly buzzed state. She thought she heard rustling in the bedroom. It might be a burglar, rapist or killer so she'd better defend herself even though she was in no condition to do so.
Shifting from laying face first on the bed, she slowly sat up. Her glazed eyes perceived the fuzzy, yet oddly familiar, form of her husband standing in front of their bed.
He smiled softly at her. He thought she'd been sleeping. He had no clue that she was hopelessly trashed.
"How was your trip?" She croaked.
"Good but long," he said, emphasizing the last word as he casually shrugged off his gray blazer.
Watching him discard the remainder of his suit, she pulled her robe tightly around her naked body. "I suppose you're tired after your trip."
Stretching his naked body across the bed, he hungrily kissed her, "Not really."
"Jack," she said surprised by his desire and passion.
They hadn't made love in almost four months, so once again it was time for him to do his husbandly duty. But this time she felt it was more than that.
Loosening the knot of the belt that kept robe closed, he stripped it off her body. His eyes appreciatively admired her naked body. His mouth pressed against hers as he devoured her lips as he slide himself inside her.
He murmured huskily, "I've missed you."
"Me too," she said softly as she lied.
Her submissive nature she exhibited as he dominated her excited him. He had not made love to her in a long time, and he really needed her.
It thrilled him that way she responded to his sexual advances. Her breasts instantly became taunt beneath his caresses. Her hips gyrated sensually in response to his pulsating, throbbing touch that explored inside her.
As he expertly rocked on top of her, he reminded himself not to wait so long next time before making love to her. He needed to share himself and his love with her more often than he did. She was so hot, he thrust his erect manhood deeper within her.
She just lay there letting him do what he wanted to her; he moaned in pleasure and desire. "Oh, Baby, we need to do this more often."
He thought her lack of response meant she was too deep in the throws of passions to tell him she felt the same way. And he could go right on thinking that.
He was really close to reaching his peak. He slammed her faster and harder.
She let herself drift into another safer, more pleasant world. A world where he was not her husband. A world where he didn't have her.
As he exploded inside her, she closed her eyes, thinking only of Jacob and what he did to her and how much she loved him.
The sun streaming beneath the curtain hanging on the window behind their bed warmed her face.
She slowly opened her eyes, finding him watching her. Love, longing and need was reflected in his bluish green eyes.
His hand lovingly stroked along the swell of her breasts. She silently cursed her body for its responsiveness to his touch especially when she longed for the touch of another.
"Morning," he smiled warmly, letting his fingers trace along the sensuous curves of her body.
She didn't bother to exchange the obligatory morning greeting with him, and it didn't bother him at all. As he hungrily kissed her lips, she felt the heat of his body and desire against her.
He murmured huskily, "I need you, Baby."
He hardly ever made love to her more than once, and his demanding hunger for her body and love took her by surprise. He hardly seemed interested in filling her wants or needs, and now he couldn't seem to get enough of her.
She wondered why all the sudden he'd changed for a man who hadn't been interested in doing more than his husbandly duties. Now he wanted to be both her husband and her lover, but it was too little, too late.
It seemed strange that all the sudden he was interested in exciting, pleasing, satisfying and completing her. She wanted to deny him but it was probably best if she didn't, so she spread her legs wide, letting him think she'd was ready and willing.
She whimpered as he slide himself inside her because she wasn't as aroused as he was. He didn't even care about the pain she experienced from her lack of arousal since he continued to probe his pulsating throbbing manhood inside her.
Groaning, he drove himself harder and more demandingly into her as he rocked on top of her. "Baby, yes, give me your all."
She closed her eyes, partly to block out the pain and partly to help her find a safe, warm and pleasant place inside her where she didn't have to think or feel him using her. He didn't seem to mind that she no longer whispered affectionate loving words in his ear during their love making. He didn't seem to notice that he'd been making love to a limp doll. All he cared about, it seemed, was jerking off and fulfilling his horny desires but he didn't care about feelings at all.
It took him a while before he reached his peek. By that time, she was so far in La La land she didn't feel him explode inside her.
Satisfied, sated and completed, he rolled off her, and she rose immediately. He didn't seem to mind that she didn't stay in bed and snuggle with him. During the early years of their marriage, they spent quite a bit of time lingering together after their love making, but now with their busy schedule they didn't have time to bask in the glow of their intimacy or enjoy each other.
After years of loneliness, she'd become numb to any kind of affection or love he showered on her. She didn't even think he knew how to show her affection or love. All he did was use her like a paper towel and then discard her when he was done.
She showered and changed in their bedroom, which he'd already vacated. She went down stairs and found him sitting in the sunlight, reading the newspaper, drinking coffee and eating English muffins at the table in the kitchen nook.
He smiled appreciatively at her. "What do you have planned for today?"
"Not much, maybe I'll check out the farmer's market downtown, maybe some shopping," she said noncommittally. "I suppose you have to go into the office today?"
"Unfortunately I do," he replied. "I wouldn't mind spending the day with you."
She was surprised by his sincerity. "Really?"
"Yes, really," he assured her. "It's been a long while since we've spent anytime alone together away from it all. We should plan to get away together very soon."
She didn't know what to say. Was he really going to put his work aside and pay attention to her for once? She'd believe it when she saw it.
She swallowed her fears and doubts. Could she handle being alone with him for a weekend? Or would being alone with him drive her crazy? Would being alone with him for a weekend make her want Jacob even more?
It pleased him to see her considering his suggestion. Standing behind her, he wrapped his arms around her waist, whispering into her ears. "Guess I'll have to call the travel agent and book the arrangements. Where would you like to go, Darling? Cruise the Mediterranean? Rent a rustic cabin in Wyoming? Bask on the beach in Cancun? Sail in the Caribbean? You name it, and we'll do it."
She didn't care. She really didn't want to be anywhere with him. Shrugging casually, she lied, "It doesn't matter. Just as long as we're together."
"That sounds good to me," he said lightly kissing her cheek. "You have a good day. I'll see you later."
Right after she'd left the house, the phone rang. He answered the cordless phone formally. "Roberts residence."
"Is Jane there?" An unfamiliar masculine voice asked.
At first he thought the caller was his wife's boss calling her into work but it sure didn't sound like him.
"Who is this?" He demanded.
A click answered him. He frowned. He couldn't star 66 to find out the caller's number because he hadn't been on long enough.
The caller probably was some crazy kook, and he wasn't going to worry about it. He cleared off the table and set his dishes in the sink. Then he grabbed his briefcase and headed into the office.
The wind whipped through her long red hair because she had the convertible top down while she was driving down Manifest Destiny Drive, one of the main streets in Juneau, when her cell phone rang. She dug around in her purse until she retrieved it. "Hello?"
"Where are you?"
"I'm driving on Manifest Destiny heading downtown to the farmer's market," she said with pleasure upon recognizing his voice. "Where are you?"
"Just getting off duty," he said. "I went home, but Susan wasn't there, of course. She wasn't there when I got home last night either. She's never home."
Susan was frequently out with one of her many lovers; that's probably where she was again. She felt sorry for him. "Why didn't you tell me Jack was home?"
She understood that he'd felt lonely so he'd called her. She didn't blame him. He'd thought she was home alone.
"He came home unexpectedly late last night."
"How long will he be in town?"
"I don't know," she sighed. "He suggested we take a trip together away from it all this morning."
"Oh," he said thoughtfully.
"I'll believe it when I see it," she said dryly. "So did you want me to meet you?"
"Can you?"
"I'd love to," she told him. "Jack took my body last night and this morning, but he can't have my heart or soul."
It disturbed him that Jack had taken advantage of her. He said concerned, "Are you OK?"
"Yeah. I need you," she whispered meaningfully.
"Me too," he said huskily. "Come over to my place."
"That's kind of risky, don't you think?" She teased.
"Susan won't be home for hours and you'll be gone by then."
She smiled, "I'll be right there."
"Uuuh, uuh, aahhhh," she repetitively panted with pleasure as she writhed on top of him as they made love in his bed.
Caressing her taunt breasts, he thrust his probing, throbbing manhood deeper inside her. He murmured huskily, "Are you hot, Baby?"
"Uuh, uuh, ahhhh," she groaned in answer, gyrating her hips seductively, doing a private exotic dance for him.
Her sweet essence intoxicated him. Her wetness aroused him more. Her free and unconditional loving made him soar to new heights.
Her muscles tightened around his cock, joining them together more closely, as she rode him excitedly. He responded with movements that matched her desires and feelings.
He groaned softly, "Do you want me, Baby?"
"Uuh, uuh, ahhh," she replied in ecstasy, bucking on him like a wild horse.
"You're close to coming, aren't you, Baby?" He whispered seductively,.
"Uuh, uuh, ahhh," she grunted, the pace of her rhythmic coupling quickening.
"Ooh, Baby, I want you to come all over me," he murmured passionately tempting her with his expert thrusts.
"Uuh, uuh, ahh," her desire, wants and needs poured like honey into his ears. She begged softly, "Faster. Harder. Make me come with you."
He was more than happy to oblige her because he loved her. They both wanted the love the other could give because they didn't have that with their respective spouses.
"More, Jacob, more," she chanted as they danced soaring together as one.
They French kissed hungrily as he rode her faster and harder. She felt his seed lightly spill inside her, and she knew he was at his peek. She couldn't get enough of him and vice versa. She wanted all of him and vice versa.
"Uuh, uuh, ahh," she moaned and moaned until he made her have her orgasm.
Not long after he exploded inside her; she declared loudly, "Yes, Jacob, I love you!"
"I know," he said softly. "I love you, Jane."
There was a few moments of silence where they just enjoyed snuggling and kissing and basking in the glow created by their love making.
"It's too bad we didn't meet seven years ago. If we had, neither of us would be stuck in loveless empty marriages," she said looking him deeply in the eyes. "Jacob, have you ever thought about getting divorced?"
He considered her question for a moment. He'd heard divorce could be rather messy. Some of his friends who had divorced had told him it had nearly ruined their lives. But given the way Susan was cheating on him and the way she treated him, divorce wasn't such a bad option.
"Maybe I should," he said thoughtfully. "Would you divorce Jack?"
"My parents are devoutly religious. They would kill me if I divorced Jack, " she said honestly.
He understood but he didn't deny he'd love to share his life with her. He lovingly cradled her face in his hands. "You and I belong together forever."
"Yes," she murmured in agreement. "I'd divorce Jack -- my love for him and our marriage died years ago -- so I could be with you."
He kissed her lips tenderly. "I promise you one day, Jane, you'll be my wife."
She should have called in sick but she hadn't thought it'd been that bad. Now that she'd spent most of the morning clutching the porcelain goddess and heaving she wished she'd stayed home.
This wasn't the first time she'd been sick like this. She'd been getting sick like this for the past month. The sickness usually only lasted during the morning. She thought it was a fluke. She thought it was caused by something she ate that had disagreed with her.
One of her supervisors knocked on stall door. "Jane, are you all right?"
She flushed the toilet. Although she was weak and still nauseous she managed to straggle to her feet. Leaving the stall, she slowly shuffled over the sink, where she washed her hands and splashed water on her face. She confessed, "I don't know what's wrong with me."
Her supervisor noted her pale, sickly pallor. "You shouldn't be here."
"I'll be alright, really," she insisted.
"You've been sick like this for a month now," her supervisor informed her. "I've experienced and seen this before. It's none of my business but I think you're pregnant."
She hadn't considered the possibility even though she wanted to have a baby. She wasn't even sure how it was possible for her to be pregnant. She and Jack had sporadically engaged in sexual intercourse made becoming pregnant practically impossible.
Maybe she had caught one of the colds going around. Maybe she had an infection. Could she really be pregnant?
"Go home, Jane," her supervisor ordered.
Nodding, she complied. As she made her way home, she kept wondering whether she was pregnant or not. She drove to Juneau General Hospital. There was a couple canceled appointments so she was able to get in to see Dr. Anne Baxter who had been her primary doctor for the past five years.
"Mrs. Roberts," Baxter said surprised to see her since she usually only came in once a year for a gyn exam and Pap smear. "What can I do for you?"
She got right to the point. "I think I'm pregnant."
Baxter absorbed her announcement without making a judgment either way. "When was your last period?"
"June 4th." It was July 6th now.
"And you haven't had a period since then?"
What a stupid question! She rolled her eyes. "No."
"Have you noticed anything unusual like your ankles being swollen or experienced sickness in the morning?"
"I've been getting sick in the morning for the past month."
"I think you know what to do," Baxter handed her a small plastic cup. "A pregnancy test will determine whether you're pregnant or not within a slim margin of error."
She nodded, "I'd like a paternity test."
"I'm sure the baby's father is Mr. Roberts," Baxter said matter of factly. "But we can do a paternity test if you want one, of course. It'll require a few blood tests."
"Fine," she said.
She disappeared into the bathroom and then returned to the exam room with her urine sample. Then Baxter drew her blood.
After the doctor gave her a bandage, she asked. "How long before I have the results?"
"A couple of days."
"Send me the bill," she said leaving the doctor's office.
Later, having almost forgotten about whether she was pregnant or not she went on with living her life. Jack announced that they were going to the annual police officer's charity ball at the Country Club that evening.
She looked stunning in her black Chanel evening gown. Her reddish hair was swept up in delicate curls on top of her head. She pulled her golden shawl over the straps of her gown. Jacob, dressed in his formal dress blue police uniform, looked incredibly handsome. Of course, Susan -- who knew what she was wearing -- looked like a whore. Of course, Jack thought she was the most beautiful woman in the room, but he wasn't the only man in the room who thought that way.
As always there was quite a spread and a cash bar stocked with a wide assortment of alcoholic beverages. A jazz band had been hired to provide the entertainment.
While getting hopelessly drunk, Susan was all smiles as a group of men doted on her. He presented himself to her as she sat all alone at a table while Jack chatted with the governor and mayor.
He offered her his hand. She smiled as she accepted it. He lead her out onto the dance floor. Swaying in time and gazing deeply into each other's eyes, time stood still. It seemed like they were alone in the room. It seemed like the vocalist was singing "Moonlight Serenade" just for them. He wanted to kiss her but he dare not -- he didn't care if his wife was watching but Jack Roberts wouldn't like it if he kissed his wife.
"How have you been?" He asked as he gracefully waltzed her across the floor.
"Fine," she said purposely neglecting to tell him about her morning sickness and her suspicions about being pregnant. There was no need to concern him about something she wasn't sure of.
"Jack hasn't been manhandling you sexually again, has he?" He said concerned.
She smiled appreciating his concern. "No, but I've missed our time alone together."
"Me too," he quietly confessed. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw his wife making a weaving beeline for them. "Trouble at 3 o' clock."
Susan, who already had too much to drink, bumped into other guests on the dance floor as she cut in on them. Her glazed eyes swept over Jane. "Excuse me, I'd like to dance with my husband."
She bowed out politely. Susan tumbled ungracefully into her husband's embrace.
He frowned at her. He gently chided her, "Susan, you're drunk."
Susan smiled, perhaps realizing she was wasted and perhaps not. She said nonchalantly. "You were so worried about not finding a friend at the party. Then you found one; it looks like you two were hitting it off smashingly."
"I think I better take you home," he softly suggested.
"No," Susan protested vehemently. "The party's barely starting."
"You're embarrassing me," he warned in a low voice.
"Pfassssssssssh," Susan waved his claim off dismissively. "I want you to introduce me to your friend."
"No," he said firmly. "It's time to go."
"You're such a party pooper," Susan complained as he lead her off the dance floor.
Jack found her standing there staring after them. He said quietly, "What was that about?"
"Nothing," she said shaking herself from her private thoughts. "I'm tired. Can we leave now?"
"Of course," Jack said offering her his proffered arm and escorting her out.
More than two days had passed and she was becoming worried since she'd hadn't gotten the results of her pregnancy and paternity tests.
It was her day off. She'd planned to do some shopping and then go swimming later. She came down the stairs to the main hallway. Jack was sitting at the kitchen table.
|She smiled, "I thought you'd already left for the office, dear."
Frowning, he growled, "Don't call me dear."
She blinked in shock and confusion. "What are you talking about, Jack?"
"Perhaps this will refresh your memory," he said angrily, rising and walking a short distance to the counter where he pressed the play button on the answering machine.
The message played with clarity: "Mrs. Roberts, this is Dr. Anne Baxter, your general practioner at Juneau General Hospital, I'm calling to give you the results of your pregnancy and paternity tests. You are most definitely pregnant, Mrs. Roberts. I'd estimate you're about a month a long and I recommend you make an appointment with me at your earliest convenience so I can start you on a vitamin regiment and give you some tips on how to have a healthy pregnancy. By the way, Mr. Roberts is not the father of your child. The paternity tests show that the father is Jacob Henley."
She couldn't believe it. The doctor had violated her trust and privacy by broadcasting the results of her pregnancy and paternity tests on their answering machine, and she'd done it on purpose. She spat, "I'm going to sue her."
He didn't care about that. She'd been having an affair behind his back and he'd caught her red handed. His eyes were hard as ice. "Who's Jacob Henley?"
"He's --," she said flustered. "-- he's no one you know."
"I know who he is," he said incredulously. "He's the man you've been screwing like a whore."
Tears welled up in her eyes. "How dare you!"
"Whore, whore, whore!" He chanted.
She slapped him hard. "I'm not a whore! I'm a woman and I wouldn't have been driven into another man's bed if you had taken care of my needs."
"So you're going to blame this all on me?" He demanded in disbelief. "I did everything for you. I gave you everything you asked for. I loved you."
"Loved me -- ha!" She said skeptically, shaking her finger at him. "Don't act like you're the innocent victim in all this, Jack, I know you're just as guilty of cheating as I am."
He shook his head, "I've never cheated on you, Jane."
"Bull shit!"
"No shit," he said hotly. "I was away a lot, but it was only for business nothing more."
She realized he was telling the truth, and she didn't know what to say.
He never imagined she would cheat on him. But he could forgive her transgression if the affair hadn't been going on too long. They could work this out by going to counseling and marriage retreats together. They could still save their marriage -- if it wasn't too late. But he had to know the truth.
He said slowly, "How long has this affair been going on, Jane?"
"A little more than a year," she said quietly.
He sunk back down into the chair. He felt like he'd been kicked in the stomach. He looked at her with pain-filled eyes. "Who is he, Jane?"
She sighed, "He's a police officer with the Juneau Police Department."
"The one who gave you the failure to make a complete stop at a stop sign ticket?"
"The man you were dancing with at the police officer charity banquet last week?"
He was hurt. "You cheated on me with another married man?"
"If you'd been the man and husband you promised me you'd be, Jack, this wouldn't have happened."
"You think this is all my fault?" He asked pointedly.
"Yes," she said firmly.
He shook his head negatively. "If you were unhappy and we were having problems, you should have told me."
"You were never here," she reminded me. "You left me lonely and alone, starved for affection and longing to have my needs filled that it drove me into the arms of another man."
"If you'd told me there was a problem," he angrily reminded her. "Then I could have fixed it. We could have worked it out by going to marriage retreats or counseling, but you didn't give any consideration for me or my feelings when you choose to be a whore. I love you and I could have forgiven you for your acts of indiscretion but it's too late now."
"Oh, well," she said with careless disregard for him and their marriage.
He said sadly, "Have you forgotten that I love you?"
"I think you did love me once, Jack, but that was a long time ago. You don't love me anymore."
"That's not true ," he said. "But I refuse to be married to a woman who's pregnant with another man's child. I filed for a divorce this morning."
"You can't," she protested. "My parents will disown me if I get divorced."
"That's not my fault. You'll just have to explain to them what a whore you are," he said hoping his words hurt her as much as what she'd done hurt him. "I am not just going to casually forgive you for cheating on me and then freely accept that you're pregnant with his child. I'm not going to give my name to a child that isn't even mine. I shouldn't have to," he paused for emphasis. "Lupe will help you but you will pack your things this instant and get out of my house."
She couldn't believe he was kicking her out on the streets especially in her condition. "Where will I go?"
"I don't care where you go," he said coolly. "But you will not stay here. Whatever belongings that are your that you can't take with you now, I'll have my attorney send to you."
Nodding, she turned and started to climb the stairs.
"Jane," he softly called after her. She looked back at him. "Does he know that you're pregnant with his child?"
"No," she replied softly.
The part of him that still loved her felt sorry for her. Another part, the part where she'd killed the love he had for her, didn't care anymore.
"You'll be hearing from my attorney, and I suggest you hire an attorney of your own," he suggested emotionlessly as he walked away.
The Methodist church's Jefferson House temporary quarters throughout town. The church had established this site for those down on their luck or those who needed shelter until they found a permanent place to stay many years ago. It was available to everyone regardless of race, creed, ethnicity, sex or religious affiliation.
And that's where she found herself. The husband and wife caretakers of the facility was very nice. The homely woman showed her to her room. It was as large as her town house; it was quaint apartment with all the comforts of home.
Without bothering to settle in first, she called him on her cell phone. She tried him at home first but when she got the answering machine, she called him on the cell phone he kept in his patrol car.
"Sgt. Henley speaking," he said all business.
"Jacob," she said, her voice layered with emotion.
He said with concern, "Jane, what's wrong?"
"Jack kicked me out. He filed for a divorce."
"What?" He said shocked. "What happened?"
She wasn't going to tell him her news over the phone. "Can you meet me?"
"Sure. My shift is almost over anyway," he said easily. "Where are you?"
"At the Jefferson House on Foley Street. Apartment 16 A.
"OK. I'll see you soon," he promised as he hung up.
Thirty minutes later he drove up to her apartment in his apartment in his police car. He'd just finished a 12-hour shift and he looked tired.
"I've heard about these places but I didn't know how nice they were until now," he said quietly setting his hat on the coffee table and then stretching out on the couch. "Let me know what you're looking for because I know about some houses and apartments for rent."
She hadn't called him to discuss her living arrangements. "Jacob, I need to talk to you."
He could tell by her tone that it was serious. He looked at her wearily. "I suppose you're going to tell me why Jack's divorcing you."
"He found out I was cheating on him, but that wasn't so bad. The part he refused to tolerate was I'm pregnant with another man's child."
A slow realization that she meant she was pregnant with his child crept over him. He murmured with awe. "Wow!"
"Jacob, what are we going to do?"
"I'm prepared to take care of you and the baby," he assured her. "But how did he find out?"
"My doctor left a message on our answering machine."
"You should sue him."
"I should," she said without bothering to correct his error. She gazed at him with a mixture of worry and hope. "Jacob, did you still want to marry me?"
He knew she didn't want to force his hand, but he felt an obligation to marry her because she was pregnant with his child. But he also loved her and wanted to marry her.
He should have divorced Susan years ago. He didn't know why he'd married her. He hadn't loved her and their marriage had been dead for years.
She had known it. He would take care of her and the baby financially but he wasn't going to marry her. Loving him was wrong and now she was paying for it.
She trembled. Tears misted in her eyes. He rose and walked over to her. He wrapped his arms around her. He whispered, "I love you, Jane, and I'm going to make you my wife."
Joy crashed over her but a sticky concern rose up within her. "What about Susan?"
"What about her?" He said, knowing she knew he had no bond with his wife. "If Jack can divorce you, then so can I."
She nodded. She knew he didn't love Susan and that their marriage had been dead for years.
He grabbed his hat on the coffee table. "I'm going to take care of something I should have years ago."
"Good luck," she kissed his lips.
"I'll be back soon," he promised.
Much to his surprise Susan was home when he arrived.
Susan was rarely at home. She always had some excuse or reason to be away -- and he suspected she usually was with her lovers.
From her appearance, it looked like Susan was planning to go out. She hadn't expected him to come home until after she'd left.
"Jacob," she looked at him startled and then quickly reclaimed her composure. "How was your day?"
She didn't care about him or how his day went. She only asked to make polite conversation.
"Where are you going?" He asked casually, his cool gaze swept over her. "Wait! Let me guess. You're spending the night with one of your lovers again."
His accuracy stunned her. She hadn't thought he'd known anything about her affairs. She'd been very discreet but then again people in town were such blabber mouths that he'd found out that way.
"Jacob, whatever do you mean?" She said innocently.
"Don't play coy with me, Susan," he growled angrily. "I know you've been cheating me. You've been doing it for years."
She sighed, "What do you want, Jacob?"
"I want a divorce."
"What do you mean why?" He demanded frustrated and annoyed with her. "You've been cheating on me for years that's reason enough for me to want a divorce."
"There's more to it than that," she said knowingly. "And I have a right to know what it is."
"You don't have a right to anything," he icily informed her.
She crossed her arms over her chest. "I'm not divorcing you, Jacob."
"You heard me, Jacob. I'm not divorcing you," she said stubbornly. "You know how I feel about divorce. It's against my religion. Besides, I still love you, and I think we can work our differences out and save our marriage with some counseling."
He shook his head negatively, "You don't love me, Susan. You haven't loved me in years. The only reason you want to stay married to me is I support you. You'd never make it on your own."
Tears fell from her eyes. "I can't believe you'd say such cruel things to me, Jacob."
"Good bye, Susan," he turned to leave.
"Where are you going?" She called after him. "You're going to her, aren't you?"
Whirling toward her, he regarded her without any emotion on his face. "Excuse me?"
"I'm onto you, Jacob. I'm not the only one who's cheating. I know you've been involved with Jack Roberts' wife for the past year."
"I'm not without my resources," she said evenly. "I know her husband found out she was cheating on him with you, but what else did you do to her that'd make you want to divorce me?"
"I'm divorcing you because I don't love you and vice versa and you've been cheating on me for years," he reminded her.
"You got her pregnant, didn't you?"
He fumed darkly, "That's none of your damn business."
"That's it, isn't it? You got her pregnant," she said with certainty. "You know maybe I was wrong to refuse you as much as I did, Jacob. I want to have a baby with you."
"No," he said firmly, thinking she hadn't been satisfied even though he'd given her everything she wanted and it still wouldn't happen if he were doing it for two.
"You can go on with her all you want, Jacob." Her agreeing to allow his affair meant she planned to continue having affairs too. "But I'm not going to divorce you."
He shook his head. "It's over between us, Susan, so you might as well let me go."
"It'll never be over between us, Jacob, because I'll never divorce you," she smiled sweetly.
By the time Jack's and her divorce case went to court, she had just started her second trimester of pregnancy. It was obvious she was pregnant. Her small, rounded, budging stomach protruded out of the maternity clothes she wore.
Jack's attorney was his longtime friend and fellow attorney Ryan Cruise. Ryan approached the bench with a neatly stacked pile of papers. "Your Honor, my client and Mrs. Roberts signed a pre-nupital agreement prior to their marriage. That agreement stated that if they divorced over a matter of infidelity that Mrs. Roberts would be entitled to nothing. As you can see, Your Honor, Mrs. Roberts is clearly pregnant, but the child is not my client's. You'll find evidence of this in the paternity test results I've given you, Your Honor, so I remind you Mrs. Roberts is entitled to nothing."
The judge looked at her. "I know I'm entitled to nothing, Your Honor, and I don't want anything from my husband. I agreed to sign the divorce papers and get this over with without going to court."
"Then why did your husband bring this matter to court?" The judge asked.
"To publically humiliate me and cause me to have to go out of my way to be subjected to this mental anguish, pain and grief, Your Honor."
"I see," the judge said thoughtfully. "We'll take a 15-minute recess and then I'll give my ruling in this case."
"All rise," the bailiff intoned solemnly as the judge rose and then disappeared into his chambers.
She waddled out of the courthouse to stretch and for some fresh air. She switched on her cell phone. A split second later it buzzed for her attention.
Thinking it might be Jacob calling, she said warmly, "Hello."
"Jane," her mother said worriedly. "Are you OK? We haven't heard from you in a long time."
"I'm sorry, Mom. I've been busy at work."
"You still should have called," her mother chided her. "We've been worried sick. We called you at home last night, and Jack said you weren't living there anymore. What did he mean by that?"
She sighed, "We're getting a divorce, Mom."
"A divorce?" Her mother gasped. "Didn't you two go to any marriage retreats or try counseling? It would have been better than getting a divorce."
"I know," she said to placate her mother. "But I'm afraid Jack and I had irreconcilable differences."
"Yes," her mother said knowingly. "Jack told us you were whoring around with another married man who got you pregnant. Is this true Jane?"
She was angry that Jack had turned her into the bad guy. She was upset that he'd turned her parents against her.
She was angry that her parents had sided with Jack without giving her a chance to explain. Even though she could have lied, she was going to tell them the truth; she didn't care what they did to her as a result.
"Yes, it's true ."
"Our daughter's a whore," her mother cried.
She said angrily, "I'm not a whore, Mom."
"Yes, you are," her mother sobbed. "How could you do this to poor Jack? He loved you. He took good care of you. He gave you everything you ever wanted."
"Mom, please let me explain," she softly insisted.
"I don't want to hear it," her mother said. "Our daughter wouldn't be cheating with another married man. Our daughter certainly wouldn't be pregnant with another man's child."
"This matter's closed. You're not our daughter. We don't want anything to do with you ever. We've disowned you. Don't expect anything from us," her mother hung up.
Casually leaning against a column at the top of the courthouse stairs, Jack smiled at her. Tears misted in her eyes, "You bastard!"
"You got what you deserved," he said coolly.
Walking out of the courthouse, the bailiff told them. "The judge will be returning to the courtroom in less than five minutes."
They returned to the courtroom, sitting at opposite tables with their prospective lawyers. The judge entered the courtroom from his chambers behind his desk.
"All rise," the bailiff ordered. "The court of the Honorable Ashton Stone is now back in session."
After they'd taken their seats, the judge said, "I've reached a decision in this case. As of today, I proclaim that the divorce of Jack Roberts and Jane Sylvan Roberts is officially final. Mrs. Roberts you will receive no marital settlement or any financial assets from your husband. However, it is my decision that Mr. Roberts pay you the sum of $25,000 for the inconvenience, public humiliation and emotional anguish, grief and anguish caused by dragging you through an unnecessary litigation."
The judge banged his gavel on his wooden desk. "This court is dismissed."
"All rise," the bailiff announced as the judge rose and departed into his chambers.
It was finally over.
Six months later.
She and her 3-month-old son, Brandon, were playing with colorful, noisy toys on the ground in the house she was renting on Jackson Avenue.
Jacob still was involved with her even though his wife refused to divorce him. Susan didn't seem to care, much less mind, that he continued to have an affair with her.
Once their son was born, Jacob began paying her $500 in child support without having the court order it. He'd told her he'd pay for child care for Brandon when she went back to work after her maternity leave in three months.
She smiled at her son. He looked more and more like Jacob every day.
A knock at her door interrupted her playtime with her son. Leaving him alone to play with his toys, she went to answer the door.
He was standing there. He had his large duffel bags in his hands and his police car was parked in the driveway.
She embraced him and gave him an affectionate kiss. "Jacob."
"I left her," he said quietly.
"What?!" She said surprised.
"I left her," he repeated. "I've left Susan for good."
Her eyes narrowed into tiny inquisitive slits. "Susan's agreed to divorce you then?"
"Yes," he said relieved. "She wants to marry a man who can take better care of her than I."
She laughed, "Now there's a match made in heaven."
"Speaking of matches made in heaven," he sank to one knee. "I want to make you my wife -- that is if you'll have me."
Tears misted in her eyes. "Are you asking me what I think you are, Jacob?"
"Yes," he said sliding a diamond ring on her finger. "I love you, Jane, and I want to make more Brandons with you. I want you, me and Brandon to be one big happy family."
Tears silently streamed down her check. "Yes, Jacob, that's what I want too."
He kissed her lips. As their lips locked for a long moment, their thoughts drifted to the future. Everything had worked out all right. Everything was perfect. They'd be together forever.

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