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kathleen b harwood

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Everyone knows someone like???
By kathleen b harwood
Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Rated "PG13" by the Author.

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A young girl who is has serious problems from stealing to murder.


The first day of school, oh how she hated being a new kid in a new school. But, this year was going to be different. No one knew her or what her past was. She was finally going to be a cool kid. She felt really good in her new clothes, after all they were the best and she looked cool in them. Then she prayed silently in her head for GOD to forgive her for stealing them, but it was for a good cause HERSELF. She looked funny in the pants she had on they were her brothers and way to big. She grabbed two pairs of pants off the rack and went into the dressing room. The second pair fit best. They were three buttons and huge bell bottoms. Very cool she thought as she tore off the tags and the sensors.  Then she put her bothers pants over top of them. She came out of the dressing room, hung the other pair back on the rack and walked out of the store. One down she said to herself under her breath and smiled very proud of herself. Little did she know that they had cameras everywhere and she had been seen. That is why she was in a new town and a new school; her family had moved and was trying to start over because of all the trouble she had caused. But, she had a new way of getting clothes and so far it had worked like a charm, a gold charm that is.                                                   













She was very selective for who she babysat for. She made sure the mother was just about her size and had style. Last night she had babysat for five hours at a new familyís home. After putting the kids to bed she started her shopping trip into the womenís closet. WOW! This lady has taste she thought. She knew she could only take one item, so that the women would think she had misplaced it. She did not want to get caught, after all it was a good way to get new clothes and the money she made for babysitting could not be spent on clothes. She had other things to buy. All of this was running through her had as she walked down the hall of her new school. She knew she looked good in her new clothes because; of the way the guys were looking at her.

Are you lost? Came a shy quiet voice from behind Amandaís shoulder. As she turned to see who spoke to her she realized that she and the other girl were the only ones in the hall. She had been so wrapped up in her thoughts that she had not heard the final bell ring for class and she was lost.Yea, I guess I am. Iím supposed to be in health, do you know where it is? Yes said the girl as she stuck out her hand to introduce herself. Iím Sam I have health also just follow me. Thanks said Amanda but, she knew they could not be friends because Sam was short and fat and that was not the type of friends Amanda was going to have this year. After all she was going to be cool; at least that was her plan anyway. As they walked into class LATE the teacher said we have a new student in our class and I see she already has met one new friend. She could hear the snickers coming from some of the kids in the class, so Amanda said quickly ďoh sheís not my friendĒ. Samís eyes sank to the floor she knew what that meant as everyone looked at her and laughed. Well at least we know the new girl has taste one boy yelled.

Amanda knew that had been the right thing to say, so what if she had  hurt Samís feelings, she did not care, because just then the coolest girl in the entire school walked over and said Hi Iím Heather what classes do you have? Maybe they had some together and she could show her around. As it turned out they had all but one class together the last class of the day. It was the start of a dangerous friendship. Amanda spent the rest of the day hanging with Heather and learning the rest of the cool kids at school. This was going to be a great year thought Amanda.

How was your first day? Asked her mom as Amanda slammed the front door of her house. GREAT she said as she closed the door to her bedroom. Amanda could not believe how good her first day had been and Heather was even going to call her later. All of a sudden Amandaís smile disappeared as she thought, what am I going to wear tomorrow? After all she had only stolen one pair of pants and she could not be seen wearing them tomorrow to. Then she had an idea, she had seen Samís sister pick her up from school and she was just about Amandaís size. Wonder how she is so small and Sam is so fat thought Amanda. Oh well, who cares?

Connor, Conner, Conner  she kept looking down the list of Connors in  the phone book she sure hoped she was spelling samsí last name right. She had heard the teacher say it during roll call. There were thirty two Connors in the phone book she sure hoped one was Samís.  She would call each one until she found Samís after all this was an emergency. She needed clothes for tomorrow. Amanda knew she was going to need Sam as a secret friend. She knew Sam needed friends even if no one could know after all everyone needs friends even Sam, giggled Amanda. Is Sam there? Asked Amanda. And after twenty-one Noís she finally heard ďThis is SamĒ. Hi Sam, this is Amanda. Whatís up? Hi said Sam so so anxious to have a friend that she totally forgot how Amanda had embarrassed her and said in front of the whole class that she WASíNT her friend. I do want us to be friends said Amanda after all you are the first person who spoke to me today. Is that okay with you? Sam had a huge smile on her face as she replied yea that would be great. Sam could not believe it she really had a pretty girl for a friend. Amanda asked where you live. I thought maybe we could get together and talk. Sam gave Amanda her address, she could not believe she only lived five blocks away. Sam said do you want to come over now? I will meet you half way, since you are new in town and all. Sure said Amanda with a wicked grin on her face. She sure was glad you could not see through the phone, or even Sam would have caught on.

As Amanda walked the few blocks she was trying to figure out how she could get into Samís sisters closet. She did not have to worry for long because she soon learned that Sam and her sister shared a room.  Sam asked Amanda all kinds of questionís like where did you live before you moved here? And why did you and your family move here? Finally Amanda said almost in a yell I donít want to talk about it. Ok said Sam I didnít mean to be nosey. Do you want anything to eat or drink asked Sam?  Sure said Amanda. Sam left the room and before she could get to the kitchen Amanda was in their closet.             

Sam came back into the room with the snacks. And Amanda had finished her shopping and was sitting on the bed right where Sam had left her. Is chips and Pepsi okay? Asked Sam?  Yea, thanks said Amanda, But, Iím sorry I didnít realize it was so late. I have got to go. I will see you tomorrow said Amanda as she went out the door. Amanda sang all the way home, Just knowing she had new clothes for tomorrow, she hoped Sam would not recognize them. Oh well Iím sure the store made more than one of each, and she thought no more about it.

The next day at school as soon as Amanda got there heather was waiting for her. Hi said Heather, wow cool outfit. Thanks said Amanda just something I threw together. They were walking and talking when Heather stopped and said: See that guy over there? Thatís Ethan, every girl in school wants him, but, he goes with a girl from another school. Just then Ethan looked up and smiled at Amanda, Heather was not amused. Even though she would not let her new friend know it right now, but, she and Ethan had a thing going on, and noone knew about it, not even Heathers best friend Karen. Just then the bell rang and they all ran to class.           Karen was a pretty girl in the cool crowd with long red hair. She was from a well off family as they all were. She and heather were both on the cheerleading team. That was one of Amandaís goals for this new part of her life, to be a cheerleader. That is where she thought Sam would come in handy cause she could tell by looking at her that she made good grades and Amanda did not, and you have to make good grades to be a cheerleader.    

          She had just sat down in her seat when the late bell rang. Hi said Sam. Amanda nodded her head to her but just enough so no one else would notice.   Sam asked Amanda what she was dong after school but just then the teacher Ms.Lathem said there will be no talking in class please. So Amanda was saved, at least for now anyway.  Ms Latham was a young ingle teacher who really enjoyed her students. Some times on the weekends she would meet them at the mall just to hang out. No she wasnít breaking any rules because they would talk about their bodies and what they were doing with them. Ms Debbie Latham thought the best was to stay young was to be with the young and that included ETHAN.

                     Ethan wincoff was a tall well built blonde haired blue eyed good looking young man. He had just turned sixteen and had gotten a new mustang from his parents for his birthday. Now he thought he would not have to depend on Debbie (Ms.Lathem) to take him all the places he needed to go.  He had so much going on in his life that he could barely keep it straight himself. No one knew all there was to Ethan except Debbie and she knew to much. 

                   Amanda kept watching the clock, donít those hands ever move? She thought to herself. Ms. Latham was still talking about the importance of safe sex when the bell finally rang. Amanda practically jumped over her seat trying to escape before Sam had a chance to talk to her in front of everyone.

                   The door slammed with a loud thud as Amanda slid into the girlís bathroom, hoping Sam had followed her there, so that they could talk. After all she was going to need Sam in order for her plans to work. She needed Sam and she knew Sam needed her.

















          Sam was a short heavy set girl with short mousey brown hair, a pretty face and beautiful green eyes. She had to run to catch her new friend Amanda before the next class started. Sam ran into the bathroom hoping Amanda was in there. Hi said Sam as she spotted Amanda in the mirror. Hi said Amanda sorry I could not talk to you in class. Thatís ok, what are you doing after school? Asked Sam. I am going to cheerleading practice with Heather and Karen. Oh said Sam as her voice trailed off, she had been down this road before but, maybe Amanda is different after all Amanda did come to her house yesterday. I have to baby-sit tonight but, I will try to call you later said Amanda as she went out the door hoping no one would notice Sam coming out behind her.

          But, as luck would have it just outside the door stood Heather, Amanda almost ran her over. Damn whatís your hurry asked heather? Itís that time of the month lied Amanda. Just then the door opened and before Heather could see who was on the other side, Amanda grabbed her arm and ran the other way we are going to be late, laughed Amanda. So as usual there stood Sam all alone in the hall just like when she had met Amanda, except this time there was no Amanda just Sam.

          That afternoon after school Heather and the other girls were practicing their routines and Amanda was watching, boy, she sure wanted to be a cheerleader. One of the other girls on the squad was absent and Amanda had a great idea. They needed to practice their pyramids so Amanda said I can help great said heather. Haley was the captain and she said ďWho are you?(in a better than you voice) Heather and Karen both said sheís alright youíll like her she belongs in our circle.í

           So as they started to build the pyramid Amanda was the one responsible for holding the highest girl up. As they struck their pose Amanda let her shoulder slip just enough so that the girl at the highest point fell. Perfect thought Amanda. Everyone was asking the girl if she was okay, and finally the girl looked straight at Amanda and said no. She knew exactly what had happened, it was no accident.

          As the ambulance rode off with Emily in it all the girls could do was worry about their game tomorrow night and what they were going to do without Emily. Hey, I have an idea said Heather. Why not let Amanda fill in? Ty the smallest girl on the squad said letís at least wait and see if Emily will be ok, Amanda said oh I am sure she will be ok by tomorrow Ty is right letís just wait and see. But, Amanda knew that she had just become a cheerleader.

          Amanda now the girls have to be in bed at eight oíclock said Mrs. .SIMMs after that help yourself to anything you want. Mrs. Simms did not know that was the last thing she should have said to Amanda. This was going to be a good night thought Amanda. Ten bucks an hour and shopping. This house had more clothes in it then the best store Amanda had ever been inside of. The SIMMs was one of the wealthiest families in town and Amanda was going to take full advantage of it. Wasnít babysitting great?

          At school the next day heather and Karen came running up to Amanda and said ďcan you fill in for EmilyĒ she gas a broken ankle? Sure said Amanda as she was screaming YES YES, YES in her head. Faze one complete. Ty just stood there without saying a word she knew exactly what Amanda was up to she had met her kind before and she wasnít falling for it. But, what could she do? She wasnít a big fan of heather or Karen anyway.

          That night at the game heather could not help but notice the way Ethan kept looking at Amanda, and she did not like it. She was going to have a talk with him later. Ms.Lathem stood in the bleachers yelling for the home team. Debbie was a chaperone for all the away games. What the school did not know was that they really needed a chaperone for Debbie. And Debbie also had noticed Ethanís eyes as they traveled up and down Amanda and she was not happy about it either. Ethan noticed Debbieís strange stare at him and decided he had better be more careful. Maybe he could get Amanda attention to let her know he was interested but, he would have to be careful. He could not afford heather or Debbie to be mad at him. If Debbie got mad at him he might not be playing football anymore. Because Debbie would stop giving him his passing grade. And heather that was another thing he could not mess up.

          Heatherís father was a doctor and heather got him the steroids he needed to have the strength to play football. It was a vicious circle and he had to stay on top of it. After the game back at the hotel they were having a ďwe wonĒ party, Where yes Debbie (Ms.Lathem) was chaperone. Ms.Lathem was coming out of the bathroom as Amanda was waiting to go in,Ms.Lathem said you need to go next door into the other room this toilet is broken. Oh okay as Amanda turned to go next door out the corner of her eye she saw Ethan come out of the same bathroom. So thatís the deal thought Amanda. I bet I can use this information to help me out. Amanda continued on next door and pretended not to see a thing.

          When Amanda finally did make it to the bathroom when she came out there stood Ethan. Hey girl he said got a minute? Sure said Amanda as Ethan led her to the balcony. Ethan started telling her all about himself and how he thought she was really cute, and that maybe they should hook up. And out of nowhere there was Heather. HI guys said heather with a smile. Even though her eyes were on fire she could not let Amanda know what was going on, not yet anyway.



          Ethan looked as if he had seen a ghost. He could not anger Heather, he knew it and so did she. After all her father was DR.Thompson. Ms. Latham was standing at the door taking all this in. She knew they would have to have a talk.

          Ms. Lathem nodded her head just enough for Ethan to understand she wanted to speak with him. Ethan excused himself and went out the door. Amanda curious followed but stayed far enough behind that no one saw her. Ethan grabbed Debbie and planted a huge wet kiss on her lips. Ms Latham was not amused. Ethan I saw the way you were looking at Amanda and I did not like it said Debbie. I have to act like a kid said Ethan or we are going to get into alot of trouble. Okay said Debbie, anyway you are supposed to be somewhere else now that we have your alibi set up. Yea said Ethan as if he was not sure what to say. Iím going now, he walked over to his car thinking of the horrible thing he was going to do, but as he got into his car for the ride to Debbieís house he was not sure he could go through with it. ME kill someone?




                   There was yellow police tape all around Ms. Lethemís home as Ethan rode past very slowly. Cops were everywhere. What is going on thought Ethan? Do they know I was here last night? Do they know what happened? He was running himself crazy with all these questions. He was alive when I left him. I just saw him talking to some fat girl and I left, but I canít go to the police they wont believe me and then they will find out about Debbie and me. He was alive thought Ethan I just couldnít do it. Where is Debbie Iíve got to talk to her maybe she knows whatís going on.



                   What Ethan didnít know was that Mr.Lathem (DAN) was still very much alive. But, there was a problem he could not remember what had happened. He remembered being at Debbieís house and knocking at her door that was all he could remember. Dan had went to talk to Debbie because he was hearing rumors about her and one of her students, he did not want to believe it but, he had to ask her.

                   Dan opened his eyes and at first he did not know where he was. Everything was white and he did not think he had lived well enough to be there. Then he noticed the I.V. in his arm and a cop sitting in the corner. Hi said Dan what happened? Well hello there I guess your going to be alright. You donít remember asked the cop? As Dan thought little things started to come back. Who was that girl? He could remember talking to a young girl, probably one of Debbieís students. Then just as quick as he woke up he was back asleep.















                   Amanda knew what she had heard but could not believe it. She ran back to the hotel not saying a word to anyone. The party wound down and everyone went to bed. The next morning there was a knock at the door, all the girls sat up and looked around someone was missing, where was Ms. Latham? Heather hollered for her thinking she was in the bathroom. Ms.Lathem someone is at the door. But, when they got no response Ty got up and went to the door. Who is there? ďPoliceĒ came the voice from the other side of the door.

                   The boys were already up and across the street at the restaurant eating breakfast. Mark (the captain of the football team) Said, Ethan didnít you get any sleep last night? You look like hell. And one of the other boys joked Nope he got busy last night. I donít even remember him coming back to our room. Oh I do said mark winking at Ethan. He knew the coach would be upset if Ethan had stayed out all night, so mark covered for him even though mark did not know what he was covering.

                    Ty opened the door very slowly, and there stood three policemen, they asked to speak to Ms. Latham but, no one knew where she was. They said there at been an incident at her home and they needed to speak with her right away. So now the search was on for her. But to no avail. So the kids were loaded back onto the buses and headed home. the ride was quiet because no one knew what was going on. But, Amanda deep in her heart knew something was bad wrong. When they arrived back at the school the parents were all their to pick up their kids they wanted to know also but the kids could tell them nothing except that Ms. Latham had disappeared.

                   Heather dialed Amandaís number and Amanda answered, did you hear? Asked heather. No said Amanda whatís going on? Karen said; Hi Amanda we are on three way. They found Ms. Lathamís husband Dan stabbed outside her door last night? I thought she was single said Amanda, no just separated said heather. Now they canít find Ms. Latham weird huh? When did you see her last? Asked Karen. Amanda knew she could not tell anyone what she had heard or seen so she said; when we were all talking to her remember? Oh yea well I got to go said heather me to said Karen well see you at school and they hung up.

                   It was Monday morning and Debbie was not in class. They had a sub. Everyone thought Debbie was at the hospital with Dan, but Debbie still had not been found. Later in the day the police came and started to question the students. Each one told the same story and Amanda did not reveal anything she had heard or saw. So where had Debbie gone from the hotel? There were rumors going around about what had happened to Dan, but no one knew for sure, no one except for that one person who wasnít talking and after all she would never be suspected she was not part of the in crowd. So she was safe, no one would think to ask her, even though she had been in town when it happened. She was like a fly on the wall, A fly named Sam.

                   Debbie walked into the double doors of the hospital wiping away the tears, I sure hope he is dead she thought smiling to herself, I knew Ethan would not let me down. As she swung open the door to Danís room he smile quickly faded as she noticed the police man sitting in the corner of the room. Dan slowly opened his eyes, Hi said Debbie how do you feel? O.k. said Dan except that I can not remember anything. Thank GOD for that thought Debbie. But, why didnít Ethan finish him off, I hope he is ok. Maybe I will see him later. And can find out exactly what happened.

                   Tuesday morning back at school things were pretty much back to normal and Amanda was up to her old tricks, and last night she had almost gotten caught, She had been baby-sitting for a very young and rich couples home, just after the parents had left she headed straight up to the womenís closet. She was in heaven and she had not heard the front door open as the women returned because she had forgotten something she had to take with her. Just as Amanda closed the womenís bedroom door the women was standing at the top of the stairs. What are you doing? She asked Amanda. Thank goodness Amanda was quick on her feet with an answer.Ē I was just making myself familiar with the house in case of you know fire or something. I want to be sure I know the best way to get out with your child. Good idea said the women and with that she was gone again, and Amanda had two new outfits.

                   During lunch the girls were all trying to figure out who had stabbed Mr. Latham, but, no one had a clue except Amanda and she did not want to say anything not yet anyway. So she just listened as everyone gave their opinion. Just then ty walked up and looked straight at Amanda and saidĒ Emily will be at practice today her ankle is much better. Amanda said great. Amanda needed that place on the cheerleading team she would have to move quickly.

                   Emily was just coming out of her last class for the day, and on her way to practice when she ran into Amanda. How is your ankle asked Amanda? It is better I am on my way to practice but you should come anyway just in case my ankle isnít as well as I think. Ok said Amanda lets walk together. Emily did not know just how much danger she was in just walking with Amanda. Sam passed the girls in the hall and of course Amanda acted as if she did not see her. Sam knew what was going on and they would all be sorry for the way they have treated her real soon. Just then Emily slipped and fell to the ground with a thud. Oh my ankle she cried. What happened asked Sam? As she winked at Amanda. I donít know said Emily Itís like I tripped over air. Amanda helped Emily into the office and ran to cheerleading practice so she could tell everyone the horrible news that Emily would not be back this season. Thank goodness for Sam thought Amanda I canít believe she helped me like that. I will do something to help her; I just canít let anyone know that we are kind of friends.

                   Ethan and all the other boys were on the field practicing football Ethan gave Amanda a quick wink. Ms. Latham was watching from her class window, but, she could not see anything from that distance. Good thing for Ethan. Ms. Latham left the window she had a meeting to go to. Ethan knew Debbie was not watching so he went up to Amanda and gave her a quick swat on the bottom. He asked Amanda would she meet him tonight he wanted to talk to her in private. Sure she said .So they were to meet at eight down at the park. No one was ever there at that time. After practice Amanda went to find Sam everyone else had gone home but she knew Sam hung around and watched without anyone seeing her and Amanda needed her help tonight.

                   Amanda found Sam and told her that she needed to talk to her. So they went into the bathroom to talk. Sam was wondering what Amanda was up to maybe she just wanted to say thanks for her help with Emily earlier. After all none of the popular girls ever wanted to talk to Sam unless they needed their homework done or something like that, and Sam was getting very tired of it. Amanda went into the stall and told Sam to hold on a minute. Just then the bathroom door swung open and in came Karen Amanda are you in here said Karen?  Ill be out in a minute yelled Amanda. Have you seen Heather? She said she needed to talk to me. No said Amanda I thought everyone had gone home. The whole time there stood Sam not opening her mouth. As Amanda came out Karen rolled her eyes towards Sam and said tell heather I will call her later I donít like the smell in here.

                   Just ignore her said Amanda, she thinks she is better then everyone even heather. If only heather was smart enough to notice it said Sam. Sam really felt she could say anything to Amanda and that Amanda really was her friend. What Sam did not know was that Amanda had no friends only people she used for alibiís. I have a favor to ask you said Amanda of course thought Sam, what else is new. I am going to tell you a big secret that no one can ever know about. Samís eyes grew wide with wonder. Maybe Amanda really is my friend.

                   Amanda was not sure exactly how much to tell Sam so she decided to tell her nothing. But, she knew she had to have her help. Can you meet me at the park tonight at six? Sure said Sam. But, can you at least give me a hint of what this is all about? No not here said Amanda as she headed down the hall and towards home.

                   At five thirty Sam was already at the park she could hardly sit still while waiting for Amanda. This is big thought Sam. All these thoughts were going through her head as she stared at her watch, waiting for the hands to move. Finally she spotted Amanda slowly coming down the trail. Hi said Amanda. Hi said Sam. So please tell me what is going on I canít stand it any longer. Listen whispered Amanda I need your help and this is big, really big.

                   Do I have your complete trust asked Amanda? Sure said Sam we are best friends arenít we? Good said Amanda now let me tell you so you will understand how important this is, we can NOT get caught. After Amanda had finished talking Samís mouth stood wide open. She was in shock, but she knew she would have to go along with what ever Amanda said if she wanted Amanda all to herself. And that was Samís goal to have Amanda all to her self.Even Sam had goals. She just never had anyone to share them with.

                   Amanda looked at her watch it was already seven thirty, Ohí gosh you had better go, Ethan will be here soon. Okay said Sam but, I will stay close enough to hear you if you need me. Donít forget said Amanda be very quiet and be sure its over before you come out. And off Sam went.

                   Ethan was telling his mom I will be back by nine oíclock. As soon as his mom shut the door Ethan hit the gas as fast and as hard as possible. He looked at his clock on the dash, eight ten, he was late he sure hoped Amanda was waiting for him, he really liked her but, at school with Debbie around he could not say to much. Ethan and Debbie had started their little fling when Ethan was only fifth teen years old. Debbie had always had a thing for young guys and Ethan was almost to perfect to look at.

                   Ethan practically ran into Amanda Hi said Ethan sorry I am late. You know how mothers are. Not really thought Amanda. Ethan said I know you heard Ms. Latham and I the other week and I just wanted to kind of explain. I have wanted to break things off with her but, it is not that simple see if she did not give me passing grades I would not be playing football, and football is my way to get into college.Yea I am from a wealthy family but, my dad says I have to earn my way to college and then he will pay for it. Always a catch huh? Yes there is thought Amanda, heís nice she thought but, I canít let that get in the way of my plan.

                   Ethan said no matter what you heard I did not try to kill Dan I just could never do something like that. How about a drink said Ethan? Sure said Amanda. Listen I know you did not try to kill Dan and I know who did. You do ?asked Ethan. Yea and I had hoped things would be different after I moved here to a new town and all but, I guess the only thing different will be the out come. He had no idea what she was talking about the outcome? The outcome of what he thought.


                   Amanda started kissing Ethan and all his questions vanished. Soon they were in a tight embrace, Amanda though to herself ďhurry up Ethan make a moveĒ lets get this over with. If only Ethan knew what she was really up to? Finally they were kissing hot and heavy Ethan was unaware of anything else she was doing. He moaned his final moan. Sam could not see everything but she did know they were kissing and that Ethanís hands were not in sight. She was shocked. What was Amanda doing she did not tell her all this was going to happen she had said she was just going to put some pressure on him.

                   Sam, Sam said Amanda in a loud whisper, hurry come and help me. Sam walked slowly towards Amanda, as she got closer she noticed that Ethan was not moving, he was just lying there with a slight grin on his face. Oh ,my gosh what have I gotten myself into thought Sam as she looked at Amanda. See Sam, I told you we were friends and I wanted to thank you for taking care of my EMILY problem today.

                   Now everyone will blame Ethan and think he tried to kill Dan and this whole ugly mess will be over with. Amanda made Sam wipe down his body and help fix his clothes. They drug him to his car and put him inside. They poured two litters of pure whiskey down his throat wiped away all the evidence and started to walk home. Sam still had not said a word she could not believe what she was now involved in and why ,why had Amanda done this? She was soon to find out.

                   Amanda broke the silence.Ē I know it was you who tried to kill DanĒ, I also know that you and him had a thing going on, I also know he was only using you, and that he was dumping you and that is why you were going to kill him. But, now youíre free. Everyone will find out about Ethan and Ms.Latham they will think he tried to kill Dan just as Ms. Latham wanted him to. And they will think the guilt was to much for him and he accidentally drank himself to death. See it all worked out perfect said Amanda.

                   They were in front of Samís house See you at school said Amanda Remember we were at my house  studying until she looked at her watch um 11pm and then I walked you home. Donít forget it said Amanda. Sam shook her head as if to say okay. Sam still had not said a word as she went into her house. Once inside she broke down on her bed and cried. What was she going to do? She knew if she turned in Amanda she would be arrested to. What did Amanda do, where did she live before she moved here? Where did she come from and why? Thought Sam: as she cried herself to sleep.

                   Amanda walked very slowly the five blocks to her house. How did she let it get this far? How did she do it again? I must cover my tracks I can not get caught or my mom will have no one to take care of her. Amanda walked into the house and went straight to check on her mom, who thank goodness was still asleep. With all the medicine Amanda had given her it was surprising she was still breathing. That is why Amanda never had friends over or never had money for clothes. What no one knew was that Amandaís mom was very sick and it was only them two, there was no one else. But the burden had done something strange to Amanda .It was too much for a young girl to handle but, she had no choice.

                   Amanda took a few pills herself and hopped into the shower as she got into bed she thought Good Job Amanda. She keep thinking about tonight, She knew Sam thought she had Amanda right where she wanted her, but, the truth was Amanda had Sam where she wanted her but. Sam was too stupid to know it. At least thatís what Amanda thought.


                   The next morning when Amanda woke up, She could not believe the hands on her clock. It said eleven a.m. It was Friday and she was very late for school. And her mom had not had any medicine since late yesterday. Amanda ran out of her room and there in the living room sat her mom and two policemen.        What is going on? Asked Amanda. Why didnít you wake me up for school?

                   Amanda one of the officers began, you might want to come sit down, Iíve got some bad news. Amanda sank slowly to the couch. School was cancelled today said the officer. There was a horrible accident last night. Oh my gosh said Amanda Who? Where? As if she had no idea what they were talking about. The officer said they were going to some of the studentís homes and then they would let them spread the word. Everyone was to be at the school at one p.m. For an announcement.          They recommended that the parents go also. Amandaís mom said quickly there is only me. Well we do not have enough officers to tell everyone separately. Amanda yelledĒ so what now I just sit here for the next two hours and wonder what is going on? Your mom will tell you some of it and the rest you will find out like everyone else at one oíclock. Just try to calm down for your momís sake.

                   What the hell is going on? Asked Amanda as the door closed behind the policemen. Amandaís mom head was held very low as she said, Please Amanda tell me you had nothing to do with this. To do with what?  Asked Amanda I donít even know what is going on. Amanda turned her head so that her mom could not see the small smile that was crossing her face. She knew that so far she had gotten away with it or the cops would have been there to arrest her or at the least to question her. Her smile quickly disappeared as she thought of Sam. She knew she had to get to her before the police did. Amanda ran out the door.

                   Sam was so scared she did not know what to do. The cops had just left, Sam had pretended to be in the shower so she would not have to talk to them, at least not yet anyway. Amanda was out of breath as she reached Samís house. Samís mom and sister answered the door. Amanda could not see Sam just over her momís shoulder. Sam has already left for the school her sister said. Amanda said thanks and ran as fast as she could to try to catch Sam before she got to the school. But Sam had gotten there first. Amanda stood at the very back of the auditorium there were no chairs standing room only.

                   The room was buzzing with everyone whispering about what they thought was going on. Suddenly a quiet fell over the room as two officers took to the stage. As you all know began one of the officers, there has been a horrible accident to one of your classmates. Ethan Banks a senior apparently died last night from an overdose of alcohol.  Whatís that? Yelled some kid. Well to be blunt he drank himself to death. The room was very quiet for a minute. Then Amanda said how is that possible? Donít you pass out before you can drink to much? Good question said the cop. You kids think drinking is fun, but too much of a good thing can kill and last night it did.

                   Now anymore questions? Lots of hand went up but, Amanda left. She already knew the answers and she was in the clear. School was pretty much back to normal on Monday. Except Sam was not there and that made Amanda very nervous. Heather sat staring out the window and wondering what she was going to do for the prom now that she had no date. Ty shook Heather by the arm are you okay? She asked. Yes said Heather. Listen I need to talk to you after class said Karen as she walked up to them. I donít believe it was an accident. Neither do I, said Ty. I got a phone call last night telling me to watch my back said Karen. Who was it? Asked Ty.I donít know but, but they were serious.

                   Okay said heather I will go tell Amanda to meet us. NO said Karen so loud that the entire class looked at her. Karen and Ty both did not trust Amanda they both still remembered how Emily got hurt even if they had no proof.

Heather was bewildered, but said okay. Whatís everyone whispering about about asked Amanda? Oh we were just asking heather if she was okay because of Ethan and all . Yea! Are you okay asked Amanda?  I guess said heather its just a shock Ethan did not drink a lot because of sports and all. And because of steroids thought Amanda! But she did not want anyone to know that she knew. What is going on after school asked Amanda? I thought that we all could go to the mall and hang out. Karen looked at Amanda with a look of disgust. We all are going to the funeral home arenít you? Oh yea I forgot said Amanda and even before it was out of her mouth she wished it back in her mouth. TY, Karen, and Heather even looked a little disgusted. Are we all going? Together? No said Karen quickly. OK well I guess Iíll see you there said Amanda as she headed out the door. The three remaining girls decided to meet at heathers at six pm and they could talk   before going to the funeral home at seven.

          The girls were all talking at one time until Ty whistled. Listen we all know what is going on but we must be careful and get proof. We need answers to these questions.

1.)   Where does she get her clothes?

2.)    Where does her money go?

3.)   Who is her family?

4.)   Why havenít any of us seen her with family members?

5.)   Where did she come from?

6.)   What is going on?

7.)   What really happened to Ethan?                                                                                                            

Heather since you are the closest to her then it is up to for the job be careful and get results.


 Sure Iíll baby sit at 7:00, see you then said Amanda as she hung up the phone. I hate funerals anyway thought Amanda, and I need a new outfit. Amanda rang the door bell of one of the biggest houses she had ever seen. The mother rushed her in gave her the rules and was out the door. Amanda found the kids two and one already in bed fast asleep. She decided to look around. All the clothes she found were just a little to big. She knew she should of checked out this family first. How did they find about her anyway? Oh well who cares thought Amanda surely they have something around here I need.

                   In the bathroom she found prescription after prescription all sleeping pills. Well this will do Maybe my mom can take these and I can use my money to buy clothes for a change. She sat on the couch and tried to think of what she needed to do next. The doctors had told Dan he would never remember what happened so she did not have to worry about him and Ethan dang sure wasnít going to remember so he was out of the picture. She sure hoped no one else cared about her past. Because, she had finally made it. She was a cool kid. And no one was going to take that away.

                   She only took pills said Tina (the lady Amanda had babysat for last night) Well at least we are on the right track said Karen. Thanks Aunt Tina for letting her stay with your kids now we know for sure we are right about Amanda. Just be careful she said as she hung up the phone. Karen called heather and Ty on the three ways to let them know. Heather you have got to get her to talk said Karen. Heather thought a minute and then said HEY I have an idea, I will ask her to spend the night maybe she will spill it if it is just us. Good idea said Ty just be careful.

                   Heather called Amandaís house  Hello said Amanda, Hi itís Heather what are you up to? Not much said Amanda. Well I thought maybe you could come over and spend the night? Oh I donít know said Amanda wondering what heather was up to. She had not been asked to spend the night with anyone all year, Oh come on said Heather we can have some girl time ya know? Well what about Karen and Ty ?asked Amanda Well they are my friends but they get a little boring sometimes. Well ok said Amanda, what time? Well if you come early enough we can go swimming in the pool. Oh yes swimming Amanda had not been in the water since they moved here. And it sure was hot school was almost out for the summer. Okay on my way said Amanda and hung up the phone. Damn I did not mean that quick thought Heather.

                   Heather quickly called Karen and Ty on the three way again. What do I do? She asked them. Karen said Listen Heather my uncle said to be very careful he has a good source that has confirmed that she can be dangerous. You are going to need a witness if she does say anything, or it wonít hold up in court. Ty said I have an idea. Heather watch your back door and no matter who you see standing there do not say anything, do not ask questions just let them in and hide them they can be your witness. Okay said Heather, but she was really confused now. Cross your fingers Bye for now.

                   Just then Amanda heard a knock at her door. Who can that be thought Amanda no one ever comes here? Amanda opened the door and there stood Sam. Hey whatís up? Said Sam. Hi said Amanda. Arenít you going to invite me in? No said Amanda my mom is asleep. Oh okay well I just came by to see where you lived you have never invited me over. Well you know we have to keep our friendship quiet, yea and why is that asked Sam? Listen I do not have time for this right now, I have to be somewhere but I will call you later said Amanda as she walked off leaving Sam standing there. Well that confirms it thought Sam now I know I am doing the right thing.

                   Amanda hid around the corner and waited for Sam to leave then she went back into her house to get her stuff she would need to stay at Heatherís house. She sure hoped things would go good tonight she did not want anymore trouble now that things had died down and she had gotten away with everything. I am going to relax and have some well deserved fun she thought as she started her long walk to heatherís.

                   Heather was anxiously waiting for whoever was going to help her with all this mess. She sure hoped they hurried up or things could not go as planned Amanda would be there soon. Suddenly there was a quiet knock on the back door. Heather ran and opened it, she could not believe who was standing there, but, oh yes no questions. Heather showed them in and told them to hide in the master bedroom. As soon as she had them safely tucked away the front doorbell rang and there was Amanda. Close one thought Heather.

                   Hi Amanda I am so glad you came, how about a drink your pleasure. Ok said Amanda but what about your parents? Oh they are gone for the weekend, it is just us. Cool said Amanda as she downed a shot of vodka. Lets go swimming said Amanda I really want to get into that pool. Sure said Heather thinking how can they hear way up in the bedroom. Then she told Amanda where to go change down by the pool and that she would be out in a minute. Heather ran upstairs and gave a speaker to her guest and went downstairs and made a picture of almost pure alcohol. She carried them out side and sat up the other speakers one was for the radio and the other one was actually a baby monitor that looked like a speaker. Thank god Amanda was still changing clothes.

                   Heather had everything set up when Amanda came out. Cute suit said Heather. Thanks. The music is loud wont your neighborís complain. My parents are rich and very well liked no one will say a word, so letís have some fun. They started drinking Heather could not believe how fast Amanda was drinking; this wasnít going to take as long as Heather thought. After about an hour Amanda was pretty well drunk so Heather started her game. She began to cry and Amanda said what is wrong? Oh I just miss Ethan even though he was just using me and Ms. Latham. You know about Ms. Latham? Asked a surprised Amanda. Yea what a bum.

                   Amanda said oh I thought I was the only one who knew about them, I sure could use someone to talk to. I have been holding all this in for along time. Well, you can tell me anything said Heather. Amanda was so drunk she did not know what she was saying and she started to tell it all. You know Ethan put a move on me to? What said Heather are you kidding me? No said Amanda But, I set him straight real quick. How said Heather?

                   Well you know they think he drank himself to death? Well he did sort of but he had a little help. Heather was amazed it was going to be this easy. Then Amanda told her word for word everything. But, before she could even respond Amanda turned to her with a look of absolute hate in her eyes and said: You donít think I would tell you this and then let you go do you? I have been planning this from day one. You treat everyone like crap if they are not as rich as you or as pretty as you. And Karen is next on my list. So letís go for a swim shall we? And she pushed Heather into the pool and was holding her under water. Heather tried to come up for air but Amanda was too strong.

                   Suddenly Amanda felt someoneís hands around her neck as she turned to look she saw cops with guns everywhere. She let go of Heather and then turned to see whose hands were around her neck and to her total surprise she was looking straight into the eyes of Sam. This is not over after all I am a minor thought Amanda as she was lead away in handcuffs.








                                       The End



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