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Kelly Wheeler

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Nia and her Forest Friends
By Kelly Wheeler
Monday, January 28, 2008

Rated "PG" by the Author.

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About the book:

Nia, a Forest Fairy who lives in the Great Lakes Meadow, Nia has five very good friends who are elves and in the Meadow lives pixies, unicorns, wizards, witches and so much more magical beings. Everyday Nia and her elfish friends head off out to explore and embark on enchanted adventures.

Until one day, they come across a Fawn while in the Eastside Enchanted Forest which was out of bounds for Nia and her friends, this fawn whose name was Niaby was known to be a liar and Nia and her friends knew this that is when Niaby needed Nia and her friends to help her find a special magical herb, which would only be found by the Mystical Lake. Once at the Mystical Lake they find a shiny entity reflecting off the waters and out of this entity came a beautiful Water Nymph called Caylea.
Caylea came from the Big Waters and has been lost for a long time and she needs to get back to her family. Nia and her friends are insistent to help assist Caylea on her passage home; they embark on the most remarkable quest ever.

Will Nia and her friends find their way back to the Big Waters or will Caylea be lost for a lifetime?

A long time ago in an enchanted forest lived a beautiful young adventurous fairy, her name was Nia. Nia lived in a peaceful forest called Great Lakes Meadow, in this beautiful village lived many elementals such as fairies, elves, witches, wizards, unicorns and magical trees, they all lived together in peace and harmony with the light and love that guided them. Great Lakes was a sanctuary to many of the elementals as they were driven out of their homes due to the dark forces that used to wonder their villages, these dark forces would come unseen and unnoticed and take control of your soul so that you could be a slave to the Great Beast of the Forest, the Great Beast was a evil beast of the Underworld, nobody has seen this beast but his legend and stories live in the fear of all beings of the light.
Great Lakes is securely surrounded by a force field of White Light and this is the power of love and peace for all, no being from the dark side is able to enter into the white light and if that does happen they are automatically altered to a being of love and peace, which is what Mervin the Wizard is hoping will happen someday.

Nia is very happy with her life at Great Lakes, she has her family and friends whom she loves very much. She has just celebrated her Fairyday, which means that when a Fairy turns sixteen they get their wings and Nia has recently turned sixteen so she is very excited about her wings and is always flying around the village and the forest with her friends.
Nia has five of the most amazing friends, they are not like Nia as Nia is a fairy and her friends are elves.

Firstly there is Lola, she is the quiet one of the group and she is very clever when you need to tell somebody something that is a secret, Lola is the one to tell, she would never tell anybodies secret, then there is Starlee, she is a Mundane Astrologer, which is someone who relates to the different planets for answers to upcoming events and situations. If someone would be looking for Starlee she would always be staring into the sky with her telescope for the answers and when there is a festival or ceremony in the village, Starlee will be the one who would tell the village people when exactly to hold this event.

We then have Lockwood, he is the adventurous one of the group, and he always wants to go beyond Great Lakes to explore the unknown forests, Lockwood is the one who would talk to the trees and help them and the village people come to an understanding of what nature intended. Alvina and Selvin are brother and sister. Alvina is a young vibrant elf that always has a smile on her face and is always dancing and singing around the village, she will be the first one to tell jokes and always makes everybody laugh. Nia loves having Alvina around, they always laugh and play together, giggling and screaming with joy, running and jumping around, they loved to have so much fun but then there was Selvin who was the total opposite of Alvina.

Selvin was the genius of the group; he was always in the Wizards den concocting potions and spells for the greater good. When anybody needed anything or had a question about a certain herb or spell they would always go and see Selvin, but it wasn’t always easy finding Selvin as he would always be stuck in a book in the Great Lakes Library or practicing his apprenticeship with the Wizard as one day very soon Selvin would become a very wise Wizard for himself. Nia had very special friends with very special powers and sometimes Nia’s friends weren’t aware of their powers.

Nia and her friends get together everyday o go on an adventure but to their surprise they would find out that today was one of those days that they nor anyone in Great Lakes Meadow would ever forget, today their lives were about to change, they would embark on an magical adventure where they would meet new friends and new elementals.

Today like any other day Nia woke up as the sun was rising, it smelt like a fresh cool summer’s day with a hint of Jasmine the sweet aroma Nia loved to wake up with. While the sun was peeking above the horizon, Nia quietly got changed and ready for her adventure with her friends she then flew to the Village Library where she would meet her friends. As she was waiting for them to arrive she was practicing her flying skills as she has only had her wings for a few weeks now, she was really enjoying them, they were beautifully coloured, they had blue’s, greens and yellow in her wings, those were Nia’s favorite colours. Time went by and by this time she could hear the villages waking up to the whistling birds that lived in the treetops, so Nia was getting a little bit worried that her friends were not going to make it in time but then one by one her five Elf friends arrived.

“Blessed Be to you” said Nia “and to you Nia” said her Friends, “I do hope that you all had a wonderful nights rest as today we are going on a new adventure, somewhere we haven’t been before” said Nia, “and where would that be?” asked Lola “I don’t know, does anybody have any suggestions?” asked Nia. “Well we can go to the Enchanted Forest” said Lockwood, he knew about the Forest and what lies within it but never told the others about his secret plans. “Yes, we can go to the Forest” said Alvina all excited to go on this new adventure, she was a little nervous as none of them have ever been there or even close to it. “I don’t want to go” said Lola feeling very uncertain with what was about to happen, she has this unsettling feeling in her stomach that felt like butterflies which wanted to escape. “If you don’t go, neither will I” said Selvin, he would rather go and spend some time in the Library studying for his exams. “Come on guys, it is an adventure and without you it would not be the same” said Nia with a very convincing tone in her voice. “As long as you all promise that no one will tell the Elders about our adventures into the Enchanted Forest” said Lola, they all agreed and wondered down the dark and windy path to the Enchanted Forest.

The elves were walking on the path down below on the look out for anything that would seem out of the ordinary while Nia was flying high above them looking over the horizon to see if there was anything in the skies about to attack them. Their hearts were pounding like the drumming of a Moon Celebration.

They knew that what they were going through now was nothing like what was going to happen in the Forest. The Eastside Enchanted Forest was like any other Enchanted Forest; it had wild animals, talking trees and mythical creatures, this is what made the whole idea seem more exciting. The adrenaline was flowing through their little bodies; each of them on the look out, even a little buzz in the air would scare these elves. They all took deep breathes and thought of Love and Light, as they knew that all Light Creatures had nothing to fear from the dark and that all dark magic was just a fear based myth.

Lockwood was eagerly awaiting his arrival in the forest, he wanted find an old tree that he had read about, this tree was really old even the elders were told of this tree when they were little ones. Now this tree was a big Oak Tree but not any kind of Oak Tree, it had magical powers and what lied in the tree was the answer Lockwood was looking for.
“Come along now” said Lockwood to the other elves “We are coming Lockwood,” said the others huffing and puffing behind him as he was walking too fast for them “What is the rush?” asked Lola “What is in the Forest that you are not telling us?” asked Selvin. “Something I have been looking for, for a very long time, it is an Oak Tree in the Middle of the Eastside Forest and it has magical powers,” said Lockwood to the rest, Nia heard the commotion that was happening on the ground and she made her way to see what was happening. “Do you know exactly where this tree is?” asked Nia, “No, that is why I thought I would ask you to fly in front of us and see if you could see it” said Lockwood, Nia was a little angry with Lockwood’s tactics but Nia quickly forgave him and decided that she would fly first then come back and tell them exactly where to go. “Thank you so much Nia!” said Lockwood, being very grateful for what Nia is doing for him.

And so Nia went flying high above them, scooping the Forest for this Big Oak Tree, the others stayed where Nia left them, they all decided that they would explore the grounds around them, off each of them went on their own missions.

C H A P T E R T W O:

High above the treetops Nia was fluttering about trying to find this Oak Tree that Lockwood has told her about. There are so many trees it is almost impossible to see anything, but when Nia flies a little further East she notices this huge green tree, she figures it is a Oak Tree as nobody has really been able to find this Oak Tree, so Nia decides to go down and investigate a little more, her little heart is throbbing so much she doesn’t know if she could do it, she knew she wanted to go on an adventure but did not realize it would be an adventure like this.

Once she lands on the ground she quietly walks towards the tree, on her tippy toes she gently moves towards the tree then all of a sudden the big oak tree moves “Who walks here” the tree said with a big firm voice, Nia was trembling at her knees “My name is Nia and I am a Forest Fairy, I mean no harm” said Nia “What do you seek in these woods” said the tree, “I was looking for a Oak Tree that my friend has been looking for” said Nia unsure of what to tell the tree. “What is this friends name Fairy?” asked the tree, “His name is Lockwood, he is a nature elf” said Nia growing quite weary of this tree. “Bring him here at once and I will tell you where you can find this Oak Tree” said the tree. “Thank you ever so much, I will be back with him at once, I have other friends with, may I bring them too?” asked Nia, “Yes” said the tree. So off went Nia back to her friends to tell them what had just happened.

As Nia arrived at the spot where she left her friends, they were all sitting waiting to hear what had happened; Nia came flying down so quickly that she almost crashed. “What is wrong?” asked Alvina with a worried look on her face. “I found a tree and the tree wants us to go and see him right away” replied Nia as she was trying to catch her breathe, “Do you think it was the Oak Tree?” asked Lockwood, “I don’t know, he said he would tell us when I bought you to him,” said Nia. Lockwood was standing there with a puzzled look on his face, wondering why this tree wanted him. “We need to go now” said Nia with a firm voice to Lockwood and the others.

As they made their way to this tree, they all were walking thinking about what could happen and why this tree wanted to see them. Nia was flying above telling the elves where to go; it took a while to get to the tree, as this tree was deep in the Eastside Forest.

“There it is” said Nia, she came down and landed by her friends so that they could all walk together and greet the tree. “Who walks here?” asked the big tree “It is Nia and my elfish friends, you requested I bring Lockwood to you” replied Nia. “Mmm, yes” said the tree. “I need you to do something for me young elf” said the tree, “Yes, what can I do to assist you?” asked Lockwood.

The tree took some time to finally tell them what he needed them to do. They could see that the tree was very old and it wasn’t in the best of health. The tree then generated enough energy to tell them what his request was. “I am the Oak Tree that you have been looking for and I have been waiting a long time for you” said the tree, and to Lockwood’s surprise the Oak Tree requested Lockwood and only Lockwood, he was extremely pleased that he could be of assistance to such an old legend.

“What can I do for you?” asked Lockwood, “I am a very old Oak Tree and I have been around for many years, but my time here has run out,” said the big Oak Tree. Lockwood was devastated to hear what has just been spoken. “My time here is few and I need a favour from you before I go” said the Oak Tree, “What may that be” replied Lockwood.

The others were standing around listening to this big Oak Tree and what he had been telling Lockwood, Selvin had his notebook out writing everything down so that he could show the Wizard when he gets back.

“For me to die in peace, I need my Dryad,” said the Oak Tree, but unfortunately Lockwood had no idea what a Dryad was, the Oak Tree then explained what it was. A Dryad was a Tree Nymph that stays with the Tree till it dies and when the tree dies so does the nymph, but to successfully die in peace the nymph needs to develop into the tree. That was difficult in this instance as the nymph was last seen in the Southside Forest a long time ago and has never returned. The Great Oak knew where she was, this specific Oak Tree had used its magic to kidnap the Dryad. The Great Oak explained to Lockwood and his friends where this tree was situated and asked them to return his Dryad so that he could die in peace and harmony.
Nia and her friends knew where this tree was as they live at the Great Lakes Meadow, which is in the Westside Forest, and they have had a few interesting adventures in the Southside Forest.
Nia and her friends made their way to the Southside Forest to reclaim this dryad. They knew that the Great Oak was sick and that they could trust his words, Nia and her friends felt obliged to help him.

As they entered the Southside Forest they knew that this task was not going to be an easy one, they were fearful of the unknown but not one of them ever showed this fear. “Love and Light, Love and Light” that is the words they chanted in their minds, this was the only thing that would keep them going.
The Southside Forest was dry, dusty like something had sucked all the water from its ground, the trees were withered and had no colour at all, it was strange as they had just come from the forest not so far away from this one and that forest was green, lively, smelt like fresh summers rain with the wind whistling through the trees leaves, a whole different place entirely.

As they got closer to the Oak Tree where the Dryad is, they noticed that the trees around the Oak Tree had died, there was nothing growing beside this tree. The only living tree in this forest was the Oak Tree, it was a giant compared to the other trees and it had green leaves, it looked as if this Oak Tree had drained the life out of the other trees and plants in the Forest.
“Are you sure we are doing the right thing?” asked Lola very scared at the situation they are all in. “Yes Lola, don’t you worry nothing will come of harm to you” replied Lockwood, he could hear the thoughts of the trees around him and he knew that there was no evil in this forest. Rather than evil, Lockwood was feeling sadness from this big Oak Tree, something was wrong with this tree and Lockwood was about to find out what it was.

“Who walks in my path?” asked the Oak Tree of the Southside Forest. “My name is Nia and these are my five elf friends” “we have come for the Tree Nymph” said Lockwood eagerly wanted to get his mission done. “She is my Dryad” said the tree. They were all getting a little nervous with what was happening and they had to come up with an idea.
“She needs to go back to her Oak Tree, he is busy dying and wants to die in Peace and Harmony” said Nia, the big Oak Tree waited a while to answer, “I will give you the Dryad if you do me a favour?” asked the tree. “What is it?” said Lockwood. “You have a certain Amulet, this amulet contains the power of life, and as you can see this forest needs some life, so if you …” before the Oak Tree could even complete his question Lockwood took the amulet from his neck and inserted it into the Oak Tree’s trunk.

Standing and patiently waiting for something to happen. The wind starts raging through the Forest, whisping up the dry leaves, and then the amazing smell of water is smelt. The Southside Forest gets life, it is raining and the flowers and trees are starting to flourish and within minutes from the tree exit’s a beautiful tree nymph, she has been held in this oak tree for many a year. Nia, the five elves and the Dryad make their way back to the Eastside Forest.

When they get to the Great Oak Tree, they can feel the happiness between the tree and the tree nymph, a connection that was lost many years ago. “Thank you young boy” said the Tree, “Yes, thank you all for helping me” said the nymph. “It was our pleasure” said Lockwood feeling pretty proud of himself.
“Now young boy, you requested something from me, didn’t you?” asked the tree,”mmm, well yes there is, I am looking for a herb that is found in this Forest and the books say that you and only you know where this herb is located” said Lockwood hoping that the myth he had read was really true . “Yes boy, I will tell you where it is but I cant say it out loud as someone might hear it that doesn’t need to” said the tree, Lockwood understood what the Oak Trees request was but only when the Oak Tree dies can Lockwood be able to retrieve the location to the magical herb.

“It is our time to go and thank you for letting me go off in Peace and Harmony, may you have many more magical adventures” said the Oak Tree, “Blessed Be” said the nymph as she was entering the Oak Tree, she curled up in the trunk of the tree and within seconds she became the tree. Nia and her friends were feeling unhappy with the loss of this beautiful tree but were happy that they could give him a good good-bye.
Once the Great Oak had lost its colour and all the leaves fell off and hit the ground, Lockwood went over and placed his hand in the trunk of the tree where there was a small entrance and retrieved a map with the directions to this magical herb.

They all said their good-byes and went off to explore their next adventure… but firstly they had to go home as it was getting late and if they did not arrive back home there would definitely be a search party and they would never be allowed to go anywhere again.
So off they went back to the Great Lake Meadows where they all went to their homes, had their dinners, bathed and went to their warm beds to dream about what an exciting adventure tomorrow would be.

All was good in the village of Great Lake Meadows…

~~Chapters 3 - 10 still to come, the book of Nia and her Forest Friends will soon be complete, it is still in writing progress so please leave a comment and let me know what you think so far? Thank you

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