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Kennedy P Tare-otu

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A females pride
by Kennedy P Tare-otu   
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Last edited: Wednesday, June 09, 2010
Posted: Wednesday, June 09, 2010

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On their shoulders you would see the strand of a bra, whose intension is to put that shoulder down; but nevertheless a bra’s intension, it is always thrown away by her master to the last but one room of no where known.

A female’s pride.
On their shoulders you would see the strand of a bra, whose intension is to put that shoulder down; but nevertheless a bra’s intension, it is always thrown away by her master to the last but one room of no where known. A point note worthy, because as long as an opposite sex is available to say hi, their shoulders has no plan of recruiting, no under stress, no relax. At times their arrogance is in extreme.
    You would wonder why I poke my nose into this private affairs, believe me its as nice as eating a mince pie.
                   Lets consider for instance what I would say in few seconds; an incessant deride of a male addressing a female. What's the secret behind this? Are the females really worth the disturbance? Surely I would say a yes to that, but are the men also meant to continue in such shenanigan, most especially when its done for fun or the ladies are just being too stubborn and indecisive. Most times the men are so frustrated to dabbing their faces with a kerchief. When do the ladies start having an edge over the men? Or do they just be in control before the relationship begins? These question may not be essential, but is worth answering, and may even lead to the more important question, like, are the they seasons to ask a woman out? Does compatibility affect a relationship? e.t.c.
                  Believe me, I really am quite young, but do have the eyes that rarely stop seeing, it surely must have looked even in the midst of looks. Then I am asked like others why is this and why is that? What's funny is how I end up smuggling myself to the answers. I necessarily didn’t need to search the nook and cranny for answers. All I knew were the basics, these basics are the essentials.
             At young ages I have tried my best to avoid so many questions, like what do women want? How to bring down a woman’s ego? I am not compatible with my lover, and its giving us problems, I do love he or she; how can I make things work? E.t.c. But a day came I couldn’t escape any more, then I had to speak, and teach what I call the philosophy of love. That was my greatest mistake, because from that day I was disturbed to keep teaching, to advice and counsel, even when I had no experience. You would wonder how this is possible, but really after lots of teaching, I could get a little experience after all.
        Is there really any secret behind the affairs, behind a relationship? Does the women like some certain men and count the others out? Definitely not. Any man is admired by a woman, even in their hatred, they never wish to stop seeing the men pass by, no matter how ugly looking, no matter the mockery made up. Without all the adventures a woman never feels alive. Some times I wish the men could find their ways to the women's mind, then they will feel more special than they are. This is when the perfect questions are asked, most especially, what do women want? Of course everybody wants a thing and the other, but what do women really want in a relationship? Nothing much! Nothing really much! Just the love and care, just to be treated so special and are sincerely moved by the words of the men; unlike the men that don’t just want the love and care, but also seeks respect, honesty; they tend to fall more jealous, knowing fully well that a man that founds a woman founds a good thing, so other men wouldn’t rest until they have one. A love life is so predictable, usually filled with fun, but also frustrating as a jealous one can never have rest until the jealousy Is of the mind, and remembrances after a person is gone for a while and how disturbing this can be. All these is as a result of love, which the tem is more stronger than we can imagine.
                      I was asked a question by a friend, who felt my sadistic and quiet behavior at a given moment was due to the little misunderstanding I had with a female friend. When he tried such a guess I was forced to giggle, for once in a while I could be categorize like the others and was even already believed to have a crutch on another. It wasn’t funny for the moment, it was more of disappointing for a person who knows be behavior would think such. But instantly I forgot the derision and rethink the question that was asked. A couple of days the young man ran asking the same question again. And I smiled, for the importance of the question at that moment. What would be the question? A question I could rethink and believe is so important and fragile, its very simple all he asked was “Is love enough to keep a relationship going?”. At first love is what bonds the world together, it is what bonds those with the affairs, but when the relationship start and continues, is love what keeps it going?
I do not think so, for love is a perfect reason why you should be, but not with everyone. They are so many people who are in love with each other but aren’t together; love doesn’t really guaranty people’s togetherness. They also relationship that are having constant problems and could end or eventually ends if the problems aren’t at ease, despite the great love for themselves. Therefore is love the only component necessary to drive an affair going? Would you mind the question?; if not then what is? Understanding is essential, so is trust and respect; but no one can have an understanding of another always, so no man can give is 100% trust to anybody, for trust lies in the heart of those not living. Respect has a way of keeping them together and giving them part of the understanding, but both the trust and respect doesn’t guaranty honesty, which is also essential too. Respect teaches them how to relate with one another, how to use their words, how to behave when with each other. This doesn’t control their outside. Love starts a relationship and holds it together, but this needs another component to keep it going which is fear. Love is an element that also has the component care, while fear is a lover of respect and sometimes the opposite of love. Everyone knows the opposite of love to be hatred, but love has been categorized into parts.
                                                 -CONSANGUINITY (the hood)-    
                  The hood is a class of love which bonds together our families and relatives. The bond is majorly filled with care (counter shading arithmetic rhythm of enthusiasm), and a large amount of honesty from time to time.
                            - LAEPI –
               This term originated from the togetherness of the general process known as symbiosis. It is the relationship a thing has for one another. This love is the most practiced, as the whole world is joined by the love we have for one another, even the relationship between we and our nature, between we and animals. The opposite of this class of love is fear. A animal who fears another has nothing to do with it, so is man; but has categories of the fear. This is my major opposite of love, be it that a man can both love and hate a person or thing. This is were we get the word love-hate relationship.
                                                 - SELF BEING –
                 This love is equal to the population of man in the world, be it that the love is the love a man has for himself alone. A man’s love for himself is surely the greatest he could have; even Jesus Christ knew this, that is why he advised man to love is neighbor as he loves himself. But nevertheless a man could still feel hatred for the kind of life he lives due to frustration, inferiority complex and fear, it goes one way or the other which could make you do some atrocities to your self. The opposite of self being is self-hate.
                                                 - Love-like –
       This class of love is a little different from Laepi, be it that Laepi is the relationship you have with your world and nature, even your hatred for anything, as long as that thing shows no hatred towards you but was destined to be the way things are. But love-like is the love you have for friends and things you see and just like, like a painting, art, parties, fun time, watching movie, play pranks and your gambols, sports e.t.c. This love also beat the imagination of only not being for activities but also for best friends and people you have a large like for. It’s also one of the most practiced love class. The opposite of this is hatred.
                                                 - Fancidom –
         This is a great admiration or could be called a crutch on some one, it could lead to a real love if worked on. A lot of love affairs starts with this; at first you could fall due to a persons beauty or character at the moment. This is were we say the first sighted love is happening. This kind of fall is necessary in cases, but has a way of either turning to true love or a thing called lo’st (lust), which is the opposite of the Fancidom. Lo’st is the aspect of falling for majorly what you see, the physiognomy and what you could either get, sex or romance alone.
                                                 - Kre-Circle –
           Kre-circle (ken’s rapid emotions) is the real love binding a marital or a romantic affair. It comprises of all the classes of love, at one moment a person in an affair could feel any of the classes of love due to circumstances of the moment. This is the reason it is called a circle; it can be expressed diagrammatically as one. I defined the term kre-circle as a lured oriented visual enthusiasm; with the word “enthusiasm” meaning a huge interest in your emotion that tends to draw you closer to whosoever the emotions favors, having care emotion and no fear. Getting to a stage of love is common, but hard to maintain. This love never stops increases if it is not tampered with, or if it is given a chance to. Some times it could be stagnant in a particular lower class alone if not worked. This indicates that the love as fallen a distance or let me say reduced. Though the love, be it in a lower class or higher is good enough to still make them one, and feel the sudden dart necessary even in their quarrels. The opposite of this love is lo’st (lust).
                                                 - Secadone –
              This isn’t the last class of love, but the other isn’t a class but a personality, which is the major secret of the great potentials of love.
  The Secadone is a class of love. This comprises of three parts which are inevitable in a romantic affair. The parts that do need the privacy a lot, the parts that do lead to a closed and secured place, which may need a bed as a material present in the rendezvous.
 The first stage is the Lo’st, which is essential to trigger the thoughts and the practical looks. The lo’st could only make a person stare a lot with little of imaginations. At the moment of imaginations the phase as changed, then the imaginations increases and turns much. This phase is called The Icapune; the excess imagination of you practicing a romance or sex in your mind. This could lead to the affair in real, in physical, which may or usually starts as a romance and may tend to end in the last phase, which is sex (sensual erotic character). Secadone is therefore the erotic pleasure gotten in an affair or a normal relationship.
                        In so many cases the opposite of love be hate and fear. But is usually more greater than our imagination. The case is how love and fear could come together to sustain an affair. Surely you would be thinking how it is possible to experience or feel two opposite things at the same time. This is what I call the extraordinary.
 The term extraordinary is unexpected, surprising or strange. A thing not normal or ordinary is also another meaning. With the word ‘extra’ meaning an additional, outside or beyond a thing. But I defined the term extraordinary as a thing that is over ordinary, or too ordinary that beats down the imagination of the ordinary and may supersede the usual. The terms ordinary or natural aren’t or shouldn’t be over manipulated by a prefix, due to the importance and power of this words. Another example of such a word is Christ; this name is powerful enough not to be manipulated by a prefix. So the word Anti-Christ isn’t meant to be for they is no one who can fight against him, no one is worthy to be called his enemy and opposition. But the English men has no other suitable word than this, neither do they have any suitable word for the manipulation of ordinary. Lets assume I finally decide to accept the way the words are generally used and I will use the term ‘natural’ which means not made or caused by the humans like the natural phenomena, or a thing that is normal and expected; as it is used. Where with it’s a word that should mean the way of living, and the way of life with the inner and outer environs surrounding that normality. The way of living and the way of life is two different things. The way of life is the natural phenomena that is usually known to always occur. A way that every one must and does live, for he or she was born and taught to live that way and everyone does the same. An example is the three square meal a person eats, the cloths he wears; all is a way of life, he was born to see people living like that and was also taught to live like it, its normal and meant to be. But the way of living is the manipulation of the way of your life. You see every one wearing cloths and you do, is a way of life, but you now turned your wears to something so different and wear it that way. This is normal, but it isn’t meant to be said as the way of the persons life, but the way of the person’s living, or his way of living. The way of living is therefore the way a person lives his life, but the way of life is the way a person is meant to live his life. Now lets relate this differently, a natural disaster is a way of life, it was meant to be for it has been and will continue to. But a natural disaster caused by an atomic bomb, isn’t a way of life, for it isn’t life generally that treated the people that way, but the way of some ones living. The rain, sun, rivers e.t.c is a way of life, so is the birth of a child, sex e.t.c; but an artificial insemination, anal sex, the eruption of the ozone layer is caused by a way of living. Looking at the word super natural is a thing that can’t be explained by the law of science, which involves a god or magic. This definition is quite acceptable than the definitions of extra ordinary, nevertheless I defined this term as a thing that is natural, but abides in the nature which isn’t is. Surely the law of science wont explain this in all circumstances. While I defined nature as a thing that exist, but abides to a nature. This is what i call the natural. The moment a thing leaves is nature to go abide in another species nature can now be said to be supernatural. If a lizard is seen living and starts a life in a water, it can be said to be supernatural. A man with a tail is ordinary, but becomes extra ordinary if he lives in the abode or nature of those that are different.
             I classified this terms in three forms;
             The natural – Super natural – Non-natural (unnatural).
             The ordinary – Extra ordinary – Non-ordinary.
      My term non-natural or unnatural is redefined as a thing that can survive in all nature or has no nature at all. So is the term non-ordinary. After the classification, you can now categorize species in them. A man is ordinary, the moment he lives as a chicken he is extraordinary, the moment he could live as anything, in any nature he becomes non-ordinary and goes also for natural. A god is non-natural or our God is non natural for he could both live in the presence of any nature or in the absence of nature.
           So why should it be fear that should stay together with love. Remember this two words comprises of so many things, as fear also comprises of ‘afraid and to be scared’, what is the difference? It isn’t the appropriate time to ask. But even God knew this that fear and love makes the thing going, Infact he taught me. The love for Lucifer and God was much and is still intact, but Lucifer lacked the fear. This is the reason why God never told man to love him through out the scripture, instead they told us to love ourselves, our brethrens. The only emotion God asked us to give to him is fear, for their love is abundant for the relationship, but our fear would keep it going. So the decision is in our hands, the moment you decide to stop fearing them, you behave the contrary way which leads to hell as we know.
               When you have the fear for the woman you love, and she has such in return, you both watch what you say and do both on outside and inside, but respect only make you behave yourselves when inside.
                         THE COMPATIBILITY SERIES
                    Is it necessary for you to always check your horoscope to get your love life moving? Definitely not. Is it true that if a couple that isn’t compatible cant stay long or get things to work? No.
           Now, the compatibility series is surely controlled by the stars, but even the stars itself is controlled by what we do, think, believe and plan with who shapes them for us which is God. All this components is what comes together to form what is known as fate. What you do today are the components of your plans from yesterday, your believe as of the early hours of your new day. Am I really going to achieve all of this? Can remove the star that is meant to be a sign that you would do it, and at the end you would say, as I doubted myself so it also didn’t work. Your thought as of last night to the morning, includes your dreams too, is also essential in making your day.
          When I was fifteen, I was regularly disturbed by an elderly friend who is so much I love with a girl. He believed in the Zodiac a lot, and was the only method he could use in getting a girl. Surely you know what I am talking about. No you don’t! He looked all day the horoscope, he studied the character of the girl by what it says. Did exactly what is meant to do according to the horoscope that we make her happy, but things weren’t going on well. For five good months nothing ever went well, than the girl getting to hate him more and more. It wasn’t is fault, the girl lied to him that she was a Libra when she was Gemini. We never knew this until they finally dated. How did they? I heard to personally sit down regularly with the girl, using my logics to get to know and understand her. After that I still believed she was Libra, but didn’t focus on that, but the little detail and understanding I got. The two temperaments of the two people aren’t working, so the guy had to break his temperament to behave differently and suitable for the girl. I call this a Temperamental disorder. It happens every day among us, were we tend to pretend to be either quite or lousy to feel among, or for a particular reason. But this method worked, all we did was to understand her person, to suit to her way of living, either behaving the same, or the opposite will make it work. All we did was to do the one that she would love. We danced to her rhythm, made her happy, made her make the rules for the moment; when the relationship starts you take over as the head. Isn’t guys wicked? No, they are just determined. No one would believe they are up to date. The essence of change is vital in all cases, don’t go out of your temperament, go out of your behavior and inherit it, make that behavior yours as long it is necessary.
           When I was a kid, I had always seen the word fear for only the females. I defined it at age nine as the feminine emotion that attain respect. A female was born with fear; let the scientist and psychologist study the character of a new born male and female child, who cries more immediately they were born? Who is more scared of the type of life that they are entering? I wait for a reply. What is feminine is one way or the other made to suit the men, is one way or the other made because and for the men. So fear can be found in the heart of the men, but originated from the woman. For no man really fears a woman, but respects are. Therefore the love life of a couple is in the hands of the women, as they possess the greater fear needed to hold the relationship, and her good enough to generate this fear in the heart of the men. The women are the key to long lasting affair, give are the love and respect, she gives you all in return. A thing worth proud of. With their potentials they can control the emotions of both, what they do, what they say, how they look and behave could spin a mans head around. So who says a woman isn’t meant to be proud for all she has and all she could do. Who says she isn’t meant to snub the men and let them come running after. Who says a man isn’t proud of having a woman. This is note worthy for a woman is worth the pride.
                                                                                                 Tare-otu IV 

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