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Rick Ivanoff

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Psychic Events and UFOs; My Experiences
By Rick Ivanoff
Thursday, January 05, 2012

Rated "G" by the Author.

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A true life narrative of my UFO experiences from 1971 through 2007.

Psychic Events and UFOs; My Experiences

Several people are interested in the UFO phenomenon, yet many will go throughout their entire lives without seeing one. I guess I am fortunate to have witnessed several anomalous objects over a period of several decades.

In writing this factual account of my experiences, I wanted to allow the reader to know that there is more to our Universe than we can ever imagine. Above all, I want you to know that you will greatly increase your chances of seeing interesting and amazing things if you will only take the time to `look up` whenever you are outside.

My first memory that there was something strange going on started when I was a teenager living in Costa Mesa, California. I started astral travelling frequently and having premonitions that would come true .  For example, I predicted the Los Angeles (Sylmar) earthquake (which happened on my 15th Birthday; February 9th, 1971) three days before it happened, and to the exact minute. It was a premonition, and I was very surprised when it came to pass. The quake was a 6.6 and threw me out of bed! Sadly, 62 people lost their lives.

During that time, there were many nights when I was getting ready to go to bed that I saw a large owl sitting on the branch of the tree outside my window. Many times during this period, I would awaken with a severe nose bleed.

I moved back to Canada in September of 1971 after living in California for almost 11 years.

I  have had many UFO sightings over the years, with the first and most dramatic one being a CE2 back in September of 1973. Here is a synopsis: My girlfriend (at the time) and I were walking through a schoolyard (Overland Public School) in Don Mills, Ontario after watching three red lights doing acrobatics in the sky for a good 45 minutes (witnessed by 5 of us). It was an incredible display! They seemed to be "playing tag” with each other.

After losing sight of the objects, we thought the display was over, so we said goodbye to three of our friends who walked towards a different street in the opposite direction (Overland Drive), while my girlfriend and I walked towards my house (on Southill Drive) down a long path along the edge of the schoolyard. A minute later and all of a sudden, we saw a HUGE object ( bigger than a 747!) coming silently towards us from the West, it stopped right over our heads at just above tree-top level (50 ft?), shone a bunch of lights on us (pastel colours) then continued slowly on its way to the East. I started running as fast as I could while peeing my pants (I was scared to death!), but my girlfriend was frozen in place with her head looking up and her mouth open. I had to run back to get her and snap her out of it while pulling her arm to run with me for fear of the object returning.

The object was a classic saucer shape (but huge!) with a protrusion on the top as well as on the bottom, and the lights (
pastel yellow, blue and green) were in a circle around the bottom protrusion. The craft itself was silver metallic with no other lights and was completely silent. The whole event between first seeing the object at the edge of the schoolyard coming towards us, stopping over our heads and then it leaving lasted maybe 5 seconds. This sighting changed me forever, and I still get goose bumps when I think of it.

About 6 months later, I was up at my friend’s cottage on Big Bald Lake north of Bobcaygeon, Ontario. I turned on the stereo and was about to put an album on, when all of a sudden these strange "beeping" noises started coming through the stereo speakers; obviously being picked up by the needle on the turntable. I popped a cassette in and recorded these sounds, which you can hear here:

It freaked me out, and I refused to go outside or even look out the window and couldn't go to sleep until the sun rose. During that period, I read in the Toronto Star that the Kawartha Lakes area was a hotbed of UFO activity. I have a friend who still lives near this cabin (between Bobcaygeon and Buckhorn, Ontario), and she continues to have experiences and sees things in the woods around her house.

My next sighting was a few years later. A friend and I went to Florida for a holiday and decided to go on a fishing charter out of Key West. It departed about 4:00pm and we were returning to port around 11:00pm. Not long before bringing up the anchor, we spotted a red light that seemed to go down under the water, then rise up out of the water, then go back under water, come back up etc. This happened several times. We thought it might be an illusion, since we were moving with the waves which would make the object appear to be going up and down. But the object would shoot up out of the water to perhaps a couple of hundred feet at an angle before descending back down. Finally, we watched as it shot straight up at lightning speed and disappeared into the sky!

I started having very bizarre, vivid dreams after this. For example, in one dream I was on the Pacific Coast Highway near the San Onofre nuclear plant in California and saw this huge UFO coming towards me. So I ran down to the plant and tried to hide behind the reactor building. Just then, the object came down over the plant and turn sideways so that its edges were facing up and down. As this happened, I watched as all the lights of the cities and towns along the California coast started going out, and pretty soon it was completely black. There was a blackout, and the craft had something to do with it!

There is also a recurring dream that I had several times. In this dream, I am outside looking at all the stars in the night sky, when all of a sudden the stars start moving in spirals and gathering into groups. I know then that they were not stars after all, but actually craft that were mimicking stars by holding still in the sky.

Not long after these dreams, I was unloading my gear behind Mainstreets Restaurant in North York, Ontario with a band mate (my band was performing at the club that night), when I looked up at the sky and saw what looked like a star doing spiral motions in the sky; just like my dream! I told my band mate who was unloading the gear with me to look up, and of course he saw it, too. It didn’t seem to faze him that much, as he related to me that since he lived in a condo building overlooking the gigantic Pickering nuclear plant, he has seen several craft hovering over the reactor buildings doing all sorts of crazy manoeuvres! Some he said actually buzzed his condo building.

I had a few more sightings over the following years in Richmond Hill Ontario, where I was working and living at the time. One was a daytime sighting: I was driving south on Yonge Street just south of Major Mackenzie Blvd when I saw the weirdest looking craft moving low across the sky from West to East. It looked like something you would see in Star Wars! I looked at the people in the cars that were around me, and everyone seems oblivious to this thing that was in front of all of us; it was unreal! This was at 1:30pm on a summer day. There were several more sightings of craft that appeared while I was walking my dog at night in the fall and winter of 2002 around 11:00pm at night. These particular sightings gave me a real scare, as I had the sense that I was being watched. I couldn’t get home fast enough.

The most recent close sighting happened in 2007. It started at 11:00pm on the night of June 30 2007 and ending at about 1:30am on July 1 2007.

My wife and I were watching television in our living room (we lived on the top floor of a condo building in Etobicoke, Ontario at the time which faced east). I got up off the couch to open the window in the bedroom (which was down the hall) in order to get some fresh air in the room before retiring as I always did. I pulled up the blinds and saw what looked like a plane getting ready to land at Toronto`s Pearson International Airport, which was literally a couple of kilometers north of our location. As I watched for a few moments, I noticed that this "plane" wasn't moving. As I watched for a couple more minutes and letting my eyes adjust to the darkness outside, I saw this craft start making strange movements; almost like dropping a feather which drifts downwards from side to side, but then it would move back up to its original position.

Then it started making very jerky movements up and down and from side to side. At this point, I called my wife to come in to the bedroom to have a look. She watched as it moved and jerked about but basically stayed in the same general area of the sky.

The object was perhaps 1000 feet high and had three lights (one on each corner) of what looked to be a triangular body. I can't tell you how big it was, but I would guess that it was the size of a small jet or private plane. It was a clear night with a few scattered clouds at about 3000 to 4000 feet. (As info, I majored in Meteorology/Climatology at the University of Toronto and also took Astronomy, so I know how to analyze the sky).

 The thing that really struck me was that it had two pastel-green lights on two of the corners, and one red light on the third corner. The two green lights were pretty well always the same brightness, although they did seem to dim from time to time. The red light was also solid, except just before the object was about to move, the red light seemed to get "excited" and started flashing quickly (not evenly) before seeming to extend as if on a tether, then was followed by the two green lights. In essence, it made the first move and almost looked like it "pulled" the rest of the craft where it wanted to go. As soon as the craft got to its new location (perhaps 300 feet away), the red light became solid again. This same pattern repeated itself over and over again!

I decided to try and get this on video, so I took video with three separate cameras but unfortunately the object can't be seen in the film. Although they were very plain to a human viewer watching live, the lights were relatively dim for a camcorder to pick up in the darkness of the night.

Please understand that the object was very close to the flight path at Toronto`s Pearson Airport. When I first saw the object (about 11:00pm EST on June 30, 2007), there seemed to be no planes taking off from Pearson. Then after about 20 to 30 minutes, flights could again be seen taking off again (from West to East). What was interesting was that the planes that turned towards Lake Ontario (heading south) seemed to intentionally avoid this part of the sky and looked as if they were going "around" the object.

At about 1:00am on July 1st (2 hours into the event), a second object appeared out of nowhere and seemed more excited, agitated or active than the first. When the second one appeared, the first object gained in elevation and seemed to "park" while the second object repeated the manoeuvres that we witnessed the first one do earlier, but faster and more aggressively. We watched both objects for another 30 minutes, and then we witnessed something very strange.

The second object started going down in elevation until it looked like it was hovering directly over the roof of an apartment building not too far away for at least a few minutes. (Please note that there was never any sound throughout this entire ordeal, so it was not a helicopter. Plus, helicopters cannot move like this).

Then the first object started to descend as well until we simply lost sight of both of them. From our perspective, it looked like at least one of them landed in the Humber River valley but I cannot say that with any certainty.

While watching the first object, I saw a strange “shooting star” come from the sky (same general area as the object) which disappeared like a normal meteor, followed immediately by what looked like a "window" or square shape in the sky appear and disappear in a quick flash of light to the south of the object. Right after that, what appeared to be a teardrop shaped white light dropped out of the object but disappeared right below the craft. The shooting star, bright flash in the shape of a square and the teardrop white light all happened within the space of a few seconds.

While this was all happening, I called CITY-TV NEWS and 680 NEWS (two local media outlets) in Toronto and asked them to send a camera crew to an area just south of Pearson airport and look east and about 45 degrees up and you couldn't miss them! I thought for sure that hundreds of people must have seen them
, because they were so low and so obvious! But not a word was mentioned in the media the next day, and I was told on the phone that I was the "first one" to report this.

The next night, I looked out the window again and saw two more objects, but they were farther away than the night before. The shapes were the same, but this time one of the objects had a red glow around it with the other exactly the same as the night before.

By the way, my wife was always a sceptic until this sighting, but she was amazed at what she saw and couldn't keep her eyes off these objects in amazement. She admits that there is no logical or conventional explanation for what we saw.

That is a summary of my experiences. There are more, but these are the ones that stick out in my mind the most.

The concept of alien abduction is one that scares the heck out of me, so I refuse to even entertain the thought. I do however have strange lumps in my ankle with no apparent cause as well as “scoop marks” on my calf; both common occurrences with abductees. I wrote a song titled “Abduction” and created a video which I have posted to YouTube.

You can watch it here:

Thanks for reading.

       Web Site: Rick Ivanoff

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Reviewed by Jeannette Gardner 1/6/2012
Wow..amazing story you've written here! I too have seen weird objects in the sky and there is something out there that's for sure! I love your video of "Abduction" you posted here. Great song you wrote along with the singing and production of this video! An excellent write here! Great work!

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