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Mirri Rocks

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Connection of Humanity, Depression and the Gift
by Mirri Rocks   
Rated "G" by the Author.
Last edited: Saturday, June 27, 2009
Posted: Saturday, June 27, 2009

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“I have the dream of a peaceful planet; of nations loving and accepting each other, of no more racism; of a clean environment in harmony with nature; of helping those suffering with self-misery, self-hatred, and depression; of resolving conflicts in human thoughts, philosophy and behavior”
written by my dear friend Kaisheen in the book The indigo children, ten years later.

She decided to cross over and is making fun at the other side of the veil right now.
When we look at the developments in the world at the moment, her dream is coming true!
It's amazing! The world is connecting with each other on a global level. Humans are connecting in a new way on a personal level with others.
The experiences we share help us in experiencing the joy of life.
What if you don't feel happy at the moment, even depressed and feel like being born in a crazy world?
Dream on and read more about how we all are connected, about the opposite: depression, kids and the gift of it!

The www revolution
Internet is a wonderful example of the end of separation that is going on at this moment. It's a real life network of energy that keeps us connected 24/7. Wherever we are. It gives us, the people, a voice. Leaders can shut off all the media, but they can't stop the revolution anymore that is going on. With cell phones people can access the net, post messages,and even pictures video's about their country, as we see in Iran at the moment. I feel blessed to be part of that network. And I love to connect with people all over the world through the net. When we really see and feel what the net can mean for unity and world peace, we would give everyone a laptop and internet. If you want to do yourself or your child a favor, get a pc, and internet access! It rocks the world.

Can you imagine when we tell our children about the first time, mommy got on the internet? That is sooo funny. The internet plays a big role in connecting with people that have the same belief systems as you have, the same hobby's. In an instant you can find people all over the globe that are into lightworking, 'spiritual stuff' for instance. There are always some 'pretenders' on the net, but it's easy to spot when someone is trolling or is pretending to be someone else. We can use our sensitivity also online to check if someone is adding to your energy or only lurking. Important to teach our children how to recognize this, or maybe they can tell us ;-) The rules are changing also online, it changes our language, with what teachers would call typo's, but what the youth of today would call just an easier and shorter way of writing. I personally love typo's. That's why I use them so much in my writings. They are a cool way of tickling the structured way of that many people think. ;-)

There are many message boards out there where you can connect with others, share your feelings and your thoughts, your development and support each other. In these fast changing times message boards are already a bit outdated. Really hot at the moment are social bookmarking sites like twitter, facebook, ning. Where you can upload video's, pictures, and chat with each other at the same time. The time that we go online to find static info is changing, the real popular sites are the ones, where we the people create the content. It's good to not focus on just 1 site, but to play with a couple. There are a few market leaders at this moment, and I believe monopoly is never the highest option. I look and play around often to check out new sites and the latest developments. I use my intuition to find them. It's really cool to shut off your thinking when you play with technology. It creates new cool stuff. The fun thing is that I always share with others to shut of fthe pc when they want to come up with new creative, innovative solutions. But that is another article, for later perhaps ;-)

Why so much talking about the net? Because to continue my story I met many friends there first. Then I met them in real life, and that is so cool. For a weirdo like me growing up, it has been an important part of my development. (HAHA) I could find answers of what I was experiencing online. I got clues why I was feeling different than others, and why I felt connected to everything in the universe there.

I remember sneaking into the library cause we didn't have a pc at home to chat for the first time, omg a whole world opened for me. I still feel like a kid when I see the icon on my screen that I have connection with the net. Of course it's important to learn social skills and to connect with real people, to get fresh air and connect with nature. It's so cool to dive into the internet and to discover so many things.


Connecting with a special friend
It is online that I met some of my friends. I found soulmates and family. One day, the first week of living on my own, with an internet connection that I fixed myself, by playing with the wires and tape (cause I had a vision in my sleep how to do this) I met Starforest in a chatbox. Starforest and I felt a connection right away. She is a beautiful, sensitive soul that was around the same age as me. She was going through her life just as I did, being in high school, college and experiencing the fun things about it and the struggles. We chatted in the chatbox with others and on msn privately and later on skype very intensively for a time. She played the piano and sang for me and we shared poems and the writings we created.

More important for us was that we could share our spiritual experiences. We talked about angels and entity's often, about multi dimensional stuff and played with energy. We both had a passion for the new earth and the unborn souls that would come to earth. There were some periods that I was depressed and she would support me, and there where periods where she struggled with life and I would support her. It was intense and beautiful. We were each others teachers and students of life. Over time we both lived our own lives and didn't talk very often.
I read her beautiful channels regularly, and we went our own way. Until that day, a year and a half ago, that I received this message that she was probably missing. My heart knew enough. I felt she decided to leave earth. I contacted her parents and after a long day and night I received the confirmation that she had chosen to cross over. The emotions that I felt at that moment are difficult to describe. It was if my stomach fell on the floor. I almost passed out. I can take a lot, but this is really one of the most intensive things I ever experienced. It touched the core of my existence. My souls mission became clearer than ever and it gave me the strength to go on and to enjoy life to the fullest.
All the what if's crossed my mind. What if I'd called her more often, if I listened to my feelings better. I knew what she was going through and still I felt that I had to let her go and honor her choices. I knew I did the best I could. But what a shock it was. It was such a shock because we looked alike in a way. I knew her road and she could be me. I could have been her. I chose to stay on earth and she chose to leave. All the feelings I felt where a big: pfjoe.
I am still here and she is in another dimension right now. I am so happy for all the writings she left. The beautiful channels and even a book. She describes the experiences there of a young boy and his sister that are born and are very sensitive. She tells about school about health care and counselors. I recognize her in the book. Her feelings, thoughts, joys and struggles. It gives such an open and to be honest sometimes painful insight in what children can experience. I am thank full for the ones that put all her writings together big time.


A beautiful surprise
Later when life went on and I went to live my normal life with all the stuff in it. (Trying to live a normal life, hahahaha, that's a joke of course) I saw at one moment that Lee Carroll was writing a new book: the indigo children, ten years later. On his site he gave a preview of writers. And who was there? Exactly! My dear friend Starforest. I cried and cried my eyes out. I was so amazingly happy that she got her message across to other people. I jumped in joy for the possible lives her writing would improve. The day the book arrived in my mail I was opening my mailbox, and I saw the envelop. My hands where shaking and I couldn't read it from all the tears that where flowing. I was so proud of her and I was so thankful that the writers put her writing in their book. After some intensive breathing I read her article. And more tears fell, I recognized her love, her frustrations and I felt the words spoken in the universe. It felt like a big crown on her transition. As if the universe could finally hear her words.

I honor her choice. I believe that is the highest option in the moment. To honor her with grace and love. That's why I love to tell about her and the others. The others, because the story doesn't stop here.
Over the years I got to know many people of my age, and older and younger, online, that are into spiritual stuff or lightwork, or whatever you like to call it. I noticed that a lot of them are going, or went through 'the dark night of the soul.' You can call it depression, a clearing or whatever. In this process a few of them chose to go home, to die and make the transition. Every time it sucks. Maybe it's not cool to say that, but it does. It does suck when people where you share so much with, die by choice, from the human perspective. There is such a gift in it. I choose to see the gift and focus on that, with respect of everyone's feelings.


Sharing your experiences rocks! Connecting all feelings
I see it in the classrooms in primary school,in the children I work with. Young kids that are sometimes so scared and angry, who are depressed. I experienced it last week with Jan, the “coolest” boy in class at a primary school. He was making noises, looking mad, and scared, he was sweating heavily. I sensed that there was something going onthat he couldn't talk easily about. I connected with him on a soul level. He told me privately what he was feeling. He started to say very angry that he was tired. (Tip for teachers and parents: ask what a child is feeling)When I responded to him in a way that he felt understood, he shared with me that he had scary violent dreams and I felt an entity with him. He talked about how he saw very scary things in his room. It made me shiver. I am not scared easily, but his fear was so incredible strong, almost like the dementors from Harry Potter, that I imagined all the love and healing in the world. I surrounded us with golden light and safe space. He was so angry and depressed and the regular teacher didn't noticed anything. Teachers and parents: look and listen carefully. Being silent is not normal for children. It's a sign something is going on.
I felt his fear and the violence in him, big time. I advised him to talk about his feelings a lot to someone and gave him some tips, including a cool game to dream. We both came up with the idea to pretend to be Neo, from the Matrix. His favorite movie and we made up a game to chase away the 'bad' guys. I didn't like it that I was only 3 times in that class for a few hours to do a project. I knew that I, as always, had to let it go and to honor his road. I did send love and angels to him and in class and reported his behavior to the teacher, in a language she could understand.

Next to that you have this wonderful kids that are so hyperactive they can't sit still for one moment, so it's really a task for teachers to give them a good education. I believe our old standards and belief systems of what good education is, can change. When we honor the kids for who they are, and create safe space by creating boundaries together, they flourish so much. It's really easy. People sometimes ask me: how do you do it, how do you get the 'special need' classes to listen to you, without any disturbance? I smile when they ask that. I just remember how it is to be a child. I never really became grown up. Haha. They listen to me, because I listen to them. Very easy. You just have to be you, with all your stuff. When you put your own emotions away, they sense you're unreal. Being human isn't something you can pretend. Be real. Be who you are.
It's important to share your thoughts and feelings with others. Also when you feel sad or not happy. It's probably one of the biggest taboo's I think. Depression, suicide and death. We need people to talk about that also, when we talk about this new generation. To make it clear: I honor every choice. I think that as creators we can choose to die or to live and both are honored. The angels in heaven will cheer anyway. There are a lot of young sensitive people experiencing depression. That just want to go home. A one way ticket to home. When we recognize our own deep dark feelings and allow ourselves to be happy we can help others with the same. Also kids and teens. I like that a lot.

Feeling no connection: depression and the gift
Maybe you are experiencing this also. Maybe you also feel down. Or you have an upper. ;-) Know that you are being heard, that you are seen. Know above all that you are not alone. That there is hope, there is always hope. It's perfectly okay to experience all this stuff, these feelings of love, of unity, and of loneliness, of hate perhaps, of anger and passion at the same time. It can be hard to live on this planet with a thin veil, when you sense so much, every breath, thought and feeling of others. When you just think conceptual instead of linear. Maybe you wonder why all the people are living the way they do, and you don't get a thing of all the rules, of the systems out there. Of course you know why they are there, but it can be hard to understand it really with your heart, cause it makes no sense.

You maybe see stuff others don't seem to see, dead people, angels, things you haven't got a name for yet, you just know stuff about others when you walk on the street, or at school. It could be that you are dreaming scary stuff. What the heck to do with that? For me life was to overflowing at school for sure. I didn't have a clue what to do with all this knowledge that came in to me, with the feelings of everyone in class that I took on as mine. With all those time lines crossing each other, all the sounds, the images, the colors and shapes in the air.

Know it all contains a big gift for you, and for humanity. Your a very sensitive soul having a human experience. You can choose in the moment for LOVE. Share with others how you want to be treated, how you want to live. You will create heaven on earth with it. One day you can experience flows of passion and the other day it seems to be gone. Just follow the stardust if you so choose, listen to your feelings, share your feelings with those that are willing to listen. Go after the fun in life, experience something new every day. Dreams do come true . The dream in your heart will become reality if you give it water and let it unfold. You are the superstar of your life, and you rock a lot!! Thank you for being here.


I really believe we will experience world peace in this life time. Do you want to be part of that? I do! The changes in the world right now are amazing. We are going towards unity on earth everyday, and we need you to live in your passion and truth. To do what you like the best, to just walk on earth and smile to the people on the street, to just walk around. The birds sing louder because you are on earth. The trees grow faster when you walk by. Even when you have the feeling you are just one person on a big globe, when the day seems to be useless. You never know what you meant to the earth and humanity today. You could have said, thought or did that tiny thing that changed lives. Everything has a reason, everything has a gift. You are a gift for sure. For yourself and for others. So please honor yourself as the grand soul, as the grand master and creator you are. You deserve it big time! What kind of cool thing did you do today to honor your existence?

Thank you for being here, you rock!!




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