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Clarrissa L Moon

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We, The People
by Clarrissa L Moon   
Rated "PG13" by the Author.
Last edited: Saturday, October 26, 2013
Posted: Saturday, October 26, 2013

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The various things wrong with our government. The ways we could fix this.

 “We, The People”

by Clarrissa Zamora


Clarrissa Lee Moon (Author)

I said to a comment on Facebook, “I love my country, but I hate my government.” This got me to thinking what is wrong exactly with our government, who is responsible for it and why won’t they do anything to fix the problems? I said to myself, “All right, list the problems and you’ll find the person or persons responsible for it and go from there.”

 One of the main problems not even being addressed by any state Rep. except by Senator Nancy Shaefer who was mysteriously murdered. ( )

Bill Clinton signed a bill during his term giving bonuses to CPS nationwide of 4000 dollars for every child taken and adopted out and 2000 dollars for every autistic child removed from the home. This led to white single poor mothers being targeted for child removal since white children are more easily adopted out and highly prized in child sex slavery rings.

( )

So, Bill Clinton is responsible for this? I really thought hard on this one and said no.

Next major thing that really hit me was 2.3 trillion dollars missing and no one even investigated this mostly because the very next day 9-11-01 happened.


The nation was stunned into utter shock and grief which was quickly turned into anger guided and carefully crafted by Bush, Cheney and his gang of political thugs including Scooter Libby, Rumsfield and Karl Rove. So, Bush and Co. was responsible for this and 9-11? No, I said to myself. They are not.

This total and devastating event though also beeped on my radar for things majorly wrong with the effectiveness of our government and the lack of their apparent investigative skills followed by their inaction to bring anyone at all to justice for the deaths for 4000 Americans on American soil and the tragic losses we sustained of our military personal in Afghanistan and Iraq. Yes, we won, but we lost men and women over there and that, to me, is unacceptable. Especially, if ‘We, The People’ were being led by our noses and lied too. The sacrifices our military made then was made for someone’s profit and not for our American Justice. This can NOT be tolerated. We are still losing men and women to this day 12 years later for this.

The question is, were we lied to?

·         Osama Bin Laden claimed responsibility for sending the Muslims to overtake the airplanes and use them as weapons against our buildings, killing thousands of innocent men, women and children.

·         15 of the 19 Muslims were Saudi nationals and highly placed from prominent families themselves.

·         Bush and the Bin Laden family have been business partners in more than one occasion for over 25 years prior to 9-11

·         The Bush Administration clears Bin Laden family to leave America 8 days later without any form of questioning or investigation.

·         Prior to 9-11 Bush and Co. dismissed many reports warning of the attack to come.

·          Larry Silverstein made a huge profit from the buildings being demolished.

·         Marvin Bush was head of security for the WTC buildings and was reported to have done some security upgrades to the building from top to bottom right before 9-11.

·         Even I know steel doesn’t melt from airplane jet fuel.

·         Three buildings drop in their footprints, one of which was never hit by a plane. the odds of this happening without a planned demolition is astronomical. I would have a better chance of winning the lottery.

·         I’ve seen demolitions and the footage I saw shows me demolitions.

There are so many ANDS it would take me 900 pages to list them all with links for verifications to go with it. I don’t have to be a super detective, even a mediocre detective or a fat lazy, dumb as a door knob detective to figure out this ALL stank to high heaven. No one other than the  al-Qaeda with its hate all Americans leader Osama bin Laden is blamed for any of it. Who, coincidentally, seemed to evade and hide from our Special Forces with the greatest of ease for many years. I seriously doubt this knowing the highly skilled and trained SF these guys can run any criminal to his knees in no time flat without even breathing hard. So I say to myself, they must have been stalled, misdirected or flat out ordered to observe and not do a thing but a few token kills of al-Qaeda lieutenants.



(links for above bullets)


So, Bush and Co. were responsible for all of this too? No, I said reluctantly.

As time passed our economy got worse and worse, people got poorer and poorer but Bush and family were doing just fine, as were their buddies.


But here comes the Democrat party to save the day with their boy wonder, Barack Hussein Obama. A closet Muslim in my opinion. Promises to make everything better, bring our troops home and make jobs so the poor can finally eat decent food.

The number of scandals with Barack’s name attached to them is astounding.


The fact he hasn’t been brought up for impeachment and treason is amazing. Many say those in office are afraid of being him up on charges simply because he is black and this would start riots across the nation. To hell with that  I say, the riots have already started by black mobs coast to coast; beating, robbing, raping and killing people for no reason other than they are white. They are seeing a black President get away with murder (NDAA) and many other crimes, so they think they have a free get out of jail card because, as Barack said, “They are just misunderstood. Teachers shouldn’t punish those who are caught and I am sure the police have gotten the same orders from above not to do anything they don’t have to against the older adult black mobs.



The sheer number of news reports would alone takes reams of paper of the crimes committed by black mobs. The ones that burns me the most are the ones where a vet is killed by these ungrateful animals.


These are just the top stories found on the net and suppressed by the news media. Gee, I wonder why? These acts makes it much harder for those African Americans who work hard, are good people and just want a normal life like anyone else.

I am walking down the streets now looking at black Americans as a potential threat which I had rarely ever done before. I don’t like living like this or having these feelings of apprehension every time a black person gets near me in the streets. It isn’t right and it shouldn’t be this way, but with the role model of our current president this is what we have to live with now. Yes, some blacks may riot but the ones who understand, the ones who are just like everyone else, just trying to get by, make the bills, put food on the table and raise their kids right will respect the fact that although this president is black this isn’t the reason he needs to be brought to justice. It’s for the plain fact he is violating just about every single Constitutional law and thinks he can get away with it. White or black, this man and his cohorts needs to be impeached and tried for treason. Period!


I will list the few major crimes I feel Barack Obama has committed.

Fast and furious: While trying to take away our guns rights, this hypocrite funnels guns and ammo to the south of the border.,0,3828090.storygallery#axzz2iseApKdB

A Border Patrol Agent is killed. Nothing is done about this. Holder and co desperately use any means to cover this up and hide the evidence.


Seal Team Six:  Killed while being transported.


The families are still waiting over 2 years later for justice.  Biden opened his big mouth targeting Seal Team Six for a revenge hit. This guy may have the I.Q. of a gnat, but he still deserves to be tried for treason and shot as a traitor. No ONE, and I mean NO one, is above the law and no ONE ever, ever should put our men in danger like this when they put their lives on the line for us.


This is intolerable and will never be forgotten.


Benghazi: That the Obama Administration and Secretary Hillary Clinton did know and acknowledge the danger our men were in in Benghazi, but deliberately and with malice of forethought refused to send them backup or evacuate our people out of there. The rumor is so the rebels could steal massive amounts of guns, ammo and shoulder missile launchers which wound up in the hands, allegedly, by the Muslim Brotherhood.  Four men were tortured, raped and killed in a


Over a year later has anyone been brought to justice for this treasonous act? No. The families of those victims here too are denied being able to bring those who are responsible for this to court.

This too we will never forget.


Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Jim Kerry did try to circumvent our second amendment rights by going to the U.N. and have our gun rights taken away. This is treason. Plain and simple.

All of these crimes committed by the Obama Administration. Nothing is done, It seems these guys are untouchable. No one wants to seriously tangle with them.

The IRS scandals have me greatly worried about what our government is up too and the uses the Obama Administration have put them to use…at our expense of course.

Why would the IRS have to know how to use this type of rifle? Against us?

Why hasn’t he been impeached for this? I don’t like the Tea Party either but this is criminal.


Speaking of the IRS why are they still allowed to operate when they are stealing millions of our tax dollars for their party times?

This is just the tip of the iceburg the IRS mishandles or just plains steals money for a really good time. For plain out stealing they have this now favorite past time.

Whose fault is this? Our government? Our President? Our elected officials? No, it really isn’t.

However, put the Banks, the IRS and the Obama Administration together and they still don’t have anything on the ones responsible for the 9 trillion dollar theft of our money.

Unless of course they all had a hand in this too? Inquiring minds want to know.

No investigation and they still cant find the money. If they are even looking at this point.

How much do all these thefts are contributing to our deficit? Yet our illustrious leaders would tell you its all the poor people’s fault with their food stamp benefits. Yeah right. 400 dollars a month for a family of four? I don’t think so. Try again politicians. Who are the real moochers because seriously guys, 2.3 trillion and 9 trillion plus those millions by the IRS aint got nothing on some single mom trying desperately to make a measly 400 dollars last the whole month with the rising prices of food these days. Give me a break.

Which by the way for you folks out there who see a person buy a soda and a candy bar instead of the apple at 85+ cents. They do this because the calories, though empty calories will last much longer than that of an overpriced apple will. Junk food is much cheaper and last a lot longer than good healthy food will every time. Unfortunately. Also the chocolate has the added benefit of combating depression, Dark chocolate will help lift the blues of being so damned poor better than that bottle of Prozac will and much less likely to make a person go postal on people. Think about it.

But all of this, is it our government fault? Again, no.


Now we have The Amnesty deal to worry about. If it wins it will make getting a job for anyone of those poor people to get them off of those food stamp people mistakenly think is bleeding us dry. Just add up above numbers for verification of this and compare it to what food stamp cost our country per year. Doesn’t even come close does it? So to these politicians trying to steer us into believing the poor is at fault for all of our financial woes, I say BOO hiss to you, Sirrah. We didn’t have half of the deficit when we still had all those programs for help for the poor, most of which have been dried up and about the ONLY thing available to the poor IS the food stamp program. 20 years ago we had less deficit, but more programs for the poor, housing, utilities, cash and food. Now they have food stamps and a bit of cash and that has been cut in viciously in some states and an out of control deficit, but plenty of vacations and good times for those elite in the right positions. Hmmm? Again I say BOO hiss, Sirrah.

Now they want our Social Security monies as well. A Program paid by the people, for the people. Their greed knows no bounds it seems. The Amnesty Act could very well end any hope, dream or small ambition for any of our poor to get themselves out of the hoods if this passes. I understand the problems at the border having lived very near one for 22 years. I also understand the reasons why they come here fleeing their home country for those small hopes and dreams our poor were capable of. One never ever hears of any problems with our Northern Neighbors, The Canadians. Why is this? Because they like their country, it has opportunities for everyone of any social standing. They are not sledding across into our borders because they have a government not quite as crooked as ours. Though lately that seems to be changing slowly but surely but they are not my problem. My current government is. Americans have to understand just how bad things are for the Mexicans. But ti still doesn’t make it right to make life hell for our people while letting them flock over to  our side. I had seriously given a thought or two myself in packing my family up and heading for calmer more opportunities anywhere else in the world. Costa Rica, Belize anything for my sons to have a chance at a more calmer life without worry of Fema stormtroopers rounding us up someday for forced vaccinations or gas chambers. Or IRS Agents with orders to shoot and kill if we don’t sign up for Obamacare. Hey, these are very real worries and can very well happen. And all the politicians can chorus all day long how they would NEVER think to do this to the American people, but for the very fact of trying to strong arm our guns away from us, in building those Fema camps and stocking them with body bags. Buying up emergency food rations and last but not least buying billions…BILLIONS…of rounds of ammo. They can preach this all day long how they would never harm a citizen but I will never ever believe a single word of it.

(links here as to why)

A lot of politicians have been whining about the homeless, making laws against. This after the fact the Banks MADE most of our new homeless people today thank you very much. But to hear them spouting our deficit is because of them. The homeless, the poor. They are bleeding us dry they say. Now apparently, rounding them up one by one. Expunging them from their home states as did Hawaii.


Yet they want to add millions of poor Mexicans who will dry up what few jobs re left for our homeless and poor? Excuse me?

Ask the UK just how well that worked out for them.


My sons can attest to this as they have submitted over 60 applications and still no job call backs. Main reason given…no car. No steady form of transportation. So how are the Mexicans going to survive, or are they carrying their cars across the border on their backs?

Leaving the good ole USA keeps looking better and better until I finally realized just who is at fault for all of this. I am.

That’s right. I am.

So are you. So are “We. The People”

We elected these slime into office. We sit back and ask for our government to take care of us without asking exactly HOW they are going to do this. We just simply sit back. We complain about the politics. We try voting for the other party and still we get the same results. Crooked politicians grafting tax payers money, and I was astounded on how many days a year they actually work. Man I should be a politicians and live so well,. They want to pass Obamacare, Unconstitutional as it is, because this makes them more money. But they sure as heck don’t want to suffer the consequences themselves of having to live in Obamacare good hands.

Yes folks, they love Obamacare so much they ALL have exempted themselves from having to suffer it. How nice for them.

And also those wonderful Muslims who as well will enjoy Amnesty. Welcome to the No-go Zones and gang rapes of your daughter coming soon to your neighborhood. Just ask Missouri and other states that take in Somali Muslims by the hundreds.

Somalians favorite past time seems to be gang raping.


Now the Somali’s, as well as the Mexicans, are fleeing their homeland because of the endless strife. They come here for a better life rather than try to fix the crap pile that is their own governments.

I see what a crap pile our own government is becoming and my first reaction was where can my family and I go to be safe? That’s when it hit me. This is my fault. Instead of thinking of ways to save our country, our government and our Constitution I want to flee, leaving the trash pile behind me.

When one has a choice of voting for semi evil or really evil, something is seriously wrong. Not just crooked or shady but pure evil. Something is very wrong. Article 5 comes to mind to get these career criminals out of office. Harsh and deadly sentences for gang rapes, exporting entire families for those who commit such atrocious crimes. I know most liberals would cry and whine about these measures but no one can ever say to an 11 year old girl, oh don’t worry, just forgive and forget and you’ll be just like a normal girl again. I am sorry that’s dead now for them, forever. Justice, on the other hand, will definitely help them sleep better at night with less nightmares to worry about. Death sentences for pedophiles of minors under the age of 16. PERIOD.

Repealing the CPS bonuses. Investigating and imprisoning any CPS worker for child stealing.

Repealing the Patriot Act. Firing TSA and getting rid of the cancer causing xray machines. We didn’t need them before 9-11. There was another system in place that worked real well. Until Dick Cheney dismantled it and placed in TSA Agents. Oh My.

Investigate each of these crimes to the fullest and no more “classified” crap. Nothing is classified anymore when We, the people demand the information of who order what, when and where.

Impeach Obama.

Imprison and/or charge with treason anyone connected with these crimes and the full sentence granted even if it’s a shot to the head.

Instate Article 5—no more career crooked politicians.

Imprison ALL banking CEO’s.

Imprison Haliburton and co.

Break apart big Pharma.


I am responsible for this mess. I need to stay and clean it up in any way I possibly can.

This article is my start. If I make the President’s hit list I will consider myself a success. As Ben Franklin would say, “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”


The Mexicans are responsible for their mess across the border -go back and clean it up, don’t bring it here with you and the same go for the Muslims. The USA is ruled by our Constitution, if you can’t respect that go back home. No-go zones do NOT belong on USA soil. Sharia laws do NOT belong on USA soil. Go home if you want that future for your female children. If you do, you’re an idiot and you don’t need to be polluting the gene pool here. We have enough idiots we need to get rid of in the White House.  I’ll be staying here to sweep out the trash.




Web Site: clarrisaleemoonauthor

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