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Geoff Cain

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Second chaptor Shadow of Lies in the Realm Unedited
by Geoff Cain   
Not "rated" by the Author.
Last edited: Thursday, April 26, 2012
Posted: Thursday, April 26, 2012

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Preview the first chapter, Shadow of Lies in the Realm,
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Hope you all enjoy, see my blog for more news and details about me.


This stopped my thoughts, I concentrated on the grey mist.
In the grey mist were two shadowy figures fighting, suddenly, one of the figures produces an object that looked like a shadow of a sword, then struck the other shadow down. The first shadow stood over the other shadow, it plunged the sword down and through its chest. As the first shadow killed the other, I also suddenly wrenched in pain, just like the figure on the ground.
I tried to control the pain while looking for the mist, but it was gone, what had I just seen, was it a vision, or was it real. If it was real, who were they and in what realm where they in.
Still rubbing my chest, I stood up and walked over to the wall, hoping it would replay what I just seen. Touching the wall, nothing happened, breathing deep and slow, I said aloud, ‘The Lords Hall, can you not play back what happened in the mist, of what I had just seen in my mind.’
The crystal pillars shimmered, as tunes came from them over to my ears as I listened to the tune and waited for the soft voice, my soul was calmed and my pain eased. In this more relaxed state I heard, ‘Sorry my Lord Tedanill, we can only reflect the images that have actually been seen by your eyes or concentrated thoughts ‘you’ have, we cannot show the images of your minds eyes across the Realms. We can however help you understand this, the mist you see the visions in, also tells you the realm they are in or that they will happen in.’
‘Thank you Lords hall,’ I said. Disappointed I could not find out more, I stretched my shoulders back, to ease my chest as the last of the pain subsided.
While all this was happening over at the Lords Hall, Silvanill, along with Gurt and Old Grump had arrived at Gran and Gramps.
They got out of Grump’s cart, walking around to the side of the cart; the three of them collected the supplies they had brought. They all then walked up to the front gate, Silvanill and Gurt were each caring a tray, while Old Grumps had a basket full of containers.
Gran’s house looked very well kept, with its neat lawns and garden. The house was also clean and looked freshly painted, even though it had been a year and a half since we had painted their house. Their little two-bedroom house was about two-thirds the size of Believe. You walked in to a little hallway, with two bedrooms on either side. This hall leads you to a small lounge area, with a door in the opposite wall. This took you through to the kitchen on the right hand side of the house on the raer wall on the right was the back door, on the left hand side of the kitchen; was the door to the bathroom room. Out the back in a separate small shed was the wash room and not far from there was the toilet, all linked by a path of well laid stones.
‘Good morning to you all,’ said Gran making her way from the kitchen. ‘You’re the first here,’ she continued, ‘come in and have a cuppa with us.’
Gran was about one hundred and forty five centimetres tall, silver grey fluffy hair. Her build was slender while her bent back took away some of her height. Grans face showed every sign of her age, but her smile and the shine in her eyes, held all the youth of her yesteryears.
Gramps, was sitting at the kitchen table, he turned his head to look at everyone coming into the kitchen, his eyes squinted as they looked through his large thick glasses. He nodded his head a few times in recognition of the visitors, Gramps then coughed a few times and said, in a gurgled throaty voice, ‘Good morning all, pity I’m not the best today.’ With a little laugh and a cough he continued, ‘tomorrow I’ll be better, please come and sit down.’ He turned his attention back to his cuppa tea, which he had both hands wrapped around, putting his head back over his cup he took deep breaths in and out.
Silvanill and Gurt put the trays on the kitchen bench, as Gran and Grumps brought out some more chairs.
‘That’s it dear,’ said Gran to Gramps, ‘drink and breathe, you’ll have to excuse Gramp’s today. Wilorn was here yesterday, and told him to put these drops into his tea, then to both drink and breath it in, to make him strong again.’
Silvanill looked at Gramps, his light brown hair with lines of grey was cut short, and his face showed the signs of a man, much younger than he was.
Silvanill smiled and said, ‘Nice to see you again Gramps, you’re looking better today despite your coughing.’
‘Dam lunges,’ Gramps replied, ‘they are just warn out, these cold mornings play havoc with em. But Wilorn has the answer to everything, this brew is starting to work great. I must say you’re looking very pretty today my Lord.’ Gramps managed a smile before putting his head back over his tea.
Gurt and Gran who had been busy in the kitchen, while Silvanill was talking to Gramps, brought over a new pot of tea and some lite breakfast snacks. Tea was poured, and the talk continued until there was the sound of more carts rolling down the track to the house, Silvanill pushed her chair back and got up, ‘I’ll go and see who it is and bring them in.’ she said, while also secretly her slightly confused mind wanted to see if Tedanill was there as well.
Walking out the front door, Silvanill saw the carts of Old Fred, Tim, Ed and Dennis. The men were all driving their carts with their wife’s beside them.
When they saw Silvanill standing there waiting for them, they all waved, their carts soon pulled up at the house. Fred and Ed looked after all the horses, while everyone else greeted Silvanill, ‘Good morning my Lord,’ they all said, ‘we are glad to see you, where is Lord Tedanill.’
‘Good morning,’ came Silvanill’s reply, ‘Ted sends his apologies, as another call took him elsewhere this fine morning, please come in for a cuppa while we talk about what we are all going to do today.’
As they all walked passed Silvanill, she slightly dazed and confused turned and checked the skies, one last time for any signs of Simanill and myself.
Back at the Lord’s Hall, I was recovering when Wilorn’s mist appeared then Wilorn himself.
‘Their animals are fine, the creatures told me, the warriors, sentinels, and guardians have been strange for a few days now.’ Looking thoughtful at me, Wilorn then said, ‘they have felt a presence they have never encountered before, one they could get no sent from, this I fear Lord Tedanill, is only just the start of their plan to attack the Second Realm. Work quickly my Lord, leave no stone unturned,’ pausing for a second, Wilorn pondered while he looked at me then touched my hand, not sensing anything he said, ‘you look pained what has happened in the short time I was gone?’
‘More bad news I’m afraid,’ I said as I rubbed my chest were the pain had been. ‘Why I look so pained is, I have just had a vision, and felt the pain of someone being killed in the First Realm. They were only shadows, so I know not who or where.
‘So where do we go from here Tedanill, want should you do,’ said Wilorn.
‘That, I was just going to start to think about, when I saw your mist,’ I replied looking more relaxed, I continued saying as Wilorn lifted his hand from mine. ‘I must think this one out carefully.’
‘I will leave you to ponder your moves Tedanill, Good bye my Lord and good luck, summons me again when you need me.’
Then Wilorn turned to enter his mist, as he did I heard him say, by the way my Lord, Mook is on his way to get you.’
I yelled after him ‘Thank you’ as the mist vanished.
Again, alone in the hall, I started to think about my next move. I was thank full to Wilorn for his foresight of sending for Mook; otherwise, I had no way of getting back, except for walking. I had a little laugh at myself, before returning my mind to the problem at hand, who were the shadows. I must go to the First Realm and check it out, check on those people who came over and helped us in the war with Mistluran.
Walking to the door, I said to the hall. ‘To the Lords Hall, consider this time, as a time of war, let no one enter and watch all you can the events of this realm till we meet tonight.’
The dragons doors opened and I walked out to wait for Mook, the doors behind me shut tight, and the creaking of the Lords Hall brought a heavy feeling to my heart. I knew all too well, what lies ahead, another war.
Pondering the events for a while, I realized and knew this was the real reason Silvanill and myself were brought over to this realm.
‘Master,’ said Ticodeh, ‘please read this note and instructions, Mistluran had left for you, you will find it interesting for your plans, when you get to the Second Realm.’ Ticodeh handed the paper to Edward.
Taking the paper and unfolded it, Edward went and sat in his large office chair and started to read,
To my successor Edward,
 if you are reading this note, I have failed in taking the Second Realm, it is up to you to restore the balance, and take back the Second Realm to be ours.
Here are a few things you should know to help you. Firstly is, you must try to remove their swords from Both the Lords as they hold great power, once destroyed you have lessened their power. Next Black Wing has told me about the key point of a dragon, who if killed will turn Fire Thorn hill into chaos, the one I left to guard you will tell you all about it. Do not fail me, and if you follow his orders Black wing and myself, Mistluran will rise again, and together we will Rule all Three Realms.
Your Friend,
Mistluran the Gand of the Second Realm.
‘The first step to your plan Master Edward, has been carried out,’ said Ticodeh rubbing his hands together smirking. ‘One of the warriors that went over to help in their war, has be killed in this Realm not long ago, this will make the Lord and Fire Thorn Hill send the Dragons to collect you all, if it doesn’t we will just keep killing them till they do,’ Ticodeh ended by laughing.
‘Ticodeh, do not harm Valerie it is not her fault,’ pleaded Edward moving over to Ticodeh and grabbing his arm, ‘Once I kill Tedanill, she will fall from his spell, and be mine again.’
‘As you wish,’ answered Ticodeh.
Edward relaxed a little and with a determined yet thoughtful look on his face, asked Ticodeh. ‘So now let me get this straight, once the dragon arrives at my old house, I run out yelling they have killed Valerie, then one of our men comes out behind me threatening me with a sword, and the dragon should take me instead of Valerie. Once there, I will be contacted by Ashlarn, who is ruling Bournenite city and waiting for me to arrive.’
Ticodeh smiled at Edward and taking him by the shoulders said, ‘That is correct Master Edward, you will be known to him as Jeduran, The keeper of the Dark. He will have his Tico who are his spy’s and assassin deliver notes to you, and when possible meet you himself.
He will continue the plan with you to over throw those Bloody Lords, and Simanill the so called Brave.’
Edward lifted his hands up and grabbed Ticodeh’s upper arms, they looked at each other, then not being able to control themselves, laugh with excitement at their plan to recapture the Second Realm.
Mook soon arrived, and I thought to myself gather help first, then, visit the First Realm.
So getting into the saddle, I urged Mook to the Burrashone town, so I could summons the Lords Aids once more to help me.
Mook took little time getting to the Burrashone, we waited on the edge of the town for a little while so Mook’s breathing could steady, as I wanted it to look like I was just casually on my way back to Believe, I urged Mook on with a little pat on his neck and we started off into town.
While slowly riding passed the cattle yards, I put my hand on my shoulder and said quietly to myself, ‘to all the Lords Aids near me, please come to Mat’s equipment shop, I need your help again. Do not make it obvious as secrecy is at the highest.’
At the cattle yards I stopped and chatted to Jack the yard Manager.
‘G’day Jack how is the yard sales going, you seem to be full this morning.’
‘Oh, Lord Tedanill,’ Jack said turning from tipping grain in the trough for the cattle. ‘Good, good, all these are going up north passed the waste lands, across our boarders to a patch called The Two Aggs, in the land of Old Notwals, were getting sheep in return. The sheep, they will be split between Gathaton and Panoola, there is going to be a wool mill built in Redstone, making our patch less dependent on them up north, for spun wool for our cloths. This will make them less dependent on us for meat.’
‘Sounds like a good move for our patch, well done Jack. Yer, I remember someone talking about it last month at the Lords Hall meeting that’s why Silvanill and I visited Redstone. Their metal city up there in the North, it’s called Carnterra isn’t it?
My eyes caught some egallivs going into Mat’s store, as Jack was climbing the rails in the yard to get out of the cattle pen he answered, ‘Yes, that is their city.’
Turning back quickly I continued, ‘Excuse me Jack, best be moving, I just saw someone I want to catch up with going into Mat’s store, talk to you later bye.’
‘Yer, alright, catch up later,’ said Jack as he walked off between the yards towards the sales rooms.
‘Come on Mook,’ I said, ‘let’s go to Mats.’ Mook walked on and stopped in the front of the Farm equipment store, dismounting I moved to the walkway which lead up to the front door. Looking in the widow as I walked to the door, I saw there was already quite a few egallivs inside, I was just about to go in when Gail came walking around the corner of the store, she walked along the walkway towards me. ‘Good morning My Lord, what a pleasant surprise what brings you to town.’
‘Morning Gail,’ I replied, ‘just passing actually and saw Ben go into the store, I needed to catch up with him, are you going in to visit Mat?’ I asked, as I open the door and stood back allowing room for Gail to enter first.
‘Thank you my Lord, very kind of you,’ Gail said with a smile and a wink. I followed her in, casually looking back out, I checked up and down the street for anyone else, before closing the door behind me, I then changed the stores sign to back soon.
‘Now we are all here, I am going to come quickly to the point.’ I put my hands out and lent up against the counter, lowering my head I sighed, ‘Sorry my friends but this realm is again in terrible danger. I have to call upon you, my trusted Aids to help me, because the evil is using a spell or potion on the guardians, warriors and sentinels, even the Dragons.’ Turning around to face them all, I said, ‘Wilorn has released them for the moment, but they could fall back under it at any time. I have to ask you for complete secrecy, because if any of us are suspected, they could target us as well. This evil is working across both the First and Second Realms. The eight of you are now my eyes and ears, as I do not know what they are up to and when they will attack or how. You must not tell anyone, I want all of you to go visiting friends, families while watching all around you and report all you hear. Your Lords Mark may not let you know who is evil this time, so be careful. Look into every one’s eyes, if they are clouded in the black pupil then they are under the spell. While under the spell they might be able to be used, as spies. This I am not sure of, so report to me only straight away. I do not think that the evil knows I am aware yet, so we have to be quick in our searches, as I have fears that all the events will unfold quickly from here. I will visit the town every day here at Mats Store, so leave any messages here in written form, no one will see me come and go from here, so don’t wait till you see me. If it’s urgent, summons me with your Lords mark, but only me this I must stress to you all, as I believe that they are watching Silvanill and even the Dragons, I hate to say it, but to talk to them would be putting the both of you in danger, does anyone have any questions.’
They all looked at each other with very worried looks on their faces, then Sam asked, ‘you mean we cannot trust the others.’
‘No Sam,’ I replied, ‘they can be trusted, but they can’t be trusted with what is happening, if they fall back under the spell, then they will not know what you’re talking about, and this could cause them to make a lot of fuss. If they are being watch, then you both maybe killed. This, I don’t want to happen, this is why I am putting all my faith in your help, any more questions? ’
Mat stepped forwards and said, ‘I’ll stay here and take messages, the rest of you will go out this afternoon, and try to gather any information you can, even if it means travelling as far as the Bournenite boarder. Including you Gail, you girls will be even less suspected.’
Everyone agreed with Mat, one by one they told me that I can trust them as they left the shop, leaving Mat and myself alone in the now re-opened shop.
‘Mat,’ I said, ‘I have a special task for you, but I must whisper it in your ear,’ leaning over I whispered what I wanted Mat to do.
‘My Lord, when.’
‘You must start today,’ I said grabbing his shoulder, ‘when you finished this task, there is another, you must be exact, don’t fail me, and be as quick as you can.’
Mat’s frown showed me his concern.
‘They may be after them,’ I said, ‘we have to protect them as much as we can.’
‘If that is your wish my Lord, I’ll start to make arrangements for their protection  today, give me a few days to work on it, is it that bad, this situation we are facing, it sounds worse than last time with Mistluran.’
‘Yes it is Mat, I believe “this” is the real reason Lord Silvanill and I were brought over for, the fight with Mistluran and Black Wing was only the beginning. I think we will be outnumbered by the time this evil comes forward, the few have to overcome the multitude.’
Taking out my sword, I held it flat across my both hands, Mat looked at the sword, then at me.
‘Hold out your hands Mat,’ I said.
Mat held out his large hands, I let the blade of the sword fall from my left hand, it swung down, twisting my right wrist, I swung the blade up to my right then moved my hand with the swords handle over mats right hand, I placed the sword across both his hands.
Mat stared at the sword, his large open hands only now held my sword, as I stepped back from him.
I smiled and said, ‘see Mat I have full trust in you.’
I stepped forwards again and placing my hands under my sword lifted it off Mats hands, stepping back, I flipped my left hand up and caught the swords handle in my right hand, then swinging the blade around I re-sheathed my sword.
I turned and left Mat’s shop as he collected some things from an open box at the counter then walked out the back to the furnace. I walked around to Mook, taking the reins I lifted myself into the saddle and considered my next move,
Mook and I walked up to the tea shop, where Fanny greeted me as usual, with her happy smile and a seat in the middle of the shop, ‘Morning my Lord,’ she said with a small curtsy, ‘Take a seat and I’ll bring over your favorite, a nice custard tart, did you want tea or coffee with that’?
‘Tea this morning thanks Fanny,’ I said trying to look happy, while in my mind I desperately tried to think of a plan of action.
‘Problems My Lord,’ said Fanny placing the tea pot and cup on the table, ‘a problem shared is a problem solved they say. By the way, how is Lord Silvanill and my sweetie Orumkin today’?
Looking up at Fanny, with her fuzzy curly hair tied back behind her head, the wide smile on her soft looking gran-ma’s facial appearance.
‘They are both in good health and spirits thanks Fanny, as for me, just an awful lot to do today. I am trying to put them in a good order to achieve them all, I also have a lot of area to cover. Though once I’ve had your custard tart, things will look clear, as for a while I will lose myself in its creamy flavor.’
Fanny blushed a little, smiled and said, ‘let me know if there is anything else I can get you my Lord, enjoy.’
Fanny left me to myself, and I did indeed loose myself in the flavor of the tart. Clearing my mind, I just enjoyed its sweet biscuit base and the soft creamy custardy filling.
Finishing the tart, I washed it down with a nice cuppa tea and allowed my mind to start again on the problems. Just as I had hoped they came together in my mind like a jigsaw puzzle, every piece in its place, I know now what to do next.
Upon leaving the tea shop, I walked up to the furniture shop and went in, I walked passed all the new and repaired furniture to the center of the shop where Alison, Peter’s wife was sitting, ‘good morning Alison,’ I said, ‘is Peter around today?’
‘Good morning my Lord, he will be calling in later today, did you want to leave him a message or a note,’ Alison said going to a draw in the counter and getting out a pen and paper.
‘Thanks yes, a note I think.’ Stepping closer to the counter I took up the pen and dipped it into the ink and wrote,
Dear Peter,
as I am going to be doing a lot of walking soon, I would like a walking staff made. Thirteen hundred centimetres long and sixty centimetres round, two hundred and fifty centimetres at either ends to be engraved, the picture or design will be your choice, both ends should also have metal caps, the ends should be solid and twist removable the center of the stick should be hollowed for ease of carrying.
Thank you
Lord Tedanill.
I padded the note with the blotter then folded it, I handed the note to Alison. Smiling I said to her, ‘I’ll call back in two days to collect it thanks Alison, tell Peter not to deliver it I will collect it or send Mat to collect it for me.’
‘As you wish my Lord, I will let Peter know.’ Replied Alison, with a gentle smile of her own.
I left the shop and gathering Mook’s reins I got into the saddle. ‘Ready for a long ride my friend,’ I said gently in his ear. Mook padded the ground with his right hoof while gently moving his head up and down, letting out small snorts, letting me know he was ready for everything I asked of him.
We casually trotted out of town towards Believe, though once we were a little distance out, I turned Mook towards the east and said, ‘just follow my lead, and keep a good pace as there is a long way to go. I have to change realms and check on the other warriors.’

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