It’s playtime! There is free playing under the rainbow. The freedom is calling. There is the possibility to play and express ourselves for now and ever. Expression is the manifestation of who we are. Isn’t it cool we can do what we want? I love free space, I love safe space. To experiment. The earth is a big playground, a mega sandbox in where we can play.
Playing: I love it.
It comes in many ways and manners.  Playing can be to do something out of the borders , making an unexpected move on work during a meeting or on the street.  It’s a state of being, a way of living.
Children know how to play! I love kids and inner children. Grown up people with the eyes of Peter Pan, that walks towards you with a big smile in their eyes. When we think of playing we think of children.

The children of today have a different way of processing information. This generation grew up with television and internet. They have cell phones, mp3 players and use google as access to the world. (Generation Einstein, 2006) They process much more information than the previous  generation. While listening to MTV and the radio, chatting online, reading a book and sending a SMS they make homework. It is obvious that the gap between generations is bigger than ever in this time. Parents don’t know always how to handle a computer, some haven’t got a clue how internet works. Teachers aren’t most of the time educated enough to learn kids how to use the internet. While you invite the world in your living room with internet. With all the nice things but also the possible danger.
The youth of now has different brains and can multi-task very well. They can converge from the constant stream of information what is useful for them. They don’t let themselves manipulated by the media, they grew up with it and know it inside out. Don’t tell them what is the best for them,. And don’t call them THEY. The youth of today is an individual, with their own preferences and ideals.  There is researched that they generally have no hero’s or idole  as role model but want to express their individuality trough their clothes, music and preferences.
Company’s and advertisers understand the youth better than most schools. Schools are behind on the latest developments. I still haven’t got a clue why we put children in busy classrooms and let them sitting still on their chairs. Many research date says that it isn’t the most efficient way for children to learn for a long long time.

Today there is published that the Dutch government is spending money for the FIRST time to gifted children on schools. This is the result of not offering every child what they need in the past.  They are isolating groups of children by their level.  It is putting labels on children. Why don’t we offer EVERY child what it asks for? Research shows that teachers can’t handle more than 2 different levels at the same time. 2! Imagine that in a class of 30 children only a few percent can work at its potential. And then we are only talking about cognitive development on 1 area, mathematic insight.
We are not letting children express their full potential by putting them in stone buildings with a teacher in front of the class. I really don’t understand why we keep acting like if that is normal. We wouldn’t allow it if someone told us when we could go to the toilet, when we are allowed to talk, eat or drink. Why are we allowing this to be told to our kids?
Children adept to their environment. So they learn that this is normal, that we can interact with each other that way and the majority of the people thinks it’s fine… On a soul level everyone chooses its own experience. Grownups and children choose on a soul level for this experiences. We can help them to assist them in their awakening and see the gifts of it.

Empowerment seems to be the new hot word in education and mainstream coaching. What is empowerment really? Personally I don’t like some methods that you can find in thick books written by professors. There are whole lists with questions and methods to let people say what they want them to say. How do you want to be treated yourself? With respect and love I think. Every human wants to be acknowledged for who he/she is. They just want to be seen  and heard. I want to interact with people from a sincere interest in them with my heart and compassion.  That is empowerment in my opinion, to see who they really are on a soul level. To see the god in their eyes and to walk side by side, from god to god.

I notice that my tolerance for schools and how we deal with children is decreasing. I just don’t understand it anymore when I see how parents act to their children on street or in the supermarket. And I don’t want allow it anymore in my presence that people are treated so disrespectful. There is sometimes such a lack of respect for the child’s soul. Grownups sometimes act as if children are less, as if we have the right to reject them. Or even abuse them.

Abuse reminds us of our wholeness
Do you’ve got a clue how many children are abused or experiencing abuse? I invite you to take a look in a average classroom. Almost 25 % of the children is physically or mentally abused. That is 1 out of 4 children. Our social security system can’t handle the amount that is known already. Imagine what happens when all children stand up and use their voice. And it will happen. Cause the children of today won’t let this happen to them. There will be no more secrets.  
I experienced as a teacher on a primary school how children get stuck between organizations when they ask for help. Children with the age of 5 are putted on long waiting lists and stay in the same destructive situation.  And the principals of schools, police and social security allow this and don’t take action while a child is abused. They do what they can in the limited space they have, but don’t realize that there are different ways of dealing with this.
It was the last day for me as teacher when I saw how everyone was pointing at each other. While I was dealing with a lovely  soul and brave child every day in my classroom.
Do you know how many courage it takes for a kid to tell that it isn’t so nice at home? It are such a brave souls that tell the truth. That don’t keep the old systems alive build on family secrets. I am so amazingly proud on every soul that spoke the truth to me.  They are beautiful souls that offered themselves a chance on a better life. I am so proud that they trusted me enough to show their wounds to me, to tell about the fights and to tell what happened at night in their beds. I know they trusted me because I could see with one look what they were going through. Because I was a child once also, a child that spoke her truth. By offering them a safe space and to be there for them, to put a band aid or to hold them, I try to let them experience a piece of heaven. So that they will know: there is a different way, there is a place where I am safe. There is a place for me in the world. And they know it in their hearts we only have to reflect it.  They know they deserve better that is why they won’t accept abuse when they are offered an alternative. It’s a reminder of themselves to never ever forget that they are god also.
The children are our future. We can live peacefully together. We can learn so much from each other. Their playfulness is so cool.
I once decided to welcome the new children on this earth, to make the world a safe space for kids and for my inner child. We know from our own experience what can be changed for the good.
Don’t wait but start today with the creation of your heaven on earth.  Than invite others to share in the joy!

Safe space
Safe space is the first thing you want to create when you want to play. That is all there is needed. When you find the safe space in yourself and radiate that, every place will be a play garden. Doing the groceries will be a party and even cleaning your house will be fun. It’s an expanding spiral that makes your energy yours and  pure again. Humans are just like turning swirls, that is how we create our energy. We swirl around and have spirals around us that makes that we keep moving. We have energy’s around us that support us, something like angels, loved ones, beings from other dimensions. We also have animals around us often. That can be a power animal or a pet.
A human never comes alone. They always bring an entourage of energy’s, beings, vibrations of the crystals we wear etc etc. A human shines in rainbow colors, it plays different songs, and talks with many voices. All those vibrations can be in alignment with each other. When someone doesn’t feel very well than those vibrations can conflict with each other.  They can be set to the same tune again. You know what is fun? To play with vibrations and crystals. To put a crystal in a bowl with a nice sound, than the vibration of the crystal and the sound become one. They carry each other on a wave that is so healing.  It’s very powerful so you don’t want to overload yourself. By playing you can discover ways of healing yourself, of letting go of old stamps and healing wounds.  Than you can share it with others.

We change the world
From the  standpoint of evolution, humanity is taking a giant leap forwards. But most systems of today aren’t ready yet for the new generation. We have to create the situations in where we want to learn and live ourselves. We will offer the alternative ourselves and happily there are many examples already. The world is changing and we are witnessing that. It is happening because of the choices we make and the creations we create. And that is so cool!

There is work to do! There is a safe space waiting to be played in and expressed. I invite you to make space for your own inner child today, to nurture it, to hug it and to hold it tight.
That is heaven on earth. Welcome home.