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Prentis Goodwin

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$ 700 Billion
by Prentis Goodwin   
Rated "G" by the Author.
Last edited: Sunday, August 02, 2009
Posted: Sunday, August 02, 2009

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$ 700 Billion

Things $700 Billion would do to take the strain off the government and economy when given to "The People of the United States"

21 & Up who deserve it the most. The only catch is you must be born in America and be a us citizen. This cash figure should give the public an idea of just how much we pay in taxes.

First of all let me say we the people do not care about all the filthy rich and saving there portfolios. They knew the risk when they plucked there money down or bought into scams by investors & Wall Street. We are heading into an all out war between the people and the government guess who will win in the end. It is the plan of the people to withdraw all our money from banks if this bail out plan passes. I don't know if the smart people in Washington have put the pencil to it or not but for every $1,000 hard cash we take out of the banks, that will in turn force the banks hand and they will haft to call in $10,000 in unsecured credited notes. When this starts to happened it will be like a wild fire across the nation then what will congress do?. Congress has not come to the idea that the people have a voice. This very well could be the end of the government spending dollars on a fling as they know it. This action may not come about over night but it will come. If a man or woman wants to trade and or buy stocks they can now trade on line from the privacy of there own home or office. The net is open and available 24 / 7 we do not need wall street and by saying this I am talking about the 200 million people in this country that have never seen Wall Street but are expected to pay off the $700 billion dollar bail out of the super rich. As for the people with the 401k plan hanging out there, when they get there part of the $700 Billion they will gladly burn there 401k plan

"Thats a no brainier"

With the extra money people would have all the banks in the USA fat!

Everyone could pay off there Home, Car & Bank loans "Problem Solved"

Bring an end to the Food Stamp program

Stop welfare

Small business loans Ended

Create one major health care insurance package for all

Lift the burden of farm lending FHA

Abolish all the offices associated with above mention

"you want hurt anyone working in those offices because they will be set for life anyway"

And think of all the paychecks this would take off the government.

So what if the American people didn't want to go back to work

after receiving all that money.......

we have enough non American people living in the USA put them to work

if not, Mexico, Africa and other country's are full of people needing jobs

and they will show up on there own "End of border patrol, I say let the other country's do all the paroling they will be glad to because... there government wants the dollars that there working people send back to there banks and each country knows if they screw that up, we will just stop using there working people and pull more from somewhere els that speaks volumes in dollars and no body would want to be left out"

Let those people come here and work for a year in America

accumulate financial gain, then politely return them home for a break

with our best wishes for a safe and soon return.

"After all we need them just as much as they need us"

There will be plenty more people waiting to take there place in the work force.

The people that come here and work when returning home will be able to work for there government teaching other individuals the trades and skills

that they have learned while visiting here in the USA. In other words when a worker comes over here to work as a truck driver, doctor, fireman whatever, this will allow he or she to be ready and join the work force with pride.

I say this is a working revolving system that will give everybody a chance.

We will learn to love our neighbors and I just bet we find them to be

pretty good people after all.

Hey at least they will learn the American language

Of course you have people like me that will keep busy

I love to work for my self. There would be a lot of small business owners that would quit that just makes room for big business.

Washington likes Big Business just ask all the senators

that voted in all the money and tax breaks to help fortune 500 companies

all these years. "Don't Make us Point the Finger we know who you are"


Farmers would keep farming like they have always done

the most of them are rich anyway after lobbying congress

for all the handouts they have been getting all these years.

Just about every farmer has a whole new fleet of John Deere equipment

and for those of you that don't know John Deere is the most expensive equipment

on the today market.

"Somebody making interest on that cheap FHA money" Guess who!

Over Seas Debt

Congress would want to Tax us on the $700 billion and when they do....

I say send it right on over to china to pay down the $500 Billion dollar debt

that our government has rang up. And get our country back from China

We have enough taxes set in action to run our government

congress should not feel a loss "only relief"


Finish up in the middle east and get our army out for good.

Elect a president Black, White, Green, Re...

that will not get off to playing war games with human life's for personal gain

but keep our army strong on the frontier we will have the money to do this

after the people set this plan into action.

George Bush just spent $75 Billion and still to this day can't seam to find

Osama Ben Laden. "Wonder why?"

Demand selective service enrollment at 18 years like we always have.

Gas & Diesel problem

Let's all chunk in $25,000 each and develop a clean burning fuel.

if this doesn't work to heck with it were drilling here no matter who says what.

On October 6, 2008 oil dropped below $90.00 dollars The feds are scrambling to

get the price back up there as high as they can... "Why hurt the people"

Education Schools

The schools are built Thanks to the people"

We have enough taxes in each county to pay for the up keep.

Let each State take care of there self. We have been teaching over in other

country's long enough I say it's time some of them come over and put some of that smart learning to work here. Let's run ads on foreign television teach and live

in the USA a great place to work and play. Top pay & relocating fees included.

Or simply develop a high tech fun computer system that programs school on line

for kid's of all ages. Even a GED course. Kids and adults love to spend hours on

the computer. This would save millions of gallons of Gas & Dollars. This plan would take

driving to school out of the everyday transportation system not to mention the money we could save by not having all the buss activity the government has in service picking up kids and dropping them off nine months out of every year.

"That should cool down the green house effect some" Don't Ya Think.......

Gambling System

Most people will stop playing Casino games but there will be tons that will continue no matter what. One thing is for sure, this change will make the Gaming commission clean up there act and also convince Casino operators to make casino property's more family friendly. Like a fun land rather than a pick pocket palace.

Justice System

This plan will not off set our need for police protection one bit

as long as we have people there will always be crime.

This system will continue only crime will not be as bad now

that the people have money

This will let us live without having to import and sell drugs

or the need to commit armed robbery and other foolish acts.

There should be no need to hold prisoners on death row

sentience should carried out with end one week after verdict.

If the state has no plan set in action then the accused will be bound over

to the family of the of the deceased for termination.

Jesus said an eye for an eye.

George W. Bush Jr. The Price fixer

For some reason George bush and all his followers have this way of thinking

that we or should I say they can price fix everything "BULLSHIT" this is what happened

back in the forties when everything went to hell. Click on the link below and watch the video.

I am not saying George Bush is all bad I am only saying yes it's the same world

but times are different.

U.F.O. Area 51

The government has always said there is no such thing as little green men

and area 51 is not there. OK Lets cancel all the space flight programs and the

billions behind that and area 51 heck they don't exist anyway.......

Lets take that money and use it to pay off the national dept and target other country's with peace missions and a plan for world peace without nuclear missiles pointed at them also build more hospitals maybe find a cure for cancer or aids or just support the worlds leading scientist in there medicine ventures no matter what country there from. The cure has got to come from somewhere we don't care who gets the credit just as long as the cure shows up. We may find out we had a cure all along.

Jesus Christ

Lets put prayer back in school and our lives, guess what, it only took one emergency room doctor "Mike Newdow" 49, an emergency room doctor / lawyer, He argued that the phrase 'one nation, under God' in the Pledge of Allegiance violated the separation of church and state -- and won, with the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, in San Francisco. Newdow" file a complaint to have prayer removed. With all the Christians out there we let one man abolish Christ what a bunch of sinners we are let's do something about that NOW!

"If you don't want Jesus in your life so be it...

But! don't try and take my lord and savior out of mine"

Power & Gas

We should put a freeze on all Oil and gas tax in the USA after taking all the

government tax off except a sizable allowance that would not hurt the people at the pumps. As it stands right now Gas Taxes Exceed Oil Companies' Profits... Google it for your self go ahead copy and paste the link below.

The power companies have been running wild we need to pull back on the reins there as well. In Mississippi Tallahatchie Valley had a increase in October 08 of 17% on it's customers now thats a big jump "What senator let them get away with that?

I'll buy Thad Cochran for a dollar please.


Someone tell me what hurricane hit the natural gas pipe line and made home heating gas go out the roof?

Mothers Fathers & Children

This plan would let every mother / father in America have the time

and the resources to stay at home with there children

and teach them how to respond to issues that we deal with

over seas and here at home. Our country would lead the world

hands down.


Wages for common labor should start at $9.75 an hour

and increase to a maxim of $16.00 by retirement age

unless times call for higher pay this looks like a great starting point.

No matter what job our guest from other country's hold in the work force.

Every company should be required to have profit sharing for it's workers

along with insurance and child care all in a non hostile work environment.

Executive positions pay and benefits will vary from company to company.

If any United States citizen man / woman were to throw away there part of the

$700 Billion or to loose it under there own foolish direction then they will be expected

to return to the work force and earn there living.

Last but not least

Congress should not be allowed to vote in there own paychecks

there should be a $100,000 cap if they can't live on that

well they can always get a job at Wal Mart or Mc donalds

There will be no retirement plan for the president or members of congress

save all that money for the national debt also congress should be taxed on there pay just like the rest of us. If this makes any senator or congress person mad to the point where they want to quit there job then he / she should be treated as a deserter they got there part of the $700 billion didn't they?

It all boils down to this here we are.... right where a hand full of so called leaders

want us they are always passing messages on the TV to us about terrorist attacks and everything els they can think up to keep the people locked in fear and not thinking for there selfs. The government spent many years and billions of tax dollars

to fashion for each of us the small box we have become so accustom to call a television, guess what? there is a beautiful world out there lets enjoy it.

What to do!

Contact your State senators office now and let him / her know you will do everything in your power to keep them out of office if they vote the money should go to congress and not the people. Please don't hang this debt on our children and grand children for the rest of there life make your voice count

stand up right now and do whats right. If you are anyone wants to give our hard earned tax dollars over to the same people that have got us into this mess in the first place then you are not an American and you don't deserve

to live in this country.

Better yet lets just clean all the lawyers and staff we have in Washington

running this country out and seek new blood.

Now that you know what to do, God Speed to all.

Thank you


What you have just read are the open thoughts of one man

a man that can never be bought or sold there is no treasure in living

outside the word of God.

The Lord God said what have a man if he gain the world but loose his soul.

This is my thoughts on everything do you have a better plan?

P Goodwin

If you like and stand for what you have just read please feel free to pass this on.

Just in case any of you were wondering the $ 700 billion

would have worked out to somewhere around 3.2 Million each.

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Reviewed by Prentis Goodwin 10/19/2009
TRASK" If you love the truth then do not over look the opportunity to help take our country back when the time is at hand. Don't be one of the ones who will sit around and say "They will do something" Be Ready.
Reviewed by - - - - - TRASK 8/2/2009

Meet 1st Man Who Could Never Be Bought Or Sold=TRASK....

Etal: I Love My Country Prentis---


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